Benelli TRK 251 Insurance

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Benelli TRK 251 Insurance

The Benelli TRK 251 is a lightweight adventure touring motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer Benelli. The Benelli TRK 251 was launched in India in February 2021. The bike is now available for sale across all Benelli showrooms in India. It is an affordable adventure touring motorcycle option for riders in India that offers a perfect balance of adventure touring capabilities and premium design.

Benelli leaves no stone unturned to incorporate safety features into its bike. But, to protect yourself financially, investing in two-wheeler insurance is vital. The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act makes third-party bike insurance policies mandatory in India. Insurance for 2-wheelers covers the bike rider against financial losses if any accident is caused while driving a two-wheeler on Indian roads. Comprehensive bike insurance protects you financially in untoward circumstances like natural calamity, theft, man-made damage, or accident.

Tata AIG offers different types of plans for insurance for two-wheelers. Depending on their requirements, bike owners can opt for a comprehensive, standalone own-damage or standalone third-party Benelli bike insurance policy. Purchasing or undertaking a Benelli two-wheeler insurance renewal from Tata AIG is easy and doesn’t entail a cumbersome process. The comprehensive Benelli TRK 251 bike insurance policy provides complete protection for your Benelli TRK 251.

Continue reading to learn more about the same in detail and depth.

Benelli TRK 251 Insurance Renewal/Purchase via Tata AIG

Tata AIG is a trusted partner for two-wheeler insurance. We ensure you can complete your Benelli TRK 251 insurance purchase or renewal in a few easy steps. Moreover, we make the claim process hassle-free by bringing the service online and eradicating the need for you to go to the nearest branch with all the necessary documents. The steps to buying/renewing a Benelli bike insurance online are as follows:

  • Go to Tata AIG's official website's ‘Bike Insurance’ section.

  • Type in your two-wheeler’s registration number and press the ‘Get Price’ option. You’ll see the premium amount for a new two-wheeler insurance policy. Select the ‘Renew’ tab for a Benelli bike insurance renewal if you're an existing customer.

  • The online bike insurance premium calculator will estimate the Benelli bike insurance price based on your details.

  • Choose an appropriate Insured Declared Value from the choices put forward. IDV assists in determining the sum insured as well as the maximum coverage you’ll receive in case of damage beyond repair or theft.

  • Check for NCB (No Claim Bonus). This facility does not apply to new policyholders. However, existing policyholders can bike claim benefits and discounts they have accumulated for claim-free years.

  • You’ll see different Benelli TRK 251 bike insurance options on your device’s screen. These plans offer different coverage and have different pricing.

  • You may use any accepted digital payment method to pay the premium amount. After successfully clearing the payment, you’ll receive a PDF copy of the two-wheeler insurance at your registered email ID.

Benelli TRK 251 Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

The Benelli TRK 251 bike cost can be as high or as cheap as needed. The bike insurance calculator on our website may assist you in comparing two-wheeler insurance plans so that you can choose the premium you wish to spend and then choose a plan based on it.

Most essential, pick the right IDV or Insured Declared Value for your bike because it represents the current market worth of your bike as well as the total insurance amount you will be offered if your bike is totalled. The IDV is available at your dealership and is an important factor in determining the cost of your Benelli TRK 251 bike insurance.

Conversely, if you prefer to get your Benelli bike insurance from Tata AIG, you may compare two-wheeler insurance costs online to choose the best Benelli bike insurance plan. If you need to decide the rate of your bike insurance policy, you should also examine the make and model of your bike. Tata AIG offers a variety of comprehensive bike insurance policies that may be readily customised because the demands of each bike are unique.

We provide basic third-party bike insurance for your bike at meagre costs because the policy only protects you against third-party damages. On the other hand, our comprehensive bike insurance packages provide coverage for a wide range of losses. As a result, the premiums for this insurance will be higher.

Yet it doesn't imply you should pay a high price for comprehensive Benelli TRK 251 bike insurance. Our online bike insurance calculator assists you in determining the most accurate quote for your bike insurance policy. You can also use the calculator to alter the variables in the policy to lessen or raise the premium cost and coverage for your two-wheeler.

Additional Riders for Benelli TRK 251 Insurance by Tata AIG

Add-on covers, or additional riders, can be included in your comprehensive bike insurance policy. These are useful in situations that your base policy does not cover. Since they enhance your coverage, they increase the cost of your insurance policy and its premium amount. Tata AIG offers seven unique two-wheeler add-on covers to enhance your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. These covers include

Consumable expenses: With the consumables add-on, Tata AIG covers the expenses of consumables in the insured two-wheeler that are lost and require replacement because of an accident. The add-on covers the cost of replacing items, such as gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, engine oil, oil filters, etc. However, it does not cover the cost of fuel.

Roadside assistance: Roadside assistance offers 24*7 bike breakdown services to the insured two-wheeler if it breaks down at a remote place with no help nearby. The insurance company will dispatch a trained team to tow, provide fuel, or offer mechanical assistance.

