RC Status Delhi

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RC Status Delhi

Delhi, the national capital territory of India, is known for historical sites like Jama Masjid, Red Fort and more. The union territory is known for its vibrant history and food. This north Indian region of the country has the highest road density and is connected to major national highways such as NH10, NH24 and more.

Having proper documents such as a driving licence, registration certificate, and more is essential in Delhi. The regional transport authority in Delhi issues these documents.

Every vehicle in Delhi needs to have proper RC. To ease out the RC procedure, the government has initiated the online application along with the traditional offline procedure.

Vehicle owners cannot only apply for an RC or driving licence and other transportation documents from home. And they can also check the RC application status in Delhi and other statuses online.

What is a Registration Certificate?

A registration certificate is issued by the regional transport authority that defines that the vehicle is registered under the government. The RC certificate of a vehicle contains crucial information about the vehicle, such as the vehicle owner's name, contact number, address, vehicle type and more.

Not just this, the registration certificate also defines the territorial region of the vehicle. Vehicle owners need to have proper RC for their new and old vehicles. The validity of RC depends on the vehicle type and purpose.

What is the RC Application Status in Delhi?

There is a proper procedure for vehicle registration in Delhi that can be done offline and online. However, if the vehicle owner has already completed the procedure, they can check the vehicle registration status in Delhi.

It helps in saving time by knowing the exact duration when the owner will have their RC. Further, if the status is showing rejection, then vehicle owners can reapply by rectifying their earlier mistakes.

How to Check Vehicle RC Application Status in Delhi?

Obtaining RC from Delhi RTO authorities in Delhi is crucial. So, if you have already applied for RC and it has not yet been delivered, there is a simple online procedure to check its status.

Step 1: To start the RC registration status in Delhi, visit the Parivahan Sewa official website.

Step 2: Once the website is open, go to the "Online Services" section and click "Vehicle Related Services".

Step 3: Afterwards, you need to choose the state of service, which is Delhi.

Step 4: Further, it will redirect to the Ministry of Road Transport page; here, click on the "Know your application status" option

Step 5: Next, add the application number and given code and then press the "Submit" button.

Step 6: The Vahan Delhi RC status will be displayed on the screen.

Check Vehicle Registration Status in Delhi Offline

If the online process seems tricky, vehicle owners can check RC status in Delhi by visiting the RTO office of their region.

Step 1: Once you have reached the RTO office, ask the official about the RC application status.

Step 2: Provide all the necessary documents and details asked by authorities to check the status.

Step 3: Authorities will do the check on their end and provide you with accurate information about the car RC status in Delhi.

How to Check RC Transfer Status in Delhi?

Other than Delhi RC status, vehicle owners can also check vehicle ownership transfer status in Delhi. It can be checked using the application number and vehicle registration number. Let's understand the same in detail.

Check RC Transfer Status in Delhi via Application Number

Below is the procedure for checking the RC transfer status in Delhi using the application number.

Step 1: To begin, head to the authorised Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: After landing on the portal, click the "Online Services" option next to the "About Us" option.

Step 3: In that option, select the very first option, i.e. "Vehicle Related services".

Step 4: Now, select the state/city/union territory of service of your vehicle, which is "Delhi" from the list.

Step 5: Next, you need to pick the RTO office in Delhi and then press the "Proceed" option.

Step 6: The Vahan citizen page will open. Click on the "Status" section and choose the "Know your application status" option.

Step 9: Since we are checking the RC transfer status in Delhi using the application number, select that option.

Step 10: Afterwards, enter the application number from the RC application acknowledgement receipt. Hit the "Submit" button.

Step 11: The RC transfer application status will appear on the display.

Check RC Transfer Status in Delhi via Vehicle Registration Number

Another way to check the RC transfer status in Delhi is by using the vehicle registration number. The following steps need to be followed to check the status.

Step 1: First, start the process by opening the Parivahan Sewa site.

Step 2: On the website, head to the menu bar and click the "Online services" option.

Step 3: Under the "Online Services" option, click the "Vehicle Related Services" option.

