Bike Insurance in Delhi

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Bike Insurance in Delhi

In the past few years, Delhi has seen a significant rise in the number of two-wheeler vehicles. The increase in the number of bikes has also led to a rise in the number of accidents involving bike riders.

This may lead to financial burdens on the bike owners. However, if they have a bike insurance policy that covers the cost of damages and any other liabilities, their burden can be reduced.

In this article, you will learn all about the best bike insurance, how to buy it, and what benefits you can get. So, keep reading till the end.

All About Bike Insurance in Delhi and Why Do You Need One?

A bike insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and a bike owner. Under this contract, the insurance company promises to provide financial coverage against damages and liabilities involving the insured vehicle in exchange for the premium paid.

As per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, every vehicle owner must have at least third-party insurance in India. Apart from third-party insurance, you can also consider opting for comprehensive insurance or standalone own damage cover.

Problems Faced By Bike Owners in Delhi

Some of the problems faced by bike owners in Delhi include:

  • Blind spots on the roads cause a problem for bike riders and lead to accidents.

  • Low night visibility causes other vehicles to collide with bike riders and causes accidents. Moreover, because of fewer traffic police officers at night, many vehicles drive rashly, leading to fatalities.

  • The lack of dedicated lanes for two-wheelers causes run-ins with other vehicles and pedestrians.

  • The rise in income in Delhi has led to a higher two-wheeler population. This, in turn, led to an increase in traffic.

  • Rash driving is also a concern in Delhi, especially during the night. This results in more accidents leading to fatalities of the rider as well as pedestrians.

Tata AIG Bike Insurance Delhi

Tata AIG offers three types of bike insurance; they all provide specific features and are beneficial as per individual requirements.

Tata AIG Third-Party Bike Insurance

Third-party bike insurance is a policy that provides coverage against third-party damages and losses caused by an insured bike. It is mandatory insurance under the provisions of law. Third-party insurance is beneficial as it provides both legal and financial protection against third-party liabilities.

Inclusions of Insurance  Exclusions of Insurance
Third-Party Liability Own Damage
Third-Party Property Damage Theft and Fire Damage
Legal Expenses Personal Injury to Owner/Rider
Add-ons and Optional Covers
Third-party insurance covers only third-party liabilities. For additional benefits and extra protection, consider Tata AIG comprehensive insurance.

Tata AIG Standalone Own Damage Cover Bike Insurance Standalone own damage cover bike insurance provides coverage for damages and losses incurred to your insured bike. The insurance compensates for losses and damages to your bike, and it is good to buy along with third-party insurance.

Inclusions of Insurance Exclusions of Insurance 
Accidental Damages Third-party Damages
Fire and Explosion Drunk Riding Damages
Man-made damages Without a licence to drive/riding
Theft or Malicious Acts Mechanical/ Electrical Breakdown
Damage Beyond Repair Outside Policy Terms
Ideal For Bike riders who live or drive through high-risk or accident-prone areas and want protection for their vehicle. 

Tata AIG Comprehensive Bike Insurance Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance is an extensive policy providing coverage against damages, including fire, accidents, theft, or total loss damage. Additionally, the insurance also protects against third-party liabilities incurred due to your insured bike.

Inclusions of Insurance Exclusions of Insurance
Damage caused to bike due to accident, fire, natural disasters, man-made causes, or theft Ordinary wear and tear due to usage
Personal Accident Cover for Owner/Driver  Damage caused due to driver-owner negligence
Third-party liability Damage caused due to driver/owner driving without wearing a helmet or valid licence
Add-ons for Extensive Coverage Absence of add-on and covering specific damage
Ideal For People who want extensive insurance that provides extra protection.

Best Bike Insurance in Delhi: Third-Party vs. Standalone Own Damage vs. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Parameters  Third-Party Bike Insurance Standalone Own Damage Insurance Comprehensive Bike Insurance
Coverage Third-party bike insurance is a basic insurance that provides legal and financial coverage against damages to third-party caused due to your insured bike. Standalone own-damage bike insurance only covers damages and losses incurred to the insured bike. Comprehensive bike insurance protects against accidents., third-party liabilities, and personal accident cover for owner-driver.
Third-party Damage Under this insurance, you get financial and legal assistance for any third-party liabilities. It does not cover third-party liabilities.  Third-party liabilities involving the insured bike are covered.
Add-ons Third-party insurance does not include any add-ons.  Add-ons can be included in this insurance type.  Unique add-ons can be included in comprehensive insurance.
Which is a Better Insurance? Although it provides limited protection, third-party insurance is mandatory by the law. Coverage to only insured bikes and does not include other features. Comprehensive bike Insurance is extensive and provides overall protection. 