Return-to-invoice cover: This add-on covers the depreciation difference in cost between the purchase price of your two-wheeler and the settlement amount in the event of complete loss due to theft or damage. If a new vehicle of the same model and make is available in the market, Tata AIG will reimburse the difference between the insurance claim and the new model and price. We will also pay the road tax and registration expenses spent on the insured bike.

Additional personal accident cover for the owner-driver: An obligatory personal accident is an add-on cover that protects the owner-driver of an insured automobile from any unintentional injury. It compensates the owner-driver of the automobile in the event of bodily injury, permanent disability, or death due to the two-wheeler accident.

Additional third-party property damage cover: This particular rider helps pay off the bills when you unintentionally damage the property of a third-party person. The insurance company clears the entire bill.

Zero depreciation: The zero depreciation add-on, Bumper-to-Bumper cover or NIL Depreciation, helps you fight depreciation. If you file a bike insurance claim for the repair or replacement of a part and the claim amount includes a deduction for depreciation, this add-on helps you get depreciation value reimbursed. But you can avail of this benefit only for the first two claims.

Emergency medical costs cover: In case of an accident, if the driver and the pillion rider face injuries, the add-on cover will provide you with coverage for medical costs incurred as well as ambulance charges.

Things Included/Excluded Under Tata AIG’s Benelli TRK 251 Bike Insurance Policy

Things included in Tata AIG Benelli TRK 251 K Insurance Things not included in Tata AIG Benelli TRK 251 K Insurance
The two-wheeler insurance policy offers an own damage cover to protect the policyholder against damage and losses caused by accidents, natural calamities, man-made damages, damages by fire, etc. The policy does not cover costs for mechanical/electrical breakdown, regular wear and tear, and the resulting loss due to the age of the bike.
The comprehensive and third-party two-wheeler insurance covers third-party liabilities, including third-party property, bodily damages caused to a third party by your vehicle, etc There is no coverage for losses and damages suffered while riding the bike without a valid driving licence or helmet.
The comprehensive bike insurance plan reimburses the bike’s current market value in case of damage beyond repair or theft. The bike insurance policy does not cover losses incurred if the bike is used for racing, reliability trials, speed tests, etc. 
With add-ons, the policy coverage is enhanced to cover consumable expenses, additional third-party damage, roadside assistance, emergency medical expenses, etc. The two-wheeler insurance policy does not cover damages caused due to breaking and burglary if the bike is stolen.
The bike insurance policy provides a Personal Accident Cover of ₹15 lakhs. This coverage reimburses medical expenses for treating injuries caused in an accident. Use of a private bike for commercial purposes is excluded. There is also no coverage for a bike driven under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or intoxicants.

Why is it Essential to Have Tata AIG for Your Benelli TRK 251 Bike Insurance?

The following features distinguish us from other insurance businesses in the industry:

  • The procedure of purchasing/renewing two-wheeler insurance with Tata AIG is simple and quick. It is entirely online, so you won't have to waste time travelling to the nearest branch office. Visit the website, complete the required procedures, and your insurance will be delivered to your WhatsApp inbox or registered email address within a few minutes.

  • It is equally straightforward and no-fuss to file a claim with Tata AIG. A professional staff of over 650 claim specialists is available to assist you. All you need to do is fill out the claims form on the official website, and the firm officials will handle the rest.

  • Tata AIG provides professional services through its extensive garage network of over 7500 partners across India. You can fix your bike at any of the following garages to take advantage of cashless claims.

  • The insurance firm provides seven distinct add-ons to supplement your Benelli bike insurance coverage. This means you and your bike will be better protected in unexpected scenarios.

  • Policyholders may tailor the insurance to their needs by selecting the bike's IDV, plan type, and extra riders. Three insurance options are available: comprehensive, standalone own-damage, and standalone third-party bike insurance.

  • To support our extensive network of consumers, we have a big staff of insurance specialists on hand to listen to your concerns and questions. You may get in touch with the customer support staff by calling 1800-266-7780 or emailing

  • For the fiscal year 2020-2021, Tata AIG's claim resolution percentage was 98%. It demonstrates our professionalism and integrity. Thus you may relax since your chances of getting a claim are great

Benelli TRK 251: A Brief Overview of the Bike

The Benelli TRK 251 is a popular adventure touring motorcycle that is manufactured by the Italian motorcycle brand Benelli. It was first showcased at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan in 2018 and was later launched in India in 2019.

The bike is priced lower than many of its competitors. It's a great option for those who want to get into adventure riding without breaking the bank. The TRK 251 is a lightweight adventure bike that is easy to manoeuvre. Its compact size makes it a great choice for riders who want a nimble bike that can handle tight turns and off-road terrain.

The bike has a powerful 249cc engine that delivers plenty of power for both on and off-road riding. It is a versatile bike that can handle a variety of riding conditions. Whether commuting to work or heading off-road for an adventure, this bike can handle it all. The bike's sleek and modern design makes it stand out on the road. Its sporty look and aggressive styling are sure to turn heads.

The Benelli TRK 251 is a powerful, durable, and stylish adventure touring motorcycle with many features that make it stand out from its competitors. Its competitive price point and Italian design have made it a popular choice among adventure touring enthusiasts in India.

