Tardeo RTO Office South Mumbai MH-01

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Tardeo RTO Office South Mumbai MH-01

Tardeo is a residential area on Mumbai's southern fringes. The Tardeo RTO office was established under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (under Section 213.1). It was founded to assist people in the area with the laws connected with their vehicles. The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act handed the essential role of enforcing different rules to the MH-01 RTO code (the unique number allocated to the Tardeo RTO office).

Maharashtra is the state in which Tardeo RTO is situated. The state transportation code is "MH". The Maharashtra Commissioner of Transport is in charge of all of this.

Since the world has gone digital, the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department has created an online platform to offer inhabitants more flexibility and freedom in performing RTO-related responsibilities. Inhabitants may learn more regarding Tardeo RTO by visiting the Tardeo RTO website.

Tardeo RTO Office South Mumbai

The table outlined below displays everything you need to know about the RTO Tardeo contact number, address, working hours, etc.

MH-01 Tardeo RTO Office - South Mumbai - MH-01 RTO Address, Contact Number

RTO Code MH-01
RTO Address Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400034
Working Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Contact Number +91-22-2493-2337 +91-22-2494-4601 +91-22-2494-4602

Tardeo RTO Office (MH-01) Vehicle Registration Charges

The following table shows the vehicle registration charges levied by the Tardeo RTO:

Charge Type RTO Fees (in ₹)
Invalid Carriage ₹50
Two-Wheeler ₹300
Imported Two-Wheeler ₹5,000
Light Motor Vehicles ₹600
Medium Motor Vehicles ₹1,000
Heavy Motor Vehicles (Passenger) ₹1,500
Imported Motor Vehicle  ₹5,000
Autorickshaws ₹1,000
Light Commercial Vehicle  ₹1,000
Any other vehicle 3000

Tardeo RTO Office South Mumbai MH-01: Functions

The RTO or the Regional Transport Office Tardeo, South Mumbai, just like any other RTO office is in charge of the following primary tasks and activities:**

Issuing Driving Licenses: The Tardeo RTO issues individual driving licences. In addition to issuing licences, they also issue duplicate licences, renew licences, and conduct driving exams.

Vehicle Registration: The Tardeo RTO is responsible for maintaining a vehicle database. This is done during the vehicle registration procedure. Before getting a licence plate, all new vehicles must be registered with the RTO.

Road Tax Collection: The government imposes taxes on your vehicle, such as the road tax. This is the responsibility of the RTO Tardeo. This tax is frequently collected upon the first registration of an automobile.

Inspection of Vehicles: The RTO is responsible for ensuring that all road vehicles adhere to the regulations stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Act. They thoroughly inspect everything on a daily basis.

Road Safety Measures: The RTO is critical in spreading awareness of the many road safety measures that should be put in place.

Environmental Concerns: The Motor Vehicles Act addresses environmental issues as well. It is in charge of activities such as CNG (compressed natural gas) and liquid oil gas utilisation, along with PUC testing facilities.

Registering a Vehicle in Tardeo RTO Office South Mumbai MH-01: How to Do It?

Vehicle registration is only one of the many services offered by an RTO. If you buy an automobile in Tardeo or any other state or union territory in India, you need to first register it with the RTO office, according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act.

Consequently, before you may drive or ride your automobile on Tardeo's roadways, you must first register it. You must provide the necessary documents to the RTO office, where they will be authenticated, and your vehicle will be issued a unique registration number. You will be granted a registration certificate, or RC, with all RTO vehicle information.

Listed below is the process about how to get a vehicle registered with the Tardeo RTO:

  • You need to first download Application Form No. 20 from the Tardeo RTO's official web portal. It's available in two languages: Marathi and English. You may download any version and must fill it out and send the necessary supporting documents as indicated.

  • Bring your completed Application Form No. 20 to the nearest Tardeo Regional Transport Office.

  • An RTO official will check the vehicle that's up for registration. The vehicle may, however, be examined by the automobile dealer from whom it was acquired, and the report produced by the dealer to you is displayed to the RTO officer.

  • After thoroughly checking Application Form No. 20 and the associated documents, the RTO will produce a unique registration number.

  • The certificate of registration will be mailed to you at the address you mentioned on Application Form No. 20 via speed post.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Tardeo RTO South Mumbai: How to Do It?

All automobiles plying on the roads and highways of Tardeo should have a valid Certificate of Registration, as per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. Let us tell you that a certificate of registration in the case of private vehicles comes with a validity term of 15 years, whereas a certificate of registration in the case of commercial vehicles is good for three years.

To renew your automobile registration, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Visit the Tardeo RTO office.

  • Complete Application Form Nom 25. You also have the option of visiting the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department's official web portal.

  • You need to present the following papers along with your Application Form No. 25:

  • Application Form No. 25 (filled up and signed)

  • Original RC Book or RC Smart Card

  • Professional Tax Certificate

  • Applicable vehicle registration renewal fee

  • Two-wheeler/Four-wheeler insurance certificate

  • Your identity and address evidence

Following the receiving of these documents, a representative from the Tardeo RTO office will check your automobile. You will receive your renewed vehicle registration certificate when these documents have been completely checked.

Vehicle Registration in Tardeo RTO South Mumbai: Documents Required

To register a vehicle in Tardeo, you must put forward the following essential documents:

  • RTO Application Form No. 20

  • Sale Certificate (Form No. 21) issued by the vehicle dealer documenting the purchase

  • Roadworthiness Certificate (Form No. 22) issued by the automobile manufacturer

  • Application Form No. 22-A if the automobile is fabricated

  • Temporary vehicle registration

  • Vehicle's original invoice

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Address evidence

  • In the case of imported automobiles, custom bills are needed to be submitted

  • If the vehicle was bought from another state, the road tax receipt must be presented

Vehicle Insurance in Tardeo

Bike/car insurance is almost as important as Tardeo RTO vehicle registration. Such insurance offers full coverage in the case of an unexpected occurrence to the insured automobile. Given this, a person can select between comprehensive coverage and third-party insurance.

Vehicle insurance is offered by a number of insurance companies in Tardeo. All that is necessary is to go to the insurance provider's website, browse the policies, compare them online, and make the proper purchase. Comparing vehicle insurance coverage is normally recommended for insurance seekers as it allows them to make an informed decision.

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Disclaimer / TnC

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