Gurgaon RTO Office

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Gurgaon RTO Office

Gurgaon, or Gurugram, is a bustling city in Haryana state. It is situated in the Northern part of India and the southeastern part of Haryana. The city is the third-largest banking and financial hub of the country and the second-largest information technology hub. Due to the IT hub, individuals from all across the country move to Gurgaon to shape their careers.

The city comes 56th in terms of population. The quick growth of population and economic activities is a significant issue of traffic in Gurgaon. The city has a well-connected road structure.

To address the traffic congestion issues and other city transport systems, the regional transport authority of Gurgaon is working continuously. The RTO in Gurgaon works under the Ministry of Transport of Haryana. Let us understand what kind of services are offered by Gurgaon RTO online and offline.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Gurgaon?

The regional transport authority of Gurgaon works under the Haryana state government. The Gurgaon RTO code starts with HR, and due to the busy road network, the city has multiple RTO offices.

The role and responsibilities of the Gurgaon RTO office are very vast, such as issuing driving licence-related documents, permits, and all.

Apart from this, it is also responsible for the implementation of traffic laws in the regions. The RTO officials also organise vehicle safety-related programs for the public to raise awareness.

Gurgaon RTO Office Details

Below are the details of Gurgaon RTO office address, contact details, working hours and more.

RTO Office in Gurgaon, North
RTO Name Gurgaon - North
Gurgaon RTO Code HR-26
Gurgaon RTO Office Address Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram (North), Haryana - 122018
RTO Gurgaon Contact Number (91)-124-2321808
RTO Gurgaon Website
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
RTO Office in Gurgaon for Commercial Vehicles
Gurgaon RTO Code HR-55
Gurgaon RTO Office Address Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram, Haryana - 122001
RTO Gurgaon Contact Number -2321841
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
RTO Office in Gurgaon for Private Vehicles 
RTO Name Gurgaon - South
Gurgaon RTO Code HR-72
Gurgaon RTO Office Address Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram (South), Haryana - 122018
RTO Gurgaon Contact Number NA
Opening Hours 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Functions of Gurgaon RTO Office

The HR-55 RTO office and other Gurgaon RTO offices are responsible for a wide array of activities, such as:

Manage City Transport Operations - One of the primary duties of RTO Gurugram is to manage the city transport operations. They are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles are on the road as per the traffic laws standard. The RTO office is also responsible for handling traffic congestion issues and road safety measures.

Issuance of Vehicle Documents - The other functionality of RTO in Gurgaon is to issue vehicle documents, such as registration certificates, permits, no objection certificates, etc to the general public of the city.

**There has been a procedure for each service offered by the RTO that vehicle owners need to follow. The public can access these RTO services via offline and online methods. Further, to avail of services, vehicle owners need to pay the decided fees set by the Gurgaon RTO office.

Gathering Fines and Taxes - Another responsibility of the RTO in Gurgaon is to gather various vehicle related taxes such as road tax, vehicle tax, etc from the consumer.

The Ministry of Road and Transport sets these taxes, and all the collected money is utilised in road maintenance and development. Further, they also collect fines from individuals who violate traffic and vehicle safety laws.

Enforcing Traffic Rules and Regulations - To streamline road operations, the RTO office in Gurgaon has set various traffic rules and regulations which the public of the city needs to follow.

Services Offered by RTO in Gurugram

The RTO office in Gurugram offers a wide variety of services to the citizens. These services include:

Motor vehicle Registration

As per Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all the vehicles in Gurugram should be registered under the transport authority database. In the vehicle registration, all the vehicles will get a unique registration or licence plate number. This registration plate will help in finding the right owner of the vehicle.

There are different types of vehicle registration certificates issued by the Gurgaon RTO online and offline. Further, the RTO officials also carry out other activities such as duplicate registration certificates, RC renewal and more.

Gurgaon RTO Office Issued Registration Certificate

Below are the various types of registration certificates issued by the RTO officials.

Temporary Vehicle Registration - A temporary registration certificate is issued to car dealers and manufacturers by the RTO authorities. The registration certificate is valid for a short-term duration. The validity period of temporary RC is generally 7 days. However, it can be extended, if requested, for 1 month.

Permanent Vehicle Registration - The permanent vehicle registration certificate is issued for newly purchased vehicles by RTO. The customer who has purchased the vehicle needs to carry out the vehicle registration process in their respective RTO area.

The RC of the vehicle is valid for a decided time duration. The validity period for commercial usage vehicles is 5 years, and for personal vehicles, it is 15 years.

Driving Licence

A driving licence is the mandatory vehicle document for individuals who are above 18 and want to drive on Indian roads. This licence permits vehicle owners to drive. To acquire a driving licence in India, individuals need to follow the proper procedures online or at their nearest RTO office.

