Volkswagen Passat Insurance

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Volkswagen Passat Insurance

The Volkswagen Passat was a full-size luxury car model sold in India until 2019. It was a popular choice among car buyers looking for a spacious and comfy vehicle with a premium feel.

The Passat was available in a diesel engine option and featured a comfortable and well-appointed interior, good driving dynamics, and a refined driving experience. It was also known for its good fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. The Passat was positioned as a premium model in the Indian market and was priced accordingly.

People passionate about their Passat should know that driving this discontinued model comes with its own set of challenges. For example, spare parts may be challenging to obtain if it sustains damage, resulting in higher repair costs. However, there is a car insurance policy to protect against such adversities.

The insurance covers legal liabilities, theft, damage due to man-made and natural calamities, and fire. You can also raise the scope of coverage with add-ons, like zero depreciation cover or tyre replacement add-ons.

At Tata AIG, we offer third-party liability, stand-alone own damage, and comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policies with customisable options to help you purchase the most affordable and suitable car insurance for your Volkswagen Passat.

Volkswagen Car Insurance Renewal/Buy via Tata AIG

Volkswagen produces some exceptionally advanced vehicles, and the Passat is no different. The only drawback to owning such an advanced vehicle is the high cost of replacing spare parts. If you have a Passat in your garage and want to take a long drive, ensure it is insured. If it is not insured, contact us for immediate auto insurance coverage.

Here is what you need to do:

  • On the Tata AIG website, navigate to the Car Insurance option under the “All Products” category.

  • You will see the 'Renew' and 'Get Price' options on your screen.

  • Enter your Volkswagen Passat registration number on the following page and select the 'Get Price' option if this is your first transaction with us.

  • Enter Passat's registration number and click on the 'Renew' option if you are an existing Tata AIG customer and want to renew your policy.

  • Fill out the purchase/renewal application with the required details.

  • Using our four-wheeler insurance calculator, determine the Volkswagen Passat's Insured Declared Value (IDV). The output then must be chosen from a drop-down menu.

  • Provide the claim history for your vehicle. Apply No Claim Bonus (NCB) if you have never claimed in the previous policy years. You can reduce the premium by 20-50% this way.

  • Decide on riders to boost the scope of cover. You can select NCB protection add-on, roadside assistance, and a few others.

  • Review your VW insurance quotation and make modifications if required.

  • Take a glance at various digital payment options before picking any.

  • After we receive payment confirmation, we will send an acknowledgement email and a soft copy of your Volkswagen insurance.

  • If the online process is too complex, you have two other options for renewing your policy. First, you can come to our branch and connect with one of our executives, who will help you choose the best plan and add-on. Another option is to purchase through our registered agent. Remember that buying through an agent increases the premium cost due to the involvement of their commission.

Volkswagen Car Insurance Cost– Your Premium Amount

Before you select the kind of four-wheeler insurance you require, you need to understand the factors that affect your premium. Tata AIG provides an online car insurance premium calculator that helps compute the car insurance premium for Volkswagen Passat.

The most important factors affecting the car insurance premium are:

  • Insured Declared Value -

  • Age of the Car

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Add-ons

  • Engine Capacity

  • Deductible

  • Claim History

IDV is the most important factor and refers to the current cost of the four-wheeler after reducing the depreciation value. It is the highest amount a car insurance claim can give in case your four-wheeler has been stolen or incurred a complete loss. Car insurance is directly proportional to the Insured Declared Value. The higher the IDV value, the higher the premium for the car to be insured.

Other Factors

Some other aspects affect the car insurance premium as well. Such factors include the following:

  • The owner's age.

  • Make & model of the car.

  • Modifications made to the four-wheeler.

  • Any added security features.

  • Location of the car's registration.

  • Car variant.

Add-ons for Volkswagen Passat Car Insurance by Tata AIG

Certain eventualities on the road are unavoidable regardless of how skilled your driving abilities are. For example, while driving on an empty highway, your Passat may encounter a technical problem due to ageing.

In such cases, locating a nearby garage or having it towed to the service centre without assistance is difficult. Furthermore, such incidents are not covered by standard four-wheeler insurance. So, what are your options? The solution is add-ons.

Add-ons are additional coverage designed to assist in specific situations. The number of riders offered by each insurer varies. If you want to buy cover from us, you can choose any or all of the following riders for a small fee.

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Add-on for No Claim Bonus protection

  • Daily allowance cover

  • Key replacement cover

  • Rider for emergency hotel expenses and transport

  • Add-on for repairs of plastic, glass, and fibre parts

  • Engine secure cover

  • Tyre secure cover

  • Add-on for consumables expenses

  • Add-on for loss of personal belongings

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Zero depreciation cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Volkswagen Passat Insurance

Choosing the best car insurance requires careful consideration. You must compare the settlement ratio, claim processing time, available riders, and, most importantly, the scope of coverage. If you are purchasing Volkswagen insurance from us, please review the table below to see what we cover and what we do not.

