Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance

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Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance

The Volkswagen Crosspolo is a crossover hatchback that debuted in 2006 as an alternative to the famous Polo model. It was introduced in India in 2013. The four-wheeler's rugged design and improved ground clearance make it a popular choice for drivers who desire the versatility of an SUV but the efficiency and handling of a smaller vehicle.

Hence, whether you want to purchase a Volkswagen Crosspolo or own one, having proper car insurance coverage is critical to protecting it from unanticipated losses. Furthermore, the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act requires you to get a third-party car insurance policy. It is useful for protecting yourself against financial liabilities if your vehicle injures or damages a third party or their property. However, your Volkswagen Crosspolo requires more than a third-party car insurance policy.

Obtaining comprehensive insurance for four-wheelers provides complete protection for your vehicle against various dangers. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers your car's damages and third-party liabilities through a single insurance premium and Personal Accident Coverage in the event of an accident. Furthermore, this policy allows you to add appropriate riders to your four-wheeler insurance coverage.

Now that you know two of the most sought-after types of car insurance policies in India, find out how to buy or renew Volkswagen Crosspolo car insurance via Tata AIG.

Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance Renewal/Purchase via Tata AIG

You may purchase or renew your Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance by visiting any Tata AIG office. You can approach an insurance expert to help with the documentation and process here. But you can also buy or renew your Volkswagen insurance online by following some simple steps from the comfort of your house or office:

  • Visit the Car insurance page on our official website.

  • Enter the registration number of your Volkswagen Crosspolo.

  • For Volkswagen car insurance renewal, click “Renew”. Click “Get Price” for a new policy.

  • Enter the details for a Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance price in the form.

  • Select the car’s appropriate Insured Declared Value (IDV).

  • Inform Tata AIG if you have raised claims in the past. You can benefit from a No Claim Bonus (NCB) in case of claim-free policy years. For instance, if you have spent a claim-free insurance period, use the No Claim Bonus (NCB) while paying for coverage and avail of a 20 to 50% discount.

  • Once you furnish the required information, Tata AIG will display the Volkswagen insurance premium.

  • You can add riders at extra costs to enhance your car insurance policy.

  • Evaluate the Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance quote and make revisions as appropriate.

  • Pay with one of the digital payment alternatives displayed on the screen.

  • Once payment is received, Tata AIG will email your Volkswagen car insurance to your registered email ID.

VW Crosspolo Insurance Cost - Your Payable Premium

The prices for comprehensive insurance are determined by the vehicle's Insured Declared Value (IDV). You may be wondering what IDV is and how it is computed. It is the maximum amount an insurance company is liable to pay in case of theft or total loss of the insured vehicle. IDV is the current market value of the vehicle after considering its depreciation.

The current value of a four-wheeler insurance policy is determined by Tata AIG based on the following factors:

  • Type of the policy and coverage

  • Car’s age

  • Types of fuel and use of the car

  • Make and model of the car

  • No Claim Bonus

  • The geographical location of the car

  • Driver’s age and driving record

  • Engine type/cubic capacity

  • Presence of anti-theft devices

  • Add-on covers

But you may also obtain your car's IDV from a local dealer. You can use our online car insurance calculator to compare the premium prices and pick the one that’s best suited to your budget. You may use this tool to compare four-wheeler insurance coverage and select the most cost-effective plan.

Remember: Selecting the suitable IDV when purchasing a four-wheeler insurance coverage is critical. That is the amount that your insurance company will compensate you if your Volkswagen Crosspolo is lost or destroyed beyond repair.

Add-Ons for Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance by Tata AIG

Driving on Indian roads is difficult due to the numerous potholes. Moreover, disobedience to traffic restrictions and pedestrian irresponsibility make driving dangerous. If your Volkswagen Crosspolo is damaged in an accident, the repairs will cost you money. But, you may protect yourself from most of these expenditures by purchasing comprehensive insurance.

Yet, some charges are not covered by your ordinary coverage. In such instances, you will feel compelled to purchase riders. For example, if your engine breaks due to water infiltration, you will only be compensated for the repair price if you have engine protection coverage.

