Driving Licence Renewal Haryana

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Driving Licence Renewal Haryana

Haryana, located in northern India, is known for its bustling urban centres and well-connected road network. However, the state faces traffic challenges typical of growing metropolitan areas, with congestion, road infrastructure development, and adherence to traffic regulations being key concerns.

A driving licence is one of the mandatory documents required for all vehicle owner-drivers in the state. Once you apply for a driving licence, you also need to note its validity. Once the driving licence expires, you should get it renewed on time to avoid any challans or fines.

The process of Haryana driving licence renewal is straightforward yet crucial. Staying informed about the renewal procedures is essential to ensure legal compliance on the road.

This simple guide aims to provide a concise direction to Haryana's driving licence renewal process. We will cover the necessary documents, fees, and steps, streamlining the information you need to navigate the renewal seamlessly.

Driving Licence Validity in Haryana

The validity of your driving licence in Haryana depends on your age and the type of vehicle you are licensed to drive. And if you do not renew it on time, you can get an e-challan Haryana from the traffic officials.

So, knowing about the licence validity is crucial. Here's how it works:

For private vehicles (motorcycles, cars, etc.):

  • If you are below 40 years old, your licence is valid for 20 years from the date of issue.

  • If you are above 40 years old, your licence is valid for 10 years, and then you need to renew it for 5 years at a time.

  • If you are above 50 years old, your licence is valid for 5 years at a time.

For transport vehicles:

  • For any transport vehicle: validity of 3 years from the date of issue.

  • For transport vehicles carrying hazardous goods: validity of 1 year from the date of issue.


The learner's licence is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

An expired licence remains valid for 30 days after the expiry date, within which you need to renew it.

Step-By-Step Process for Renewal of Driving Licence in Haryana

Haryana Driving Licence Renewal Online

To renew your Driving Licence online in Haryana, follow these Steps:

Step 1: Download Form 2 for Driving Licence renewal from the Parivahan website.

Step 2: Complete the form with the necessary information.

Step 3: Return to the Parivahan portal and access "Services related to DL" under the "Online Services" tab.

Step 4: Choose "Haryana" as your state from the provided list.

Step 5: Select the tab for the DL renewal application.

Step 6: Review the instructions and click "Continue."

Step 7: Enter your Driving Licence digits and birth date.

Step 8: Proceed after completing captcha verification.

Step 9: Finalise the documentation process and make the required payment.

Step 10: Print the acknowledgement receipt.

[Note: After submission, allow RTO officials to verify your documents. Depending on Haryana’s RTO process, your renewed DL will either be dispatched to your registered address or be available for pickup at the office.]

Driving Licence Renewal Offline in Haryana

To renew your Driving Licence offline in Haryana, follow these Steps

Step 1: Head to your local RTO in Haryana.

Step 2: Collect the DL renewal form (Form 2) to complete the application.

Step 3: Submit the filled-out form and necessary document copies to the officials.

Step 4: Pay the prescribed service fee and receive a receipt.

[Note: Upon processing your application, the renewed DL will be dispatched to your registered address via post or made available for pickup at the office, depending on the RTO's procedural requirements.]

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Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal in Haryana

Ensure a hassle-free application for Driving Licence (DL) renewal in Haryana by having the following documents readily available, whether you are applying offline or online:

  • Application for DL renewal (Form 2)

  • Medical Certificate (Form 1A for transport vehicle DL applicants and non-transport vehicle DL applicants aged 40 and above)

  • Expired/original DL

  • Proof of identity (e.g., Aadhaar Card)

  • Proof of residence (e.g., ration card, electricity bill, etc.)

  • Proof of age

How to Schedule an Online Appointment for Driving License Renewal in Haryana?

By following these steps, you can efficiently book an appointment and facilitate the process of renewing your Driving Licence in Haryana.

Visit the Sarathi Parivahan Platform: Navigate to the Sarathi Parivahan platform online. Choose the state as "Haryana" to initiate the renewal process.

Explore Appointments Section: Within the platform, locate the "Appointments" section. Identify and click on the "Slot Booking" options available.

Select LL/DL Service Slot Booking: Specifically, opt for the "LL/DL Service Slot Booking" option to proceed with your appointment booking.

Fill in the Required Details: Enter the necessary details, ensuring accuracy in the information provided. Complete the captcha verification before moving forward.

Submit Your Request: After entering all the required information, submit your appointment request by clicking "Submit."

