Tata AIG Benelli TNT 600i Insurance

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Tata AIG Benelli TNT 600i Insurance

The Benelli TNT 600i is a powerful roadster launched in India to appeal to young bike enthusiasts. The now Chinese-owned Italian brand has gone to great lengths to make this model one of India's most influential and stylish 600 cc bikes. It has a muscular fuel tank, a redesigned rear section, full LED lighting, and many other features.

Benelli discontinued the TNT 600i model a few years ago, but the company is now ready to re-enter the Indian market with improved features.

If you own an older model of this bike or plan to purchase a new one, you should always budget for a comprehensive Benelli TNT 600i bike insurance policy. The insurance for a 2-wheeler protects you financially if you lose your bike or it is irreparably damaged. The insurance also shields you from natural or human-planned disasters.

Benelli Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal/Buy via Tata AIG

The Benelli TNT 600i is a powerful motorcycle that can easily outperform its competitors on Indian roads. The middle-weight roadster is an excellent companion for intra-city commuting or a mountainous excursion. But, to enjoy riding on this two-wheeler, you must have at least minimal insurance coverage. If your bike lacks one, contact Tata AIG for an instant renewal within minutes. Here is what you need to do.

  • Visit the Tata AIG website and go to the bike insurance policy page. Your screen will display options for purchase and renewal.

  • For renewal of your lapsed policy, enter the Benelli TNT 600i registration number and continue to the next page after clicking the 'Renew' tab.

  • If you are a new customer, enter your bike details and click the 'Get Price' button.

  • Next, complete the bike insurance online form.

  • Determine your Benelli's insured declared value (IDV) and select the resulting sum from the drop-down menu.

  • If you have previously submitted claims, please include the details on the form. In case of a claim-free year, use the accumulated no-claim bonus (NCB) to lower the Benelli TNT 600i insurance cost.

  • After completing the preceding steps, you will receive a premium amount applicable to your bike. At this step, you can select riders and broaden the scope of your policy.

  • Finally, select from different digital payment options to pay the policy premium.

Soon after completing your transaction, you will receive a softcopy of your two-wheeler insurance policy in your email.

Now, getting the Benelli bike insurance online, as well as the Benelli bike insurance renewal, are extremely simple processes. But if it still appears tiresome, you can get your TNT 600i bike insurance from a Tata AIG branch or a registered motor insurance agent.

Benelli TNT 600i Insurance Cost – Your Premium Amount

Your comprehensive long-term two-wheeler insurance includes third-party liability cover and your own damage (OD) portion. The premium for third-party cover is fixed and is pre-decided by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) based on the bike's displacement size. Motor insurers are only in charge of deciding the premium for the policy's OD portion.

The OD premium relies on the manufacturing year, the number of riders, make and model, and IDV. IDV is essentially the maximum compensation you will receive if your Benelli TNT 600i is irreparably damaged or stolen. If your IDV is lower, so is your premium, and vice versa.

Avoid choosing inaccurate IDV to lower your insurance cost and avoid claim rejection. You should use an insurance premium calculator to get an accurate IDV in a matter of minutes. You can manually calculate it by deducting depreciation from the original invoice value.

Add-ons for Benelli TNT 600i Insurance by Tata AIG

In India, cases of bike collisions and crashes are common. The primary causes of this are intoxicated riding, pedestrian carelessness, poor roads, and motorists' disregard for traffic laws. The cost of repairs and maintenance in such tragic road events can be pretty high, and paying them upfront can put a dent in your wallet. Tata AIG's bike insurance policy can help you in this case. But if you want complete coverage, you must purchase riders.

For example, if your Benelli bike breaks down due to poor engine oil, the consumable cover can come in handy. With Tata AIG, you can choose from eight add-ons, which include.

  • Consumable expense cover

  • Depreciation cover

  • Return-to-invoice covers

  • Personal accident cover

  • Emergency medical expenses

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Additional coverage for third-party property damage

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Benelli Bike Insurance

Even if you have comprehensive bike insurance, there are multiple incidents that your policy does not cover. As a result, it is critical to read the fine print of the policy wording available on the insurer's website before making a decision. Here are the details of the inclusions and exclusions of Tata AIG's comprehensive Benelli TNT 600i bike insurance.

