RTO Office MH-42 Baramati

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RTO Office MH-42 Baramati

Baramati is the land of agriculture, hospitality, architecture, and spirituality. It is known for its agricultural advancements. But its identity is not limited to that. It also has a rich heritage of architectural temples like the Shri Kavivishveshwar Temple, agro-tourism, wineries, and so much more.

As the number of vehicles owned in Baramati is increasing, the need for smooth functioning and compliance with traffic regulations is increasing too. The Baramati RTO plays a vital role in maintaining safety standards and traffic conditions. It also serves as a hub for getting all the vehicle-related documents mandatory by the law.

This blog will delve into the details of the role of the Baramati RTO in maintaining road safety and services it offers to its residents.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Baramati?

RTO (Regional Transport Office) or the RTA (Regional Transport Authority) is a government body in Baramati that is responsible for functions that are stated in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Like every state and city in India, Baramati also has its own RTO which comes under the Motor Vehicles Department. Furthermore, the Baramati unit works under the supervision of Pune RTO.

RTO has a major role in maintaining road safety and a comprehensive database of all vehicles in Baramati. It also has a crucial role in ensuring that vehicle owners and drivers follow all the rules and regulations per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Details of Baramati RTO

" "
RTO Name Dy. Regional Transport Office, Baramati
Baramati RTO Code MH 42
MH 42 RTO AddressDy. Regional Transport Office, Vidhya Corner, MIDC Circle,  Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Dist -Pune - 413133
Contact Number of Dy RTO, Baramati 02112/243111
Email Address MH42@mahatranscom.in 
Office Hours Monday to Friday 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Fax Number 02112/243805

Functions of MH 42 RTO

Along with administering regulations and enforcing provisions of the MV Act, a city’s RTO has many other crucial functions. Some of the key responsibilities and functions are discussed further in this section.

Collection of Road Tax and Permit Fees: A city RTO has the primary responsibility of collecting the road and vehicle tax and permit fees. The road tax is paid periodically or during vehicle registration, and the vehicle tax is paid annually or biennially.

The collected tax and permits eventually go into the development and expansion of roads and enhancing traffic safety, like the installation of software like the STALL in the Baramati division.

Traffic Management and Law Enforcement: One of the most important functions of Baramati RTO is to implement traffic rules to ensure that the city’s traffic is well-managed. The RTO ensures that the vehicle owners carry all the necessary documents while travelling as per the MV Act, 1988.

Issuing Vehicle Documentation: Baramati RTO is responsible for issuing important documents for a vehicle and the driver. These documents include driving licence, vehicle registration, PUC, etc. The RTO also has the responsibility of conducting necessary checks and tests before issuing any of these documents.

Monitor Growth and Expansion of Roads: The RTO in Baramati conducts regular inspections of traffic situations throughout the city and takes corrective measures at appropriate times. For example, it maintains road safety standards and carries out expansions of busy routes whenever necessary to mitigate traffic congestion.

Issuing Public Service Badge: A Public Service Badge (PSV) is issued to drivers who use their vehicles for public transportation, such as taxis, autorickshaws, and buses. The Baramati RTO issues these badges after verifying their eligibility and documents, and conducting written and practical tests.

Collecting Fines: According to the MV Act, 1988, not having valid documents issued by the RTO, like driving licences, registration certificates, etc., results in fines. The RTO is responsible for clearing these fines and ensuring that the citizens of the city abide by the traffic rules at all times.

Services Offered by Dy RTO Baramati

The MH 42 RTO provides various services to the residents of the city. People living in Baramati can avail of the services and drive around the city safely. Here is a list of services offered by the RTO:**

Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • The Dy RTO Baramati oversees issuing registration certificates (RC) for all the vehicles that are bought in Baramati, within its jurisdiction. Among all the important services the RTO provides, maintaining vehicle databases while issuing RCs is a primary service. After getting an RC, you get a registration number on your car’s licence plate.

  • RCs are among the most important documents that drivers are legally required to carry with them while driving anywhere in the country. Failure to have a valid registration certificate can result in legal penalties.

Furthermore, an RTO issues two types of RCs: permanent registration certificates and temporary registration certificates.