Visit Local RTO with Documents: Once your appointment is confirmed, visit the local RTO office in your city. Bring the acknowledgement receipt and all essential documents related to your Driving License renewal.

How to Check Your Driving Licence Renewal Status in Haryana?

To track the status of your Driving Licence (DL) renewal in Haryana, monitor the progress with the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan Sewa online platform to access "Driving Licence Related Services."

Step 2: Choose Haryana as your residential state to align the system with your application details.

Step 3: Move to the designated "Application Status" section within the online platform.

Step 4: Provide relevant details pertaining to your Driving Licence and Date of Birth as required.

Step 5: Hit the "Submit" button to retrieve real-time information on the status of your DL renewal application.

Driving Licence Renewal Fees in Haryana

Renewal Services DL Renewal Fees in Haryana
Driving Licence renewal (within 30 days of expiry) ₹200
Driving Licence renewal (after 30 days of expiry) ₹300
Renewal delay charges ₹1000
Smart Card charges ₹200 (plus extra charges)

*The grace period for renewal of a Driving Licence in Haryana is an extra 30 days after expiration, allowing holders to renew without a fine. After this, the renewal cost rises from ₹200 to ₹300. Additionally, a yearly delay incurs a penalty of ₹1,000 on the renewal fee.

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Why is it Important to Renew Your Driving Licence?

High Penalties: Driving with an expired licence in Haryana attracts a hefty fine of up to ₹2,000, which can be doubled for subsequent offences. Moreover, your vehicle can be impounded or you could be imprisoned.

Insurance Coverage: An expired licence in Haryana could invalidate your car or new bike insurance, leaving you personally liable for any damages or injuries caused in an accident. This could have significant financial implications.

Valid ID Proof: A driving licence is a widely accepted form of identification in Haryana. Renewing it ensures continued access to services and transactions that require it.

Legal Obligation and a Lot More: Renewing your driving licence in Haryana is not merely a legal obligation but a responsible act that benefits you, your fellow drivers, and the overall safety of the road network. By staying updated and compliant, you ensure a smoother and safer driving experience for yourself and everyone around you.

Haryana Driving Licence Renewal Helpline

If you encounter any problems with your driving licence renewal in Haryana, visit the Parivahan website to register a complaint through their grievance redressal service. Contact them via phone or email:

Email: helpdesk-sarathi@gov.in

Phone: 0120-4925505 (available from 6 am to 10 pm every day).

Importance of Having Motor Insurance

In Haryana, just as a valid driver's licence is essential, possessing valid four or two-wheeler insurance is a legal requirement for driving on public roads. As per the MV Act, all motorists must have at least valid third-party motor insurance.

For instance, if you own a bike, ensure legal compliance by obtaining insurance for your two-wheeler. You can purchase two-wheeler insurance either online or offline from any preferred insurer, such as Tata AIG.

Opting for online purchases is recommended for cost-effectiveness. Our website allows you to secure a valid car and bike insurance policy with minimal paperwork and just a few clicks. To find the best rates, make use of a bike insurance calculator.

To Sum It Up

The process of renewing your Driving Licence (DL) in Haryana demands attention to detail and adherence to the outlined steps. Whether opting for the convenience of DL renewal online in Haryana or the traditional offline method, ensuring all required documents are in order is essential.

Recognising the grace period and associated penalties underscores the importance of timely renewal. Stay well-informed, follow the prescribed procedures, and renew your DL promptly to uphold legal compliance and contribute to safer roads in Haryana.

Responsible driving begins with responsible renewal!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

**How long does the DL renewal process take?**

**How long does the DL renewal process take?**


The processing time depends on the chosen method:

Online: Usually within 7-10 working days after verification.

Offline: Can take longer, 1-2 weeks on average.

**I lost my old driving licence. Can I still renew it?**


Yes, you can still renew your licence even if you've lost the original. Here's what to do:

File a police complaint: Report the loss of your licence at the nearest police station and obtain a copy of the complaint (FIR).

Publish a newspaper advertisement: Place an advertisement in two local newspapers declaring the loss of your licence.

Submit required documents: Along with the usual renewal documents, include the police complaint copy and newspaper advertisements.

Pay additional fees: You might need to pay an extra fee to process the duplicate licence request.

**Can I renew my licence if it's expired?**


Yes, you can renew your licence even after it has expired. However, there might be a late fee penalty depending on how long it's been expired.

Up to 30 days after expiry: No penalty

31-180 days after expiry: Fee of ₹300

More than 180 days after expiry: A fee of up to ₹1000, and you might need to undergo a driving test again.