Bajaj Pulsar N250 Insurance

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Bajaj Pulsar N250 Insurance

Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian multinational two-wheeler manufacturing company founded in 1945. Bajaj Auto is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India. Over the years, the company has been known for its affordability and quality, making it a popular choice for customers in the Indian market.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS250 is a sporty motorcycle produced by Bajaj Auto Limited. It features a 250cc engine that delivers strong performance, making it an attractive option for riders who want a fast two-wheeler. Additionally, it offers a comfortable ride, with features like a smooth suspension system, a well-positioned handlebar, and a spacious seat. With its blend of style, comfort, and performance, the Bajaj Pulsar NS250 is a vehicle for many Indian households.

A two-wheeler insurance policy is essential for Bajaj Pulsar NS250 riders as it provides financial security in case of accidents, damage, or theft. In addition, as stated in the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, all two-wheelers must have at least a minimum third-party insurance coverage to operate legally on Indian roads. You can increase the coverage of your Bajaj bike insurance by adding riders, including liability coverage, 24-hour roadside assistance, and personal accident cover.

Tata AIG offers complete protection to your Bajaj Pulsar NS250 with our comprehensive bike insurance plan. We provide you with broader security than mandatory third-party protection insurance. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance typically covers the policyholder for third-party liabilities, damages to the insured two-wheeler, and personal accident cover.

We offer protection against various losses and risks that can arise due to unforeseen events such as theft, accidents, natural disasters, etc. We also provide financial security against costs incurred for replacing and repairing the two-wheeler.

Here are some reasons to buy Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance:

  • It is mandatory under the law

  • Offers legal protection against fines

  • Provides financial coverage against theft

  • Gives protection from expenses incurred due to damage from natural disasters

  • Provides third-party liability protection

  • Offers personal accident cover

Purchase or Renewal of Bajaj Pulsar N250 Insurance Online

With Tata AIG, the Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance renewal and purchase processes are simple, hassle-free, and paperless. With just a few clicks, you can purchase Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance online. Along with getting your vehicle insured, you also get to enjoy access to the cashless garage network of Tata AIG. When you insure your car with Tata AIG, you also gain access to their network of cashless garages.

The online process makes renewing or purchasing Pulsar N250 bike insurance easier and more convenient. You can access all your policy details and papers through a single interface, 24/7. It's advisable to compare two-wheeler insurance policies and utilise a bike insurance premium calculator to determine the premium based on the type of coverage and riders before purchasing or renewing your policy. To buy or renew Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance online, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit our bike insurance page.

  • Enter your Bajaj Pulsar N250's registration number and other details.

  • Select the "Get Price" option to purchase a new insurance plan. On the other hand, to renew your existing Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance policy, click on the "Renew" option. Complete the bike insurance form by entering the necessary information.

  • Select your bike's appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value).

Note The IDV, which determines the premium of your bike insurance policy, is based on the listed selling price of the manufacturer and reflects the current market value of your bike. It is important to choose the IDV wisely.

  • Mention the history of your previous claims (if any). You can select the No Claim Bonus option if you have raised no claims previously. In case there are no previous claims, you are eligible for a no-claim discount of up to 50%.

  • You can enhance your insurance plan by choosing the suitable ones from our comprehensive add-ons.

Note The insurance riders come at an additional expense, which will increase your overall premium amount. Therefore, make a wise choice while selecting the add-ons for your bike insurance.

  • Once you fill in and submit the details, your Bajaj two-wheeler insured sum and the premium quote will display on the screen. If you are happy with the displayed quote, you can proceed with the payment via a suitable online payment method.

  • Once the payment is processed, we will send the details and policy documents to your registered Whatsapp number and email address.

For any queries or assistance, you can reach out to our support team, and they will be happy to help.

Bajaj Pulsar N250 Bike Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

You need to pay the premium to purchase Bajaj bike insurance online or renew an existing insurance plan. Depending on your convenience, you can pay the premiums yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. Your Bajaj two-wheeler insurance premium can be affected and determined by multiple factors, including

Insurance policy and coverage type- The type of insurance policy you choose determines its premium. Basic third-party insurance for 2 wheeler vehicles can cost less as the offered coverage for such policies is not extensive. On the contrary, a comprehensive insurance plan will cost you more due to its extensive coverage. In addition, the comprehensive insurance premiums can increase if you choose add-on covers for your vehicle.

Age of the bike- The bike's age is inversely proportional to its IDV. As the bike ages, its market value drops, and so does the IDV, resulting in a lower premium.

