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    • No Inspection on Break-in Coverage
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    • Secure against Loss, Theft and Damage
    • Secure Yourself, Co-passengers and Third parties
    • Comprehensive coverage for your Two Wheeler
    • Variety of Add-ons to choose from.


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    Tata AIG Two Wheeler Add-On

    Apart from covering your need for treatment arising out of an accident, we will also cover the reasonable emergency medical assistance including the ambulance charges both for you and the co-driver of the vehicle.

    However, any injuries caused before the accident won’t be covered in this. Also, physiotherapy and psychosomatic disorders of any kind won’t be covered.

    Are you worried about the pillion/co-driver or any party in direct association with the insured vehicle? This add-on shall provide that much extra cover for them as well. The schedule remains the same as above.

    However, this must be accompanied by your (registered owner’s) approval and must reach us within 7 days of the accident. The documentation required and as mentioned in the policy document, must also be produced.

    Roads are as unpredictable as life itself. It is not you always, who could have saved a mishap from happening. And if you drive with that guilt on your chest, it will always weigh you down. Instead, take the smarter route and insure yourself. Tata AIG two-wheeler vehicle insurance supports you through this road-journey. Allow us to make it safe for you!

    Owing to the additional risk of accidents when it comes to two-wheelers, our vehicle insurance policy has been designed to provide additional cover for the registered owner of the vehicle, if opted for. The schedule is below-

    The notice of claim must reach us within 7 days and all the documentation as mentioned in the vehicle insurance policy document is attached as supporting. We would like to reiterate here, that any attempt to suicide or driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol will not be an admissible claim.

    We will cover cost of consumables required to be replaced/replenished arising from an accident to the insured vehicle. Consumable for the purpose of this cover shall include engine oil, gear box oil, lubricants, nut & bolt, screw, distilled water, grease, oil filter, bearings, washers, clip, break oil and items of similar nature excluding fuel.

    However, we can do this only if you take the vehicle to an authorized service centre and also the claim is admissible under section I. If you on a random weekend decide to change the oil, we won’t be able to cover that. Because this need must arise as part of a damage claimed in section I.

    If your vehicle breaks down in middle of the road and you can’t find a garage around, you don’t have to fret anymore. With Road Side Assistance feature added to your policy, we’ll send you help where you are so you can resume your journey without any problem. It includes services like flat tyre, jump start services, repair on the spot, fuel support, emergency towing assistance, spare key retrieval and emergency taxi services.

    We’ll make sure you are never stranded on the road without help on its way. With TATA AIG don’t just get insured, get protected.

    A way around depreciation, at last! Yes, if you opt for this, we shall gladly pay you the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced under own damage claim.

    Hypothetically, If you bought the vehicle for Rs 75,000 and got Rs 50,000 as part of the claim when the vehicle suffered total constructive loss/got stolen; we will reimburse the balance Rs 25,000 to you as long as your claim is admissible as per the 1st section described formerly. We will also reimburse the road tax and registration charges you incurred when you bought the vehicle.

    However, the above is applicable only if the final police report of theft is provided to us and the covered two-wheeler is not imported.

    Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Covers

    Our two wheeler insurance policy covers all three of the below. Want to know more? Gladly! Let us see the sections this version of the motor insurance policy covers.

    According to Bengaluru city police data as published by The Indian Express earlier this year, 16 two-wheelers are stolen in the city every single day. That is just one city we are talking about and not even the one with the highest two-wheeler population.

    Tata AIG two-wheeler vehicle insurance policy also covers any damage that may occur to your bike, due to any or one of the following reasons -

    -Natural disasters like cyclones, earthquakes etc

    -Terrorist activity/ malicious act

    -External accident

    -By fire explosion: self-ignition/lightning

    -Whilst in transit on the road, rail, waterway, lift or air

    While on depreciation, let us understand IDV (Insured’s Declared Value). No, we are not trying to perplex you with jargons. IDV is the single most important basis of your vehicle insurance policy. In other words, how do you define the net worth of your vehicle? It cannot be a subjective calculation. Hence, IDV for any vehicle is the sum insured for the purpose of the policy and is adapted as the selling price listed by the manufacturer. It is specific to a particular brand/model.

    The road is really a tussle. No one would ever want to be in a situation where there is damage caused to someone else. But such things happen nonetheless. We are only human like they say. However, Indian law makes it mandatory for all vehicles on road to have a third-party insurance. That basically implies, that your insurance cover will take care of the following -

    -Death or bodily injury to the third party

    -Damage to the property belonging to the third party

    It covers the Insured against any accidental death or permanent/temporary total disablement. Apart from the base cover in case if insured want to opt for additional coverage’s the same can be opted by insured by paying an extra premium, the coverage he/she would get is up to 15 Lacs. The cover will trigger in case the insured meets with an accident while riding the two-wheeler which results in accidental death or dismemberment/disability.

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