Toyota Rumion Insurance

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Toyota Rumion Insurance

The Toyota Rumion is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) unveiled in August 2023 and expected to be launched by October 2023. While the design and overall look of the Rumion are similar to the Maruti Ertiga, Toyota has made some interesting design changes to give it an upgraded look.

Rumion has a 1.5-litre K Series engine with Neodrive and E-CNG technology to help you make the most of the vehicle. It is a 7-seater vehicle with flexible seating options and enough room for luggage.

Toyota has planned to launch both manual and automatic versions of the MPV with three variants (S, G, and V) in manual transmission. It also has a range of safety features, making it a reliable drive for you and your family.

When you buy a Toyota Rumion, you are bound to go on drives and enjoy the performance Toyota offers in this powerful MPV. However, before you start creating your travel plans, make sure that you consider buying a comprehensive car insurance policy that offers coverage for third-party liabilities and damages to your car due to various reasons.

A third-party four-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory for all car owners in India. However, it does not cover damages to your car and injuries sustained by you during an accident. Hence, opting for a comprehensive car insurance plan for complete protection is prudent.

When you start looking for a car insurance policy, you will find many options. Selecting a reputed and reliable insurance partner is important as it can affect the buying/renewal process and the efficiency with which your claims are settled.

Tata AIG has been offering car insurance policies for over two decades and has a reputation for being a reliable insurance provider. We offer a comprehensive Toyota Rumion insurance policy to help you get 360-degree coverage for your car. You can also compare car insurance plans and find the best coverage for your car by using our free online car insurance calculator.

Read on to learn more about getting the best Toyota Rumion car insurance policy!

Toyota Rumion Car Insurance Renewal or Purchase via Tata AIG

At Tata AIG, we have designed processes to ensure you can buy a new Toyota Rumion insurance policy hassle-free. Also, the Toyota car insurance renewal process is simple and helps you renew your existing policy with us quickly.

Here is a quick look at the process to buy/renew Toyota car insurance online from us:

  • Start your car insurance journey with us by visiting our official website.

  • We offer motor, travel, health, and marine cargo insurance. Select Car Insurance from the menu.

  • To purchase a policy (Get Price) or renew an existing one (Renew), provide your car’s registration number and click on the relevant button

  • Per the KYC norms, you must provide information about yourself and your car. Fill out the application form completely and accurately

  • Review the displayed IDVs (Insured Declared Value) and choose the best one for your car

  • You can customise the coverage by opting for add-on covers on the next page. Remember, each cover increases the policy's scope but also its premium. Hence, assess your needs and choose accordingly

  • Review the policy terms and premium amount before making the payment

  • Receive the policy documents at your registered email address

  • While renewing your policy, it is essential to remember that if you have not raised a Toyota car insurance claim in the previous terms, then you can get a No Claim Bonus or NCB discount on the premium.

Toyota Rumion Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

Before buying a Toyota Rumion insurance policy, it is important to understand the premium calculation and compare plans to find the most cost-efficient policy for your needs.

At Tata AIG, transparency is in our DNA, and we ensure that you are informed of all the costs and charges upfront. No hidden charges. You can use our online car insurance calculator to compare the different plans on offer and determine the premium outgo.

The premium computation has various factors, as described below:

Toyota Rumion third-party car insurance

If you are looking to buy only for the mandatory policy, then you can opt for our third-party car insurance plan. These policies cover third-party liabilities arising from an accident or collision caused by your car.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) determines and declares the premium for these policies annually.

It calculates the premium based on the car's engine capacity or “cc.” The higher the engine's cubic capacity, the higher the premium.

Toyota Rumion comprehensive car insurance

When you opt for a Tata AIG Toyota Rumion comprehensive car insurance policy, we calculate the premium using the following factors:

Insured Declared Value (IDV): This is the current market value of your car. It equals the sum insured by the policy and is the amount we reimburse if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair. A higher IDV results in a higher premium and vice versa.