The driving licence is only issued by RTO officials after assessing the individual’s written and practical driving skills. There are different types of vehicle licences issued by the RTO Gurugram. Besides this, RTO also conducts activities like DL renewal, issuing duplicate licences and more.

Gurgaon RTO Issued Driving Licence

Below are the driving licences issued by the HR-55 RTO office and other Gurgaon RTOs:

Learning Licence -The very first type of driving licence issued by RTO Gurugram is a learner or temporary licence. It is a mandatory licence for individuals who are learning to drive. This licence is only valid for 3 months. Before getting a permanent driving licence, vehicle owners have to get a learner licence permit.

Permanent Driving Licence - It is the mandatory document for vehicle owners. RTO officials issue permanent driving licences based on the vehicle type, such as light motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, geared vehicles and more.

The validity of a driving licence or permit in India for personal vehicles is 20 years for individuals up to 40 years. Adults who are above 40 need to renew their driving licence every 5 years. For commercial vehicles, the validity is 5 years.

International Driving Licence - The RTO authorities issue international driving licences for individuals who want to drive in foreign countries. Applicants, in that case, need to have a valid Indian driving licence and must undergo the procedure set by RTO officials.

Motor Vehicles Permits

The Gurgaon RTO has online and offline procedures to issue various kinds of permits. These permits are applicable for goods or passenger-carrying vehicles to carry out their transporting activities. The issued permit by RTO officials permits vehicle owners to move freely from one place to another.

Gurgaon RTO Issued Motor Vehicles Permits

Below are details of the permits issued by the RTO:

Goods or Transport Vehicle Permit - This is the type of permit issued by the Gurgaon RTO office for commercial vehicles that are used to transport goods.

Private Service Vehicle Permit - This is another type of permit issued by the RTO office for private service vehicles such as school buses, employee vehicle service and more.

Passenger Service Vehicle Permit - This is the permit issued to vehicles that are passengers carrying, such as buses, vans, mini buses and more.

National Permit for Commercial Vehicles - This is the permit for commercial vehicles issued by the Ministry of Road and Transport.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Another service offered by the RTO Gurugram is issuing the vehicle fitness certificate. It is the document that certifies a motor vehicle is suitable and safe to use on the road. However, before issuing the certificate, RTO officials conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle as per the set standards.

The vehicle owner, from time to time, needs to renew this certificate in their respective RTO to ensure the safety and fitness of the vehicle.

Vehicle No Objection Certificate

The RTO Gurugram is also responsible for issuing the NOC for vehicles that are being transferred from one state to another. It is a legal document that explains that there are no dues and taxes on vehicles.

However, NOC is only applicable to vehicles that are moving from one state to another for more than 3 months. Further, the vehicle owners who are carrying out the re-registration of their vehicles also need to have an NOC from their respective RTO.

Road Tax Collection and Refund

Lastly, one of the significant duties of the Gurgaon RTO office is to collect road or Parivahn tax from vehicle owners under Section 39 of the Motor Taxation Act, 1988. Every vehicle owner is mandated to pay the decided road tax.

The government further utilises this tax for maintaining vast road infrastructure and offering basic amenities such as road signs, street lights, etc.

This is a one-time payment usually made by the vehicle owner at the time of vehicle registration. Also, vehicle owners whose vehicles are discarded or no longer on the road can claim back the road tax by doing the procedure in their RTO.

Need for Motor Insurance Policy in Gurgaon

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Gurgaon has a busy road network. Considering this, the authorities of RTO Gurugram have divided the RTO offices based on vehicle usage. There are currently 3 active RTOs for the city. Individuals in Gurgaon, based on their vehicle type, can seek services from respective RTO. Besides this, they can also seek the services online by visiting the official RTO Gurgaon website.

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How to avail of the Gurgaon RTO online services?

How to avail of the Gurgaon RTO online services?


Vehicle owners who want to avail the RTO services online need to visit the Haryana government transport authority site or log in to the Parivahan Sewa portal.

How many active RTOs are in Gurgaon?


Gurgaon is a big city, and that’s why it has 3 active RTOs, which include Gurgaon - South (HR-72), Gurugram Commercial RTO (HR-55), and Gurgaon - North(HR-26).

Do vehicle owners need to have a registration certificate in Gurgaon?


All the vehicles in India need to be registered as per Indian law. The vehicle registration certificate is the ownership document of the vehicle. Only after the vehicle registration, a unique licence plate number is issued to the vehicle owner.

There is a proper procedure vehicle owners need to perform to get the vehicle registration. It may take 2 to 3 days for Gurgaon RTO officials to process the whole registration process. Once it is done, vehicle owners can collect RC from the RTO directly.