Honda Grazia Insurance

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Honda Grazia Insurance

It's not simple to be the world's biggest and India's second largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Honda has reached this milestone after years of hard work and commitment to providing value to its consumers. Honda scooters or bikes are well-known for being among the most fuel-efficient and long-lasting on the two-wheeler market, and it's evident in their Grazia too.

Honda debuted their flagship scooter, the "Grazia," in 2017. This scooter is ideal for the Indian millennial population since it combines flair and efficiency. The Grazia has numerous first-in-segment features that undoubtedly pique everyone’s interest.

Although its characteristics provide optimal safety and performance, you must evaluate the hazards and damages it may face in the event of an accident. In such cases, paying for damage repair charges out of your own cash might be pricey. As a result, you should get a Honda insurance policy in order to cover such expenses and lessen your financial stress. You can compare two-wheeler insurance rates online to get the best deals and select the coverage plan that best meets your requirements.

You may select from a list of reputable Honda two-wheeler insurance providers in India. These insurance firms provide appealing deals that might efficiently meet your insurance requirements. Tata AIG is one such insurance carrier. Be it insurance for bikes or scooters, we have been a reputed name in the insurance business of India for the past 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

Honda Grazia Insurance Renewal or Purchase under Tata AIG

Listed below are some simple procedures to get your Honda Grazia insurance or renew your Honda Grazia on the Tata AIG official website:

  • Visit Tata AIG’s Bike Insurance page, enter your two-wheeler's registration number, and then click "Get Price" to purchase a bike insurance policy from us. Otherwise, you may renew your current Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance by clicking "Renew."

  • When you come to the online two-wheeler insurance form, fill out all of the essential information accurately to obtain a fast four-wheeler insurance quotation for your vehicle.

  • Choose an appropriate IDV from the list provided, as it’ll assist you in selecting the proper Grazia insurance and level of coverage for your four-wheeler.

  • Complete the insurance claim details of your insurance plan, if any, if you've chosen to renew your Honda Grazia insurance. If, on the other hand, you haven't made any claims throughout the plan year, you are eligible to get an NCB reduction in your insurance plan's premium payments.

  • Tata AIG will show you an appropriate Honda Grazia insurance price. You may also tailor and improve your comprehensive insurance coverage by selecting a few alternatives from our 13 exclusive add-on covers.

  • You may easily select any online payment methods and finalise the purchase of your Honda Grazia insurance coverage. We'll then send a soft copy of your insurance policy to the email address you provided.

In addition, if you want to acquire your insurance coverage in person, you may do so by visiting the Tata AIG local office.

Honda Grazia Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Your Honda bike insurance price will depend on a few factors. The first and the most decisive factor is your two-wheeler IDV (Insured Declared Value). You have to obtain the IDV, which is essentially the current market price of your Grazia, from your nearby Honda dealership.

After that, you can calculate the Honda bike insurance price using the Tata AIG insurance premium calculator, which is provided on our official web portal.

Another factor that influences your Hond Grazia insurance cost is the add-on cover. There are 13 additional riders or add-on covers to pick from for comprehensive protection, and here are some examples:

  • Consumables cover
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Depreciation reimbursement
  • Emergency transport
  • Roadside assistance
  • Engine secure
  • daily allowance in case of alternative vehicle
  • Key replacement
  • Tyre secure
  • Return to invoice cover
  • Accessory fittings reimbursement
  • Personal belongings loss

You can choose one or more of the riders or add-on coverage mentioned above with an additional cost on your standalone insurance. That’s how add-on covers affect your Honda Grazia insurance cost.

Purchasing Honda bike insurance from us includes NCB (No-Claim Bonus) coverage. You may obtain an insurance renewal reduction for each accident-free year during a five-year term, making your insurance renewal a bit cheaper in the coming years.

Things Included/Not Included under Tata AIG's Honda Bike Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG's Honda Grazia Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG's Honda Grazia Insurance
Damages to your Honda Grazia as a result of natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and so forth. Damages caused by regular wear and tear.
Damages are caused by explosions, fire, and man-made causes such as terrorism, riots, vandalism, and so on. If your Honda Grazia sustains damage while being operated outside of your insurance plan's geographical limit.
Third-party financial and legal obligations resulting from harm to third-party property or person caused by your covered Honda Grazia. Damage to your Honda Grazia if you ride the bike without a valid driving license, do not wear a helmet.
You have a choice of 13 alternative add-ons covers in order to safeguard you as well as your Honda Grazia from various damages. Damages caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other intoxicating drugs.
Personal Accident Coverage of ₹15 lakhs to cover injuries or possibly the death of yours in the event of an unforeseen accident. Damages won’t be covered if your personal car was used for speed trials, racing or durability tests.
Any unfortunate accidental damages to your Honda Grazia. Damages to your Honda Grazia as a result of war-like circumstances, nuclear threats, invasions, etc.
Total loss of your Honda Grazia as a result of theft or permanent damage. Damages to your Honda Grazia if it's being utilised for adventure sports or if it's used for commercial reasons.

Why Is It Vital to Have Tata AIG as Your Honda Grazia Bike Insurance Partner? </

It's only reasonable that you desire the best coverage for the care of your Honda Grazia since it's an inseparable element of your regular commute and comfort. At Tata AIG, we understand your requirements and provide the following excellent perks to help safeguard your two-wheeler:

  • Our supportive and efficient customer care unit understands and meets the diverse insurance needs of over five crores of satisfied clients.