Step 4: Vehicle owners need to select the state/city/union territory for which they are taking service, which is "Delhi".

Step 5: Select the RTO from the dropdown option and then hit the "Proceed" button.

Step 6: On the new Vahan citizen page, scroll towards the "Status" tab and choose the "Know your application status" option.

Step 7: Here, choose the registration number option. Further, you have to add the vehicle registration number and hit the "Submit" button.

Step 8: The RC transfer status of your vehicle in Delhi will appear on the screen.

Check RC Transfer Status in Delhi Offline

RTO in Delhi offers offline services to non-tech vehicle owners. For that, they need to visit the RTO office.

Step 1: After reaching the nearby RTO office, talk to the RTO officer about the RC transfer status.

Step 2: Submit all the documents, such as application number, etc, to authorities that can help them.

Step 3: The officials might ask you to wait so that they can check the status of your application in their database.

Step 4: After checking the status, they will provide the information about the same.

How to Apply for Vehicle RC in Delhi?

Registration Certificate card is offered to individuals after the vehicle registration application. The RC card contains crucial details about the vehicle owner and their vehicle. Two types of RC has been issued by the RTO authorities which are:

A temporary RC card is issued on the vehicle's temporary registration by dealers. The validity of this RC card is short.

A permanent RC card is issued by RTO authorities to vehicle owners. It is valid for a longer time duration. It can only be applied after the issuance of a temporary RC card.

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration In Delhi

To get the vehicle registration certificate card, the following documents need to be presented by the vehicle owners.

The new vehicle registration form 20 is filled and signed by the vehicle owner.

Sales certificate offered by the dealer at the time of vehicle purchase.

Roadworthiness certificate or Form 22.

Copy of insurance certificate.

PUC or pollution under control document.

Proof of identity and address.

Vehicle fitness certificate if applicable.

Procedure for Vehicle Registration in Delhi Online

The procedure for getting a vehicle registration certificate in Delhi is straightforward. The following steps need to be taken if you are applying for the same online.

Step 1: To commence the process, open the Parivahan Sewa portal.

Step 2: Now, hover to the "Online Services" section and select "Vehicle Related Services".

Step 3: Then, you will be directed to a new page where you have to select the state/city/union territory, which is Delhi.

Step 4: It will redirect to the Vahan service site, where vehicle owners need to do the registration. Or, if they have already registered, they can sign in using a username and password.

Step 5: After logging in, select the "Apply for New Registration" tab and then choose the second option, which is "For temporary registered issued vehicles".

Step 7: Then add the details of the temporary registration number and click the "Proceed" button.

Step 8: Further complete the registration form and upload all the necessary documents in the required format.

Step 9: After submitting the documents, pay the RC fees and save the payment slip.

Step 10: Once the payment is done, book the vehicle inspection appointment in your nearby RTO.

Step 11: Attend the vehicle inspection at a given time. The officer will do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and, once it is done, provide the acknowledgement letter.

Step 12: Within a few days after the inspection, if all the document and vehicle inspection is up to mark, the authorities will dispatch the RC to their respective address.

Procedure for Vehicle Registration in Delhi Offline

There is an offline procedure for getting a vehicle RC card, which includes these steps:

Step 1: To get the permanent vehicle RC card, head to the RTO office in your region.

Step 2: Ask officials for vehicle registration forms and fill out all the forms correctly.

Step 3: Next, submit forms along with the aforementioned documents to RTO officials.

Step 4: After submitting the documents, pay the decided vehicle registration fees at the counter.

Step 5: Once done with payment, go for the vehicle inspection as suggested by the authority. The officer will examine the vehicle as per the industry-set standards.

Step 7: After the inspection, the acknowledgement receipt will be given to the vehicle owner.

Step 8: If the vehicle is found fit and all the documents are correct, RC will be dispatched to the vehicle owner's given address.

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Delhi?

Vehicle RC is valid for a limited time duration, and after that, it needs to be renewed. As per the rules, the RC should be renewed within 60 days. The procedure for RC renewal can be done offline and online.

