Vashi Deputy RTO

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Vashi Deputy RTO

You've undoubtedly heard of the term 'RTO' if you possess or operate a vehicle in our nation. The Regional Transport Office (abbreviation: RTO) is a government establishment in India that oversees and regulates all transportation-related operations. Every state, city, as well as a union territory in the nation has its own Regional Transport Office that oversees all activities associated with transportation.

Just like every other city, Vashi, a locality in the beautiful city of Navi Mumbai, has its own RTO office. Also, like every other city or state, the Vashi RTO office has its own unique code. The MH-43 RTO code is assigned to Vashi Deputy Office, Navi Mumbai. The state that lies for the MH-43 RTO Code is Maharashtra, hence the code 'MH'.

The Vashi RTO was created in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The Navi Mumbai Regional Transport Office Department operates under the terms of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (Section 213.1). The Vashi RTO code is in charge of providing an efficient public transport system for the residents of Vashi. The office is highly responsible when it comes to carrying out many road safety measures as well as duties such as collecting road taxes, granting driving licences, managing vehicle pollution, and so on.

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Vashi Deputy RTO Office

The table below displays the MH-43 RTO code's address and contact information:

MH-43 RTO Vahsi Deputy Office, Navi Mumbai
RTO Code MH-43
RTO Office Location  Block-T, Sector 19/B, APMC Market, Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Maharashtra - 400705
RTO Office Working Hours  10:30 AM to 5:45 PM | Monday to Saturday
RTO Office Contact Number  -27650632

Vashi Deputy RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

All vehicles that operate in the Vashi area must be registered with the Vashi RTO. You must pay the vehicle registration fees as well as any relevant taxes in order to register your vehicle. The cost of vehicle registration is determined by the type of vehicle, the reason behind its usage, as well as the seating capacity. The following table shows the vehicle registration fees at the Vashi Regional Transport Office:

Vehicle Type Registration Charges (in ₹)
Invalid Carriage  ₹50
Two-Wheelers (Scooters, Motorcycles) ₹300
Imported Scooters/Motorcycles ₹5,000
Light Motor Vehicles ₹600
Medium Goods and Passenger Vehicles ₹1,000
Heavy Goods and Passenger Vehicles ₹1,500
Imported Motor Vehicles ₹5,000
E-rickshaws or E-carts  ₹1,000
Light Commercial Vehicles ₹1,000
Any Other Automobiles ₹3,000

Vashi Deputy RTO: Functions

The Vashi RTO office conducts tasks outlined in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (under Section 213.1). It is tasked with numerous vehicular responsibilities aimed at streamlining motor vehicle laws. Some of its key roles are as follows:

  • Tax and Charge Collection: The road tax charged by the government on various types of vehicles is collected by the Regional Transport Office. The RTO collects the new IMV (International Multi-Purpose Vehicles) payments. The RTO Vashi also charges for situations involving departmental actions.

  • Road Safety: The RTO Vashi ensures that every motor vehicle avoids speeding and observes traffic laws. It also guarantees that people follow every road safety measure. Furthermore, it makes sure that drivers follow the regulations outlined in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act in order to minimise unnecessary risks. Similarly, the Vashi RTO code keeps a database of all registered automobiles that carry third-party liability insurance. Consequently, if anyone's detected driving without a valid insurance plan, the Regional Transport Office revokes the vehicle registration and the driving licence.

  • Vehicle Registration: The Vashi RTO is the entity in charge of vehicle registration. It also grants NOCs and transport permits. The RTO Vashi is also responsible for updating the vehicle's registration with the new owner when there's a vehicle sale.

  • Provision of Driving Licence: The MH-43 RTO Code is in charge of issuing driving licences to drivers and riders. As a result, the RTO Vashi administers driving exams and collects all relevant information about the rider or driver. The MH-43 RTO code also verifies the permitted class of automobiles. From driving licence issuance to renewal and granting duplicate driving licences, the RTO Vashi office does it all.

