RTO West Bengal

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RTO West Bengal

Each state in India has its own RTO (Regional Transport Office), and RTO West Bengal is no exception. It's also in charge of carrying out the terms of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. It guarantees the proper enforcement of all rules, seeks to improve transportation services, and manages the state's vehicle and driver databases.

Every West Bengal RTO office works to create and maintain complete discipline in the sector by offering help and granting essential documents for safe vehicle operation. The transportation agency regularly holds seminars to improve and educate individuals about traffic regulations in order to protect their safety.

Under the auspices of West Bengal RTO, over 80 Regional Transport Offices are currently operating in various regions. There's a unique West Bengal RTO code allotted to each WB Regional Transport Office. For example, a Regional Transport Office in West Bengal has the WB-16 code.

Visit West Bengal RTO website or continue reading to find out more about RTO WB vehicle registration information.

West Bengal RTO Office List

West Bengal is a vast state with many districts and subdivisions. That is why there are many West Bengal RTO codes for different West Bengal vehicle registration offices or RTOs. The state has numerous RTO Offices assigned to provide services with ease. The following table shows some of the West Bengal Regional Transport Offices, along with their unique WB RTO code:

RTO Location RTO Code
Darjeeling  WB-76
Alipurduar WB-70
Asansol WB-37
Burdwan WB-42
Islampur  WB-92
Raghunathpur  WB-82
Kolkata Ruby WB-05
Kolkata Beltala WB-02
Cooch Behar  WB-64
Siliguri WB-73
Jahangirpur (Murshidabad) WB-94
Purulia WB-55
Jalpaiguri  WB-71
Birbhum WB-54
Howrah WB-12
Durgapur  WB-40
Barrackpore  WB-23
Midnapore  WB-34
Contai WB-31
Kalimpong  WB-78
Bankura WB-67
Tanluk WB-29
Kalyani WB-89
Bolpur WB-48
Barasat WB-25
Kolkata Salt Lake WB-08
Hooghly WB-16
Nadia WB-51
Nadia WB-51

RTO West Bengal Vehicle Registration Charges

The following table summarizes the West Bengal RTO's vehicle registration fees:

Charge Type  RTO Fees (in ₹)
Invalid Carriage  ₹50
Two-Wheelers ₹300
Imported Two-Wheelers ₹5,000
LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) ₹600
Passenger Vehicle and Medium Goods ₹1,000
Imported Motor Vehicles ₹5,000
Any other Automobile besides the above ₹3,000
E-carts/E-rickshaws  ₹1,000
Light Commercial Vehicles ₹1,000
Passenger Vehicle and Heavy Goods ₹1,500

RTO West Bengal: Functions

Any RTO (Regional Transport Office) in India, whether in a city, state or union territory, is required to carry out specific tasks. The primary functions of a Regional Transport Office in West Bengal are three-fold:

  • To guarantee that the terms of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, 1989 Central Vehicles Rules, as well as the state motor vehicle instructions are appropriately enforced.

  • To charge and collect taxes in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act.

  • To aid in the development and expansion of road transportation by administering the necessary permits.

    To meet the functional standards listed above, every Regional Transport Office in West Bengal carry out the following major operations under the Vehicles Act:

  • Driving Licence Issuance: This involves carrying out driving tests, providing a learner's permit, a permanent driving licence, renewing or duplicating a driver's licence (in the event of theft or loss), and issuing licences for commercial vehicle conductors, professional motor vehicle training schools, and driving instructors.

  • Motor Vehicle Registration: It involves renewing and issuing motor vehicle registration certificates, transferring ownership of the automobile, changing registration details, removing hypothecation, and granting a vehicle fitness certificate.

  • Information Updates: Every WB RTO vehicle information should be updated. Automobile owners can update their addresses in the database by paying a visit to their nearby Regional Transport Office. Any changes in detail should be approved by the RTO West Bengal. Every Regional Transport Office in West Bengal also maintains track of automobile ownership transfers.

  • Motor Vehicle Tax Collection: It involves collecting Road Tax, or Motor Vehicle Tax, in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, as well as handling any motor department action matters and collecting vehicle inspection fees.

  • Permit Issuance: This involves providing different transportation and tourism permits, like the International Driving Permit, permits for school buses and passenger carrying vehicles, national and inter-state commercial vehicle permits, as well as the All Tourist Vehicle Permit and Authorisation.

