Driving Licence Renewal in Gurgaon

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Driving Licence Renewal in Gurgaon

Gurgaon (Gurugram) is a highly developed city in Haryana. Every year, people from all across the country relocate to this city in search of employment or business prospects. As a result, the number of motor vehicles is steadily rising.

It is important to note that only valid Driver's Licence (DL) holders can legally drive or ride in geared vehicles. Without it, you will not be in compliance with the norms and regulations of The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and may be penalised.

Keeping this in mind, you should avoid driving or riding in the city with an invalid or expired licence. If your driving licence has expired, you can easily renew it online or offline in Gurgaon. Continue reading to learn more about the process.

Validation of Driving License Registration Online In Gurgaon

Here's what you should know regarding the validity of a Gurgaon RTO driving licence renewal.

The validity of a private driver’s licence is 20 years from the date of issuing or until the holder reaches 40 years of age, whichever comes first. After the age of 40, a driver's licence will be issued for ten years, followed by five years.

  • Validity of non-transport vehicles

  • If the applicant's age on the date of issue or renewal is lower than 30 years, the Non-Transport Validity will last until they reach the age of 40.

  • If the applicant is between 30 and 50 years old at the time of issue or renewal, the non-transport validity period is 10 years.

  • If the applicant is between the ages of 50 and 55 at the time of issue or renewal, the Non-Transport validity period will continue until they reach the age of 60.

  • If the applicant is over 55 years old on the issue date or renewal time, the Non-Transport validity might last 5 years.

Step-By-Step Driving Licence Renewal Gurgaon Process

Online Driving Licence Renewal Process Gurgaon

To apply for driving licence renewal in Gurgaon online, follow these steps:

  • Download Form 2 for DL renewal from the Parivahan Sewa website.

  • Fill out the application completely with your information.

  • Select "Online Services" from the menu at the top of the Parivahan portal's home page.

  • Select "Haryana" from the list of states by clicking on "Driving Licence Related Services."

  • You can select the option "Apply for Driving Licence Renewal".

  • Ensure to read all the information before continuing.

  • Enter your birth date along with your DL digits.

  • Enter the captcha code as displayed on your screen.

  • Choose the smart card option for your DL.

  • Upload the completed application form and other necessary documents.

  • Pay the required amount via a preferred payment gateway.

  • Collect the receipt and wait for Kolkata RTO personnel to finish verifying the documents.

Offline Driving Licence Renewal Process Gurgaon.

  • To apply for driving licence renewal in Gurgaon offline, follow these steps.

  • Pay a visit to the local RTO in Gurgaon.

  • At the counter, request Form 2 and fill out the necessary information.

  • Submit your application together with any essential documentation.

  • Make the payment and obtain your receipt.

Useful Links

Parivahan form download

Application Form 2

Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal Process in Gurgaon

Here are the most commonly asked documents for driving licence renewal Gurgaon, both online and offline.

  • Form 2 completed for DL renewal (available at the Parivahan Sewa website)

  • Original/expired driving licence

  • Identity proof (such as an Aadhaar card).

  • Residential address evidence (e.g., electricity bill, ration card)

  • Age proof (self-attested copy)

  • Passport-size photographs (two recently taken)

  • Form 1A for medical fitness (only if the applicant is above 40 years old or applying for a transport vehicle DL)

How to Schedule an Appointment to Renew Your License Online in Gurgaon?

To make an appointment for DL renewal service, follow these procedures:

Step 1: Click on "Haryana" from the list after entering the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

Step 2: Choose "Slot Booking" under "Appointments" and click on "LL/DL Service Slot Booking."

Step 3: Fill out the "Application Number," "Date of Birth," and "Captcha" boxes.

Step 4: After finishing, select an appointment time by clicking "Submit."

Step 5: Visit the approved RTO in Gurgaon at the scheduled time and with the necessary paperwork.

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How to Check the Status of Your Renewal License Registration Online in Gurgaon

Here's how to check the driving licence renewal status Gurgaon:

Step 1: Head to the Parivahan website and choose "Online Services."

Step 2: Choose "Haryana" under "Driving Licence Related Services."

Step 3: Select the "Application Status" tab.

Step 4: Enter the necessary information, such as your application number and birthdate, and click "Submit."

Step 5: Verify your application is visible on the screen.

Fees for Driving Licence Renewals in Gurgaon

Below are the driving licence renewal charges in Gurgaon listed.

Renewal Services DL Renewal Fees in Gurgaon (₹)
Driving Licence renewal after the grace period 300
Driving Licence renewal within the grace period 200
Opting for a smart card 200 (along with the regular fees)
Added charges per year of expiration or part thereof 1000

Note: After it expires, there is a grace period of 30 days for renewing a driver's licence. You can renew the licence during this time by paying the standard fees (₹200). Subsequently, the fees for the identical procedure escalate to ₹300, accompanied by an annual penalty of ₹1,000.

Why is it Important to Renew Your Driving Licence?

Renewing your driving licence is a crucial responsibility for several reasons, encompassing legal compliance, safety, and personal convenience. Here are some key reasons why it is important to renew your driving licence:

Identification and Verification: A valid driver’s licence acts as a government-issued form of identity. It is frequently required at several stages, for example when renting a vehicle or opening a bank account. Keeping your licence current ensures that you have a reliable and up-to-date form of identification.

Legal Requirement: Operating a vehicle without a valid driving licence is illegal in most jurisdictions. Driving with an expired and invalid licence can result in fines, penalties, and even legal consequences. Renewing your licence ensures that you comply with the law and avoid unnecessary legal troubles.

Insurance Requirements: Auto insurance companies typically require a valid driving licence. If your licence is expired, your insurance coverage may be jeopardised, leading to potential financial risks in the event of an accident. Keeping your licence current ensures that you comply with insurance requirements and maintain coverage.

DL Renewal Gurgaon Helpline

If you have any technical problems with DL renewals, you can always go to the Parivahan webpage and use their grievance redressal facility to make a complaint. To begin, just select File your Grievance from the top menu. You can reach them via email or phone at:

Contact- 0120-4925505

Email - helpdesk-sarathi@gov.in

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Final Words

The process of renewing a driving licence in Gurgaon is critical for road safety and legal compliance. As people negotiate Gurgaon's congested streets, renewing their driver's licence on time demonstrates a dedication to adhering to traffic laws and driving responsibly.

The renewal process not only reinforces drivers' awareness of updated traffic rules but also adds to the overall safety of the commuters on the roads.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I renew my driving licence online if it has already expired?

Can I renew my driving licence online if it has already expired?


Yes, you can renew an expired driving licence online in Gurgaon. However, it is advisable to initiate the renewal process as soon as possible, as there might be additional requirements or penalties for late renewals.

Are there any additional charges for late renewal in Gurgaon?


Some RTOs may impose a penalty or late fee for renewing a driving licence after its expiration date. It is recommended to renew your licence on time to avoid any additional charges.

Can I get a refund if my driving licence renewal application is rejected?


Refund policies may vary, and it is essential to check with the Gurgaon RTO for specific details. In some cases, a partial refund may be possible, but it depends on the circumstances leading to the rejection.