What is the Two-wheeler Insurance Rate in Delhi?

Several factors affect the rate of bike insurance policies (especially comprehensive policies); some of these include.

Geographical Location: The location where the bike is registered makes the difference in insurance premium rates. Low-risk, rural, and small towns have lower insurance rates in comparison to metropolitan and theft/accident-prone areas.

Make and Model of Bike: High-end and luxury bikes attract high rates of insurance premiums in comparison to lower and medium-ranged bikes.

Add-ons: Add-ons can be included in the comprehensive policy by paying some extra cost. Although they provide tremendous benefits and extra protection against unknown risks, pricing must be taken into account.

IDV of Bike: The Insured Declared Value or IDV means, in bike insurance, the maximum amount that the insurance company can pay you in case of a total loss of the bike. It includes theft and irreplaceable damages.

No Claim Bonus: In comprehensive bike insurance, NCB is a reward for zero claims during a particular year. If you have accumulated NCB on your insurance and you renew the insurance policy on time, then you can get a discount on your insurance premium amount.

Third-Party Bike Insurance Premium Rates

The third-party insurance premium amount of your policy is decided on the basis of the vehicle engine’s cubic capacity (cc) and various other factors.

Moreover, third-party bike insurance premium rates are usually uniform amongst various providers as they are determined by the annual insurance premium rates declared by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). These rates can fluctuate; thus, it is advised to verify them before proceeding.

How to Choose Best Bike Insurance in Delhi

Here are some points to remember while buying bike insurance in Delhi.

Claim Settlement Process: Choose a reputed insurance provider that assists in the claim settlement process for straightforward claims.

Coverage Needed: Make sure to check the coverage provided in insurance. To buy the best bike insurance in Delhi, always assess your requirements and budget. You can choose between third-party or comprehensive coverage based on the age, usage of your vehicle, coverage requirement, and cost.

Premium Cost: Get the estimated premium cost of the policy before buying, as it might fluctuate as per different variables.

Add-ons: If your bike insurance provider offers add-ons, then it is beneficial, as it will provide you extra protection. However, add-ons come at a cost; hence, ensure the pricing and need for the add-ons before opting.

Exclusions: Look out for a list of exclusions in the insurance for 2-wheelers to make sure you do not face any claim issues in the future.

Why Choose Online Bike Insurance Policies

Saves Time: Buying bike insurance online saves you the time that you would have spent in long queues at the bank.

Buy the Best Policy: With the facility of buying insurance online, you can compare bike insurance plans and features in a few clicks and buy the best bike insurance for your requirements.

Less Paperwork: The whole procedure of buying bike insurance happens online, which means no worry about arranging paperwork. You can view and download your insurance documents online.

Customisable: With online bike insurance, you get the facility to browse through various add-ons and features of the policy and buy the ones you need.

Secure Procedure: The whole procedure, from buying an insurance policy to making premium payments, your every piece of information remains confidential.

Why Choose Tata AIG’s Two-wheeler Insurance in Delhi?

Tata AIG understands the importance of bike insurance for bike owners and, thus, provides services and features that help them stay secure and at peace. Here is why you should get insurance with us:

Easy Buy and Renewal Process: You can buy and renew your bike insurance policy easily with the Tata AIG online facility. Just provide your necessary information and get insured in a few simple clicks.

Customise with Add-ons: You can get 360 protection for yourself and your vehicle by including some unique add-ons on your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Service at Network Garages: With our comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers, you get the benefit of cashless damage repairs from our vast network of garages.

Easy Claim Procedure: You can quickly start your claim procedure by just visiting our online claim procedure page. Provide your necessary details and start the claim process.

The trust of Tata: Tata AIG is committed to its customers and has been delivering to them for the past 20 years.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG Bike Insurance in Delhi

Key Features and Benefits Details 
Save on Premiums Bike owners can get the benefit of saving up to 75% on their insurance premiums by buying a policy online. Learn more about it before purchase.
No Claim Bonus (NCB) Tata AIG offers NCB discounts starting at 20% on your bike insurance premiums for claim-free the previous year.
Easy Claim Process Experience seamless claim procedure with the help of dedicated claim experts.
Third-Party Damage Cover Tata AIG protects from damages caused to third-party property or persons.
Own Damage Cover for Bike The comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides own damage cover for the damages caused to the bike due to an accident.
Cashless Repairs and Reimbursement  Tata AIG provides cashless repairs for bike damages from any of its 4000+ network garages across India.
Beneficial Add-ons Choose from our 8 unique add-ons for your bike insurance for extra protection.
High Claim Settlement Ratio Tata AIG has a high claim settlement ratio (99% for FY 2022-23)for its bike insurance.

