Ather 450X Insurance

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Ather 450X Insurance

Electric bikes or e-bikes are no longer only an idea. These bikes are being used by people in metropolitan areas. They mix smoothly, making it impossible to tell the difference between an e-bike and a fuel-powered bike with a single glance. These bikes are fashionable, convenient, and environmentally friendly. Keeping that in mind, Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain established Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2013.

Ather Energy is a two-wheeler company in India that specialises in the production of electric scooters and bikes. As more four-wheeler and two-wheeler manufacturers are shifting to produce electric automobiles, Ather Energy has turned out to be one of the most innovative, independent, and significant players in this domain.

If you want to switch to an e-bike or e-scooter but aren't sure which brand to choose, look no further than Ather. Ather bikes are known for their excellent features and long-lasting batteries.

Now, you may wonder if you require two-wheeler insurance for electric bikes. Here is the answer to that. According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, it's required to have a minimum of basic third-party two-wheeler insurance in order to ride on Indian roadways. However, if you are riding an e-bike that produces less than 250W of power and does not go beyond 25Kmph, you do not need any insurance for your bike legally. But if you are driving an Ather electric scooter, you will require bike insurance because these bikes are powerful and fast.

When you purchase an Ather electric scooter or bike, you also have the option of purchasing standard third-party Ather bike insurance or comprehensive Ather Insurance. Most Indian bikers tend to choose the latter one since it provides all-around protection. At Tata AIG, you'll get the greatest Ather insurance for your Ather bike or scooter at competitive rates.

Purchase or Renew Ather 450X Insurance Online with Tata AIG

With Tata AIG, you can purchase a new Ather insurance policy online in a hassle-free manner. You can also opt for Ather insurance renewal in no time.

Here is a quick look at the process to buy/renew Ather insurance online from Tata AIG:

Visit our official website

For buying Ather two-wheeler insurance, visit the Bike Insurance Page

On this page, enter the registration number of your bike and click on:

Get Price: if you want to purchase a new bike insurance policy for your Ather 450X bike

Renew: if you want to renew your existing Tata AIG Ather 450X insurance policy

On the next page, provide details of your bike and other information as requested

Select the right Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your bike. This is the current market price of the vehicle and has a direct bearing on the sum insured and the premium of the policy. Choosing a high IDV will result in a high sum insured but also increase the premium. Similarly, a low IDV will reduce the premium and the sum insured. Choose carefully.

Customise the policy by choosing the right add-on covers and voluntary deductible

For policy renewals, enter the details of any claims filed during the previous policy term. If you have not filed any claim, then you can get a discount on the premium under the No Claim Bonus benefit

Pay the premium using any of the listed digital payment methods

Receive the policy documents via email

Ather 450X Insurance Cost – Your Premium Amount

When you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy for your Ather 450X, you need to choose the term for which the coverage is needed.

While the standard policy term is one year, you can purchase long-term two-wheeler insurance too. Also, you need to select the IDV, deductibles, and add-on covers based on your needs. Once we receive your specifications, we calculate the premium and offer a quote.

You can use our online bike insurance calculator to calculate the Ather 450X insurance cost quickly and seamlessly.

To ensure that you get the most cost-efficient policy, you need to understand the factors that contribute to the calculation of the premium. Here is the list:

Details of the bike: The first thing we look at is the bike that we are going to cover. We assess its make and model to understand the average repair costs and the approximate costs of spare parts. This helps us determine the average claim amount in case of an accident or collision. We also look at the age of the bike since older bikes tend to get repaired at a lower cost. Overall, the premium is calculated based on the average cost of repair.

Coverage amount: When you start the buying process, we offer a list of IDVs and ask you to choose one based on the sum insured you want for the policy. This is the amount that we will pay, based on the terms of the policy, if your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair. The sum insured also impacts the premium calculation.

Location: If you live in an area that has high crime rates or frequent natural disasters, then the premium can be higher for a bike insurance policy. Also, if you ride regularly through accident-prone areas, then you might have to pay slightly more for the policy.

Add-on Covers Available with Tata AIG Ather 450X Bike Insurance Policy

With our comprehensive insurance plans, you can choose from 7 different add-ons for a more targetted coverage.

