RC Status Rajasthan

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RC Status Rajasthan

A vehicle, either a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, is a significant asset for an individual or one's household. It has its own identity and must be registered with the traffic department. RC serves as a legal document for your vehicle.

The term "RC" refers to the Residential Certificate, a crucial document issued by the government to confirm an individual's vehicle ownership within the state.

The page is a guide to getting a registration certificate for a vehicle and checking the Rajasthan Parivahan RC status to make these compliances smooth and convenient for vehicle owners in the state.

What is a Registration Certificate?

A Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) is an official document issued by regional transport authorities, confirming vehicle registration with the Indian government.

This certificate contains crucial details about the vehicle, including the chassis number, engine information, vehicle type, and more. A vehicle registration certificate is legally required in case of its transfer or any mishap or damage caused to the vehicle and during claiming the insurance coverage.

Additionally, the RC specifies the territorial jurisdiction of the vehicle. Individuals can obtain the registration certificate by visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The issued RC remains valid for 15 years for vehicles used for personal purposes.

The RC serves as a unique identifier for a vehicle. It contains details that help in distinguishing one vehicle from another. Additionally, it provides information about the rightful owner, preventing theft and fraudulent practices.

What is RC Application Status in Rajasthan?

Every vehicle owner must possess a valid RC before hitting the road. The RC document includes the owner's name, address, vehicle model, engine information, registration date, expiry date, and more.

If individuals have applied for a vehicle RC in Rajasthan and wish to track the application status, they can do so online and offline. It is essential to have the RC application number to access this information.

Periodically checking the Vehicle RC application status Rajasthan is advantageous for several reasons. Checking the Rajasthan RTO RC status allows owners to verify the accuracy of the information registered with the authorities. Any discrepancies or errors can be addressed promptly.

For one intending to sell or transfer their vehicles, it is essential to check RC status in Rajasthan. It helps present accurate information to potential buyers or the new owner during the transfer process.

How to Check RC Status Rajasthan?

Verifying the RC application status Rajasthan is a crucial step to ensure your vehicle is legally registered and fit for the road.

Online Verification

  • A vehicle owner can follow the procedure to check RC status online in Rajasthan as provided in the steps below:

  • Go to the Parivahan portal.

  • Click on the "Online Services" tab to reveal a menu.

  • From the menu, choose the "Vehicle Related Services" option.

  • Pick Rajasthan as your state from the list and proceed to a new page.

  • Select the relevant RTO for Rajasthan Parivahan RC status on the new page, then click "Continue."

  • Choose the "Know Your Application Status" option on the following page.

  • Enter your application number in the designated space.

  • Click the "Submit" button to check the current status of your registration certificate.

Offline verification - Visit the RTO Office

You can physically visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for RC Verification Rajasthan, where the transfer application was submitted. The office staff can provide you with the current status of your RC transfer.

Please note that having the relevant documents, such as the application number, is essential for checking the RC transfer status Rajasthan using these methods.

How To Check RC Transfer Status In Rajasthan?

To verify the transfer RC status Rajasthan of your Registration Certificate (RC) online, you have two options:

Online Method to Check RC Transfer Status in Rajasthan:

  • Using Application Number:

  • Go to the official Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Navigate to "Online Services" and select "Vehicle Related Services."

  • Choose Rajasthan as your state from the dropdown menu.

  • Select your RTO city and click "Proceed."

  • On the redirected page, click "Status."

  • Enter your application number and click "Submit."

  • The RC transfer status will be displayed.

  • Using Vehicle Registration Number:

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa website and go to "Online Services."

  • Choose "Vehicle-Related Services."

  • Pick Rajasthan as your state.

  • Select your vehicle registration RTO office and click "Proceed."

  • Click "Status" and then "Know your application status."

  • Choose "Registration no" to check the RC transfer status.

  • Enter your vehicle registration number and click "Submit."

Offline Method to Check RC Transfer Status in Rajasthan:

  • If the online process seems challenging, follow these steps:

  • Visit your nearest RTO office.

  • Inquire about the RC transfer status.

  • Submit required documents like application number or vehicle registration details.

  • The RTO representative will check the status in their database and provide you with the necessary information.

  • These straightforward steps ensure you can easily check your RC transfer status, whether online or offline.

How To Apply For Vehicle RC In Rajasthan

To apply for vehicle registration in Rajasthan, you need to fulfil the following documents and charge requirements:

Documents Required

The first essential step is to collect all the required documents to initiate the vehicle registration process with the Rajasthan RTO. The necessary documents for vehicle registration include:

  • Photo ID proof

  • Address proof

  • Form 22

  • Form 21

  • Sales certificate

  • Application form CMV 20

  • Roadworthiness certificate

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate

  • Insurance certificate

  • Ensure all these documents are gathered and ready for submission to facilitate a smooth registration process.

Process of Obtaining Vehicle Registration Certificate in Rajasthan

Getting a Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) in Rajasthan is essential to ensure your vehicle is legally recognised and safe for the road. The RC contains vital information about your car, like its model, engine details, registration date, and your name and address. It serves as proof of ownership and is a must for driving legally. The process involves a mix of online and offline steps.

In Rajasthan, getting a registration certificate for the vehicle includes an offline process as it involves physical verification of the vehicle and the documents. This guide will take you through the process simply and clearly, making it easy to understand the requirements and steps for obtaining or renewing your Vehicle Registration Certificate in Rajasthan.

Download and Fill Out the Application Form

After downloading the application form (CMV 20), carefully fill in all required details. Provide accurate information about the vehicle, including its make and model and personal details such as your name and address. Ensure the form is completed precisely, as this information will be used for registration.

