HR-51 RTO Office Faridabad

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HR-51 RTO Office Faridabad

Faridabad is the most populous city in Haryana. Residents primarily travel by road, and the regional transport authority manages the city's road network. Further, the RTO office in Faridabad is also responsible for issuing vehicle-related documents.

The Faridabad RTO office is headed by the transport commissioner and works under the Haryana government. Due to its large population and extensive road network, Faridabad city has three RTO offices: HR29, HR38, and HR51. Each RTO office serves a specific geographical area within the city, helping to distribute the workload and provide more accessible services to residents.

In this guide, we will learn in detail about the HR-51 RTO code, address, service offered, and more.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Faridabad?

The regional transport authority of Faridabad works under the Ministry of Transport of Haryana.

The RTO in Faridabad, besides managing the city's transportation system, offers a range of services that aim to make residents' lives easier. These include issuing driving licences, registration certificates, permits, and more.

Apart from this, the RTO in Faridabad is also responsible for implementing traffic laws in the city. In case of traffic violations, the RTO office in Faridabad is responsible for issuing the challan. These can either be paid online or in person by visiting the HR-51 RTO address.

RTO Offices in Faridabad

RTO Name Faridabad
RTO Code HR-51
RTO Address 1st Floor, A Block, Mini Sectt. Sector-12, Faridabad
RTO Pincode 121014
Contact Number 0129-2227868 
RTO Name Ballabgarh
RTO Code HR29
RTO Address 163, near Ballabgarh Tehsil Office, Shyam Colony, Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, Haryana 121004
RTO Pincode 121004
Contact Number 0129-2304500
RTO Name Badkhal
RTO Code HR87
RTO Address 98Q2+M4X, Unnamed Road, Narela Rajeev Nagar, Aravalli Golf Course, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, Haryana 121001
RTO Pincode 121001
Contact Number NA

Functions of HR-51 RTO Offices in Faridabad

Enforcing Traffic Laws and Regulations: The HR-51 RTO plays a crucial role in maintaining traffic safety in Faridabad.

By enforcing traffic laws and regulations, they ensure the protection of vehicle owners and pedestrians and the smooth operation of traffic. In case of violations, they issue a challan and penalty, ensuring that everyone on the road follows the rules.

Issuance of Vehicle-Related Documents: In addition to this, HR-51 passing RTO in Faridabad is also responsible for the issuance of various vehicle-related documents such as driving licences, registration certificates, etc.

These documents are necessary for vehicle owners to have before getting on the road. To acquire the documents, vehicle owners need to carry out the proper procedure in their respective RTOs.

Collection of Traffic Fines and Taxes: Another significant responsibility of HR-51 RTO is collecting traffic fines and taxes. RTO has designed traffic rules for the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

In case of violation of any of the traffic laws, RTO can issue a fine against the vehicle owners.

Besides this, various taxes, such as road tax, which is a tax levied on vehicles using the road. These are taxes decided by the Ministry of Transport and are used for maintaining the city's road infrastructure and implementing road safety measures.

Control and Manage Traffic Operations: In addition, the HR-51 RTO, passing city name Faridabad, is also responsible for managing and controlling the city's traffic operations.

The work involves streamlining the city's traffic flow and ensuring that all vehicles on the road meet safety standards.

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Faridabad

Registration Certificate

A registration certificate (RC) is a crucial vehicle document that all two and four-wheeler owners in Faridabad need to have. It is also called a vehicle ownership certificate. The RC determines that the specified vehicle is registered under the specified owner's name.

After purchasing a vehicle, the owner needs to apply for an RC. Once the registration process is complete, only the number plate or RC is issued to the individual. Driving a vehicle without a registration number is a traffic law violation.

In addition to issuing new RCs, the RTO in Faridabad is also responsible for issuing duplicate RCs, transferring RCs, etc.

Faridabad RTO Issued Registration Certificate Types:

Temporary Registration Certificate:** The RTO issues this type of registration certificate to car manufacturers and dealers. This type of RC has a short-term validity of 7 days.

However, it can be extended up to 1 month. Before its expiry, the vehicle owner needs to apply for a permanent registration certificate.

Permanent Registration Certificate: Another type of vehicle registration is a permanent registration certificate (RC) issued by RTO officials. This RC is valid for 15 years for personal-use vehicles and 5 years for commercial vehicles.

After its expiry, the vehicle owner needs to renew their RC in the respective RTO. Driving a vehicle without an RC is a violation of traffic law and can invite fines from authorities.