What is covered? What is not covered?
Benelli bike insurance protects your bike financially against landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, and other natural disasters. Your policy does not cover claims for normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdown, or consequential damage.
The policy covers damage to a bike caused by self-ignition, fire, explosions, or lighting. Any damage to your Benelli bike that occurs outside the geographical boundaries specified in the policy document is not covered.
The policy covers any damage to your Benelli 600i caused by a human-caused disaster, such as terrorism, riots, or vandalism. The two-wheeler insurance does not cover damage caused by mutiny, nuclear perils, or war-like scenarios. 
If you have lost your entire TNT 600i bike rather than just spare parts, the policy will compensate you up to the IDV value. Avoid using your Benelli for speed testing, racing, or illegal activities because the damage sustained while participating in such activities is not covered by Benelli TNT 600i bike insurance.
In case your bike is damaged while in transit, your policy will cover the costs of repairs. Tata AIG will not pay for bike damage if your Benelli is only covered by third-party liability insurance, not by comprehensive or own damage insurance.
If a third party (other motorists or pedestrians) is injured or their property is damaged in an accident, the insurer is obligated to pay for the legal liabilities. Your policy does not cover accidents involving your bike that occur while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
If you are a Benelli TNT 600i rider and are involved in an accident, Tata AIG will cover your medical expenses. In the event of death in a road accident, the policy pays a lump sum to the beneficiary. If a tragic road accident occurs and you are found to be driving without a licence, your policy will not cover any losses.

Please note that all the above-mentioned benefits are only available to comprehensive and standalone OD coverage. Third-party insurance coverage is limited to only third-party liabilities, and it does not pay to fix the damages to your bike. Therefore, for new insurance purchases or even for your Benelli two-wheeler insurance renewal, we recommend getting comprehensive coverage.

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Benelli Bike Insurance?

Benelli is a renowned name in the sports bike segment in India and abroad. Benelli bikes, regardless of model, have powerful engines and various safety features. You must still consider purchasing insurance for this bike to comply with the Motor Vehicle Act rules and ensure complete financial protection in the event of an accident. If you are unsure which motor insurer to choose, here are five reasons why Tata AIG could be your ideal insurance partner.

  • Tata AIG is a trusted name in the insurance industry, having served over five crore customers. The company is strengthening its network to provide better services.

  • With Tata AIG motor insurance, you can get cashless repairs at over 8700 network garages.

  • Tata AIG, through additional riders, ensures that your bike is protected in the event of a tragic road incident.

  • Tata AIG has one of the best claim settlement ratios in the motor insurance industry, at 98%, and is known for having the simplest claim settlement process.

  • Tata AIG allows you to reduce your premium costs to 50% by riding carefully and avoiding minor claims.

Overview - Benelli TNT 600i Bike Model

Benelli TNT 600i is a sports bike with broad, muscular built and sturdy aspects. This bike's discontinued model was available in three colours: Nero, Bianco, and Rosso. The engine outfitted in this bike is powered by a liquid-cooled inline-four engine with electronic fuel injection technology. Benelli TNT delivers a powerful performance through its six-speed gearbox.

Benelli has meticulously designed its split seat with comfy foams to provide a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the crimson-lit instrument panel improves visibility even on dark highways and in bad weather.

Technical features of Benelli TNT 600i Insurance

  • Users reported mileage of 19 km/l

  • Engine displacement of 600 cc

  • Maximum torque of 54.6 Nm @ 10,500 rpm

  • Maximum power of 78.9 bhp @ 11,500 rpm

  • Fuel tank capacity of 15 litres

  • Reserve fuel capacity of 3 litres

Benelli TNT 600i Bike Price in India and its Variants

The Benelli TNT 600i is a mid-range sports bike in India. The manufacturer discontinued this model a few years ago and is now planning to re-enter the Indian market with an upgraded version of this bike. Previously, the bike was available in three versions – Standard, Limited Edition, and ABS version. The older versions came in three different colours. The last known price of its Standard variant was ₹5,42,000, which does not include road tax, registration fees, or insurance charges.

Variant Price
TNT 600i BS4 (Standard) ₹5,42,000
TNT 600i BS4 Limited Edition ₹5,62,000
TNT 600i BS4 ABS BS4 ₹6,20,000

Unique Selling Points: Benelli TNT 600i Bike Features

The Benelli 600i is a naked sports bike with nearly all of the unique features one would expect from a mid-range sports bike. With an average ground clearance of 150 mm, a longer wheelbase of 1480 mm, and a kerb weight of 231 kg, it is ideal for the racetrack. The upcoming version of this bike is expected to have more distinguishing features than its predecessor. Here's a quick rundown of the discontinued versions' unique selling points.