Submission of Application Form

A vehicle owner will have to check the location of the RTO office in their nearby area for vehicle registration. The vehicle owner is required to submit Form CMV 20 to the Rajasthan RTO. This form must be submitted to the RTO officer with other vehicle documents, as mentioned above.

Verification of Documents

Once the application form is submitted, Road Transport Office (RTO) officials carefully review all the provided documents. This set of documents encompasses the sales certificate, certificate of roadworthiness, insurance certificate, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, photographic identification proof, proof of address, and Form 22 and Form 21. If all these documents meet the required criteria, the process advances to the subsequent stage.

Vehicle Inspection

RTO officials conduct a physical inspection of the vehicle, checking the chassis number, engine number, and other details to confirm their alignment with information in the sales certificate and Form 22. Additionally, the vehicle's condition is assessed to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Payment of Fees

After completing the vehicle inspection, the owner is required to pay the stipulated fees to the Rajasthan RTO. It encompasses registration fees, road tax, and any other applicable charges. Fees may vary based on the vehicle type and registration duration.

Issuance of Registration Certificate

Following the payment of the necessary fees, the Road Transport Office (RTO) provides a Registration Certificate (RC) for the vehicle. This certificate includes detailed information such as the vehicle's make and model, engine number, chassis number, registration number, as well as the owner’s name and address. The RC acts as legal proof of ownership and is vital for any future dealings concerning the vehicle.

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Rajasthan?

The validity of the vehicle registration certificate varies based on the vehicle type. In the event of the RC expiration, individuals are required to initiate the renewal process. It is essential to renew an expired vehicle registration certificate within 60 days, and the renewal can be done at the local RTO office.

Documents Required

To renew your vehicle registration certificate, ensure you have the following documents and information:

  • Application in Form 25

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • R.C. Book

  • Fitness Certificate

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Proof of Up-to-Date Road Tax Payment

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Copy of PAN Card or Form 60 & Form 61 (as applicable)

  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print

  • Owner's Signature Identification

Process for Renewal of Registration Certificate

Below is the process for applying for and getting a renewed registration certificate for your vehicle.

To initiate the procedure, go to the official Parivahan website. On the site, head to the "Online Services" section and choose "Vehicle Related Services" from the options available in the dropdown menu.

Next, choose your state from the dropdown menu, and you will be redirected to the Vahan Parivahan website. Select your state and RTO on the left side of the new page and click "Proceed."

Go to the "RC Related Service" menu and select "Renewal of Registration." Enter your registration and chassis numbers, then click the "Validate Registration Number/Chassis Number" button.

Choose your registration number and proceed to fill out the renewal form. Pay the applicable fees for the renewal application. Once you apply successfully, you will receive the renewed RC for your vehicle.

If you have pending taxes, you would need to pay them beforehand. Following are the steps for p

  • Visit the Vahan Parivahan website.

  • Select your state, RTO, and click on "Proceed."

  • In the main menu, choose the RC-related service to pay your tax.

  • Enter your vehicle's registration number to check the pending tax amount.

  • Pay the pending vehicle tax online using net banking or debit card options.

  • After a successful payment, you can proceed with renewing your RC.

How to Download Registration Certificate in Rajasthan?

Visit the official website of the Transport Department of Rajasthan.

  • Navigate to the section dedicated to online services or vehicle registration.

  • Create an account or log in if you already have one.

  • Once logged in, locate and select the option to download the RC.

  • Provide the necessary details of your vehicle, including the registration number, chassis number, and other required information.

  • Verify the provided details and proceed to pay any applicable fees.

  • After a successful payment, the system will generate a digital copy of your RC.

  • Download and save the digital copy to your device.

  • Keep the downloaded RC securely, or consider having a printed copy for future reference and use.

Having Vehicle Insurance Along with RC is Necessary in Rajasthan

Getting basic third-party two-wheeler or car insurance for your vehicle is equally mandatory as registering your vehicle with the traffic authority in India. Third-party insurance fosters the safety of the third party affected or faced with any loss caused by the vehicle.

But, to secure your vehicle from any loss or damage caused due to any uncertainty or mishap in future, one should have own-damage or comprehensive vehicle insurance.

At Tata AIG, we offer various types of bike and car insurance. While buying motor insurance, do not forget to check the IDV in the policy. An IDV is Insurance Declared Value, which states the amount of financial support a two or four-wheeler insurance company will cover in case of any loss caused to the vehicle owner during an accident in the future.


In conclusion, obtaining and maintaining a Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) in Rajasthan is crucial for responsible vehicle ownership. The RC is a legal document confirming ownership and compliance with regulations, ensuring road safety. Regularly checking the RC status is essential for timely renewals and smooth transactions. Adhering to rules and staying informed ensures a hassle-free and lawful driving experience on Rajasthan's roads.

Remember, keeping track of the latest information, using online services, and utilising resources provided by the Transport Department can make your journey as a vehicle owner in Rajasthan smooth and secure.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is vehicle insurance mandatory in Rajasthan?

Is vehicle insurance mandatory in Rajasthan?


Yes, having basic third-party insurance for your vehicle is mandatory in Rajasthan. Additionally, opting for own damage or comprehensive vehicle insurance is recommended to cover losses or damages caused to your vehicle in unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if RC is not renewed?


After 15 years of vehicle registration, vehicle owners are required to renew their registration certificates, which will be valid for 5 years, after which, it should be renewed again. Renewing the certificate is a legal obligation; failure can lead to financial penalties. Individuals must stay informed about the renewal timeline and ensure compliance to avoid legal consequences.