Driving Licence Renewal in Telangana

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Driving Licence Renewal in Telangana

Telangana, which earlier used to be a part of Andhra Pradesh, is the new south Indian state located at the stretch of the Deccan plateau and the Indian peninsula. The southern state is well connected to other parts of the country via rail, air and road.

TSRTC, or Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, is responsible for connecting cities and villages. The state has 16 national highways. Individuals who own vehicles in Telangana need to have proper vehicle documents. The regional transport office of Telangana issues vehicle documents such as registration certificates, driving licences and more.

Further, those whose licence has expired also need to carry out the process of driving licence renewal in Telangana to avoid fines.

Validity of Driving Licence in Telangana

The validity of a driving licence in Telangana differs from vehicle to vehicle. For personal usage or non-commercial vehicles, the driving licence validity is 20 years for individuals up to 40 years of age.

However, individuals above 40 years of age need to do a diving licence renewal in Telangana every 5 years. The validity for commercial vehicle usage in Telangana is 3 years.

Documents Needed for Driving Licence Renewal in Telangana

Documentation is essential for doing a driving licence renewal process. The documents required for a driving licence in Telangana are a bit different for the renewal process. Following are the documents needed for Telangana licence renewal.

Form 9 or driving licence renewal application form.

Copy of original driving licence.

Form 1 or self-declaration for vehicle fitness.

Form 1A or medical certificate form for vehicle owner fitness above 40 years of age.

Coloured copy of passport-size photographs.

Proof of address or age.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Driving Licence Renewal in Telangana

Based on the individual's preference, the state government of Telangana offers both offline and online methods for licence renewal in telangana. Individuals can carry out the driving licence renewal in Telangana using the Telangana Transport Department website or T-App.

Procedure for Telangana Driving Licence Renewal Online Using Telangana Transport Department Website

Below are the steps for Telangana licence renewal.

Step 1: To do a driving licence renewal in Telangana, go to the state government's official transportation site.

Step 2: Now, next, under the "Licence" option, click on the "Renewal of Licence" option.

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the "Click Here to Book Online Slot"

Step 4: Then, applicants will have the option to book an online slot in a nearby RTO office for offline DL renewal or use a T-App service.

Step 5: To book an online slot, individuals need to fill out the self-declaration form, check the "Renewal of licence" box and then click on the "Go" button.

Step 6: After that, they need to add the driving licence number, issue place and more and then submit to book the online slot for DL renewal in Telangana.

Step 7: Further, individuals need to pay a visit to the RTO office on the appointment date and carry out the following procedure, such as document submission and payment.

Step 8: After verifying everything, the authorities will send the new driving licence to the individual's postal address.

Procedure for Telangana Driving Licence Renewal Online Using T-App

Residents of Telangana also carry out the Telangana driving licence renewal online using the government-authorised application.

Step 1: Download the T-App from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Step 2: Once the application is downloaded, click on the "Driving Licence" icon.

Step 3: Under that icon, click on the "Renewal" option.

Step 4: Next, enter all the asked details carefully.

Step 5: After filling out the details, upload all the documents.

Step 6: Once the requested document is uploaded, click on the "Proceed to Pay" button.

Step 7: After the payment, the process of DL renewal is completed from your side. Now, the authorities will examine the documents and forms and then issue the new driving licence.

Procedure for Telangana Driving Licence Renewal Offline

To renew the driving licence offline, individuals need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Telangana RTO office in your area.

Step 2: Ask authorities for the driving licence renewal forms.

Step 3: Fill out the form carefully and then submit it to authorities along with the other documents.

Step 4: Next, pay the driving licence renewal telangana fee at the counter.

Step 5: Collect the acknowledgement receipt. The authorities, after verifying the submission, will dispatch the new driving licence.

Cost of Renewal of Driving Licence in Telangana

RTO authorities of Telangana have decided the fees for the renewal process. The application for DL renewal needs to be submitted before the expiry or in a decided time frame. If an individual fails to do so, then authorities give a grace period of 30 days to submit the renewal application.

After that grace period, applicants need to pay the fine along with renewal fees. The structure for driving licence renewal telangana fee is shown below:

Services Fees (in Rupees)
DL Renewal ₹200
DL Renewal after Grace Period ₹300
DL renewal after 1 year of expiry  ₹1000
DL Renewal for Driving School ₹10000

How to Know Driving Licence Renewal Status in Telangana

Many times the process of DL renewal in Telangana can take some time due to the volume of applications. That's why authorities have provided an option to check the TS driving licence renewal status. For that, individuals need to follow these steps:

Step 1: To get a driving licence renewal status in Telangana, open the official Telangana transport website.

Step 2: On the top bar menu, click on the "Online Transaction" option.

Step 3: Next, in the "Licence" option, choose the "Application Status".

Step 4: Further, fill out the application number or licence number and then click the "Submit" button.

Step 5: The DL renewal status of your vehicle will appear on the screen.

Need for Driving Licence Renewal Online In Telangana

The driving licence in Telangana is a crucial vehicle document issued by the Telangana RTO authorities. The issued driving licence is only valid for a specific time, and after that period, its status is considered disqualified.

An individual who is found to drive on the road with an invalid or expired licence has to face severe penalties and fines. Some of the reasons to renew a driving licence are:

Driving without a valid licence on Telangana road is considered as violation of the traffic rules.

Under M.V.Act. 181, driving a vehicle without a licence in Telangana can invite a penalty of ₹500.

Another reason for renewing the driving licence is if it has expired for more than a year, then individuals need to take a driving skill test. If the licence has expired for more than 5 years, then individuals have to apply for a new licence instead of renewing.

Lastly, if the driving licence is disqualified or invalid, then the insurance company can deny the claim in case of an accident, theft, etc.

Importance of Having Motor Insurance in Telangana

Another crucial document for vehicles in Telangana is motor insurance. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, driving a vehicle in Telangana without basic or third-party insurance can invite a penalty of ₹1000. However, the basic bike insurance policy only offers limited coverage to vehicle owners.

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A driving licence is a necessary driving document for vehicle owners before getting on the road in Telangana. The minimum age criteria for issuing a driving licence in Telangana is 18 years. However, before getting a permanent licence, individuals need to get a temporary one.

Further, DL renewal is also needed if you don't want any kind of penalties and fines from RTO officials. The vehicle owner has to apply for a Telangana licence renewal prior to the 30 days of expiry.

If the individual applies for renewal after the expiry date, then they need to pay the fine of ₹30.

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Is an Aadhaar card enough for a driver's licence renewal?


Individuals need to submit proof of address and age for a driving licence renewal application. In the proof of address category, an Aadhar card is a good option. Other than this, they can also submit a copy of their passport, PAN card, etc.

How to renew my driving Licence in Telangana?


There are online and offline procedures for doing the licence renewal in telangana. For online procedures, visit the state government transport website, and for offline procedures, go to the nearest RTO office.

Is there a DL renewal grace period in Telangana?


Telangana licence renewal has a 30-day grace period after the date of expiry mentioned on the original document.