Make and model of the car: This is an important factor; expensive cars tend to have a higher premium than lower-end cars.

Age of the car: The current market price or IDV of the car decreases as the car ages. Hence, it is an important factor in calculating the premium amount.

Location: Insurance companies tend to charge a higher premium for cars that are at a higher risk of accidents or collisions. The premium will be higher if you drive your car through high-traffic roads or areas prone to accidents.

Installation of safety devices: Car owners who install safety devices can expect a discount on premium from Tata AIG as it boosts the vehicle's security and reduces the chances of claims.

Choice of add-on covers: The number and types of add-on covers you choose to customise the policy can directly impact the policy's premium.

Add-Ons for Toyota Rumion Car Insurance by Tata AIG

To help you tailor the comprehensive Toyota Rumion insurance policy, we offer 12 add-on covers. These add-ons are available at an extra cost. Here are the details of the add-on covers we offer:**

No Claim Bonus Protection: This add-on allows you to retain the No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit even if you have filed a certain number of claims during a policy term.

Roadside Assistance Cover: It offers 24x7 emergency breakdown assistance if the insured car breaks down in the middle of the road

Repair of Glass Fiber and Plastic Parts Cover: With this add-on, you can repair damaged plastic and glass fibre parts without affecting your NCB benefit.

Daily Allowance Cover: If your car meets with an accident and demands extensive repairs, then it might have to stay in the garage for a long time. This add-on offers an amount to help you travel without your car.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses Cover: If your car meets with an accident and renders you unable to reach your destination, this add-on pays the expenses for emergency transport and overnight accommodation.

Key Replacement Cover: This add-on covers the cost of replacing your car’s keys if they are stolen or if you lose them

Engine Secure Cover: This add-on extends the coverage of a comprehensive car insurance policy to include damages to the engine

Tyre Secure Cover: This add-on covers the costs of repairing or replacing a damaged tyre or tube if the damage is caused by accident.

Consumables Expenses Cover: with this add-on, you get coverage for the cost of consumables like oil, AC gas, nuts, bolts, etc.

Loss of Personal Belongings Cover: This add-on covers the loss of personal belongings in an accident

Return to Invoice Cover: This add-on ensures that you receive the on-road price of the car (and not the IDV) as compensation if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Zero Depreciation Cover: With this add-on, you can get the total cost of repair or replacement of the damaged parts without factoring in depreciation

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG Toyota Rumion Car Insurance Policy

Here is a list of things covered and not covered under a Toyota Rumion insurance policy:

Things Included under Tata AIG Toyota Rumion Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG Toyota Rumion Insurance
Third-Party Liability Cover: If your car causes an accident and damages third-party property or person, then you are liable to pay for the damages. A comprehensive policy covers all such liabilities. Driving without a licence: If you drive without a valid driving licence and your car meets with an accident and gets damaged. The policy will not offer coverage.
Accidental damage to the insured car: The policy covers damages to your insured car from the damages it suffers due to an accident. Damages outside India: No coverage for damages to the insured car sustained outside India
Damage to the insured car due to other factors: The policy covers damages to your insured car from the damages it suffers due to natural calamities, man-made disasters, and fire Driving under the influence: No coverage for damages to the insured car if the owner-driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
Total Loss Protection: If your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair due to an accident, then the policy reimburses the IDV of the car Wear and tear: No coverage for damages sustained due to regular wear and tear
Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver: The policy offers a personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs to the owner-driver to protect against disability, death, and major injuries from an accident. Driver negligence: No coverage for damages sustained if the car is used for racing, speed testing, crash testing, etc.

Why Is It Necessary to Have Tata AIG for Your Toyota Rumion Car Insurance?

Here are some reasons that make Tata AIG an ideal partner for your Toyota Rumion car insurance requirements:

Reliable Brand: Tata is a reputed name in India synonymous with trust. We have been offering car insurance services for over two decades and evolved into the country's preferred name in car insurance.