  • You may simply tailor our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy to obtain appropriate coverage for your Honda Grazia. Similarly, you may supplement your insurance plan with Tata AIG's unique riders or add-ons to provide comprehensive coverage for your Honda Grazia.

  • We pledge to provide exceptional insurance services to our policyholders and have been consistent over the past two decades.

  • Tata AIG's outstanding claim settlement ratio of 98 per cent for the fiscal year 2020-2021 demonstrates our dedication to resolving your insurance claims on schedule and without complications.

  • Our team of more than 650 claim experts across the nation is always working to make sure you get comprehensive assistance for all of our operations.

Honda Grazia: A Brief Overview

The Honda Grazia boasts a distinct 'moto-scooter' appearance and economical features such as LED headlights and a dual digital instrument cluster together with a tachometer! The single-cylinder 125cc engine provides 8.5 horsepower and 10.54 Nm of maximum torque and is linked to a CVT transmission.

The Honda Grazia Deluxe model comes standard with alloy wheels, Honda's Combi® Braking System, and a front disc brake. The scooter is outfitted with a 90/90 12-inch tubeless tyre in the front and 90/100 12-inch tubeless tyre in the rear. The scooter is available in three trim levels and six colours.

The Honda Grazia's stylish looks and modern amenities make it the ideal choice for urban and young riders based out of India. Overall, we can state that the Honda Grazia operates admirably, looks stunning, and is really reliable.

Honda Grazia Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi
Honda Grazia Drum ₹80,175
Honda Grazia Disc ₹87,500
Honda Grazia Sports Edition ₹88,500

Honda Grazia Features: Unique Selling Points

The following are some unique and major features that the Honda Grazia offers:

  • It is powered by a fan-cooled 124.9 cc, 4-stroke engine that produces 8.52 horsepower and 10.54 Nm of peak torque.
  • The scooter's engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission.
  • The commuter has a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour.
  • When you push the rear brake lever, the CBS (Combi Brake System) distributes force evenly between the rear and front brakes.
  • The front suspension is equipped with telescopic forks, whereas the rear suspension is equipped with a spring-loaded hydraulic mechanism.
  • It features a two-tone colour scheme with crisp and quick lines, giving it a sporty appeal.
  • The Honda Grazia has a computerised instrument cluster with two panels and a three-step eco speed indicator.
  • A 4-in-1 lock, together with a switch for seat opening, is one of Honda Grazia's unique safety features.

Top Contenders of the Honda Grazia

Listed below are the competitors of the Honda Grazia:

  • Suzuki Access
  • TVS Jupiter 125
  • TVS NTORQ 125
  • Hero Maestro Edge 125
  • Yamaha Fascino 125 FI Hybrid
  • Aprilia SR 125


All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. What documentation must be presented for my Honda Grazia insurance claim?

1. What documentation must be presented for my Honda Grazia insurance claim?


You must produce the following documentation while filing your Honda Grazia insurance claim:

  • Correctly completed claim application form
  • Honda Grazia Registration Certificate photocopy together with the original copy
  • Damage specifics
  • Repair costs

2. What are the advantages of Honda Grazia insurance renewal?


If you don't renew your Honda Grazia bike insurance within three months of its expiration date, you'll miss out on the collected NCB, resulting in financial loss. In addition, your Grazia may be subject to a further inspection round, which may be charged.

3. Which insurance policy is required for my Honda Grazia under Indian law?


Third-party bike insurance for your Honda Grazia is required under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. It provides financial coverage for third-party obligations incurred when riding the bike. This coverage protects against third-party death, property damage, or injury. You are not permitted to ride your Honda Grazia without at least this plan. This insurance, however, excludes coverage for theft, loss or damage of your covered Honda Grazia.

4. Is it possible to insure my newly purchased Honda Grazia accessories during the term of my insurance plan? Is it feasible to insure them during the policy's term?


Of course! When you notify us in writing and disclose all of the details about your new Grazia accessories, you may simply select insurance coverage. You'll have to pay an additional premium for your Grazia bike to get these insured.

5. Does a change in my address and job have any influence on my Honda Grazia insurance?


Yes, it has more or less influence once you move. You must update your contact information, like your phone number or new home location. You may do this offline or online at Tata AIG's official website.

Your Grazia insurance coverage may differ according to where you live. It's due to the fact that the vehicle registration district determines bike insurance costs. If you migrate to a metro city (like Kolkata, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, or Pune), you must pay a higher premium rate since they are in Zone A, as opposed to the rest of the nation, which is in Zone B.

As a result, if you relocate from Zone B to A, your Honda Grazia insurance price will rise.

6. What are the perks of purchasing Honda Grazia insurance from Tata AIG?


Tata AIG is a cutting-edge digital insurance firm that sells insurance coverage online without the need for middlemen or agents. The following are the primary advantages of purchasing Tata AIG Honda Grazia insurance:

  • Safe and secure online transaction
  • Cashless bike repair experience
  • Super-fast claim settlement
  • Get instant expert assistance

7. How does Insured Declared Value affect insurance costs?


The Insured Declared Value, or IDV, is the amount insured or the estimated market value of your Honda Grazia. It's reimbursed to the policyholder if the covered two-wheeler is totalled or damaged. You have the option to raise or lower the Insured Declared Value when purchasing Honda Grazia insurance. As a result, increasing the Insured Declared Value raises the insurance price, and vice-versa.