Make and model of the two-wheeler- The insurance premium for an expensive two-wheeler will be higher due to its high IDV and market value. On the other hand, a more affordable two-wheeler will have a lower premium because of its lower IDV and market value.

NCB- NCB is a discount offered to policyholders for driving responsibly and not filing any claims in the previous policy years. The discount is applicable on the bike's premium amount at the time of Bajaj bike insurance renewal.

Geographical location- The premium is lower in areas with low traffic or low risk, such as small cities and villages, as there is less probability of accidental damage to the vehicle. In addition, if the insured two-wheeler is used in a city with heavy traffic, the policyholder may be charged higher premiums.

Age and driver record of the insured- Young riders who are new to traffic rules and bike riding carry high risks compared to older and experienced riders. Therefore, younger riders are likely to be charged higher premiums. Likewise, safe drivers are likely to be charged with lower premiums compared to riders with bad driving records.

Engine type/cubic capacity- If you buy a third-party two-wheeler insurance plan, the bike's cubic capacity (cc) determines the premium. Thus, a higher cc of the two-wheeler calls for a high premium.

Add-on covers- Add-ons provide coverage for events not covered by the base plan but also increase the insurance cost and thus impact the premium amount.

Safety devices- Safety devices, like burglar alarms, lower your insurance premium as they reduce the risk of theft and make your vehicle safer.

Modifications of the bike- A modified two-wheeler which is more expensive than a non-modified one, can have a higher insurance premium.

What is Covered and Not-Covered for Bajaj Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here are some more details on the coverage and exclusions under Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Things covered under Tata AIG's Bajaj Pulsar N250 bike insurance Things not covered under Tata AIG's Bajaj Pulsar N250 bike insurance
Our all-inclusive, comprehensive bike insurance policy offers coverage for damages to your vehicle due to events such as:

  • Natural calamities like cyclones, snowfall, floods, earthquakes, etc. 

  • Damages incurred by accidents 

  • Damage caused by acts of terrorism, riots, strikes, and other malicious acts, etc.

  • Damages caused due to fire by lightning, self-ignition, explosions, etc. 

  • Damages caused in transit by waterways, airways, railways, roadways, etc. 
  • Electrical/mechanical breakdown, consequential loss, and general wear and tear of the two-wheeler due to ageing. 
    Our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage will repay the market value of your two-wheeler if it's robbed or deemed a total loss (damaged beyond repair). If the two-wheeler is being used outside the mentioned geographical location, i.e., outside Indian borders. 
    Both comprehensive and third-party two-wheeler insurance policies include coverage for third-party liabilities. This consists of any harm to third-party property, injury to or death of a third party. Damages incurred due to mutiny, war or war-like events, nuclear perils, or similar events.
    Our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan offers the driver-owner a personal accident cover of ₹15 lakhs.  Damages incurred due to reliability trials, racing, speed testing, etc. 
    We will reimburse the medical expenses incurred from accident-related injuries under this cover. In addition, if the owner-driver passes away due to an accident, the nominated beneficiary will receive the predetermined sum.  Coverage for damages to one's own two-wheeler in the event of a third-party liability-only policy.
    The comprehensive bike insurance cover provides a wide range of add-ons that further enhance your insurance cover, providing protection under specific circumstances.  Accident coverage for the owner-driver in the event of a third-party liability policy.
    Riding a two-wheeler without a valid driving licence or a helmet.
    Driving a two-wheeler under narcotics and intoxicants' influence.
    Using a private two-wheeler for commercial purposes. 
    Operating the bike in restricted usage conditions like flood-prone locations despite being warned of potential danger. It may be considered contributory negligence.

    Add-on Bike Insurance Covers That You Should Consider

    You can add another layer of coverage to your Tata AIG comprehensive Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance by choosing from the below-listed add-ons.

    Depreciation allowance- This add-on, commonly referred to as zero depreciation cover, helps compensate for depreciation. With this add-on, we will reimburse the depreciation value that is normally subtracted from your bike’s original value. Please note that this benefit is only available for the first two claims.

    Return-to-invoice cover- In events like complete damage or theft, this add-on will help you claim the invoice price of your two-wheeler. If your bike is completely damaged or stolen, you will receive its current market value, also known as the Insured Declared Value (IDV). With this add-on, we will reimburse you the total cost of the bike, including the on-road price and any road taxes or registration fees.