Documents Required for RC Renewal in Delhi

The following documents are needed for the RC renewal in Delhi.

Vehicle RC renewal form 25.

Valid and original registration certificate.

Copy of insurance for the vehicle.

Proof of address and identity.

PUC copy.

Procedure for Vehicle RC Renewal in Delhi Online

The procedural steps for vehicle RC renewal in Delhi involve these steps:

Step 1: To begin the RC renewal process, browse the Parivahan Sewa site.

Step 2: On the website, head to the "Online Services" section and then choose the "Vehicle Related Services" option.

Step 3: On this page, select the state/city/union territory, which is Delhi.

Step 4: Next, you need to log in using your credentials, and if you don't have an account, you can register by clicking on the "Register" option.

Step 5: After logging into the Vahan services account, select the RTO city and click the "Proceed" button.

Step 6: In the menu bar, slide to the "RC Related Services" option and click "Renewal of Registration".

Step 7: After clicking on that, you need to enter the chassis and registration number. Once it is entered, click the "Validate" button.

Step 8: Fill out the vehicle RC renewal form and upload all necessary documents on the portal.

Step 9: After uploading the documents, pay the RC renewal fees and book an appointment for a vehicle inspection.

Step 10: Visit the RTO office for vehicle inspection and collect the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 11: After successful inspection and document verification, the new RC will be issued in the vehicle owner's name.

Procedure for Vehicle RC Renewal in Delhi Offline

The process of vehicle RC renewal can also be done offline by the vehicle owner. For that, follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin the RC renewal process offline, go to the nearby RTO office and ask for the necessary renewal forms.

Step 2: Fill out the RC renewal form carefully and submit it to the officer and other documents.

Step 3: Pay the RC renewal fees at the fee counter of the RTO office and then go for a vehicle inspection.

Step 4: Once the inspection is done, the authority will give the acknowledgement receipt of the same.

Step 5: After carefully examining all the documents and inspection reports, the new RC will be issued to vehicle owners after some days.

How to Download RC Online in Delhi?

Virtual RC is valid in Delhi, and to download the RC online, users need to follow these steps:

Step 1: To get a virtual RC certificate, open the Parivahan Sewa portal.

Step 2: Now, on the portal, click on the "Online Services" option and then choose "Vehicle Related services".

Step 3: After choosing this, select the state/city/union territory of service for the vehicle, which is Delhi.

Step 4: Next, after logging into the Vahan service portal, select the RTO city and then click the "Proceed" button.

Step 5: Next, go to the "Download Document" tab and click on "RC Print".

Step 6: Further, add the vehicle registration number and chassis number and then validate it.

Step 7: The RC print copy is ready to download.

Need for Motor Insurance in Delhi

When it comes to owning a vehicle in Delhi, the government has so many checklists in place, like odd and even vehicle driving policies and more. Further, the authorities are also strict about proper vehicle documentation. One such crucial document, along with RC, a driving licence, is motor insurance.

A third-party motor insurance is necessary for all vehicles in Delhi, per the rules. However, vehicle owners can go with comprehensive insurance for cars if they need enhanced protection. Tata AIG offers a custom-made, comprehensive car insurance policy to customers based on their requirements.

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All vehicles need an RC in Delhi before getting on the road. Obstruction of traffic laws and driving without proper documentation can cause serious trouble to vehicle owners. If found guilty, individuals need to pay the fine to authority and in some cases, it can lead to imprisonment too.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I renew my RC after 15 years in Delhi?

Can I renew my RC after 15 years in Delhi?


Every RC card has an expiry date mentioned on it. Vehicle owners need to renew it within 60 days of expiry. Usually, for the personal usage vehicle, the validity period is 15 years.

How much time does it take to get RC in Delhi?


After carrying out the RC registration procedure, it usually takes 7 to 10 days for authorities to release the RC in Delhi.

What is the RC number?


Every vehicle in India is given a unique number based on the state/city/union territory, which appears on the issued registration certificate card. This unique number is known as the RC number.