Whether you have standalone own damage or comprehensive coverage, riders have additional coverage choices in exchange for an additional payment. People with Tata AIG VW insurance can select any or all of the following 12 riders when renewing their policy:

  • Roadside Assistance cover

  • Add-on for No Claim Bonus protection

  • Daily Allowance cover

  • Key Replacement cover

  • Rider for emergency hotel expenses and transport

  • Add-on for repairs of plastic, glass, and fibre parts

  • Engine secure cover

  • Tyre secure cover

  • Add-on for Consumables expenses

  • Add-on for loss of personal belongings

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Zero Depreciation cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Volkswagen Crosspolo Car Insurance Policy

If you have decided on purchasing a car insurance policy from Tata AIG, there are certain policy inclusions and exclusions that you should be aware of. The information is given below if you're wondering about the breadth of coverage, especially for Tata AIG Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance.

Things Covered under Tata AIG Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance Things Not Covered under Tata AIG Volkswagen Crosspolo Insurance
We cover liability coverage for injuries or property damage your insured Crosspolo causes to others Our Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance policy excludes unavoidable wear and tear, such as rusting, ageing, and electrical or mechanical damage to your four-wheeler.
We reimburse repair costs for collision-related damages to your four-wheeler in the event of an accident. Our insurance policy does not cover any damage to your car or third-party property caused by the owner/driver’s intoxicated driving.
We pay for the medical bills for treating injuries to the driver/passengers in the insured Crosspolo per the terms of the personal accident coverage in the policy. In the event of death, the nominee of the deceased policyholder will receive a lump sum. If your Crosspolo caused the accident on purpose or the damage was incurred while engaging in illegal activity, our policy benefits do not apply.
We cover damage caused by natural disasters like landslides, floods, earthquakes, cloudbursts, and cyclones. Any damage sustained will not be covered f you drive your insured four-wheeler outside the geographical boundaries specified in the policy or use it in an unauthorised area.
Any damage to your Volkswagen Crosspolo sustained because of uninsured third-party negligence is subject to our policy inclusion Our coverage becomes null and void if the driver is found to be driving without a valid licence or underage at the accident scene involving your four-wheeler.
We cover any damage to your Volkswagen Crosspolo four-wheeler while transported by road, airway, inland waterway, rail, or lift. The use of a Volkswagen Crosspolo for speed testing, racing, or adventurous activities that causes damage is not covered by our motor insurance
We cover human-caused disasters like vandalism, strikes, riots, and terrorism that damage your Volkswagen Crosspolo. Raising a claim for insured car damage if you only have third-party liability coverage will result in a car insurance claim rejection.
We will reimburse you up to the IDV if your Volkswagen Crosspolo is stolen from the garage or anywhere else. However, the scenario only applies if the entire four-wheeler is stolen rather than just a few parts. Our Volkswagen car insurance does not protect against biological weapon attacks, nuclear perils, or other war-like events that cause damage to your four-wheeler.

Why Is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Volkswagen Crosspolo Car Insurance?

Your four-wheeler is one of your most valuable things. As a result, it is your obligation to keep your car safe from all forms of damage and incidents. Tata AIG's comprehensive four-wheeler insurance coverage may be the ideal answer. It will protect you from expensive penalties while driving your Volkswagen Crosspolo and shield you from any unanticipated loss or damage. Furthermore, our four-wheeler insurance packages are feature-rich and quite affordable.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your Volkswagen Crosspolo car insurance from Tata AIG:

  • Tata AIG is one of India's most famous insurance businesses. We have been in this sector for several decades and have serviced over 5 crores of satisfied consumers. You can contact us by calling our customer service hotline at 1800-266-7780, visiting our website, or visiting your local Tata AIG branch.

  • Our four-wheeler insurance coverage includes various industry-first features and perks. For example, you may select from 12 four-wheeler insurance add-ons to receive the most comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Furthermore, your vehicle will be protected against a wide range of natural and man-made disasters.

  • Tata AIG has one of the greatest claim settlement ratios in the market, at 98%. This demonstrates that we have always prioritised our consumers' needs above anything else. We can guarantee you a 100% hassle-free car insurance claim settlement experience thanks to our 650 claim settlement professionals. Simply get four-wheeler insurance coverage from us and drive worry-free.

  • We provide cashless repair services at over 7,500 network garages across India. You may take your damaged Volkswagen Crosspolo car to any of these garages and have it fixed without spending a dime. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you.

  • We provide four-wheeler insurance purchase and renewal services entirely online. It means you won't have to leave your house even once to renew your Volkswagen Crosspolo insurance. Simply go to our website, fill out an online vehicle insurance form, attach the necessary papers, and pay your premium online.

