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Aprilia BIke Insurance

Alberto Beggio founded the Italian motorcycle firm Aprilia after the Second World War. The brand used to make bicycles then. Alberto Beggio's son, Ivano Beggio, took over the firm in 1968. In the same year, he collaborated in the construction of a 50cc motorcycle. At present, the firm has now expanded to include small-capacity motorcycles, heavy-duty sports motorcycles, and scooters.

Today, Aprilia is a renowned motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in Italy. The two-wheelers of this brand are quite popular in India, and it's one of the most preferred brands when it comes to bike racing. Their motorcycles are strong and attractive, with costs slightly on the higher end.

If you are looking to purchase an Aprilia two-wheeler or are having one, you should know that it's important to obtain a bike insurance policy to safeguard your Aprilia bike or scooter from damage or loss. Also, to be road legal in our country, you are required to have a minimum of standard third-party two-wheeler insurance, according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. Riding without appropriate insurance paperwork may result in serious legal consequences.

Keeping that in mind, a large number of insurance carriers in India provide bike insurance packages. As a result, deciding who to go with becomes challenging. For that, you can compare two-wheeler insurance policies online to know about the plans and premiums offered by numerous insurance carriers.

To that end, Tata AIG, a leading insurance provider in India, provides a range of insurance policies for your Aprilia two-wheeler. You may get third-party two-wheeler insurance or a comprehensive bike insurance policy with add-ons from us. If you wish to shake hands with us and be a Tata AIG member, all you need to do is get in touch with us.

Aprilia Bike Insurance Renewal or Purchase under Tata AIG

The renewal or purchase of your Aprilia scooter insurance with Tata AIG is a quick and uncomplicated procedure. Whether you're purchasing insurance for the very first time or renewing your current insurance plan, follow the steps outlined below:

  • You need to navigate to our official website and then visit the “Two-Wheeler Insurance” section.
  • Next, you need to type the registration number of your two-wheeler and click the "Get Price" button if you are looking for new insurance, or click "Renew" for an Aprilia Bike insurance renewal.
  • Tata AIG's online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator will show you the bike specifics based on the information you enter, following which you must select an acceptable and appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value) for your two-wheeler from the catalogue.
  • Insert the information of any prior claims that you may have submitted. If you have not made an insurance claim, you can get an NCB (No Claim Bonus) discount on your insurance premium at the time of your Aprilia insurance renewal.
  • Following that, you'll be able to see the entire insurance premium cost for your insurance for 2-wheeler coverage.
  • You may also supplement your Tata AIG comprehensive insurance policy with add-ons we provide for your two-wheeler's added protection.
  • Once you've made your decision, you may make an online payment using any of the methods available to you.
  • Following the completion of the payment procedure, we'll give you a soft copy of your Aprilia bike insurance policy at your registered email address, verifying your purchase.

Aprilia Two-Wheeler Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

The insurance cost of your Aprilia scooter is determined by the kind of policy selected, the date of registration, your residency, the add-ons selected, the No Claim Bonus discount, and the Insured Declared Value.

If you purchase a standard third-party bike insurance policy, the premium amount will be inexpensive because these policies provide limited coverage. The IRDAI published annual rates depending on a bike's engine cubic capacity.

Nevertheless, if you get a comprehensive bike insurance plan with certain add-ons, your rates will most likely be on the higher side, but you'll be assured of significant financial coverage. Aside from the kind of coverage, the Insured Declared Value of the automobile is the most important element influencing your bike insurance prices.

You may check the Insured Declared Value of your Aprilia two-wheeler from a nearby Aprilia dealership or leverage our online insurance premium calculator to receive an estimate of the two-wheeler insurance of your Aprilia bike.

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG Aprilia Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG Insurance
Total loss - stolen or irrevocable damage to your Aprilia bike. Losses caused by electrical or mechanical failures, as well as normal wear and tear of your
Damage to your Aprilia bike caused by natural calamities like floods, snowfall, cyclones, and earthquakes, among others. Damages caused to the vehicle in accidents caused because of riding under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
Damage to your Aprilia bike is caused by man-made events like terrorism, strikes, vandalism, rioting, and so on. Damages to your Aprilia bike were caused as a result of invasions, war-like activities, war, nuclear threats, and so forth.
Accidental damage to your Aprilia bike when being transported via waterways, railways, airways, etc. Damages to your Aprilia bike as a result of break-ins or theft, but don't result in the loss of your bike.
Personal Accident Coverage of ₹15 lakhs to the owner-rider for injuries caused by accident. In the event of their death, the assured amount will be handed over to the appointed beneficiary. If your Aprilia bike is damaged while being utilised outside of the geographical region specified in the insurance policy.
Third-party liability - death or injury to a third-party individual, as well as damage to their property or vehicle caused as a result of your insured Damages to your Aprilia bike if it's used for speed testing, durability testing, racing, etc.

Another important point to remember is that the insurance for 2-wheelers does not cover the damage cost if the rider does not hold a valid bike licence.

Why Is It Critical to Have Tata AIG for Your Aprilia Bike Insurance Policy?

Many people harbour the desire to own a two-wheeler. Securing your desire with a Tata AIG Aprilia two-wheeler insurance coverage may be the finest thing you can do for your Aprilia.

Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire Tata AIG Aprilia bike insurance for your cherished two-wheeler:

  • Tata AIG can ensure you a swift and straightforward Aprilia policy renewal and purchase online, ensuring peace of mind while making a decision.

  • You may rely on Tata AIG for top-notch insurance services since we have a client base of more than 5 crore happy people. We ensure to put a smile on their faces whenever they approach us.