  • The foam-based handle on the Benelli TNT 600i allows for a better grip and smoother braking. The front brakes have hydraulic-dual discs, while the rear brakes have a single hydraulic disc.

  • The advanced features of the Benelli TNT include a pass switch, digital fuel gauge, step-up seat, a mix of analogue and digital instrument consoles, and a few others.

  • TMT 600i can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.20 seconds. Whereas a quarter mile can be completed in 13.67 seconds.

Also, the Benelli 600i happened to be the cheapest inline-four bike one could get in India. So, the sound of the engine alone was enough to get one.

Rivals of Benelli TNT 600i

The popularity of sports bikes in India has grown in recent years. The scenario has contributed to several launches in the sports bike segment by various manufacturers. Some noted rivals of Benelli TNT 600i include –

  • Kawasaki Ninja 650

  • Kawasaki Z650

  • CF-Moto 650 GT

  • Kawasaki Ninja 400

  • Keeway K300 R

  • Honda CB650R

  • KTM RC 390

  • Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 BS6

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How do I file an insurance claim for my Benelli TNT 600i bike?

How do I file an insurance claim for my Benelli TNT 600i bike?


Each insurer has its own claim settlement procedure. Though, if you have Tata AIG bike insurance, you only need to complete four steps before your claim is processed. These include –

  • Visit the Tata AIG website. And then, navigate to the insurance for bike page and fill out the claim form. You must provide the FIR details, bike-related information, and policy details.

  • Following the claim form submission, Tata AIG's executives will send a surveyor to assess the nature and extent of damage to your Benelli bike.

  • After the inspection process, you can take your bike to the service centre for repairs.

  • Lastly, the Tata AIG claim support team reviews the surveyor's report and verifies the information you provided on the claim form. Your application will be processed if everything checks out.

The settlement process for reimbursement and cashless claims differs. For the former, the repair bills will be credited to your account within a few business days. In the case of the latter, Tata AIG transfers the funds directly to the garage account.

What factors affect the cost of Benelli TNT 600i motorcycle insurance?


Your Benelli TNT 600i insurance cost depends on the factors influencing the likelihood of a claim or increasing your motor insurer's liability. These include –

  • Manufacturing year

  • Model and variant

  • Sum-insured amount

  • Place of registration

  • Voluntary deductible amount

  • Number of add-ons chosen

  • Mode of insurance purchase/renewal

How can I make my Benelli TNT 600i insurance more affordable?


There are multiple ways to lower your TNT 600i insurance premium. The most vital ones are –

  • Go for an anti-theft device for your Benelli. It will lower the likelihood of your motorcycle theft.

  • Stay attentive while commuting on this bike. This lowers the probability of a road mishap and the resulting claim. It also aids in the accumulation of no-claim bonus (NCB) rewards. The NCB is known to bring it down by 50%.

  • Increase the deductible (voluntary) amount. But remember that doing so will increase your financial burden if your bike is damaged in an accident.

  • Avoid modifying your motorcycle. The majority of the alterations degrade performance while also raising the premium cost.

Is the Benelli TNT 600i a good motorcycle?


Yes, the Benelli TNT 600i, a two-seater naked sports bike, is a powerful motorcycle in this price range. It has a 600 cc inline-four engine with a 19 km/l fuel economy. Aside from that, this bike has a top speed of 221 kmph, making it ideal for racing. But, since the manufacturer has discontinued this model in India, consider purchasing comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to protect yourself financially from the high cost of repairs.

How can I renew my Benelli bike insurance with Tata AIG?


Tata AIG offers multiple ways for a Benelli two-wheeler insurance renewal. You can get an instant renewal by going to the company's official website and scrolling down to the two-wheeler insurance section. You can also renew your insurance offline at a Tata AIG branch or a registered motor insurance agent's office.

What is the starting price of the Benelli TNT 600i bike?


The Benelli TNT 600i has been discontinued. Previously, the bike was available in three different versions: standard, ABS, and limited edition. The standard version is the TMT 600i's base model. And its last known price was Rs 5,42,000. Though, keep in mind that the stated price does not include road tax, registration fees, or insurance.

Is it necessary to get Benelli TNT 600i insurance?


Yes, of course. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, every motor vehicle must have third-party liability insurance. It is the bare minimum of coverage, paying only for legal liability resulting from pedestrian/motorist property damage or bodily injury. In the event that your TNT 600i bike sustains damage, your insurer will not compensate you. As a result, it is best to purchase comprehensive insurance coverage.