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Roadside Assistance Cover in Car Insurance

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 22/04/2021

Imagine you are taking a long-awaited road trip – the perfect getaway from bustling city streets to near-vacant express roads. And while you are just beginning to enjoy the scenic landscape, your car makes an unfamiliar noise and breaks down. You use some of your common mechanical expertise to get it up and running again but to no avail. Unfortunately, you don’t see how you could get help nearby. In this distressing scenario, one of two things can happen: you wait for an undefined period until you find someone to help you, or you have a car insurance policy with roadside assistance cover. In the case of the latter, you would only have to intimate the insurance provider of your peril, and help would be on its way.

However, before exploring the benefits of roadside assistance add-on to your insurance for 4-wheeler, let’s understand what it means.

What is Roadside Assistance Cover?

When you purchase insurance for a four-wheeler, you have the option to strengthen it with riders that offer an additional layer of protection against specific scenarios. To opt for these riders, insurance seekers have to pay a slightly higher insurance premium. To know how much premium is payable to the insurance company, insurance seekers can use the free car insurance calculator. Roadside Assistance (RSA) is one of the add-ons that insurance seekers can opt for while investing in a car insurance policy.

RSA in car insurance can come to your aid when you are stranded in an unknown destination because of some malfunction in your vehicle. From small mishaps such as a flat tyre to a 24x7 roadside assistance cover, the car roadside assistance becomes your best friend while travelling.

To illustrate with an example, if your car breaks down while travelling, you might first think of looking up the nearest garage. However, in remote locations and particularly during the night, it can become really challenging to get help or assistance. But with RSA in car insurance, your car will be taken care of, so you can soon continue with your journey.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

The car roadside assistance by Tata AIG essentially offers three primary services, which are towing assistance, repair assistance, and alternate provision assistance. Let’s understand each of these in some detail:

  • Towing Assistanc

If, while travelling, one encounters an unfortunate accident or collision, your insurance provider will help with towing the vehicle to the nearest service centre. In addition to accident situations, the insurance company will also help you tow your vehicle if your car breaks down because of mechanical failure or electric issues. Usually, however, this service is only offered if the car cannot be fixed on the spot.

  • Repair Assistance

Insurance holders can opt for repair assistance to avail of on-the-spot repairs if the car has suffered minor damage that can be fixed with some professional assistance. The repair assistance may be required on several occasions:

  • Malfunctioning Parts: Modern cars have a greater reliance on technology. These automatic and computerised elements may occasionally malfunction and can lead the car to break down. With the roadside assistance rider to your insurance for 4-wheelers, insurance holders can reach out to their insurance provider and seek help with a technician to fix the issue.

  • Discharged Battery: A flat battery is exceedingly frustrating. If the battery issues with your car get severe, it can immobilise your vehicle, leaving you stranded. However, with RSA in your insurance for four-wheelers, your insurer can arrange for a mechanic who will help jumpstart the car’s battery, so you don't have to wait and worry.

  • Flat Tyre: An exciting part about road trips is that you don’t know what a journey has in store for you. But this means that while it can have pleasant surprises, it can also store unpleasant ones, such as a flat tyre. A flat tyre means an instant stoppage to your journey. And while most cars have a spare tyre with them, not always do people know how to change them. However, with RSA in your car insurance policy, you need not worry. Your insurance provider can help you with a mechanic who will change the tyre for you so you can get your car on the road soon. They will also assist with a new tyre in case you don’t have a spare.

  • Emptied Fuel: The RSA in insurance for four-wheeler also comes with re-fuelling services in case your car runs out of fuel while travelling.

  • Alternate Provision Assistance

While no one likes to think of unpleasant scenarios, it can’t be denied that one can face several issues while travelling away from home. For example, if your vehicle faces an emergency and will take a while to get fixed, you can face several issues right from accommodation to alternate transport. However, all these uncertainties are looked after with an RSA in insurance for a 4-wheeler. The insurance provider can help with an alternate mode of transport, such as cab services if your car is going to take more than a few hours to get back up. However, it is important to check with your insurer if these services will be chargeable.

On certain occasions, if you are travelling away from home, your insurance company can help you with accommodation services. However, this is only applicable in case alternate transport to get you home cannot be arranged. Finally, if you misplace your keys while travelling, your insurance provider can also help you with an alternate key that is picked from your home and delivered to your location.

Who Should opt for RSA in Car Insurance?

The roadside assistance cover is usually recommended to the following individuals:

  • New drivers who are unaware of issues that a car may face
  • Individuals who need to take frequent road trips
  • Those who own an old vehicle that is prone to face issues
  • Drivers who cannot undertake minor repairs on their own

In Conclusion

Any driver who takes road trips needs to plan for unpleasant scenarios while travelling. With comprehensive insurance for four-wheelers, most of these situations can be taken care of. Yet, before investing in a car insurance policy, it is important to read the inclusions and exclusions to make an informed decision. For frequent travellers, strengthening the basic cover with roadside assistance is recommended for a seamless journey.

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