BMW G310GS Insurance

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BMW G310 GS Insurance

BMW Motorrad is well-known for creating high-quality, luxury motorbikes. Cruisers, roadsters, and sports and adventure bikes are among them. The latter has carved out a place among adventure motorcycle fans. The BMW G 310 GS marks the company's entry into the competitive and coveted mid-capacity adventure motorcycle sector. Having a bike like this will make your regular life an adventure.

However, a bike created with love and care also needs a well-balanced BMW bike insurance plan to safeguard against accidental damage.

According to the road laws in India, you must have third-party bike insurance on your BMW G 310 GS bike. Because it is a legal necessity, you must cover your two-wheeler, at the very least, with a third-party insurance policy for bikes. However, replacing or repairing the premium parts may be costly, particularly if they are damaged accidentally. But, with a comprehensive BMW G310GS insurance plan, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from third-party obligations and your own damages.

So, to seek the best BMW G310GS bike insurance, consider Tata AIG's bike insurance. Our insurance policies are cost-effective, comprehensive, and can be personalised as per your needs. We offer numerous plans to pick from and a choice of add-ons to assist you in finding the finest BMW two-wheeler insurance for yourself. Because there are several plans to select from, we always recommend comparing two-wheeler insurance and purchasing the best option that meets your requirements.

So, what are you holding for? Contact Tata AIG now to get an instant solution to your insurance-related questions!

BMW G 310 GS Insurance Renewal or Purchase via Tata AIG

As previously stated, everyone who rides a bike must obtain 2-wheeler insurance. And with Tata AIG's 2-wheeler insurance online, you can do just that. You may purchase and renew your insurance policy with a few easy clicks on our website.

You just have to follow the instructions on your device's screen, and you will have your insurance policy in no time. You don't need to be concerned about paperwork. Our straightforward and clear-cut BMW bike insurance renewal or purchase procedure can be done without submitting physical papers. This procedure lets you see your BMW bike insurance price, making the selection easier.

The methods for purchasing or renewing BMW bike insurance online are as follows:

  • To begin, navigate to the bike insurance area of our website.
  • When you find it and click on it, you will be routed to a website where you must fill out the necessary information about yourself and your bike.
  • After entering this information, click the 'Get Price' button. This will display the cost of BMW G310GS insurance online. If you want to renew your BMW bike insurance, click the 'Renew' button.
  • The next step is selecting your bike's appropriate IDV. This is the present market worth of your two-wheeler and should be chosen carefully because it affects your ultimate BMW G310GS bike insurance premium.
  • Following that, you must state your claim history. If you have never claimed, select 'No Claim Bonus'.
  • Then, as part of your policy, you must select any add-ons you desire. Choose your add-ons wisely, as each one affects the cost of your BMW G310GS insurance.
  • Your BMW G310GS insurance and renewal fees will now be displayed on your screen. If satisfied with the sum, you must proceed with your chosen plan.
  • After you pay the price, you will receive your policy and all rules by email or Whatsapp.

Contact our customer support staff anytime; we will gladly assist you. Before you decide, we recommend utilising a bike insurance calculator to assist you in making a decision that will not be financially unsound in the long term.

BMW G 310 GS Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

Always consider the premium price quoted before purchasing long-term two-wheeler insurance with Tata AIG. It will assist you in calculating the ultimate amount you will need to save for your bike insurance. You mustn't buy the first two-wheeler insurance policy you see online but rather the one that best meets your needs. Remember that your insurance will protect you if things go wrong, so study it well. Various criteria determine the BMW G 310 GS insurance premium amount you pay. These are the factors:

  • The chosen IDV (Insured Declared Value)
  • The registration date of the two-wheeler
  • The No Claim Bonus discount
  • Your residential address
  • The make and model of your two-wheeler
  • The cubic capacity of your two-wheeler

So, what is the IDV of your vehicle? Simply put, the maximum claim your insurer will pay if your car is stolen or beyond economical repair is called the "IDV." Let's say that when you purchase the policy, the market value of your car is ₹5 lakhs. This indicates that the insurance will only pay up to ₹5 lakhs. The IRDAI will review your premium costs if you buy obligatory third-party bike insurance online. It will also be decided by the CC (cubic capacity) of your BMW G 310 GS bike’s engine.

