Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office DL-06

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Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office DL-06

Sarai Kale Khan, located in the southeastern part of New Delhi, serves as a vital link between the bustling city centre and the outskirts. What is now a thriving residential district was once a vital rest house catering to weary travellers and caravans traversing the royal routes connecting the Imperial Courts in Chandni Chowk to Mehrauli.

Modern highways and expressways like the Ring Road and the Delhi-Meerut Expressway intersect in this locality, ensuring seamless connectivity to different parts of the city and beyond. However, while the modern road network in Sarai Kale Khan has undoubtedly improved connectivity, it has also brought about road safety concerns that must be addressed.

With the increasing number of vehicles and the fast-paced nature of urban life, ensuring the safety of both pedestrians and motorists has become a pressing issue.

To mitigate these road safety problems, the government is taking proactive measures and interventions. To promote responsible vehicle ownership, vehicle owners must fulfil their obligations by completing the necessary procedures. These responsibilities include paying road tax, vehicle registration, acquiring suitable insurance for 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers, and obtaining a valid driver's license.

The Regional Transport Office Sarai Kale Khan, designated with the Delhi RTO code DL06, is a crucial institution entrusted with administrative and regulatory responsibilities for motor vehicles and transportation in the region. Its establishment aimed to fulfil these vital functions, including ensuring adherence to motor vehicle laws, streamlining the vehicular system, and promoting road safety within Sarai Kale Khan.

What Is a Regional Transport Office

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a pivotal government organisation overseeing all transport-related operations across India. Its core objective is maintaining a comprehensive database of vehicles operating in the country while issuing licenses to qualified drivers.

Beyond these responsibilities, the RTO engages in diverse duties, including pollution checks, tax collection, and enforcement of road transport regulations. As a vehicle owner, you may need to visit the RTO for various purposes, such as license applications, registration, or renewals.

RTOs are strategically located nationwide, functioning under the framework outlined by the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act. These regulations apply uniformly nationwide and are diligently enforced by the respective state RTOs. Among the crucial responsibilities of an RTO are enhancing vehicle security and curbing vehicle-related crime.

By implementing robust systems and procedures, RTOs reduce theft and ensure the safety of vehicles and their owners. In cases of accidents, RTOs play a pivotal role in enforcing strict regulations, thereby upholding accountability and promoting road safety.

RTO Sarai Kale Khan DL-06

The Sarai Kale Khan RTO office in Delhi has crucial responsibilities, including vehicle registration, issuing driver's licenses, and facilitating various permits. Additionally, it plays a vital role in the collection of road taxes. This office falls under the jurisdiction of the Central District Zonal Office, which operates under the purview of the Transport Department of Delhi.

The Transport Department of Delhi, in collaboration with 13 other RTOs, including the RTO office in Sarai Kale Khan, formulates and implements policies across the entire city. Together, these RTO offices work collectively to ensure the smooth functioning of transportation-related matters within Delhi. Vehicles registered under the Sarai Kale Khan RTO office are identified by the registration code DL-06, which signifies their affiliation with this particular office.

The Sarai Kale Khan RTO office is an essential point of contact for individuals seeking vehicle-related services. You can access the official website of the Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office at This website is a comprehensive platform providing essential information and services related to the office's functions and operations.

RTO Sarai Kale Khan DL-06

The table below shows Sarai Kale Khan RTO office address, timings, code, and contact number.

RTO Code DL-06
Office Address Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi - 110013
Office Timings 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM | Monday to Friday
Telephone Number 011 2435 1100

Functions of Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office

The RTO Sarai Kale Khan office is entrusted with a diverse range of responsibilities as outlined by Section 213.1 of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. These responsibilities are of utmost importance to ensure adherence to motor vehicle regulations and streamline the vehicular system's functioning. The office plays a crucial role in the following key areas:**

- Law Enforcement: The RTO office enforces motor vehicle laws, monitoring and inspecting vehicles for compliance with safety standards, emission norms, and other legal requirements. The RTO maintains road safety through random checks, fines, and necessary actions.