Strong customer base: Over the years, we have serviced more than five crore customers and are growing strong.

Qualified team: We have a team of dedicated professionals who constantly keep looking for newer ways to service customers. Our team of customer service professionals works around the clock to help customers understand their policies and our offerings and offer any assistance they need. We also have a team of 650+ seasoned professionals to ensure quick claim payouts.

High Claim Settlement Ratio: In FY 2022-23, we had a high claim settlement ratio of 99% of all the claims received.

Toyota Rumion: A Brief Overview of the Car

Expected to be launched in October 2023, the Toyota Rumion is an entry-level MPV in Toyota’s portfolio. While it has been designed on the lines of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota has changed its features and looks to cater to the evolving needs of car owners. It is expected to be priced between Rs.8.80 lakh and Rs.10.70 lakh.

This is a seven-seater vehicle that is designed with ample space and room for luggage. Even the inside of the vehicle is similar to the Ertiga with some design changes.

Toyota Rumion Car Variants and Prices

The Rumion is expected to be launched in 5 petrol versions and 1 CNG version. The variants and prices are as follows:

Variants On-road Pricing (ex-showroom New Delhi)
Toyota Rumion S MT (Petrol) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs
Toyota Rumion S AT (Petrol) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs
Toyota Rumion G MT (Petrol) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs
Toyota Rumion V MT (Petrol) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs
Toyota Rumion V AT (Petrol) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs
Toyota Rumion S MT (CNG) ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs

This is the price range for the MPV. The expected price for each variant is yet to be declared.

Toyota Rumion Features: Unique Selling Points of the Car

The Toyota Rumion has several unique selling points as described below:

  • A powerful 1462 cc 1.5-litre petrol engine. It offers a maximum power of 103.25bhp@6000rpm and a maximum torque of 138nm@4400rpm. Its automatic transmission variant offers a top speed of 170 km/hour.

  • It is a good-looking vehicle with a chrome surround front grille, a front bumper with a chrome finish, halogen projector headlamps, and LED tail lamps. The interiors are elegant with premium dual-tone colours, reclining seats, flexible luggage space in the third row, and a passenger-side sun visor with a vanity mirror, making it a comfortable ride.

  • The instrument cluster has a tachometer, gear-shift indicator, digital clock, a door-ajar warning lamp, and an indicator if the headlamp is on.

  • The vehicle has a range of comfort and convenience features, including a smart key for engine push start/stop, A/C-cooled twin cup holders in the console, remote keyless entry, front row 12V power socket with smartphone storage space, power windows, day and night adjustable IRVM, power and tilt steering, and many others.

  • The Toyota Rumion has an inbuilt infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB and AUX connectivity for an entertaining ride.

Top Competitors of the Toyota Rumion

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Mahindra Marazzo

Kia Carens

Hyundai Venue

Renault Kiger

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is Rumion a good car?

Is Rumion a good car?


While every individual has specific requirements for the car they want to purchase, the Toyota Rumion has many features that can make it a people’s favourite. These include ample space, comfort, smart connectivity features, top-notch performance, and fuel efficiency. Make sure that you take a test ride before buying.

What is the mileage of Toyota Rumion?


The manual petrol variants of the Toyota Rumion offer a mileage of 20.52 km/litre while the automatic petrol variants offer a mileage of 20.11 km/litre. The CNG variant offers a mileage of 26.11 km/kg.

Does Toyota Rumion have a sunroof?


No, the Toyota Rumion is not designed with a sunroof.

How much is a Toyota Rumion?


While the company is yet to announce the price of all variants, the Toyota Rumion is expected to hit the Indian markets with an ex-showroom price of ₹8.80 lakhs to ₹10.70 lakhs.

Are Ertiga and Rumion the same?


While the Toyota Rumion is built on the lines of the Maruti Ertiga, the company has made some essential design changes and added a few features to make it unique. Essentially, the Rumion is said to be a rebadged version of the Ertiga but with certain differences.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, checking the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy is advisable.