Jammu Kashmir RTO Tax

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Jammu Kashmir Road Tax

Every state in India levies a road tax on their inhabitants, and the road tax in Jammu and Kashmir is no exception. Both the central and state governments levy a road tax, and the sum paid varies depending on the kind of automobile and other factors.

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act made it necessary for automobile owners to pay road tax in India. This road tax is used by the government to fund state-run programmes and infrastructure upkeep.

While having an automobile may appear to be a lot of joy, there exist some extra obligations you must accept before you drive it on the roads of Jammu and Kashmir. And paying road tax in Jammu and Kashmir is one of them.

In this post, you'll learn about the most recent RTO road tax in Kashmir, as well as how you can conduct Jammu and Kashmir road tax online payments. Continue reading to learn more.

Who Collects the Road Tax, and Why's It Done at the State Level?

The government is responsible for constructing and maintaining public roads; thus, a tax is placed on four-wheelers, two-wheelers, and several other automobiles in order to generate revenue. The Central Government imposes GST, central sales tax, customs duty, and other taxes, while the States levies goods and passengers tax, state VAT, toll tax, and other taxes.

But why's the road tax levied at the state level? This is due to the fact that approximately 80 percent of public roads in the country are built by individual state governments. State Governments levy road taxes to cover the costs of building public roads as well as maintaining road safety.

How's Road Tax Determined?

In Jammu and Kashmir, road tax is computed on the kind of automobile, usage, cost, and horsepower. In 2019, the road tax legislation was revised, and this informative post reflects the alterations.

All automobiles in Jammu and Kashmir are now subject to a road tax equal to 9 percent of the automobile's cost. Because of this increase, the government has indicated that the road tax can quickly be paid in installments rather than as a one-time payment.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax Charges in Jammu and Kashmir

In 2019, the Jammu and Kashmir road tax charge was changed. Every two-wheeler registered before 1 August 2019 must carry out online token tax payment in Jammu and Kashmir in monthly, quarterly, or yearly installments, as specified below:

Vehicle Description Quarterly Road Tax
Scooters with Attachments ₹120
Motorbikes with Sidecar ₹200
Invalid Carriage ₹120

For every two-wheeler registered after 1 August 2019:

Motorcycle Cost Tax percentage on Vehicle Cost
Under ₹1.5 lakh 9%
Over ₹1.5 lakh 10%

After learning about the most recent rates, you may quickly pay Jammu and Kashmir road tax online.

Four-Wheeler Road Tax Charges in Jammu and Kashmir

The road tax on every four-wheeler in J&K takes into account how the automobile is utilised and its features. Since the modification of the tax rate in J&K, there have been fresh road tax charges for cars registered before and after 1 August 2019.

The four-wheeler road tax rate registered before 1 August 2019 is provided below on a quarterly rate. Listed below are the charges for road tax in Kashmir for new cars (private):

Car's Horsepower Quarterly Road Tax Rate
Upto 14 horsepower ₹300
More than 12 horsepower ₹1,000
Cars with trailer ₹300
Invalid carriages ₹120

The four-wheeler tax rate after 1 August 2019 is 9 percent of the car's cost. Now that you've learned about the Jammu and Kashmir car road tax, you may make an online payment and go for a drive.

State Tax on Autorickshaws and Taxis in Jammu and Kashmir

The road tax for autorickshaws and taxis registered before 1 August 2019 is as follows:

Seating Capacity Quarterly Road Tax Rate
Maximum of 5 persons ₹500
Over 5 persons ₹750

Autorickshaws and taxis registered after 1 August 2019 are subject to a 9 percent road tax on the automobile's purchase price. We hope you got to know everything regarding car registration charges in Kashmir or Jammu. Now, look at how to make an online payment for paying J&K road tax.

Paying Jammu and Kashmir Road Tax Online: How to Do It

In Jammu and Kashmir, there are two ways to pay the road tax. You may either go to the local RTO (Regional Transport Office), fill out the required application form, pay the required amount, or pay Jammu Kashmir road tax online. The steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Vahan portal by launching your preferred web browser.
  2. Type in your vehicle registration number. Then input your cell phone number and tap on the create OTP button. Punch in the OTP and then press the "Show Details" option.
  3. Double-check all of your most recent tax details, permits, and so on under the "Owner Tax" details. Type the number of months, quarters, or years under "Tax Details".
  4. Select "Tax Mode" from monthly, annual, semi-annual, or quarterly. Following that, an automatically created due amount will be displayed.
  5. After clicking confirm, you'll be sent to a payment portal.
  6. Make your payment using any of the digital payment alternatives.

Follow these procedures to have your Jammu and Kashmir road tax cleared instantly.

Car Insurance in Jammu and Kashmir

The 1957 Jammu and Kashmir Motor Vehicle Taxation Act governs road taxation in the state. Because road taxes are levied at the state level, every state has its distinctive set of laws. Nevertheless, one condition applies to every state: having third-party insurance for four-wheelers/two-wheelers and paying RTO road tax.

Furthermore, as a new automobile owner, you should get comprehensive car insurance policy coverage rather than third-party insurance to satisfy your legal need. It'll cover you as well as your loved automobile from unanticipated risks in addition to third-party damages.

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1. What's the fine for failing to pay the Jammu and Kashmir road tax?

1. What's the fine for failing to pay the Jammu and Kashmir road tax?


In Jammu and Kashmir, failure to pay road tax results in a punishment of ₹100. If the road tax payable amount is severely late, or if the road taxes stay unpaid for an extended period, the fine might even include an automobile seizure.In Jammu and Kashmir, failure to pay road tax results in a punishment of ₹100. If the road tax payable amount is severely late, or if the road taxes stay unpaid for an extended period, the fine might even include an automobile seizure.

2. Which state in India charges the highest road tax?


You're one of India's major road taxpayers if you drive around Karnataka.

3. Why is there a road tax in Jammu and Kashmir?


The J&K State Government takes the responsibility of collecting road tax for state income. As a result, funds are utilised to construct and maintain public roads and highways, as well as government buildings.