Aprilia sxr 160 insurance

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Aprilia sxr 160 insurance

Established in the year 1945, Aprilia is a world-class two-wheeler manufacturing company based in Italy. The brand is noted for making scooters, sportbikes, and motorcycles. One of the brand's latest two-wheelers in the market is the Aprilia SXR 160.

The Aprilia SXR 160 is an absolute head-turner and one of the most powerful scooters in today's two-wheeler market. The scooter's power-packed performance and eye-appealing aesthetics make it extremely desirable. The sportiness and enjoyment of riding this scooter will undoubtedly captivate you. With just one look at this robust scooter, you'll understand why it's so hyped in India.

Despite the fact that Aprilia SXR 160 is known for its superb handling and robust build, the Aprilia SXR 160 is susceptible to accidents and damage like any other scooter or bike. Because of the possibility of damage, this incredible scooter needs a bike insurance policy to safeguard itself. It acts as a financial backup when your two-wheeler sustains major damage in an unforeseen accident.

Also, purchasing insurance for 2-wheelers is a great way to guarantee that your scooter meets all legal standards. So, before you start riding on this scooter, ensure that you have valid Aprilia SXR 160 insurance. You can compare two-wheeler insurance policies over the web to find out the best plans provided by many insurance providers in India. You must choose a plan that meets your budget and requirements quite effectively.

Satisfying every bike owner's unique needs in mind, Tata AIG, a prominent insurer in India, provides top-notch Aprilia insurance plans for you to enjoy a worry-free ride while protecting your Aprilia SXR 160 from accidents and theft. So, why wait? Get in touch with us now to get started!

Aprilia SXR 160 Insurance Renewal or Purchase under Tata AIG

Purchasing or renewing your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance with us is effortless and rapid. If you are purchasing new two-wheeler insurance or renewing your existing one, you can go to the Tata AIG official website and perform the following instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the "Bike Insurance" section.

  • If you're purchasing new insurance for 2-wheelers, enter your scooter or bike registration number and tap on the "Get Price" tab. Otherwise, pick "Renew" if you want to renew your current Tata AIG Aprilia bike insurance policy.

  • Our online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator will get all of the necessary scooter information.

  • Choose the right IDV (Insured Declared Value) for your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter from the list.

  • If you've previously filed a two-wheeler insurance claim, please notify us in the designated box. If you've never claimed before, you'll receive an NCB (No Claim Bonus).

  • The entire premium for your Aprilia SXR 160 insurance coverage will be displayed on your device's screen.

  • After that, you may choose to supplement your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance coverage with one of eight add-ons or riders that seek to provide you with all-around protection.

  • Then, you may pay online using any of the digital payment alternatives.

  • After the successful processing of your payment, you'll receive an email with confirmation together with a soft copy of your insurance for 2-wheelers.

Aprilia SXR 160 Price - Your Premium Rate

The cost of your Aprilia bike insurance policy is determined by a variety of criteria, including the kind of two-wheeler insurance policy you picked, the brand and model of your two-wheeler, and the geographical location, as well as your two-wheeler IDV (Insured Declared Value).

For example, if you just get a standard third-party insurance plan, your premium amount will be minimal and will be determined by two factors: IRDAI's yearly two-wheeler insurance rates and your Aprilia two-wheeler's cubic capacity.

On the other hand, if you get a comprehensive Aprilia bike insurance plan, your premium amount will be determined by a variety of criteria such as your two-wheeler's age, the purpose of usage, brand and model, engine type, geographical location, installation of anti-theft devices, Insured Declared Value, and cubic capacity. Your scooter's Insured Declared Value is the most important influencing element in this respect. As your scooter ages, its IDV decreases, and so do your two-wheeler insurance premiums.

The Insured Declared Value of your Aprilia SXR 160 may be obtained at your local Aprilia dealership, or you can make use of our online two-wheeler insurance premium calculator to determine the premiums due for your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance policy. You must do the following:

  • Input your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter's registration number.

  • Give specifics about your IDV choice and any other relevant details.

  • If appropriate, check the No Claim Bonus section and tap on the "Get Price" option.

  • After you enter the information, the insurance premium calculator will display the premium amount payable for your Aprilia bike insurance policy.

