Yeshwanthpur RTO Office - KA-04

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Yeshwanthpur RTO Office - KA-04

The Yeshwantpur RTO office was created under the supervision of the Karnataka State Vehicles Department to simplify the area's transportation facilities. The department operates in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (Section 213.1). Like all other states in Karnataka, it also bears a unique code number. Yeshwantpur is assigned the KA-04 RTO code. So, if you find any vehicle with the KA 04 on its number plate, it means the vehicle bears a KA-04 registration.

Since Yeshwantpur is regarded as the gateway of Bengaluru (earlier Bangalore), the Regional Transport Office of Yeshwanthpur's function has grown critical. As the population grows, so will the number of automobiles on the road. As a result, vehicle registration in Yeshwanthpur has increased dramatically in recent years.

Yeshwanthpur RTO is in charge of carrying out numerous enforcement and regulatory tasks relating to transportation. Yeshwanthpur RTO's primary role is to maintain ecologically clean and efficient transportation infrastructure. Its further responsibilities include monitoring the evolution and developments in road transportation technologies.

The Yeshwanthpur RTO also provides RTO-related services through the Karnataka One site. It has made driver and vehicle-related services more accessible to the people of Yeshwanthpur.

Yeshwanthpur RTO Office

The table drawn below will give you the necessary information about RTO Yeshwantpur:

RTO Code KA-04
RTO Office Location  No. 3, Corporation Complex, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560022
RTO Office Working Hours  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
RTO Office Contact Number  (080) 2337-6039
RTO Office Email Address 

Yeshwanthpur RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

All vehicles in Yeshwanthpur's roadways must be registered with the Yeshwanthpur RTO office. For KA 04 registration, vehicle owners need to pay an amount the KA-04 RTO. The registration fees are determined by the vehicle kind, the usage purpose, the seating capacity, and any relevant taxes. The following are the vehicle registration fees at the Yeshwanthpur RTO office:

Charge Type RTO Fees (in ₹)
Two-Wheelers ₹300
Light Motor Vehicles or Three-Wheelers (Private) ₹600
Light Motor Vehicles or Three-Wheelers (Commercial) ₹1,000
Medium Goods Vehicles ₹1,000
Heavy Goods Vehicles ₹1,500
Heavy Passengers' Vehicles ₹1,500
Imported Two-Wheelers ₹2,500
Imported Motor Vehicles ₹5,000
Others ₹3,000

Yeshwanthpur RTO: Functions

There’s a lot going on in the background of a vehicle sector, particularly in terms of operational factors. Every city's RTO office is tasked with various critical vehicular activities in order to simplify motor vehicle rules and regulations. Some of its key roles are as follows:

  • Vehicle Registration: The Yeshwanthpur RTO is responsible for the maintenance of temporary and permanent motor vehicle RCs (registration certificates), the transfer of vehicle ownership, the change of registration details, and the renewal of certificates.

  • Issuing Driving Licences: Individuals may obtain their driving licences, including commercial, duplicates, learner's, and permanent, from the Yeshwanthpur RTO office.

  • Vehicle Inspections: The Yeshwanthpur RTO inspects vehicles to check whether they meet the emission standards and are fit enough for use on roads and highways.

  • Tax Collection: According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, the Yeshwanthpur RTO is responsible for collecting Road Tax or Motor Vehicle Tax. It also deals with any motor department-related issues and collects automobile inspection charges.

  • Issuing Permits: The Yeshwanthpur RTO is in charge of transit and tourist permits. It also grants permits for national and inter-state commercial automobiles, such as the IDP (International Driving Permit).

Registering a Vehicle in Yeshwanthpur: How to Do It?

One of the key functions of any Regional Transport Office is vehicle registration. When a new automobile is purchased, the vehicle dealer issues a temporary vehicle registration to the owner. It's valid for just a week from the issuance date. An individual can extend it for a maximum of one month by submitting an application to the Yeshwanthpur RTO.

However, once this time expires, permanent vehicle registration is required. Failure to do so can result in severe fines placed on the vehicle's owner if found out by a traffic officer. Given this, having your Yeshwanthpur (KA-04) registration number is critical.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial for permanent vehicle registration with the Yeshwanthpur RTO:

  • 1. Visit the website of Bangalore One site. Download Application Form No. 20 and complete it. You have the option of selecting your preferred language.

  • 2. After filling out your application form, submit it together with the needed papers to the Yeshwanthpur RTO office.

  • 3. The RTO office Superintendent will check your automobile to see if it's roadworthy.

  • 4. As soon as the verification is finished, the Yeshwanthpur RTO office will issue you a vehicle registration number.

Following completion of the aforementioned stages, an RC (Registration Certificate) Smart Card is issued to you at your registered postal address.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Yeshwanthpur: How to Do It?

According to the regulations of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, an automobile can be registered for a maximum period of 15 years upon which the owner needs to renew it every 5 years, till the vehicle is considered roadworthy. To renew a vehicle registration certificate in Yeshwanthpur, an individual needs to do the following things:

  • Pay a visit to the Yeshwanthpur RTO office. Complete Application Form No. 25. You can also get this online by visiting the Bangalore One web portal.

  • You need to attach these papers at the time of application form submission:

    • Application Form No. 25 (filled up and signed)

    • Original RC Book or RC Smart Card

    • Professional Tax Certificate

    • Bike/Car insurance certificate

    • Your ID and address evidence

Following the receipt of these documents, a representative from the Yeshwanthpur RTO office will check your automobile. You will receive the renewed RC (Registration Certificate) when it has been completely verified.

Vehicle Registration in Yeshwanthpur: Documents Required

It is a legal necessity to get your automobile registered. To minimise last-minute stress and difficulty, have the documentation ready before you arrive to register your vehicle. The following documents are necessary to register your car with the Yeshwanthpur RTO:

  • Application Form 20 for new automobile registration

  • PUC Certificate

  • Address and age proof documents (Voter Card, Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc.)

  • Passport-size photos

  • Two-wheeler/Four-wheeler insurance certificate

  • Six-month bank statement

  • An invoice must be supplied for the registration of an imported automobile

  • Taxes must be paid in accordance with the Karnataka State Vehicles Department

  • Automobile registration cost applicable

  • Form No. 22 Roadworthiness certificate

  • Form No. 21 Sales Certificate

  • Temporary vehicle registration number

  • Form 34 loan hypothecation information

  • A manufacturer's certificate is essential for registration of a transport vehicle

  • For a trailer to be registered, the Transport Commissioner should approve the design

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What will happen if I drive without a valid Registration Certificate in Yeshwanthpur?

What will happen if I drive without a valid Registration Certificate in Yeshwanthpur?


Whether you're riding a motorcycle or driving a car, you must have your vehicle registration card with you at all times. If you violate this regulation, you'll face a hefty fine. Furthermore, if you are involved in an accident and do not have the Registration Certificate, your insurance carrier won't cover you.

How can I obtain a driver's licence in Yeshwanthpur?


You may begin the process by submitting an application using the Parivahan website. After you pay the cost, you'll be assigned a time for the DL exam. Visit the Yeshwanthpur RTO office on the specified day and time, and you'll receive your driving licence when you complete the test successfully.

What's the penalty for registering a vehicle late?


If your Registration Certificate expires, you must renew it before the expiration date. Otherwise, the Regional Transport Office will levy a fine of ₹500 (if it's a four-wheeler) and ₹300 (if it's a two-wheeler).