Driving Licence

The RTO office in Faridabad is also responsible for issuing driving licences to eligible vehicle owners. The eligibility age for getting a driving licence in India is 16 for non-geared vehicles and 18 for geared vehicles.

Further, for commercial vehicles, an individual needs to be 20 years old. A driving licence is a document that specifies the driving skills of an individual. To get a driving licence an individual needs to take a practical and written driving test.

As per the new rule, applicants can now take the practical driving skill test in any accredited private driving school. They don’t have to go to the RTO for the same.

Faridabad RTO Issued Driving Licence Types:

Learner Licence: Getting a learning or temporary licence is a necessary step to getting a permanent licence. This type of licence is issued by RTO officials and is only valid for six months.

However, within one month of the issuance of the temporary licence, the applicant can start the permanent driving licence application procedure.

Permanent Driving Licence: Another type of licence is a permanent driving licence, which is issued by RTO officials. This type of licence holds a validity of 20 years for personal vehicles and 5 years for commercial vehicles.

Depending on the type of vehicle, various types of licences are issued, such as light motor vehicle licences and heavy motor vehicle licences.

International Driving Licence: Individuals who want to drive overseas need to undergo the process of acquiring an international driving licence.

However, the eligibility requirement for an international driving licence is to hold a valid Indian permanent driving licence.

Motor Vehicles Permits

Besides this, HR-51 RTO in Faridabad is also responsible for issuing various permits to vehicle owners, especially for commercial vehicles. It is a permission slip that offers hassle-free transportation from one point to another.

It is helpful in preventing the entrance and exit of unregistered and illegal vehicles in the city. Depending on the vehicle type and its purpose, there are different types of permits available.

Faridabad RTO Issued Motor Vehicle Permits Types

Goods Carrying Permit: The HR-51 RTO in Faridabad issues a goods-carrying permit for commercial vehicles that transport goods from one point to another.

Passenger Vehicle Permit: This is another type of permit issued by RTO officials for passenger-carrying vehicles, including autos, taxis, buses, etc.

Tourist Vehicle Permit: Another type of permit issued by the RTO officials is for tourist vehicles. These vehicles often travel within and outside of the city.

Private Service Vehicle Permit: Commercial vehicles used by private companies and authorities also need a permit from the RTO authority.

National Permit: For this type of permit, vehicle owners need permission from the Ministry of Road and Transport. This permit is valid in all the states of India and can be issued for passengers and goods-carrying vehicles.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

Another crucial type of certificate issued by the RTO office in Faridabad is a pollution-under-control certificate (PUC). A PUC is basically a test of a vehicle's carbon emissions.

The government has set a range for PUC emissions, and if the vehicle surpasses the range, the PUC won’t be issued to vehicle owners. Vehicles outside the specified range harm the environment by causing more pollution.

To save the environment, the authorities prohibited such vehicles from being on the road. Every vehicle needs to undergo a PUC inspection to maintain environmental standards.

No Objection Certificate

No objection certificate is issued to the vehicle that has been transferred from one state to a different state. This permit specifies that there are no pending dues and fines on the transferred vehicle.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

The RTO office in Faridabad also issues fitness certificates. The authority issues these after inspecting the vehicle for environmental and safety standards.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Faridabad

Apart from all the documents listed above, vehicle owners in Faridabad also need to have a third-party bike and car insurance policy. Driving a vehicle without a basic bike or car insurance can result in fines from the RTO in Faridabad.

However, due to individuals' varied needs, different types of bike and car insurance plans are available in the market that not only maintain statutory compliance but also offer protection to vehicles.

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The RTO office in Faridabad ensures the smooth functioning of city traffic and transportation systems. It is also responsible for the enforcement of traffic laws. Further, residents need to visit the RTO office to apply for crucial vehicle-related documents such as driving licences, registration certificates, etc.

In case of traffic rule violation, RTO officials in Faridabad issue a challan against violators, which they need to pay in their respective RTO within a specified time.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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HR 51 is which city code?

HR 51 is which city code?


The HR-51 passing city name is Faridabad. The RTO office in Faridabad is part of the Haryana Road and Transport Department.

How many RTO are in Faridabad?


Faridabad is a densely populated area. Hence, there are 3 primary RTOs available in the city – One in Ballabgarh, one in Faridabad and one in Badkhal.

Can I drive my new vehicle without a driving licence in Faridabad?


No, driving a vehicle without a licence is a violation of traffic laws. Individuals need a licence to get behind the wheel.