What is covered? What is not covered?
We provide liability coverage for property damages or physical injuries caused by your insured Passat to pedestrians or other motorists. Our Volkswagen Passat does not provide coverage against mechanical or electrical damage, rusting, or ageing of your car. 
We will pay for repairs if your insured vehicle is damaged in a collision-related accident.  Any damage to your Volkswagen or a pedestrian caused by the insured car driver while driving under the influence of alcohol is not covered by our auto insurance.
Our VW insurance includes mandatory personal accident coverage, which helps if the insured car driver or passenger is injured and requires immediate medical attention. It also pays out a lump sum if the policyholder passes away in a Passat car accident. If your Passat causes an accident on purpose or sustains damage while engaging in criminal activity, our policy will not cover this incident.
We reimburse for damages caused by natural calamities like cyclones, landslides, cloudbursts, earthquakes, or floods.  If you drive your Passat in an area that is not covered by our policy or an unauthorised area, any damage you sustain will not be reimbursed.
Any damage caused to your Volkswagen Passat because of uninsured motorists' careless driving is subject to our policy inclusion Our coverage will not apply if the insured Passat driver is found to be without or with an invalid licence or are underage at the accident scene.
We pay for repairs if your Passat four-wheeler is damaged while being transported by inland waterways, lifts, airways, elevators, rail, or roads. The use of a Volkswagen Passat for adventurous activities, racing, or speed testing that causes damage is not part of our motor insurance coverage.
If your four-wheeler sustains damage due to man-made disasters such as terrorism, strikes, vandalism, or riots, we will cover the repair costs. Submitting a Passat claim for its damage if you only have basic insurance coverage will result in four-wheeler insurance.
If your four-wheeler is stolen from the office parking lot or anywhere else, we will reimburse you up to the IDV amount. However, if only the Passat parts are stolen, no compensation will be provided. Our Passat car insurance does not shield against nuclear perils, biological weapon attacks, or other war-like instances that cause damage to your four-wheeler.
We will reimburse the cost of repairs incurred as a result of a collision with a buffalo, deer, or other animals. Our motor insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by your driver's negligence or willful misconduct.

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Volkswagen Passat Car?

Choosing Tata AIG for your Volkswagen Passat car insurance means you are partnering with a reputable and dependable insurance provider that will help you protect your investment and give you peace of mind while driving on the road. Here is a glance at why you should choose us.

  • We offer a wide range of coverage options that protect your Volkswagen car against unexpected events such as accidents, theft, and natural disasters.

  • We have a vast network of authorised service centres (7500+), ensuring your car is in good hands in case of an accident.

  • Our team provides a 24/7 roadside assistance service, so you can get help whenever and wherever you need it.

  • We offer flexible policy options and various add-ons, allowing you to tailor your coverage to meet your specific needs and budget.

  • Our extensive claim support team and a reputation of over 98% settlement ratio demonstrate how quickly we can process your repair bills.

Overview - Volkswagen Passat Car

Volkswagen Passat is a stylish European sedan whose looks can overshadow others. The spacious cabin, abundant technologies and features, and fuel-efficient performance make this discontinued model an excellent used car purchase.

The Passat's 5-star NCAP ratings give enough reason to have faith in its safety features. Let's take a look at some of its technical aspects.

  • The engine displacement of 1968cc

  • ARAI-certified mileage of 17.42 km/litre

  • Maximum torque of 350 Nm @ 1500-3500 rpm

  • Maximum power of 175 bhp @ 3600-4000 rpm

  • Boot space of 586 litres

  • Kerb weight of 1535 kg

  • Ground clearance of 145 mm

  • Fuel tank capacity of 66 litres

Volkswagen Passat Price And Variants

The Passat was sold in four different configurations in the showroom. All of these models had automatic transmissions. Volkswagen offers the Passat in six different colours: Mangan Grey, Oryx White, Atlantic Blue, Deep Black, Pyrit Silver, and Oak Brown. The base model's last recorded price was ₹25,99,000, while the top model was sold for ₹33,21,000.

Variants Price
Passat Comfortline Connect ₹25,99,000
Passat Highline Connect ₹28,99,000
Passat Comfortline ₹30,21,000
Passat Highline ₹33,21,000

The prices mentioned here are exclusive of road taxes, registration costs, and insurance charges. However, the Passat is available at a used car dealership at a lower price.

Unique Selling Points: Volkswagen Passat Features

Volkswagen's Passat relies heavily on the following features to outperform its competitors.

  • The Passat is powered by a TDI engine with DOHC configuration and a CRDi fuel system.