    Emergency medical expenses- This add-on allows you to get reimbursement for medical expenses incurred in an accident that leaves you or your co-passengers injured. The add-on covers treatment at any hospital or nursing home and the cost of transportation to the medical facility.

    Additional personal accident cover for the owner-driver- This add-on provides extra personal accident cover in case of injury or death from an accident while riding a bike. It pays a predetermined amount to your family in case of a fatal accident.

    Additional third-party property damage cover- Third-party liabilities are covered in third-party and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. However, additional coverage for third-party liabilities can be purchased as an add-on.

    Consumables expenses- This add-on provides reimbursement for replenishment, replacement, or repair expenses of bike consumables lost or damaged in an accident. Covered consumables include washers, screws, brake oil, nuts/bolts, engine oil, bearings, gearbox oil, clips, grease, distilled water, lubricants, and others, excluding fuel.

    **Roadside assistance : This add-on immediately sends emergency breakdown assistance to your location and takes care of issues including dead battery, flat tyre, mechanical or electrical repairs, fuel requirements, etc.

    Why Should You Buy Bajaj Pulsar N250 Insurance from Tata AIG

    Choosing the right two-wheeler insurance can be challenging with so many options available. However, here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a long-term policy from Tata AIG:

    • Tata AIG has a long-standing reputation for trustworthiness and reliability in the insurance industry. Over the last 20 years, the company has consistently honoured its commitments and fulfilled the promises made in all its insurance policies.

    • At Tata AIG, we follow a customer-centric approach. To ensure that policyholders receive the best possible service and support, the company has assembled a dedicated crew of 650 claim professionals.

    • Tata AIG takes its responsibility to policyholders very seriously and works hard to ensure that claims are processed quickly and fairly. During the fiscal year 2020-2021, the company has demonstrated its commitment to policyholders by successfully settling an impressive 98% of the claims it received.

    • With a family of over 5 crores of satisfied customers, Tata AIG recognises the importance of building solid and lasting relationships with its policyholders. Tata AIG strives to provide personalised and supportive service that goes above and beyond the typical customer experience by treating each policyholder as a valued family member.

    A Brief Overview of Bajaj Pulsar N250

    The Bajaj Pulsar N250 is a 250cc sport two-wheeler manufactured by Bajaj Auto. It features a liquid-cooled engine that produces 23.5 Nm of torque, 29.6 horsepower, and comes equipped with a six-speed transmission. The Pulsar N250 has a sporty structure with a full-fairing and split-seat setup, completing it to be a suitable ride for sport-touring. It also has a fully digital instrument console and a dual-channel ABS. The Pulsar N250 is aimed at sport-oriented and young riders and offers a balance of style, performance, and practicality.

    Bajaj Pulsar N250 – Variants and Prices

    Variants Ex-Showroom Price
    Pulsar N250 STD ₹1,44,979
    Pulsar N250 All-Black ₹1,49,978

    Unique Selling Points: Bajaj Pulsar N250 Features

    Here are some of the unique selling points of the Bajaj Pulsar N250:

    249.5cc, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine: This engine is efficient and powerful. The liquid cooling technique helps maintain optimal engine temperature, while the 4 valves ensure power delivery.

    10-litre fuel tank: It allows for prolonged riding without the need for frequent refuelling.

    Maximum power of 26.1 bhp at 9,500 rpm: The engine provides brisk acceleration and an exciting riding experience.

    Maximum torque of 22.5 Nm at 7,250 rpm: The engine provides a smooth delivery of power and a strong pulling power across the rev range.

    6-speed transmission: The 6-speed transmission offers precise and smooth gear shifts, allowing for a more secure and controlled biking experience.

    Split seat design: The split seat design offers comfortable seating for both the biker and the passenger.

    Digital-analog instrument console: It provides essential ride information, including RPM, speed, fuel level, etc.

    LED tail lights: It provides efficient and bright lighting, improving safety and visibility when riding in low-light situations.

    Dual-channel ABS: It provides enhanced stability and stopping power, helping to prevent wheel lockup and skidding in emergency braking situations.

    **Kerb weight of 153 kg : The bike is relatively light and easy to handle.

    Competitors of Bajaj Pulsar N250

    Here are the top competitors of Bajaj Pulsar N250:

    • Honda XBlade

    • Bajaj Pulsar F250

    • TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

    • Hero Xtreme 200S

    • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

    • TVS Apache RTR 180

    • Yamaha FZ 25

    • Suzuki Gixxer 150

    • Suzuki Gixxer SF

    • TVS Ronin 225

    Disclaimer / TnC

    Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

    Related Articles

    1. What are some of the recommended add-ons for the Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike?

    1. What are some of the recommended add-ons for the Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike?


    Choosing add-ons depends on the rider. However, we recommend you go for personal accident cover, zero-depreciation cover, engine protection cover, as well as roadside assistance cover.

