Punjab RTO

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RTO Punjab

The Punjab Transport Department functions under the provisions of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (Section 213). Punjab RTO, or the Regional Transport Office of Punjab, is an important section of the Punjab Transport Department that reports to the Transport Commissioner. The department's major goal is to guarantee successful enforcement of the laws and regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act, as well as to make transportation services conveniently accessible to the general public.

The state of Punjab is split into 11 regions, each with its own Regional Transport Authority established under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (Section 68). In Punjab, there are over 70 Regional Transport Offices, each with a unique RTO code, that come under the governance of the State Transport Commissioner. Continue reading to know more about Punjab RTO vehicle registration details and procedures.

Here's the link for the Punjab RTO website: https://olps.punjabtransport.org/.

Punjab RTO Office List

At present, there are 76 RTO offices in various sections of the state that are accountable for responsibilities under the terms of the Motor Vehicles Act as well as the Punjab Transport Department. The following table displays some of the Punjab Regional Transport Offices, together with their unique Punjab RTO code.

RTO Location RTO Code
Chandigarh PB-01
Amritsar PB-02
Faridkot PB-04
Bathinda PB-03
Ferozepur PB-05
Hoshiarpur PB-07
Gurdaspur PB-06
Kapurthala PB-09
Jalandhar PB-08
Raikot PB-56
Patiala PB-11
Batala PB-18
Khanna PB-26
Lehra PB-75
Phillaur PB-37
Pathankot PB-35
Dhuri PB-59
Ropar PB-12
Shahkot PB-67
Mohali PB-65
Jalalabad PB-61

Punjab RTO: Vehicle Registration Charges

The following are the registration charges for various vehicles charged by the RTO Punjab:

Vehicle Type Registration Costs (in ₹)
Invalid Carriage ₹20
Motorbikes and Scooters ₹60
Light Motor Vehicles ₹200 for non-transport automobiles ₹300 for transport automobiles
Medium passenger and goods carrying automobiles ₹400
Heavy passengers and goods carrying automobiles ₹600
Imported vehicles ₹800
Imported motorbikes ₹200
Any other automobile not stated above ₹300

RTO Punjab: Functions

Punjab RTO governs every transport-related matter in the states of Punjab. The key functions of the Regional Transport Office of Punjab include:

  • Driving Licence Issuance: It's in charge of providing driving licences to every vehicle owner. Aside from granting licences, they're also in charge of renewing licences, conducting driving tests, and issuing a duplicate licence.
  • Vehicle Registration: One of the principal tasks is to maintain and manage the driver and vehicle database. It's done while executing the vehicle registration process. Every new vehicle must be registered with the appropriate RTO before you can obtain your vehicle's licence plate.
  • Road Tax Collection: The Government charges taxes on your automobile - the Road Tax. It's the responsibility of the RTO to collect it. The Road Tax is generally paid when registering an automobile for the first time.
  • Environmental Concerns: According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, the Regional Transport Office of Punjab also tackles environmental problems. For instance, the RTO checks the vehicle's emission standards. Post that, it grants a PUC certificate to the vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle Inspection: The Punjab Regional Transport Office is in charge of ensuring that automobiles on the road follow the requirements outlined in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. They undertake inspections for the same on a regular basis.
  • Road Safety: The RTO Punjab also serves this crucial job by constantly informing everyone about the different road safety precautions that must be performed.

Punjab RTO Vehicle Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

To travel on Punjab roadways, all vehicles must be registered with the Punjab RTO. A vehicle can be temporarily registered (provided by the automobile dealer and comes with a validity period of one month) or permanently registered (granted by the RTO and comes with a validity term of 15 years from the registration date). Continue reading to learn about the steps you need to know in order to get your vehicle registered with the Punjab RTO:

  1. Procure Application Form Nos. 20, 21, and 22. These application forms may be obtained by visiting the Punjab RTO official website or by reaching out to your local Punjab RTO office.

  2. Complete the paperwork and send them to your local RTO Punjab office together with any supporting documentation.

  • Duly filled Application Forms
  • Your address proof and valid ID
  • Two-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler Insurance certificate
  • Your previous six-month bank statement
  • Tax clearance records
  • Pollution under Control certificate collected from an authorised Government test centre
  • Temporary automobile registration number
  1. An RTO-authorised inspector will next carefully check your vehicle. Your dealer can also do the inspection. They will provide a certificate indicating that the automobile was examined.

  2. Following the automobile inspection, the RTO inspector will grant your vehicle a unique registration number. After these verifications, the Vehicle Registration Certificate will be delivered to your registered postal address. If you have a temporary registration number, you must choose a permanent one before the temporary certificate expires.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Punjab: How to Do It?

As we all know, registration cards are only valid for a certain time. In the event of temporary registration, it is only valid for one month. The permanent registration card, on the other hand, is valid for 15 years in the event of a non-transport or private vehicle. As a result, the RC must be renewed at least 60 days before its expiration date. After the initial renewal, it must be renewed every 5 years. In the case of commercial vehicles, a fitness certificate is issued after the initial registration for a term of two years.

To renew an expired vehicle registration certificate, simply complete the following:

  • Fill up the CMV 25 Application form at your local Punjab Regional Transport Office. You may also obtain it by visiting the Punjab RTO's official website.

  • You must provide the following documents** to your local Punjab RTO office (the Regional Transport Office where your vehicle was previously registered).

You need to keep the following papers in place:

  • Duly filled CMV 25 Application
  • Road tax clearance record
  • Vehicle's registration certificate
  • Vehicle inspection record
  • Motor insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate

Vehicle Registration in Punjab: Documents Required

The following list of documents must be kept with you at the time of vehicle registration in Punjab:

  • Application Form No. 20 fully filled
  • Sale Certificate (Form 21) supplied by the automobile dealer
  • Roadworthiness Certificate (Form 22) supplied by the automobile maker
  • Your valid address and identity evidence
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Form 34 (only if the vehicle is purchased through bank loan)
  • Garage address proof (if the vehicle is purchased for transporting goods)
  • Temporary vehicle registration copy
  • Any other relevant papers

Motor Insurance in Punjab

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1. Is it necessary to register my four-wheeler through the four-wheeler showroom or dealership?

1. Is it necessary to register my four-wheeler through the four-wheeler showroom or dealership?


It's not necessary to register your four-wheeler where you acquired it. You may register your new car yourself by paying a visit to your nearest RTO office.

2. What's meant by Road Tax?


The government maintains the nation's highways and roads. For that reason, it is the duty of the residents to pay a road tax in order to travel on public roadways. The road tax varies by state and is levied to cover the costs of building and maintaining these roads across the nation.

3. How to find my four-wheeler's RC number?


You need to follow these simple steps to find out your four-wheeler's RC number:

  • Navigate to the VAHAN web portal.
  • Select the "Know Your Vehicle Details" tab.
  • Input the necessary information to obtain your four-wheeler's RC information.