  • In the context of comfort, Passat has three-zone air quality control, an accessory power outlet, power windows, a heated seat front, and entry via smart card.

  • The interior features Tachometer, outside temperature display, glove compartment, and electronic multi-trip meter.

  • Volkswagen safety relies on anti-theft alarms, xenon headlamps, side impact beams, crash sensors, and EBD.

Rivals of the Volkswagen Passat

Since the discontinuation of this elegant vehicle, many new sedans have been introduced with superior features and performance to the Passat. Some models in the Volkswagen product line are a perfect answer to the Passat.

Check out our list of popular rivals of this model.

  • Skoda Octavia

  • Jeep Compass

  • Hyundai Tucson

  • Volkswagen Tiguan

  • Toyota Camry

  • Audi A4

  • Skoda Superb

  • Jeep Compass

  • Honda Accord

  • Toyota Hilux

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

What papers are necessary for raising a Volkswagen Passat car insurance claim?

What papers are necessary for raising a Volkswagen Passat car insurance claim?


To raise a Volkswagen Passat car insurance claim, you will typically need to provide the following documents:

Proof of insurance

Ownership proof; this could be the four-wheeler's registration certificate (RC)

A valid driving license of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident

A detailed report of the accident, including the date, time, location, and a description of the events leading up to the accident

Medical reports are necessary if there were any injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

Police report (FIR); mandatory for accident or theft-related cases

Repair estimates

Any other relevant documents, such as photographs of the accident scene or statement from the witness

What does Volkswagen Passat Insurance No Claim Bonus mean?


No Claim Bonus (NCB) rewards motor insurance policyholders for not making any claims on their policy over a certain period. For Volkswagen Passat insurance, the NCB works as a way for the policyholder to earn a discount on their premium. For example, if you have not made any claims on your Volkswagen Passat insurance policy for one year, you get a discount of 20% on your next year's premium. The longer you go without making a claim, the higher the reward will be. However, this incentive cannot exceed 50%. It is important to remember that if you file a claim, the NCB will be forfeited. Furthermore, you will lose this reward if you do not renew your policy within the grace period.

Is buying four-wheeler insurance for a Volkswagen Passat mandatory?


Yes, buying four-wheeler insurance for a Volkswagen Passat is mandatory in India. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all vehicle owners must have valid insurance. The minimum legal requirement for vehicle insurance in India is third-party liability insurance, which covers damage or injury to third parties. However, we recommend purchasing comprehensive insurance that covers the vehicle and third-party damage. If you do not have valid insurance, you may face fines and legal liability if an accident occurs.

Can my four-wheeler insurer refuse to renew my Volkswagen Passat Insurance?


Yes, your four-wheeler insurer can refuse to renew your Volkswagen Passat insurance on some grounds. If you are found to have made false claims, provided inaccurate information, submitted irrelevant documents, or are using Passat for illegal activities, your insurer may decline renewal. It is always good to check with your insurer before the policy expires to know why they are refusing renewal. And if you disagree with their decision, you may be able to appeal it or find coverage with another insurance company.

What is Roadside Assistance in Volkswagen Passat insurance?


Roadside assistance (RSA) is an add-on coverage that can be included in a car insurance policy. It assists the policyholder in case of a breakdown or emergency while on the road. RSA includes services like towing, jump-starting a dead battery, changing a flat tire, and providing fuel delivery in case of running out of gas. Roadside assistance may include lockout service if the policyholder accidentally locks their keys in the car and concierge services such as trip interruption coverage. The coverage and services provided by roadside assistance will vary depending on the insurance company and the policy selected. You cannot buy this add-on if you only have third-party liability coverage.

How does the age of the Volkswagen Passat models affect their insurance premiums?


The Volkswagen Passat age has a direct impact on insurance costs. The car's value primarily determines the premium. The car's value decreases over time due to normal wear and tear, also known as depreciation. Aside from that, some insurers may impose an age limit on the vehicles they insure. You might not obtain coverage if your Volkswagen model is too old.

What factors affect the Volkswagen Passat car insurance price?


Several factors can affect the car insurance price for a Volkswagen Passat, including the make and model of the vehicle, the age and driving history of the owner, the location where the car is primarily driven and parked, the level of coverage desired, and any added features or modifications to the vehicle. Additionally, the insurance company's pricing algorithms and underwriting guidelines can also play a role in determining the cost of coverage for a Volkswagen Passat. It is always best to shop around and compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to find the best rate for your specific circumstances.

Is Volkswagen Passat a good car in India?


The German Volkswagen Passat is known for its smooth ride, spacious interior, and powerful performance. However, the Passat is a discontinued model, and the price range for the features listed is also quite high. Before deciding, looking for alternatives and comparing pricing and features is best. Furthermore, when purchasing this vehicle, ensure it is covered by comprehensive car insurance.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.