  • Our two-wheeler insurance packages are crafted to safeguard your Aprilia scooter comprehensively, with the extra advantage of optional riders or add-ons.

  • Our nationwide network of more than 7,500 cashless garages ensures that you obtain cashless services quickly and effectively.

  • Our 650+ claim professionals are constantly on top of their game when it comes to ensuring a smooth claim settlement procedure.

Aprilia Bikes: A Brief Overview

Aprilia, one of Piaggio Group's most sought-after brands, prioritises two goals: enhanced rider comfort and increased safety and rideability. The two-wheeler manufacturer is immensely popular among bikers for its acceleration-driven dampening algorithms and skyhook, which ensure improved performance. The brand has won 294 Grand Prix races, breaking the global record for the most wins among every European automobile manufacturer.

In 2016, Aprilia made its debut in India with the robust SR 150 scooter, which was originally displayed at the auto expo. The brand later introduced many variants, including a 125cc scooter. All of these are built at Piaggio's manufacturing site in Baramati, Maharashtra. To conclude, Aprilia two-wheelers have been at the forefront when it comes to performance scootering.

Aprilia Two-Wheeler Variants and Prices in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Aprilia SR 125 ₹1.07 lakh to 1.21 lakh
Aprilia SR 160 ₹1.19 lakh to 1.40 lakh
Aprilia RS 660 ₹13.39 lakh
Aprilia Tuono 660 ₹13.09 lakh
Aprilia SXR 160 ₹1.43 lakh
Aprilia SXR 125 ₹1.32 lakh
Aprilia RSV4 ₹23.69 lakh
Aprilia Tuono V4 ₹20.66 lakh

Aprilia Two-Wheeler Features: Unique Selling Points

When it comes to realising why Aprilia two-wheelers are so popular among bike enthusiasts in India, listed below are some of the key reasons to consider:

  • Every Aprilia two-wheeler features top-notch engine capacity, ensuring a smooth ride.

  • Aprilia two-wheelers are regarded as the gold standard for street-legal superbikes.

  • The Aprilia brand is very widely recognised as the most tech-advanced name in the world of biking.

  • An Aprilia two-wheeler gives a touch of luxury every time an individual takes it out for a spin. It's built and designed in such a way.

Top Contenders of Aprilia Two-Wheelers

Listed below are the leading brands in India that rival the Aprilia two-wheelers:

  • Kawasaki Motors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Honda Motor Company
  • TVS Motor Company
  • Ather Energy
  • Yamaha Motor
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited


All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. How many Tata AIG network garages are located across India?

1. How many Tata AIG network garages are located across India?


Tata AIG has a nationwide network of 7,500+ garages, providing cashless two-wheeler repair services.

2. How to file a claim for my Aprilia bike insurance policy with Tata AIG?


There are two ways to claim your Tata AIG Aprilia bike insurance — online and offline. In order to claim your Aprilia bike insurance online, go to the Tata AIG web portal and follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to the 'Claim' section. Select 'Initiate Claim'.
  • To submit your insurance claim, enter your registered cell phone number and tap on the "Confirm" button.
  • Submit your insurance claim after entering your insurance plan number, personal contact details, driver information, FIR deets, and so forth.
  • After obtaining the necessary information, we'll assess the insurance claim and, if necessary, send your Aprilia two-wheeler to one of our network garages for repairs.
  • An insurance claim resolution will be conducted depending on the two-wheeler's damage.
  • Your Aprilia two-wheeler will be fixed and delivered to you.

For offline claims, you can visit your nearest Tata AIG branch and contact a claim settlement officer. He or she will guide you through the entire claim process.

3. Which bike insurance policy is mandatory for my Aprilia SXR 125?


In India, individuals who own a scooter or bike are required to get a minimum of basic third-party two-wheeler insurance coverage as stated by the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. It covers just the damages caused by your covered two-wheeler to a third-party individual, their vehicle, or their property. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India announces the premium rates of third-party two-wheeler insurance policy every year, with the fee based on a two-wheeler's engine cubic capacity.

4. What's Depreciation in two-wheeler insurance?


A two-wheeler's value depreciates over time. The wear and tear of each component of the two-wheeler are used to determine depreciation. And the depreciation rate is effective from the start of the insurance policy.

The depreciation rate is dictated by the two-wheeler's age. Even the Insured Declared Value of your vehicle is determined using the two-wheeler's depreciation value. Depreciation rates are applied to every component of the two-wheeler, including plastic parts, rubbers, and tyres. It doesn't apply to glass or glass components. The higher the depreciation rate, the lower the insurance sum supplied by the two-wheeler insurance company.

5. How is the premium for Aprilia bike insurance calculated?


A lot of criteria are taken into account while determining the Aprilia bike insurance rate. Here is an overview of some of the most prevalent factors:

  • Bike's cubic capacity
  • Manufacturing year
  • Whether it's a new two-wheeler or a second-hand two-wheeler
  • The Insured Declared Value
  • Geographical location
  • Optional benefits
  • Installation of Anti-theft devices
  • Two-wheeler's make and model
  • Two-wheeler's registration number
  • No Claim Bonus or Deductibles (if any)

6. Is it possible to include Return to Invoice rider or add-on coverage for my four-year-old Aprilia SR 150?


Yes, the Return to Invoice rider or add-on coverage is appropriate for any motorbike that's less than five years old. You can go for it without any second thought.

7. What's a voluntary deductible?


It's the percentage of the claim that a policyholder will pay out of their pocket. The sum is established when the insurance policy is purchased. The smaller the premium amount, the bigger the deductible. However, remember that a greater deductible means you'll have to pay a bigger proportion of the insurance claim yourself. So make an informed decision.