  • Vehicle Inspection: The RTO Vashi inspects automobiles on a regular basis. Its purpose is to inspect the condition of automobiles on the road. As a result, they examine to see if the automobiles are registered, as well as any other essential paperwork. Also, whether or not they have an up-to-date and genuine PUC certificate. It also checks to see if the automobiles are in good working order and safe to drive on the road.

Registering a Vehicle in Vashi: How to Do It?

The Vashi RTO office offers the residents of Vashi efficient transportation services, and vehicle registration is an integral element of this procedure. Vehicles operating within the jurisdiction must have the RTO Vashi (MH-43) code on their automobile's licence plate.

When you purchase an automobile, the vehicle dealer issues you a temporary vehicle registration that's good for a period of just one month, after which a permanent vehicle registration is required. Here's a step-by-step process to register your vehicle permanently with the MH-43 RTO code:

  • 1. You can get the service from RTO Vashi online and download Application Form No. 20 by visiting the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Maharashtra. You may select either the Marathi or English version of the application form. Also, you can visit the MH-43 RTO Code in person and obtain the form.

  • 2. You should submit the application form together with the required documentation at the Regional Transport Office of Vashi.

  • 3. The Superintendent of the Vashi RTO office will inspect your vehicle.

  • 4. Following verification, the Vashi RTO office assigns a unique registration number for your automobile.

Soon after the completion of the aforementioned stages, an RC Smart Card is issued to the automobile's owner at their stated postal address.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Vashi: How to Do It?

There exist two kinds of automobile registration: permanent and temporary. The temporary registration comes with 7-day validity and may be extended for another month by applying to the Vashi RTO office. However, following the end of this term, permanent registration is required. A permanent registration comes with a valid period of 15 years, after which every vehicle (commercial or private) must be renewed every 5 years.

  • Visit the Vashi RTO office and duly complete Application Form No. 25. An individual can also obtain it by visiting the RTO Vashi official website.

  • An individual must present the following set of papers to the Vashi RTO office:

    • Application Form No. 25 completely filled and signed by the applicant.

    • The RC Book or original RC (Registration Certificate)

    • A valid two-wheeler/four-wheeler insurance policy

    • Professional tax certificate

    • Name and address proof (Voter ID, Passport, Aadhar Card, etc.)

    • Certificate of Pollution under Control

    • Renewal charges

The paperwork mentioned above must be delivered to the Vashi RTO office, after which an RTO official will assess your automobile. The renewed Registration Certificate is given to the automobile owner as soon as the verification procedure is completed.

Vehicle Registration in Vashi: Documents Required

The following documents are necessary to register your automobile with Vashi RTO (MH-43 code):

  • Sales Certificate or Application Form No. 21 (it's issued by your automobile dealer)

  • Roadworthiness Certificate or Application Form No. 22

  • Recent Passport-size photographs

  • Address and identity evidence of the applicant

  • Valid bike/car insurance policy

  • Paid tax receipt

  • Customs bill, in case the vehicle is an imported one

  • Age certificate (on certain circumstances)

Motor Insurance in Vashi

According to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle, whether private or commercial, must have a vehicle permit, valid registration certificate, and insurance for 4-wheeler/insurance for 2-wheeler. Automobiles driving without valid motor insurance in India will be fined. You may simply obtain online motor insurance at competitive rates that meet your budget. Having a sound insurance policy can financially protect you in the event of an unpleasant incident such as an accident.

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  • Compare car insurance/bike insurance policies and select the one that best meets your requirements in terms of the sum insured, features, premiums, and so on.

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Disclaimer / TnC

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Where is the MH-43 RTO code?

Where is the MH-43 RTO code?


If you're searching for the MH-43 RTO name or where it's situated, let us tell you that MH-43 is the unique code number for the Vashi RTO office in Navi Mumbai.

Is the Vashi RTO office open on Saturdays?


Yes, the Vashi RTO is open on Saturdays. In fact, every Regional Transport office in India works even on Saturdays. It only remains closed if a national holiday falls on this day.

What's Application Form No. 28?


Application Form No. 28 is the NOC (No Objection Certificate) that's granted by the Regional Transport Office of the respective union territory, city, or state. When an automobile is purchased in one state or union territory and registered in another, an individual is required to obtain and fill out this application form.