Permanent Registration Certificate:

  • According to the MV Act, 1988, a permanent registration certificate is one of the four mandatory documents a vehicle owner and driver must carry with them while driving. The law states that the absence of these documents will result in ₹5000 as a fine or, three months imprisonment, or both.

  • This document is issued by the Baramati RTO for newly purchased vehicles. It also serves as an establishment of ownership of the vehicle. The validity of an RC for a private vehicle is 15 years, and for a commercial vehicle is 5 years. They need to be renewed before the expiry date for them to be valid.

Temporary Registration Certificate:

  • Before getting a permanent registration certificate and number, every vehicle gets a temporary number. The RTO issues temporary registration certificates through car manufacturers and dealers. However, the temporary RC has a very short validity of a maximum of one month. The vehicle owners must register their new vehicle for a permanent RC under the city RTO.

Driving Licence

  • The MH 42 RTO provides services for issuing driving licences and other related documents. These include renewal of driving licence, correcting driving licence, duplicate driving licence, etc.

  • You can apply for a driving licence, permanent or learner licence, online by visiting the Parivahan website. The process of applying is explained on the website and also on the forms.

  • To get a learner licence (LL) in Baramati, go to the Parivahan website, select the state as Maharashtra, and select the appropriate response. The required list of documents is provided in the next step. Follow the instructions and fill out the form. Then, carry all the required documents and fee slips to the Baramati RTO and take a small test. After the results are out, you will get a learner’s licence from the RTO with a validity of 180 days. After a month of getting your LL, you can apply for your permanent driving licence (DL).

  • Before applying for a DL, complete your driving lessons. Once you submit your application, you will need to pick a date and schedule an appointment to take a driving test at the RTO. Based on the results of your test, you will receive a valid DL.

Motor Vehicle Permits

  • Depending on the rules and type of permits you need, the MH 42 RTO will provide you with a valid permit. Permits are required for people travelling around the country for various reasons. They give fundamental rights to drivers travelling for business purposes like transporting goods or people.

  • To avoid conflicts of interest among common public and transports, the permits play a crucial role. So, apart from those who are exempted from a permit, all other business transports need to get an appropriate permit from the RTO.

These are some of the permits you can apply for at the Baramati RTO:

  • Educational Institution Bus permits

  • Tourist Vehicle permits

  • Private Service Vehicle permits

  • Stage Carriage permits

  • Goods Carriage permits

  • Contract Carriage permits

  • Transport Vehicle permits

  • Counter Signatures of Goods Carrier permits

  • National Permits

  • All India Tourist Permit (AITP)

  • Auto Rickshaw and Taxi permits

Renewal of Registration Certificate

  • All registration certificates come with a certain validity period. As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, all private vehicles have a validity of 15 years and will need to renew their registration.

  • After 15 years, you will have to renew the validity after every 5 years. To apply for renewal, you will need the original RC, filled Form 25, valid PUC, Fitness certificate, and insurance.

Fitness Certificate

  • Fitness certificates can be availed through the Baramati RTO online or offline, as per your convenience. The fitness certificate is important while renewing your RC and proving that the vehicle is safe to drive around.

  • The official conducts tests at Automatic Testing Stations (ATS) before giving a fitness certificate. Commercial vehicles are tested every 2 years for the first 8 years, and every year for vehicles older than 8 years. Whereas, for private vehicles, the checks are done at the time of renewal of RC.

PUC Certificate

  • PUC is required to verify that the emissions of your vehicle are under the recommended standards. The certificate can be acquired from PUC centres, which are authorised by the city RTO. They carry out tests and submit the level certificate.

Importance of Insurance for Four-wheeler in Baramati

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Baramati RTO plays a crucial role in carrying out crucial functions like issuing various vehicle documents, enforcing the law and protecting road safety standards, monitoring traffic, monitoring growth and expansion, etc. Without the RTO, we may not be able to get services that provide us with a valid driver’s licence, PUC, No Objection Certificate, Fitness Certificate, and a variety of permits.

If you need to avail any of the services listed above in this article, you can simply visit the RTO or get the necessary information by visiting the official website. You can also get basic information like MH 42 address, MH 42 passing, contact details, etc., with just a few clicks.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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