Benelli TRK 251 Bike Variants and Prices

There is only one variant of the Benelli TRK 251 available in India: the Benelli TRK 251 Standard. The ex-showroom price of the Benelli TRK 251 in New Delhi, India, as per the official website of Benelli India, is ₹2,18,000

Benelli TRK 251 Features: Unique Selling Points of the Bike

  • The Benelli TRK 251 is a popular adventure touring motorcycle in India with various features that make it stand out from its competitors. Here are some of the unique selling points of the Benelli TRK 251:

  • The TRK 251 is powered by a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 249cc engine that delivers 25.8 bhp of power and 21 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox and features a slipper clutch, making it a powerful and responsive motorcycle.

  • The TRK 251 is designed for adventure touring, with long-travel suspension, a comfortable riding position, and a durable build that can handle off-road terrain. The bike also has a large 18-litre fuel tank, meaning riders can travel long distances without requiring frequent refuelling.

  • The TRK 251 comes with modern features like LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, and dual-channel ABS, which enhance the overall riding experience and provide added safety.

  • Benelli is an Italian motorcycle brand, and the TRK 251 is designed and manufactured in Italy. The bike features a premium design that stands out on the road and appeals to riders who appreciate Italian craftsmanship and style.

  • The TRK 251 is priced competitively in the Indian market, making it an affordable option for adventure touring enthusiasts looking for a value-for-money proposition.

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  • Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • BMW G 310 GS

  • Suzuki V-Strom 250

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How much time does Benelli bike insurance renewal take?

How much time does Benelli bike insurance renewal take?


The Benelli two-wheeler insurance renewal takes a few minutes on the Tata AIG website.

How can the Benelli bike insurance price be calculated?


The Benelli bike insurance cost can be calculated online using the bike insurance calculator available on the Tata AIG website. You need to enter information such as the make and model of the bike, registration number, etc., and the premium price will be displayed to you.

How can I compare two-wheeler insurance plans?


How can I get a copy of my Benelli bike insurance online?


After the payment of the Benelli bike insurance is processed, you will receive a copy of the Benelli bike insurance online on your email id. It is one of the essential documents that you need to submit while you file a claim under the policy.

Can I port my Benelli insurance plan from another insurance company to Tata AIG?


Yes, you can port your Benelli bike insurance plan to Tata AIG easily. The first step is to inform your current insurance provider regarding your decision. Then, you can start the process online or offline with Tata AIG. The right time to port the policy is at the time of Benelli bike insurance renewal.

What is the need to buy Benelli two-wheeler insurance?


Buying insurance for your Benelli two-wheeler is necessary to protect yourself from the financial liabilities arising from any damages caused to your bike or third party during an accident. It provides peace of mind knowing that you are financially protected in case of any damages caused to your bike or third party during an accident.

How to calculate bike insurance premiums?


The premium is a critical factor in deciding on a bike insurance policy. Various factors influence the premium amount. These include the type of insurance policy and coverage, age of the two-wheeler, bike make and model, No Claim Bonus (NCB), geographical location, engine type, cubic capacity, safety devices, additional riders, modifications to the bike, etc. You can use the bike insurance calculator to estimate the premium you must pay to buy or renew bike insurance online. The tool comes in handy and only takes a few seconds to determine the premium for a particular two-wheeler insurance policy.

How to reduce two-wheeler insurance premiums?


There are several ways to reduce bike insurance premiums. Here are some of the most common methods: Opt for higher deductibles Install safety devices Avial no claim bonus Compare and choose insurance policies wisely Opt for long-term policies Maintain a good bike riding record

What is a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan?


A long-term two-wheeler insurance plan is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for your bike for a longer duration, typically for two to three years. Unlike a regular two-wheeler insurance policy, which needs to be renewed annually, a long-term policy provides coverage for a more extended period without requiring yearly renewal.

Is comparing bike insurance policies helpful?


Yes, comparing bike insurance policies is very helpful as it allows you to choose the best insurance policy for your bike at an affordable price. You can find an insurance policy that provides better coverage for your bike and choose the one that meets your requirements and budget.

What is standalone own damage cover in bike insurance?


Standalone own damage cover in bike insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers only the damages caused to your vehicle (bike) due to accidents, natural calamities, theft, and other similar events. It does not cover any damages caused to third-party vehicles or property.

Typically, in a standard bike insurance policy, own damage cover is bundled with third-party liability cover, which is mandatory by law. However, with a standalone damage cover, you can buy only the damage cover, not the third-party liability cover.

Does Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance plan provide third-party insurance coverage?


Yes, Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance plan provides third-party insurance coverage as it is mandatory by law in India. In addition to third-party insurance coverage, the comprehensive bike insurance plan also covers damages caused to your bike due to accidents, theft, natural calamities, and other similar events. The third-party insurance coverage provided by Tata AIG's comprehensive bike insurance plan includes coverage for any damages caused to third-party vehicles or property in case of an accident involving your bike. It also provides coverage for any legal liabilities arising from such incidents.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.