  • Mechanical Inspection of the Vehicle: This comprises vehicle inspection when it comes to granting fitness certificates for providing clearance to accidental automobiles, validity check for two-wheeler/four-wheeler insurance, as well as PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate.

West Bengal RTO Vehicle Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

An RC (Registration Certificate) is required to drive a vehicle in India. Within 7 days of purchasing a vehicle, the individual must apply for a registration certificate. After you submit your application with the required documentation and money, a physical examination of your automobile will be performed. Following completion of this process, the nearby WB RTO grants the registration certificate (RC), which is valid for a period of 15 years. The Registration Certificate contains all of the relevant information associated with the vehicle and its owner.

To receive your vehicle registration from the RTO West Bengal, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • 1. Obtain Application Forms 20, 21 and 22. You may obtain these application forms by going to the West Bengal RTO website or by visiting the local West Bengal RTO office.

  • 2. Fill up the forms and dispatch them to your local RTO WB office with supporting documents.

    • Duly filled Application Forms

    • Your address proof and valid ID

    • 4-wheeler insurance certificate

    • Your previous six-month bank statement

    • Tax clearance records

    • Pollution under Control certificate collected from an authorised Government test centre

    • Temporary automobile registration number (the entire list of every necessary paperwork is penned in the following sections)

  • 3. Following that, an RTO-authorised inspector will thoroughly inspect your vehicle. The inspection can also be done by your dealer. They will provide a certificate saying that the vehicle has been inspected.

  • 4. After the vehicle inspection, the inspector from your local RTO will assign a unique registration number to your vehicle.

Following these verifications, the RC will be emailed to your registered email ID. If you have a temporary registration number, then you need to pick a permanent number prior to the expiration date of your temporary certificate.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in West Bengal: How to Do It?

Just like temporary vehicle registration, permanent vehicle registration also has a validity period. In the event of a private and commercial automobile, a permanent vehicle registration certificate comes with a validity period of 15 years, after which it needs to be renewed. To avoid hefty fines on the roads, transport automobile owners must provide a fitness certificate every two years. In order to renew an expired vehicle registration certificate, all you need to do is:

  • Visit your nearby West Bengal Regional Transport Office and fill out the CMV 25 Application form. You may also get it by going to the West Bengal RTO's official web portal.

  • You need to send the following documents to your nearest RTO West Bengal office (the Regional Transport Office where your vehicle was originally registered).

*Keep these papers in place:

  • Duly filled CMV 25 Application

  • Road tax clearance record

  • Vehicle's registration certificate

  • Vehicle inspection record

  • Motor insurance certificate

  • PUC certificate

Vehicle Registration in West Bengal: Documents Required

Listed below are the documents that must be kept with you at the time of vehicle registration in West Bengal:

  • Form No. 20 fully filled

  • Sale Certificate (Form 21) supplied by the vehicle dealer

  • Roadworthiness Certificate (Form 22) supplied by the vehicle maker

  • Your valid address and identity evidence

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Form 34 (only if the vehicle is purchased via bank loan)

  • Garage address proof (if the vehicle is purchased for transporting goods)

  • Temporary vehicle registration copy

  • Any other relevant papers

Motor Insurance in West Bengal

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act requires all vehicle owners to insure their vehicles with a proper motor insurance plan. The bare minimum of insurance is third-party insurance. It safeguards the insured party against legal responsibilities deriving from death or injury caused to a third party person or property damage. To get the best insurance protection, an individual should go for comprehensive car insurance/bike insurance.

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

How to obtain vehicle owner information from the RTO West Bengal registration number?

How to obtain vehicle owner information from the RTO West Bengal registration number?


You may now obtain vehicle information by sending a simple text message (SMS). Type VAHAN your RTO West Bengal registration number and send the text message to the 7738299899 number.

Which Saturday does every West Bengal RTO office remain closed?


Every RTO West Bengal office remains closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. If there are 5 Saturdays in a month, the fifth Saturday of the month will be a business day.

What is the helpline number for RTO West Bengal?


The RTO West Bengal helpline numbers are:

  • Telephone: (033) 2475 1621 / 2475 1623
  • Toll-Free Phone Number: 1800 345 5192
  • Fax: (033) 2486 0222