However, if you are considering purchasing third-party two-wheeler insurance, you should be aware that you will not receive complete coverage in the event of an accident. As a result, it is always recommended that you choose a comprehensive plan for your BMW two-wheeler insurance. It provides more comprehensive protection and alleviates financial stress in times of hardship. Furthermore, you can constantly tailor your plan to your needs during your BMW

G310 GS insurance renewal. And the best way you can do that is by comparing the two-wheeler insurance plans on our online two-wheeler insurance calculator.

Things Included/Not Included under Tata AIG's BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance Policy

Things Included under Tata AIG's BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance Things Not Included under Tata AIG's BMW G 310 GS Bike Insurance
Damages resulting from third-party liabilities include bodily harm to third-party individuals and physical damage to third-party property. If the BMW G 310 GS bike is damaged beyond the policy's geographical coverage (outside India) and if the damage is the consequence of war, rebellion, or a similar circumstance.
Total bike loss as a result of permanent damage or theft. Damage to the BMW G 310 GS bike is caused by the rider not wearing a helmet, driving without a valid driver's license, or driving while under the influence of intoxicating substances.
Loss or damage to the two-wheeler due to man-made and natural calamities. Damages incurred due to the BMW G 310 GS bike being used in prohibited usage situations, such as floods, or if a personal bike is utilised commercially.
A Personal Accident Coverage of ₹15 lakhs for the owner-rider of the BMW G 310 GS motorcycle. If the owner-rider dies, the nominee will get a death benefit. Damages caused by a house break-in and theft that do not result in the bike robbery.
Damage to the BMW G 310 GS bike while transportation by water, air, train, or road. Damage to the BMW G 310 GS bike or parts due to regular wear and tear and age or if the bike is used for speed testing, racing, or other purposes.

Add-ons for BMW G 310 GS Insurance from Tata AIG

You can increase the level of protection for your Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance by choosing an add-on plan from the list below.

  • Zero Depreciation: This rider pays for the cost of components that wear out over time without taking into account depreciation.
  • Roadside Assistance: This rider offers support in the event of an accident or breakdown, including towing the car to the closest repair shop.
  • Consumable Cover: This add-on covers the price of replacing consumables that need to be replaced after an accident, such as engine oil, lubricants, etc.
  • Cover for Return-to-Invoice: If your two-wheeler is damaged, this add-on may help you receive the invoice price of your car as compensation.
  • Medical Emergency Expenses: In the event of a terrible accident that leaves you injured, an emergency medical expenses add-on can help you pay for the hospital bills and ambulance fees.
  • Owner-driver Personal Accident Insurance: With comprehensive bike insurance, the personal accident coverage limit is ₹15 lakhs. This add-on provides additional coverage in addition to the one that is already provided.
  • Third-Party Property Damage Coverage: This add-on gives you the option to increase the third-party liability coverage that is currently included in the comprehensive policy.

Why Select Tata AIG for BMW G 310 GS Insurance?

Listed below are the reasons you must consider purchasing BMW G310GS bike insurance from Tata AIG:

  • You may compare our bike insurance policies and select from various possibilities. You can get everything you need under one roof, whether it's a tailor-made, comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance policy, a standalone personal damage protection, or a required third-party bike insurance policy.
  • From the comfort of your home or workplace, you can simply purchase or upgrade your BMW G 310 GS insurance with Tata AIG.
  • With 20+ years of experience in the insurance industry of India, our organisation works hard every day to acquire the trust of more than five crore people across the country.
  • Thanks to the assistance of our in-house 650 claim specialists nationwide, we offer a straightforward, rapid, and trouble-free 3-step insurance claiming method online. This guarantees that each time a claim is handled, it is done successfully and swiftly. We're also thrilled to disclose a 98 per cent claim settlement rate for the fiscal year 2020-2021.
  • You may have your damaged bike repaired without paying cash under your BMW bike insurance thanks to our countrywide network of cashless facilities.

BMW G 310 GS: A Brief Overview of the Bike

The BMW G 310 GS turns ordinary life into an adventure. It is the company's most inexpensive motorcycle. The two-wheeler is ideal for exploring the city, venturing outside its limits, or riding on asphalt roads. The bike, which has GS ergonomics and high-quality equipment, is perfect for travelling to any place daily. The clutch and levers may be adjusted to four levels to accommodate your hands' size.

