RTO Tamil Nadu

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RTO Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu RTO, similar to the RTO (Regional Transport Office) or RTA (Regional Transport Authority) in every union territory and state in India, is a subsidiary of the Motor Vehicles Department.

The Tamil Nadu RTO is a government body entrusted with carrying out the tasks and obligations outlined in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The RTO Tamil Nadu, led by the Transport Commissioner, was established under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (under Section 213.1).

The RTO Tamil Nadu is in charge of managing the public transportation system, vehicle registration management, preventing vehicular pollution, collecting road tax, and issuing driving licences, among others.

The RTO Tamil Nadu also offers RTO-related services through its official website. It has made driver and vehicle-related services more accessible to the residents of Tamil Nadu. Here's the link to the web portal: https://tnsta.gov.in/.

Tamil Nadu RTO Office List

The following table shows a list of some of the Tamil Nadu RTO offices along with their location and unique RTO code:

RTO Location RTO Code
Ayanavaram TN-01
Basin Bridge TN-04
Tondiarpet TN-03
Red Hills TN-18
Anna Nagar TN-02
Sankagiri TN-52
K.K. Nagar TN-09
Kancheepuram TN-21
Tambaram TN-11
Vellore TN-23
Ranipet TN-73
Krishnagiri TN-24
Dharampuri TN-29
Udagamandalam TN-43
Dharampuram TN-78
Madurai (South) TN-58
Madurai (North) TN-59
Madurai (Central) TN-64
Tuticorin TN-69

Tamil Nadu RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

Listed below are the vehicle registration charges levied by the Tamil Nadu RTO:

Charge Type RTO Fees (in ₹)
Two-wheelers ₹300
Four-wheelers ₹600
LGV (Light Goods Vehicles) ₹1,000
Light Motor Vehicles ₹200
Medium Motor Vehicles ₹400
Heavy Motor Vehicles ₹300
Tourist Taxis ₹1,000
Autorickshaws ₹1,000
Imported Vehicles ₹800
Maxi Cabs 1000

RTO Tamil Nadu: Functions

The RTO, or Regional Transport Office, is responsible for the following major roles and activities:

Issues Driving Licence: Individual driving licences are issued by the RTO. In addition to granting a licence, they also do duplicate licence issuance, licence renewal, and take driving tests.

Vehicle Registration: As a key role, the RTO maintains a vehicle database. This is accomplished during the automobile registration process. All new automobiles must be registered at the RTO before receiving their licence plate.

Collection of Road Taxes: The government levies taxes on your automobile, such as the road tax. The RTO Tamil Nadu is in charge of collecting this. This tax is often collected at the time of the vehicle's initial registration.

Vehicle Inspection: The RTO Tamil Nadu must ensure that all road vehicles follow the requirements outlined in the Motor Vehicle Law. They examine everything on a regular basis.

Road Safety: The Tamil Nadu RTO plays a vital role in raising awareness of the numerous road safety measures that must be implemented.

Environmental Considerations: The Motor Vehicles Act covers environmental concerns as well. It is responsible for operations such as the usage of CNG (compressed natural gas) and liquid oil gas, as well as PUC testing facilities.

Registering a Vehicle in Tamil Nadu: How to Do It?

Vehicle registration is one of the numerous services provided by an RTO. According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, if you purchase an automobile in Tamil Nadu or any state or union territory of India, you must register it with the RTO office.

As a result, before you may drive or ride your automobile on the roads of Tamil Nadu, you must first register it. You must present proper paperwork to the RTO office, which will be validated, and your automobile will be assigned a unique registration number. You will be given a registration certificate, or RC, which will include all RTO vehicle details.

Here's how to register a vehicle with the Tamil Nadu RTO:

  • Download Application Form 20 from the official website of the Tamil Nadu RTO. It’s available in two languages: Tamil and English. You can download either version, and you must complete it and submit the required supporting papers as directed.

  • Take the completed Form 20 to your local Tamil Nadu RTO office.

  • The automobile that is up for registration will be inspected by an RTO officer. However, the automobile may also be inspected by the dealer from whom it was purchased, and the report provided by the dealer to you can also be shown to the RTO officer.

  • The RTO will generate a unique registration number after verifying RTO Form 20 and the supporting papers connected to it.

  • The RC (Registration Certificate) will be mailed to you via speed post at the address you provided in the Application Form.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Tamil Nadu: How to Do It?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles operating in Tamil Nadu must have a valid registration certificate. A registration certificate for a private automobile is valid for 15 years and three years when it comes to commercial vehicles.

Vehicle owners in Tamil Nadu must undertake the following to renew their vehicle registration certificate:

Pay a visit to the local Tamil Nadu RTO office.

Fill out Application Form No. 25. You may also obtain it online by going to the official website of the Tamil Nadu Transport Department.

You must provide the following documents with your application form:

  • Application Form No. 25 (filled up and signed)

  • Original RC Book or RC Smart Card

  • Professional Tax Certificate

  • Applicable vehicle registration renewal fee

  • Two-wheeler/four-wheelerinsurance certificate

  • Your identity and address evidence

After receiving these papers, a representative from the Tamil Nadu RTO office will inspect your vehicle. Once these papers are thoroughly verified, you’ll receive your renewed vehicle registration certificate.

Vehicle Registration in Tamil Nadu: Documents Required

It’s a legal need to register your vehicle. So, have the documents ready before you come to register your vehicle to avoid last-minute stress and problems. To register your vehicle with the Tamil Nadu RTO, you will need the following documents:

Application Form 20 for new automobile registration

PUC Certificate

Address and age proof documents (Voter Card, Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.)

Passport-size photos

Bike/Car insurance policy certificate

Six-month bank statement

An invoice must be supplied for the registration of an imported automobile

Taxes must be paid in accordance with the Tamil Nadu Transport Department

Applicable automobile registration cost

Form No. 22 Roadworthiness certificate

Form No. 21 Sales Certificate

Temporary vehicle registration number

Form 34 loan hypothecation information

A manufacturer's certificate is essential for registration of a transport vehicle

For a trailer to be registered, the Transport Commissioner needs to approve the design

Vehicle Insurance in Tamil Nadu

Every Tamil Nadu RTO office governs the purchase, transportation, and ownership of automobiles in the state. They are also in charge of guaranteeing road safety. Vehicle insurance is an integral part of any road safety regimen. The 1988 Motor Vehicle Act requires all vehicle owners to obtain at least third-party liability motor insurance.

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How many RTO offices are there across the state of Tamil Nadu?


There are 89 Regional Transport Offices located across the state of Tamil Nadu.

Can I acquire a personalised licence plate for my four-wheeler in Tamil Nadu?


Yes, you certainly can. The RTO has the authority to grant a personalised licence plate via an auctioning system.

What's the minimum age for applying for a driving licence in RTO Tamil Nadu?


At the RTO Tamil Nadu, an individual may apply for a learner's driving licence if they attain the age of 16.