UP-80 RTO Office Agra

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UP-80 RTO Office Agra

Agra is a city in Uttar Pradesh known for the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tourists from all over the world come to Agra to witness the Mughal architecture. The primary form of transportation for tourists and residents is the road network.

The Regional Transport Authority (RTO) of Agra manages the city's transport and offers a range of vehicle-related services to its residents.

In this guide, we will explore all about the UP-80 RTO code, address, function and services.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Agra?

Regional transport authority offices are created to manage the road transportation network within the city in India. Every city has its own RTO office, code and address. The city's RTO office works under the state government's Ministry of Transport.

The RTO office in Agra works under the Ministry of Transport of Uttar Pradesh. Its RTO code is UP-80.

The UP-80 RTO passing is responsible for several administrative functions, such as managing the city's Transport, issuing vehicle-related documents, enforcing traffic laws, and more.

RTO Offices in Agra

Here is a detail of UP-80 RTO address, contact number, operating hours and more.

RTO Code UP-80
RTO Name Agra
RTO Address Transport Colony, Transport Nagar, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282007
Contact Number 0562-260-0793
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 10 am to 5 pm

Functions of UP-80 RTO Offices in Agra

There are a wide array of administrative duties performed by the RTO office in Agra. Some of the primary functions of RTO are listed below:

Issuance of Vehicle-Related Documents: The UP-80 RTO plays a crucial role in ensuring legal compliance for vehicle owners. It is responsible for the issuance of vehicle-related documents such as driving licences, registration certificates, etc.

These are essential documents required by vehicle owners to operate their vehicles legally. Driving a vehicle without registration or a driving licence in Agra is a violation of traffic law, and in that case, the RTO can issue a challan against the violator.

Management and Control of Traffic Operations: The UP-80 RTO plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers on the road.

The RTO authorities are responsible for streamlining the traffic operation and maintaining safety standards. Any activity that is disturbing the city transport network is considered a traffic offence and authorities can take necessary action against the violator.

Enforcement of Traffic Laws: Traffic laws are designed by the Ministry of Transport to ensure smooth operation. The RTO office is responsible for adhering to traffic laws within its jurisdiction.

The RTO office in Agra must take necessary measures to implement traffic laws. In case of a traffic rule violation, the RTO can issue a fine against the violator.

Collection of Road Tax and Fine: The RTO office in Agra is also responsible for collecting road tax and fines. The road tax is a government-determined tax that vehicle owners need to pay for using the road.

This tax is collected annually at the time of vehicle registration. The RTO also collects a traffic fine from the vehicle owner in case of traffic rule violations. The collected tax and fine are used for road maintenance and welfare.

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Agra

The RTO office in Agra offers a wide range of services to residents, making it convenient for them to handle their vehicle-related needs. Some of the primary services include:

Driving Licence

A driving licence is a necessary vehicle document issued by the RTO officials. Driving a vehicle without a driving licence is a traffic rule violation in Agra. RTO office in Agra issues a driving licence to the eligible candidate after passing the driving licence written and skill test.

However, as per the new act, a driving licence can also be issued if the applicant has taken a driving skill test in an authorised driving school. The eligible age of getting a driving licence for geared motor vehicles is 18 years while for commercial vehicles is 20 years.

Applicants can also apply for a non-geared motor vehicle driving licence if they are 16 years of age.

Agra RTO Issued Driving Licence Types:

Learning or Temporary Licence: A learning or temporary licence is a requirement before applying for a permanent driving licence. The RTO office in Agra issues this document to individuals who are learning to drive. The learning licence is only valid for six months.

Permanent Driving Licence: A permanent driving licence is an official document issued by RTO authorities that is valid for 20 years from the date of issuance for a personal usage vehicle. The validity is 5 years for the commercial vehicle. To acquire a permanent driving licence, applicants need to pass the driving licence skills test.

International Driving Licence: An international driving licence is another type of licence issued by RTO officials to individuals who want to drive in foreign countries. However, to get a licence, individuals need to own a valid Indian driving licence.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

Another crucial service offered by the UP-80 RTO office is the issuance of vehicle registration certificates. It is the vehicle ownership certificate which helps the RTO office to manage the records of vehicles in the city.