Volkswagen Crosspolo: A Brief Overview of the Car

The VW Crosspolo is a flexible and dependable vehicle well-suited to various driving situations. It's a popular choice for drivers looking for a beautiful and functional car, with the bonus of higher ground clearance for a more commanding driving experience.

Depending on the market, the Crosspolo has various petrol and diesel engine options and is noted for its smooth ride and pleasant cabin. It has several safety features, including electronic stability control, airbags, and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The Crosspolo includes a variety of modern comforts, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, automatic temperature control, and a multifunction steering wheel. It also offers plenty of cargo room, making it a good alternative for families or individuals needing to move heavier things.

Volkswagen Crosspolo Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi ()
Volkswagen Crosspolo 1.2 TDI ₹6,95,400
Volkswagen Crosspolo 1.2 TSI ₹8,17,000

Volkswagen Crosspolo Features: Unique Selling Points of the Car

The VW Crosspolo has various distinguishing features, making it a popular option among four-wheeler purchasers. Here are some critical elements that differentiate Crosspolo from its competitors:

  • The Crosspolo has a striking design with a rough and athletic appearance that distinguishes it from other hatchbacks. It features additional ground clearance, black plastic wrapping around the lower body, and roof rails, giving it a more daring look.

  • The inside of the Crosspolo is wide and comfortable, with plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and back passengers. It also has a huge boot area, which helps transport heavier objects.

  • The Crosspolo has engine options that are both economical and powerful, resulting in a smooth and dynamic driving experience. It may be available with petrol and diesel engines, depending on the market.

  • The Crosspolo includes several modern features, including a touchscreen entertainment system, automatic temperature control, and a multifunction steering wheel, which give convenience and comfort to the driver and passengers.

Top Contenders of the Volkswagen Crosspolo

The VW Crosspolo competes with several other strong contenders, each offering unique features and advantages for buyers to consider. Here are some of the top contenders of the Volkswagen Crosspolo:

  • Hyundai i20 Active

  • Ford Freestyle

  • Fiat Avventura

  • Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

  • Toyota Etios Cross

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Roadside Assistance in car insurance?

Roadside assistance is a service available as an add-on to comprehensive four-wheeler insurance coverage to assist you if your vehicle breaks down or has other driving issues. This service often encompasses a variety of services, such as:

  • Emergency towing

  • Flat tyre assistance

  • Battery jump-start

  • Fuel-delivery

  • Lockout assistance

2. Is Volkswagen Crosspolo a good car to buy?

The VW Crosspolo is a small crossover hatchback that combines utility, comfort, and driving enjoyment. It has generally gotten good feedback from both automotive reviewers and consumers. But whether or not it is a decent automobile to buy depends on your specific requirements and tastes.

3. Can I transfer my Volkswagen car insurance if I sell my Crosspolo car?

Yes, if you sell your Crosspolo car, you may transfer your Volkswagen car insurance coverage. Changing an insurance policy is simple and usually comprises the following steps:

  • You must notify your insurance company that you have sold your Volkswagen Crosspolo and wish to transfer the coverage to the new owner.

  • You must submit the insurance provider with the relevant documentation, such as the sale agreement and ownership transfer papers.

  • You must pay a little cost to the insurance provider for moving the policy.

  • Once the transfer is complete, the insurance provider should send proof that the policy has been transferred to the new owner.

It's vital to remember that the insurance policy transfer will only be accomplished if the new owner fulfils the insurance company's eligibility requirements. Before transferring the insurance, the new owner may be required to pass a car inspection or present further documentation. The insurance premium may also be revised depending on the new owner's profile and where the car will be registered.

4. How does my Volkswagen Crosspolo registration location affect my insurance premium?

The state in which your VW Crosspolo is registered might have an impact on your insurance rate in a variety of ways. Insurance companies often utilise the location of your registration to calculate the degree of risk involved with insuring your vehicle. These are some factors of how your registration location may impact your insurance premium:

  • Traffic density

  • Insurance regulations

  • Climate

  • Crime rate

5. Why is it required to have third-party car insurance in India?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is required in India to carry third-party four-wheeler insurance. The third-party insurance coverage protects the vehicle owner's legal obligation for any damages or injuries caused to a third party.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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