Best Bike Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Delhi

Emergency Medical Expenses Add-on: With this add-on to your bike insurance, you can get reimbursement for emergency medical and ambulance expenses for the damages due to the accident.

Zero Depreciation Add-on: If you file a claim for replacement/repair of your bike’s part and a depreciation amount is deducted from your claim amount, you will get reimbursement for the depreciation amount.

Return to Invoice Cover: It is a great add-on to have on your bike insurance; it helps you get the invoice cost or the current market of your bike in case of theft or total damage.

Roadside Assistance Add-on: With this add-on, you can get immediate roadside assistance at your location for vehicle issues like fuel requirements, dead batteries, flat tyres, etc.

Consumable Expense: Including this add-on to your bike insurance we provide you reimbursement for damages to bike consumables due to accidents.

How to Buy and Apply for Bike Insurance Renewal in Delhi?

You can easily buy or renew your bike insurance policy online by following these simple steps.

How to Buy New Bike Insurance

Step 1: Go to the official website of Tata AIG and click on the “Bike Insurance” page.

Step 2: Now, fill in your bike registration details and click on “Get Price” for policy details.

Step 3: The online bike insurance calculator will display your bike insurance policy price on the page loaded.

Step 4: Next, you will find IDVs on the screen; from these, you need to choose the IDV that is right for you.

Step 5: After that, you will be displayed your bike insurance premium details.

Step 6: Finally, you need to pay your premium amount from any given mode of payment. Once your payment is done successfully, you will receive soft copies of your insurance on the registered email ID.

How to Renew Bike Insurance

Step 1: Visit the official website of Tata AIG and select the “Bike Insurance” page.

Step 2: Fill in your bike registration details and then click on “Renew” to renew your existing insurance policy.

Step 3: Now, the online bike insurance calculator will display your policy price.

Step 4: Next, you can view IDVs on the screen and select the right IDV as per your requirement.

Step 5: You will be displayed your No Claim Bonus (NCB) value of the previous year.

Step 6: Next, your bike insurance premium amount will be displayed.

Step 7: In the final step, you need to pay your premium amount for bike insurance renewal. You can choose any given payment mode, and after successful payment, you will receive soft copies of your insurance documents.

How to File a Claim for Two-wheeler Insurance in Delhi with Tata AIG?

Reimbursement Bike Insurance Claim

Step 1: Contact the Tata AIG insurance executive after the incident (theft or accident) or visit the Claims Process page.

Step 2: Provide the executive with your policy details, vehicle information, and details of the incident. Alternatively, fill in the details required online through the “Claims Process” page.

Step 3: You can opt for self-inspection of the bike under the claims process. Moreover, our executive shall survey the damages incurred to your bike. You can then send it to your preferred garage.

Step 4: After your vehicle is repaired, provide the insurer with repair bills, policy documents, and a certificate of registration in order to file a reimbursement claim.

Step 5: Finally, the insurer will release the claim amounts after verifying all documents and certificates.

Cashless Bike Insurance Claim

Step 1: Connect immediately with Tata AIG insurance executive after a theft or accident.

Step 2: Register your claim within 48 hours of the incident by providing the insurer with policy details, vehicle registration information, and accident details.

Step 3: The insurance executive will then survey damages that occurred to your vehicle.

Step 4: Once the survey is completed, your vehicle will be sent to the network garage for repair. The insurer will then proceed with the claim settlement process and pay for expenses involving your insured bike.

Documents Needed for Bike Insurance Claim in Delhi

  • Duly filled and signed claim documents

  • Self-attested copy of vehicle registration certificate

  • Driving licence of the person driving the vehicle during an accident

  • Copy of bike insurance papers

  • The original receipt, bills, and invoice

  • The original invoice for the cashless claim settlement

Tata AIG Cashless Garages in Delhi

Tata AIG cashless garages include the vast network of garages Tata has tied up with. These garages provide cashless repair services to Tata AIG vehicle insurance holders. You can get services like professional handling of the vehicle, damage repairs, etc.

You can locate the nearest network garage in your city by using a garage locator, in which you need to fill in your city details and vehicle information. However, remember that you can get cashless repairs under comprehensive plans only. Moreover, there can be some services that might not be available in your city.

For more detailed information you can connect with Tata AIG customer support service.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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