- Taxes and Penalties: The RTO office collects taxes, fees, and penalties for motor vehicles, including registration fees, road tax, and government-mandated charges. They enforce penalties for driving without a license, overloading, or traffic rule violations. The office ensures compliance with the financial obligations of vehicle owners to the government.

- Control Operations: The RTO office regulates motor vehicles by issuing/renewing licenses, conducting tests, and issuing fitness certificates. They maintain vehicle records and number plates and handle ownership transfers. The RTO ensures an organised system, safety, and driver/vehicle accountability.

Services Offered at the Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office

The RTO Office in Sarai Kale Khan offers a comprehensive range of services related to registered vehicles. These services ensure that vehicles comply with road safety regulations and environmental norms. The key services the RTO Office provides include:

Registration of Vehicles

The RTO Office facilitates vehicle registration services for eligible individuals. These services include:

- Issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC): The RTO Sarai Kale Khan issues No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for transferring vehicles between states, transferring ownership, or re-registering in a different jurisdiction. The NOC verifies the vehicle's clearance from dues and legal issues, granting permission for the specified purpose.

- Issuing Registration Certificate (RC): The RTO office issues Registration Certificates (RC) as proof of vehicle registration, containing vital information such as registration number, chassis number, engine number, and owner details. The RC is mandatory for driving, insurance, interstate travel, and resale purposes.

- Change in Registration Details: The RTO office enables changes in vehicle registration details, such as ownership transfer, address change, vehicle specifications or class change, and corrections in the registration certificate. Owners must submit the required documents and pay fees, and the RTO office verifies and updates the registration records accordingly.

Collection of Taxes and Levying Penalties

The RTO office in Sarai Kale Khan plays a crucial role in collecting taxes and imposing fines on registered vehicles in compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. These taxes and penalties serve various purposes, including developing municipal transportation infrastructure. The key features of the RTO office pertaining to taxes and penalties are:

- Taxes: The RTO office is responsible for collecting taxes on registered vehicles. These taxes may include road tax, vehicle tax, and other applicable taxes as per the state or regional regulations. The collected taxes contribute to funding the development and maintenance of transportation infrastructure, road safety initiatives, and public services.

- Penalties: The RTO office levies fines and penalties on vehicle owners for non-compliance with traffic rules and regulations. These fines are imposed for offences such as overspeeding, improper parking, driving without a valid license, not wearing a seatbelt and other violations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act. The fines act as deterrents to promote road safety and responsible driving behaviour.

Sarai Kale Khan RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

The RTO Delhi imposes registration charges for new vehicles based on their category and specifications. The following are the registration charges applicable:

Charge Type RTO Fees (in ₹)
Two-Wheelers ₹50
Three-Wheeler (Commercial) or Light Motor Vehicles ₹1,000
Medium Goods Vehicle ₹1,000
Medium Passenger Motor Vehicle ₹1,000
Heavy Goods Vehicle ₹1,500
Imported Two-Wheeler ₹2,500
Imported Motor Vehicle ₹5,000
Others ₹3,000

Issue of License

The Sarai Kale Khan Regional Transport Office (RTO) plays a vital role in issuing driving licenses to eligible individuals and ensuring road safety. The RTO has several important tasks and responsibilities related to licensing, including:**

- Conducting Driving Tests: The RTO office conducts comprehensive driving tests to assess the competency and skills of individuals applying for a driving license. These tests primarily consist of practical examinations that evaluate applicants' ability to handle a vehicle, adhere to traffic rules, and demonstrate safe driving practices. The driving tests aim to ensure license applicants possess the necessary skills and knowledge to drive responsibly and confidently on the roads.

- Approving Driving Licenses: The RTO office approves and issues driving licenses to eligible individuals after successfully passing the driving test. The driving license is a crucial legal document that authorises the holder to operate a specific class or type of vehicle.