Things Included and Not Included under Tata AIG Aprilia SXR 160 Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG Aprilia SXR 160 Insurance  Things Not Included under Tata AIG Aprilia SXR 160 Insurance
In the case of an accident, the policyholder (owner-rider) is covered for a maximum of ₹15 lakh as per Personal Accident Coverage. If the owner-rider dies in an accident, their nominated beneficiary will receive the insured amount. Any war or war-like situation causing damage to your covered Aprilia SXR 160 scooter.
Any damage rendered to your Aprilia SXR 160 caused by explosions, lightning, self-ignition, and so forth. Any damage incurred to your Aprilia SXR 160 while it was utilised for business purposes. Also, if it's damaged as a result of speed trials, racing, adventure sports, and so on.
Any damage to your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter caused by human acts of vandalism, rioting, terrorism, and other causes. Personal accident or property damage won't be covered if you are under third-party two-wheeler insurance.
Any total loss of your Aprilia SXR 160 as a result of theft or irreversible damage caused by a robbery. Any loss to your Aprilia SXR 160 caused by regular wear and tear, including electrical and mechanical malfunction.
Any damage sustained by your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter while being transported by train, water, or air. Any damage suffered by your Aprilia SXR 160 while it was operated under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.

Why Choose Tata AIG for Your Aprilia SXR 160 Insurance Plan?

When you pick Tata AIG for your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance policy, you can be confident that you will receive reliable financial backing in the event of an accident. For the past two decades, almost five crore clients have trusted us.

Also, when you purchase a Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance plan, you receive the 'Tata Promise' of utmost reliability, a no-fuss purchasing and claim resolution procedure, comprehensive insurance coverage, and unrivalled assistance throughout your two-wheeler insurance policy journey with us.

Listed below are some of the major reasons why you must get Tata AIG for your Aprilia SXR 160 Scooter Insurance Policy:

  • Hassle-free and swift two-wheeler insurance purchase/renewal procedure.

  • All-around insurance protection for your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter, ensuring a worry-free trip.

  • Options to personalise your Aprilia bike insurance coverage with eight distinct add-ons or riders.

  • Cashless services over a countrywide network of 7,500+ facilities.

  • Streamlined, three-step insurance claim resolution procedure backed by our 650 claim professionals.

  • A trustworthy brand name keeping its promises for the past 20 years.

Aprilia SXR 160 Variants and Prices

In the following table, you will find the Aprilia SXR 160 price:

Top Competitors of the Aprilia SXR 160 Scooter

The Aprilia SXR 160 scooter lock horns with the following two-wheelers:

  • TVS iQube Electric

  • Yamaha Aerox 155

  • Ather 450X

  • Simple One

  • Bajaj Chetak

  • Vespa Elegante 150

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Will adding any accessories to my Aprilia SXR 160 scooter or otherwise modifying it influences the cost of my two-wheeler insurance?

Will adding any accessories to my Aprilia SXR 160 scooter or otherwise modifying it influences the cost of my two-wheeler insurance?


In general, every type of vehicle modification raises the cost of the vehicle. If you want to insure your personalisations as well, the cost of your Aprilia SXR 160 insurance will rise instantly.

Is two-wheeler insurance required if I use a second-hand Aprilia SXR 160 scooter?


Even if you own a second-hand scooter or bike, you should obtain two-wheeler insurance. As per the Indian law (1988 Motor Vehicles Act), every vehicle in India is required to obtain a minimum of basic third-party damage insurance. if you've any questions, read the government's laws and directives.

Is it always true that an expensive insurance policy is the best?


A variety of factors influence the price of two-wheeler insurance coverage. The primary goal of a two-wheeler insurance plan should be to give the best coverage at the lowest feasible cost. Expensive two-wheeler insurance offers greater coverage than cheaper packages. Nevertheless, it might not be the best solution for everyone since some individuals might not require such comprehensive coverage. At Tata AIG, we provide comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. You can contact us at any time to learn more.

How can Tata AIG's Return-to-Invoice add-on make your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance policy more personalised?


You may add a Return-to-Invoice Coverage add-on or rider to protect your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter from theft or when your scooter is damaged beyond repair. Tata AIG will pay the cost of your two-wheeler based on its current Insured Declared Value, as well as its registration and road tax expenses if this add-on cover is enabled.

What papers do I need in order to renew my Aprilia SXR 160 insurance policy?


With Tata AIG, you can easily renew your Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance coverage without having to fill out any paperwork. You only need to have the following information with you: Insurance policy number from the previous year Insurance policy expiry date from the previous year Two-wheeler registration number

Is it possible for Tata AIG to settle two-wheeler insurance claims immediately?


Yes. For small damage claims, Tata AIG provides rapid claim payouts. For example, if your Aprilia AXR 160 scooter’s headlight is damaged, the claim will be resolved immediately, and the authorised claim money will be transferred to your account. You may get the damage repaired at your preferred garage. However, for serious damage claims, Tata AIG's insurance specialist will contact you to conduct the insurance claim.

What factors influence the ultimate premium for an Aprilia SXR 160 scooter insurance?


The rate of an Aprilia SXR 160 insurance coverage might decrease or increase depending on a variety of factors, such as the current value of the two-wheeler, installation of anti-theft devices, modifications, number of claims, place of purchase, and so on.

Variant Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Aprilia SXR 160 STD (standard) ₹1,42,802