Every vehicle needs to be registered under the RTO. Once the registration process is completed, a licence plate number is issued to the vehicle. Driving a vehicle without a licence plate is a traffic rule violation, and violators need to pay a necessary fine to the authorities.

Agra RTO Issued Registration Certificate Types:

Temporary Registration Certificate: This is the temporary registration certificate issued by the UP-80 RTO office to vehicle manufacturers and dealers. This is a temporary document with a validity of 7 days. However, individuals can extend the validity period to 1 month if required.

Permanent Registration Certificate: The permanent registration certificate is mandatory for all vehicle owners. This ownership document states that the vehicle is registered under the state government RTO.

After the vehicle registration process is completed, a licence number plate is issued to the vehicle owner based on the vehicle location and type. The validity of a permanent registration certificate is 15 years for personal vehicles and 5 years for commercial vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Permits

The RTO office in Agra is also responsible for issuing vehicle permits based on the vehicle's purpose and type. These permits are basically permission slips allowing vehicles to travel through different regions of the country.

There are two categories for motor vehicle permits: one for vehicles carrying passengers and the other for vehicles carrying goods. The UP-80 RTO issues different types of permits; some of them are listed below.

Agra RTO Issued Motor Vehicle Permits Types

Goods Carrier Permits: These permits are issued to goods-carrying vehicles within the state under Section 79 of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988. The permit specifies the type of vehicle, load, and area of the vehicle.

Counter Signatures of Goods Carrier Permits: They are additional permit types initially issued by one state and then endorsed by the other state RTO under section 88 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

National Permit: A national permit is another permit that grants the vehicle permission to travel freely in specified states of India.

Taxi or Auto Rickshaw Permit: This is a passenger vehicle permit issued by the authorities for taxis or auto rickshaws within the city.

**Contract Carriage Buses Permits:**These are permits issued by RTO officials to contract carriage buses under section 74 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

School Buses or Institution Permit: This is another type of permit issued to school or institution vehicles registered under the Societies Act 1960.

PUC Certificate

The UP-80 RTO office issues a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate to maintain environmental standards. This certificate is issued after the vehicle is inspected for carbon emission levels.

The vehicle's carbon emission level should be within the determined range; if it surpasses the decided limit, the PUC certificate will not be issued by authorities. A PUC certificate is also required at the time of your bike or car insurance policy renewal.

No Objection Certificate

In addition to this, the RTO office in Agra also issued a no-objection certificate to vehicles which have been transferred from one state to another. The certificate specifies that there are no pending dues and taxes against the vehicle.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

All vehicles on the road must meet the safety standards set by the regional transport authority. After inspecting the vehicle for safety and environmental standards, the official issues a certificate.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Agra

The RTO office in Agra issues all the aforementioned documents. In addition, vehicle owners need to have one more crucial document, a third-party bike and car insurance policy, in Agra.

It is mandatory by law as it provides protection against third-party and property damage by insured vehicles. However, this basic third party insurance plan does not cover insured vehicles damages.

Hence, to protect your vehicle, you can opt for different bike and car insurance policies, such as standalone own-damage and comprehensive insurance policies. These policies not only ensure legal compliance but also offer extensive protection for your vehicles.

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The RTO in Agra is the administrative division that works under the Uttar Pradesh government. UP-80 RTO is responsible for various functions such as enforcing traffic laws, issuing vehicle documents, and more.

The RTO also has a duty to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. They also conduct programs to raise awareness against traffic rule violations and road rash incidents.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which city is UP-80?

Which city is UP-80?


The UP-80 passing city name is Agra, which works under the Uttar Pradesh government. The RTO in Agra is responsible for the enforcement of traffic laws, issuance of driving licences, registration certificates and more.

Can I avail of the service offered by the UP-80 RTO passing online?


Yes, residents can avail of services online by using the Parivahan Sewa official portal or visiting the Uttar Pradesh state government transport website.

Can I drive a vehicle without a driving licence?


No, driving a vehicle in Agra without a licence is a violation of traffic law. Vehicle owners who are found driving without a licence must pay a fine to authorities.