  • Zero depreciation cover

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Consumables cover

  • Personal accident cover

  • Emergency medical cost cover

  • Additional third-party damage cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Ather 450X Insurance

Here is a list of things covered and not covered under an Ather 450X bike insurance policy:

Things covered under Tata AIG Ather 450X Insurance Things not covered under Tata AIG Ather 450X Insurance
Third-party liability: This coverage provides protection against liability for injury or damage to third-party property, which is mandatory in India. Normal wear and tear of the bike: Normal wear and tear is the gradual degradation of the bike due to its usage. Such degradation is not covered under the policy.
Own damage: This coverage provides protection against damage to your bike, including damages due to accidents, theft, and natural disasters. Mechanical or electrical breakdown: Breakdowns due to a mechanical or electrical fault are not covered under the policy.
Personal accident cover: This coverage provides financial protection in case of accidental death or permanent total disability. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: If the bike is being driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol, any damage caused to the bike will not be covered under the policy.
Add-on covers: You can choose additional coverage by purchasing add-on covers based on your needs.  Using the bike for illegal purposes: If the bike is being used for illegal purposes, such as smuggling or transportation of contraband, any damage caused to the bike will not be covered under the policy.
Riding the bike without a valid license: If the bike is being ridden without a valid license, any damage caused to the bike will not be covered under the policy.
Damage caused to the bike while participating in races or speed contests: If the bike is being used for races or speed contests, any damage caused to the bike will not be covered under the policy.
War, nuclear risk, or acts of terrorism: Any damage caused to the bike due to war, nuclear risks, or acts of terrorism are not covered under the policy.

Why Is It Important to Have an Ather 450X Insurance Plan from Tata AIG?

Reputation: Tata AIG is a well-established insurance company with a reputation for providing high-quality insurance products and services.

Wide range of insurance products: Tata AIG offers a wide range of bike insurance products to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Comprehensive coverage: Tata AIG provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of incidents related to the bike, including theft, damage due to accidents, natural disasters, and more.

Easy claims process: Tata AIG has a user-friendly claims process that makes it easy for customers to file claims and get their bikes repaired quickly.

Network garages: Tata AIG has a wide network of garages across the country that offer hassle-free repairs for bikes.

Strong financial backing: Tata AIG is backed by the financial strength of the Tata Group, which is one of India's largest and most respected business conglomerates.

Customer support: Tata AIG provides excellent customer support to assist customers with their insurance needs, including answering questions and resolving any issues.

Overview: Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is a powerful and good-looking electric scooter from the Bengaluru-based Indian electric vehicle manufacturing company Ather Energy. The company is focused on building fast and intelligent scooters for Indian buyers. Here are some key features and specifications of Ather 450X

Feature / Specification Details Benefits
Motor PMS motor with 6 kW maximum power and 26 Nm maximum torque Allows you to accelerate quickly and overtake with ease
Battery 2.9 kWh lithium-ion Offers a range of around 70 km in Ride Mode and 85 km in Eco mode
Charging Fast-charging capability Charges to 80% within 50 minutes and removes the need for recharging frequently
Connectivity 4G SIM card, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity with a 7-inch touchscreen dashboard Helps you stay connected even while riding and provides access to real-time information and navigation
Ride Modes Eco, Ride, and Sport modes Helps you choose based on what you need the most from the ride – the range, performance, or a balance between the two.
Brakes Disc brakes on both wheels with regenerative braking Offers better control over the bike and regenerative braking helps preserve the battery
Suspension Telescopic fork suspension in front and a monoshock suspension at the rear Ensures that you don’t feel too many bumps even on uneven roads
Tires Tubeless tires with 12-inch alloy wheels Helps reduce the risk of punctures and boosts the grip of the bike on the road

Ather 450X Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-showroom Price Delhi
450X 450 Plus Gen 3 Rs. 1.29 Lakh
450X Gen 3 Rs. 1.52 Lakh

Unique Selling Points: Ather 450X Features

Premium electric scooter, the Ather 450X comes with numerous unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. Here are some unique selling points of the Ather 450X**

-Intelligence The company has stayed true to its principle of building smart scooters for India. The intelligence features include**

-Navigation It has an onboard navigation system that offers turn-by-turn instructions to reach your destination.