BMW G 310 GS: Variants and Prices

Variant Ex-Showroom Price* in New Delhi (₹)
BMW G 310 GS ABS B6 ₹3,15,000

BMW G 310 GS Features: Unique Selling Points

The BMW G 310 GS is one of the best models in the Indian commuter sector because of the significant features listed below:

  • The G 310 GS is outfitted with LED lighting all around, a slipper clutch, a ride-by-wire throttle, and adjustable clutch levers and brake.
  • The BMW G310 GS is steered by a fuel-injected, single-cylinder 313 cc liquid-cooled engine that delivers 34 horsepower at 9,500 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of 28 Nm at 7,500 revolutions per minute. It now has a slip-and-assist clutch on its 6-speed gearbox.
  • The clutch and levers may be adjusted to four levels to accommodate your hands' size.
  • It is the most affordable BMW bike, but despite being economical, the brand has not compromised in handling and performance, ensuring a smooth ride across the city.

Top Contenders of the BMW G 310 GS

Some well-known two-wheelers that compete with the BMW G 310 GS bike are listed below:

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • KTM 390 Duke
  • Yezdi Adventure
  • Honda CB500X
  • Royal Enfield Scram 411
  • KTM Adventure 250
  • Benelli TRK 251

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. Is an inspection required to renew my BMW G 310 GS bike's expired insurance plan?

1. Is an inspection required to renew my BMW G 310 GS bike's expired insurance plan?


If your current insurance has expired, the examination may be necessary. Before determining the insurance cost, the insurance company will send a surveyor to examine any damages. The insurance policy can be renewed without penalty within 30 days of expiration. After 30 days, the insurer may levy a penalty or impose a fee to renew the policy. Any No Claim Bonus received may be valid for up to 90 days after the expiration date, depending on the insurer.

2. What exactly is a cashless claim, and how does it work?


The insurance firm is associated with various garages around the country, referred to as "network garages". If your bike sustains unintentional damage, you can have it repaired at any network garage with whom the insurance has partnered. The insurance pays the repair fee directly to the garage, providing a cashless experience. This is referred to as a cashless claim.

3. Can I get Third-Party insurance to lower the cost of my insurance plan?


Third-Party insurance is less expensive than Comprehensive insurance. It does not, however, cover the insured bike. In the event of an accident that causes damage to the covered bike, the insurance company will not cover the cost, and you will have to pay out of pocket. In addition, with the Comprehensive cover, you can choose from several add-on covers to supplement your BMW G 310 GS coverage.

4. Is it possible to get BMW G 310 GS insurance online, and how reliable is it?


Yes. Tata AIG, a new-age digital insurance company, provides a paperless and hassle-free experience while browsing for bike insurance coverage. Not only when purchasing but also when renewing or registering a claim. A luxury bike like the BMW G 310 GS needs premium two-wheeler insurance. You may easily transact online by visiting the website or using the mobile app.

5. How can I lower the cost of my BMW G 310 GS bike insurance?


In contrast to typical insurance businesses, digital-first organisations interact directly with the consumer, eliminating the need for an agent or middleman. This has reduced the insurer's operational costs, which have been passed on to the client. You may also safeguard your bike by installing security gadgets such as anti-theft devices. Insurers will take your priority for protecting your bike into account and may give a reduced rate on a bike insurance policy. You can also join organisations such as the Automobile Association of India or the Western Automobile Association.

6. What are the finest add-ons for a BMW G 310 GS bike?


Add-on covers are intended to protect a specific aspect of the motorbike. For instance, the Pillion Rider Cover covers the pillion rider in the event of liability. There is also NCB Protect, which protects the NCB even if a claim is made within the policy period. There are various add-ons; refer to the add-on covers above.

7. What is the most appropriate IDV for my BMW G 310 GS?


The Insured Declared Worth of a motorbike is its estimated market value. This may be tailored to your specific needs. Any modifications to the IDV, on the other hand, will affect the premium cost. The IDV is the amount payable if the insured suffers a total loss due to theft, fire, or other causes. It is critical to cover the bike at least at its current market worth and not lower, even if this lowers the insurance cost.