- Renewal and Re-Issuance of Licenses: Driving licenses come with an expiration date, and renewing them before they expire is essential. The RTO office provides a streamlined process for license renewal, ensuring that drivers can easily maintain valid and up-to-date licenses.

- Recording Traffic Violations: The RTO office maintains comprehensive records of traffic violations committed by individuals. These violations encompass a range of offences, such as overspeeding, red light jumping, driving under the influence, and other traffic-related misconduct. The RTO office diligently records these violations and undertakes appropriate actions to enforce road safety.

Motor Vehicle Mechanical Inspection

The RTO office in Sarai Kale Khan plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and compliance of vehicles on the road. The office is responsible for several important tasks related to vehicle regulation and monitoring, including:**

- Issuance of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: The RTO office is responsible for issuing Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates to vehicles. These certificates verify that the vehicle meets the prescribed emission standards and is environmentally compliant. Vehicle owners are required to obtain and display a valid PUC certificate, ensuring their vehicles contribute to reducing pollution levels.

- Issuance of Vehicle Fitness Certificate: The RTO office conducts periodic inspections and issues vehicle fitness certificates. These certificates attest that the vehicle is roadworthy and meets safety standards. It involves assessing various aspects, such as vehicle components, braking systems, lights, horns, and overall mechanical fitness. A valid fitness certificate is mandatory for all vehicles to ensure their safe operation on the road.

- Checking the Validity of Bike/Car Insurance Policy: The RTO office verifies the validity of insurance policies for bikes and cars. It ensures that vehicle owners have valid insurance coverage as mandated by law. Valid insurance policies provide financial protection in case of accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events. The RTO checks the insurance details to confirm compliance and promote responsible vehicle ownership.

Issue Of Permits

The RTO Sarai Kale Khan authority plays a pivotal role in issuing and renewing various licenses as required. Their tasks encompass:**

- Issue and Renewal of Permits: RTO personnel are responsible for issuing and renewing permits for various types of vehicles. They handle the application process, verify documents, and grant permits based on specific requirements and regulations. It includes permits for commercial vehicles, goods carriers, passenger vehicles, and other specialised categories.

- Tourist and Transportation Permits: RTO personnel also handle the issuance of tourist and transportation permits. These permits allow vehicles to operate within specific regions for tourism or commercial purposes. Personnel review applications, verify compliance with relevant guidelines, and grant permits to ensure the smooth functioning of tourist and transportation services.

Importance Of a Motor Insurance Policy

Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is renowned as the country's largest metropolitan area. Its streets buzz with constant activity as people heavily rely on personal vehicles for transportation. With a staggering population of 19 million, Delhi stands as one of India's busiest and most densely populated cities. As of March 31st, 2018, the total number of motor vehicles on Delhi's roads reached approximately 10.986 million, with cars and jeeps accounting for 3.246 million and auto-rickshaws numbering 113,000.

Securing insurance for four-wheelers and two-wheelers is imperative, considering the dynamics of being a vehicle owner in such a city. Such a plan provides crucial financial protection during accidents or mishaps. In accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, every car owner must possess a third-party insurance policy.

When seeking a reliable bike or car insurance policy provider, one can confidently turn to Tata AIG. We offer comprehensive and third-party vehicle insurance plans at affordable premiums, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Everything can be done from the convenience of your home or workplace.

This technological advancement brings unparalleled ease and efficiency to vehicle owners like you in the city. With just a few taps on your device, you can explore insurance options, compare plans, take the assistance of an online bike or car insurance calculator to learn about the factors determining your insurance plan premium, make a purchase, and even initiate a claim.

Tata AIG’s convenient and user-friendly approach aligns perfectly with the needs and demands of Delhi's vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, allowing you to navigate your vehicle insurance requirements effortlessly while keeping up with your busy schedules. Contact us to take this alliance forward.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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