-Updates Riders can update the scooter remotely using the OTA Update function.

-Remote diagnostics The company has a diagnostic system that works in real-time and alerts the rider if any issue is detected. The service team also can remotely diagnose and resolve the issue.

-Mobile App The Ather 450X comes with a connected mobile app that helps you track the bike, get statistics of the ride, and remote diagnostics on your phone in no time.

-Battery Management It has an inbuilt system that monitors the temperature, charging status, and usage pattern of the battery to boost its health and improve longevity

-Performance The Ather 450X has a powerful 6 kW PSM motor that can offer speeds up to 80 km/h and a 0-40 km/h acceleration in around 3.3 seconds. The battery can offer a range of up to 85 km on a single charge. The chassis is light in weight and sturdy making it easily maneuverable and durable.

-Safety The Ather 450X offers a range of safety features to protect you from any potential mishaps. These include a front and rear disc brake system, a combined braking system (CBS), a vehicle stability control (VSC) system, a hill hold system, a side stand sensor, and an anti-theft system.

-Connectivity The Ater 450X has some advanced connectivity features including a dedicated mobile app (Ather App), integrated Google Maps, smart charging using the connected mobile app, Bluetooth connectivity, and Ather Grid – the company’s fast-charging network.

Top 3 Rivals of Ather 450X

  • Bajaj Chetak

  • TVS iQube

  • Revolt RV400

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Tata AIG Ather insurance policy cover consequential damages?


No. Your Tata AIG Ather insurance policy does not cover any damages that occurred as a consequence of your own negligence. We only cover cases that are the direct outcome of an accident.

2. Is it necessary to include add-ons to my second-hand Ather 450 bike?


Add-ons are not mandatory. You may purchase them according to your need. You can incorporate them in your comprehensive Ather two-wheeler insurance coverage if you believe they'll add value to your two-wheeler.

3. Is it possible to pay insurance payments for ten years in a row rather than every year?


A ten-year policy isn't yet in effect. Furthermore, norms and regulations are always changing. As a result, paying an advanced ten-year premium is not a good idea. It'll also necessitate a significant outlay of funds while purchasing the two-wheeler upfront.

4. Can I insure my Ather electric scooter online without the aid of a professional?


It is simple to obtain two-wheeler Insurance online with Tata AIG. You won't be requiring any assistance from a professional when you visit our official web portal. Everything from policy inclusions and exclusions to features is stated in a clean and clear-cut way, ensuring you make an educated decision. You can also get assistance from our customer service team if necessary.

5. Is the price of third-party two-wheeler insurance the same across every insurance carrier?


Yes, the price of third-party coverage is consistent among insurers. The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has set this premium. Because the premium isn't a differentiating element, in this case, you may evaluate insurance carriers according to their service quotient.

6. Is it permissible for me to file several Insurance claims within the plan period?


Yes, depending on the terms and conditions of your chosen policy, you may file several insurance claims within your policy term.

7. What do the terms "Inclusions" and "Exclusions" in a two-wheeler insurance policy mean?


An insurance plan's inclusions and exclusions describe the scope of the policy coverage. By reading the insurance plan's list of inclusions and exclusions, you may determine which scenarios are as well as not covered by the insurance plan.

Can I drive an electric scooter like Ather 450X in the rain?


Yes, the Ather 450X is water-resistant. Hence, you can ride it comfortably in the rain. However, make sure that you avoid driving through flooded areas with deep water.

Will the insurance premium for my Ather 450X increase every year?


The premium of the insurance policy for your Ather 450X depends on many factors like its age, coverage amount, add-on covers, driving history, claims filed, etc. If you haven’t filed a claim, then you can avail of the No Claim Bonus discount and reduce the premium amount. There is no mandate to increase the premium amount every year. While the premium for third-party bike insurance policies is determined by the IRDAI, the increase or decrease in premium rates depends on the decisions made by the government.

What is the ARAI range of the Ather 450X?


The Ather 450X offers an ARAI-certified range of around 116 km per charge.

Disclaimer: All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.