    2. How can I apply for a No Claim Bonus discount on a Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike insurance plan?


    If you do not submit a claim on your bike insurance policy during the policy year, you will be eligible for the No Claim Bonus discount, which will be added to the next policy year's rates. As far as possible, avoid filing claims for small damage to your two-wheeler in order to qualify for the No Claim Bonus discount.

    3. Which insurance policy is best for the Bajaj Pulsar 220?


    As previously stated, two bike insurance options are available for the Bajaj Pulsar 220. Third-party Bike Insurance Policy and Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy are the two options. We recommend Comprehensive Bike Insurance over the other since it provides more comprehensive coverage. This policy covers both own damage (OD) and third-party liabilities. You may also choose add-on coverage to supplement the base plan's coverage.

    4. What papers do I need to provide to get Tata AIG's bike insurance for the Bajaj Pulsar 220?


    When purchasing bike insurance from Tata AIG, you are not required to provide any documentation. The transaction is entirely paperless. All you have to do is input your two-wheeler information and previous policy information. After that, select your preferred plan and make an online payment. The policy paper will be emailed to you immediately. It's as easy as that!

    5. What is the cost of a Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike insurance policy?


    Tata AIG uses a variety of parameters to calculate the premium due for a motorcycle, including its age, manufacture, model, Insured Declared Value (IDV), and so on. As a result, the premium payable may differ from bike to bike.

    To obtain a free estimate, visit our official website, submit your two-wheeler information, and choose your preferred plan.

    6. In what circumstances might my Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc claim be denied?


    In the following conditions, your insurance claim for your Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc would be denied:

    • If it has been shown that you were driving carelessly or were under the influence of a substance such as alcohol or drugs.
    • If the amount of your insurance coverage has been depleted for a specific period of time,
    • If your claim falls beyond the scope of the policy's coverage

    7. How long does it take to process my Bajaj Pulsar 220 bike insurance claim?


    You will be assigned a claim number once you have notified us of your claim on our Claims Support page or on 1800-266-7780. Your claim is processed quickly when you submit the required papers in line with the terms and conditions of your Pulsar 220 bike insurance policy.

    Is it safe to buy bike insurance online?


    Yes, buying bike insurance online is generally considered safe. Tata AIG has a secure website that protects your personal and financial information, and you can easily compare policies and prices before investing. However, it's important to make sure you're buying insurance from a reputable company and to carefully review the policy details and coverage options to ensure you're getting the right coverage for your needs.

    Is it important to renew bike insurance?


    It's important to renew bike insurance to comply with the law, maintain coverage, and avoid lapses in coverage. This helps ensure protection and peace of mind.

    What is bike insurance?


    Bike insurance is a policy that provides financial protection for a two-wheeler, such as a motorcycle or a scooter, covering repairs/replacement in case of an accident, damage, or theft and liability for damages/injuries caused to others. It is mandatory and various coverage options are available.

    What does a comprehensive bike insurance policy cover?


    A comprehensive bike insurance policy typically covers: Damage to the bike in case of accidents, theft, or natural disasters Liabilities towards third parties in case of accidents, such as injury to others or damage to their property Personal accident cover for the rider Medical expenses incurred due to an accident involving the bike Add-on covers such as pillion passenger covers, accessories covers, and roadside assistance Legal expenses in case of a dispute with a third party It is important to check the policy details carefully to understand the coverage and exclusions.

    How long will it take for my bike insurance claim to be settled?


    The time it takes for a bike insurance claim to be settled can vary depending on several factors, including the type of claim, and the complexity of the situation. In general, the bike insurance claim process typically involves the following steps: Reporting the claim Inspection and assessment Approval and payment With Tata AIG it typically takes 7 to 30 days for a claim to be settled.

    How long would it take to buy a Tata AIG bike insurance policy for my Bajaj Pulsar N250?


    Tata AIG makes it quick and easy to book Bajaj Pulsar N250 insurance online. You can complete the entire process in just a few minutes. The quick and convenient process ensures that you can get insurance coverage for your Bajaj Pulsar N250 without spending hours or days on paperwork or waiting for an appointment.

    Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.