Driving Licence Status Chattisgarh

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Driving Licence Status Chattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, located in central India, is a state known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and vibrant traditions.

In Chhattisgarh, as in the rest of India, possessing a valid driving licence is a legal requirement and crucial to ensuring road safety. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, driving without a valid licence is a punishable offence, and individuals caught without one may face fines or legal consequences.

Understanding the driving licence status in Chhattisgarh, whether it's under processing, dispatched, or ready for collection, empowers individuals to plan their transportation needs effectively.

What's the Right Time for Driving Licence Check Online Chhattisgarh

A common query is determining the optimal time to verify your Driving Licence (DL) or check your DL Application Status in Chhattisgarh.

Typically, across most Indian states, the government dispatches driving licences and the necessary documents within 30 days of application.

  • However, there are instances where the process might extend beyond this period. In such cases, checking the driving licence application status in Chhattisgarh online is advisable if your licence is delayed.

  • There are specific scenarios where online verification becomes crucial:

  • After a successful driving test, if you are eagerly awaiting your driving licence.

  • During the renewal process, when you are updating an existing licence.

  • When applying for a duplicate licence due to loss or damage.

  • If you are in the process of obtaining an international driving licence.

Driving Licence Tracking Chhattisgarh Online and Offline

Driving Licence Status Check Online

To track your Driving Licence application status in Chhattisgarh online, there are two convenient methods:

Using the Sarathi Parivahan Portal:

  • Visit the official Parivahan website at https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.

  • You will be directed to the Sarathi Parivahan portal. Go to "Driving Licence Related Services."

  • Choose your state from the options provided.

  • Under the available services, click on "Application Status.

  • Input your application number, date of birth, and captcha code.

  • Click on submit, and your application status will be displayed on the screen.

Using the Regional Transport Portal:

  • Visit your state's regional transport website and select "licence-related services" from the main menu. For example, you can refer to Kerala's Regional Transport website.

  • You will be redirected to the Sarathi Parivahan portal.

  • Click on "Application Status."

  • Enter your application number, date of birth, and captcha code.

  • Click submit, and your application status will be visible on the screen.

Driving Licence Status Check Offline

  • For an offline Driving Licence (DL) check in Chhattisgarh, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Head to the nearest DTO (District Transport Office) in your locality in Chhattisgarh.

  • Inquire about the help desk or information counter at the reception.

  • Request guidance from the relevant department or officials who can assist you in checking the status of your DL application.

  • Provide the necessary details, such as your Application Number, Learner’s Licence Number, and Date of Birth (DOB) if asked by the official.

  • The official will verify your details, access the application status in their system, and communicate the information to you.

How To Check The DL Status Chattisgarh for Its Renewal Or Duplicate Driving Licence Application Status In Chhattisgarh?

If you have applied for a DL renewal or a duplicate DL in Chhattisgarh, you can check the status of the same through these streamlined steps online:

  • Begin by visiting the Parivahan portal, your gateway to online RTO services.

  • Navigate to the "DL Services" option within the "Online Service" menu.

  • Choose Chhattisgarh as your state from the provided list.

  • Access the "Application Status" button located at the top menu on the subsequent page.

  • Provide essential details, such as your application number and date of birth.

  • Enter the captcha code, and with a simple click on "Submit," you can easily check the renewal status of your DL.

How to Apply For A Driving Licence In Chhattisgarh?

Whether you opt for an online or offline method, obtaining a Driving Licence (DL) in Chhattisgarh involves a structured process. Here's how you can proceed:

Online Application Process:

  • Visit the Official Parivahan Website: Start by accessing the official Parivahan website, your gateway to online RTO services.

  • Navigate to 'Online Services': On the home screen, locate and click on 'Online Services' to initiate the DL application process.

  • Select 'DL-Related Services': Within the online services, choose 'DL-Related Services' to proceed with your DL application.

  • Redirected to Sarathi: Upon clicking, you will be redirected to the Sarathi portal, where you'll begin your application.

  • Choose State and Apply for LL: Select your state and click 'Apply for LL' to kickstart your Learner's Licence (LL) application.

  • Submit Form and Required Documents: Complete the application form, providing necessary details, and submit it along with the required documents.

  • Pay Applicable Fees: Fulfil the fee requirements for your LL application.

  • Undergo LL Test: Take the Learner's Licence test and successfully clear it to obtain your Learner's Licence.

  • Wait and Apply for DL: After a month, return to the Parivahan site to apply for your DL.

  • Fill DL Application Form: Complete the DL application form with the requisite details.

  • Choose a Driving Test Slot: Select a suitable slot for your driving test.

  • Pay Fees and Download Receipt: Pay the necessary fees and download the payment receipt for future reference.

  • Visit Nearest RTO for Driving Test: Head to the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Chhattisgarh on the scheduled date for your driving test.

  • Biometrics and DL Dispatch: Upon successful completion of the driving test, undergo biometrics. Once all processes are finalised, the RTO will dispatch your DL to the registered address.

Offline Application Process:

  • Obtain Form from Nearest RTO: Visit the nearest RTO to collect the DL application form. Alternatively, download the form from the Parivahan website.

  • Fill and Submit Form: Fill out the form and submit it, along with the necessary documents, to your nearby RTO.

  • Choose LL Test Slot and Note Application Number: Pick a slot for your Learner's Licence test and take note of the application number.

  • Attend LL Test Using Application ID: Attend the Learner's Licence test using the application ID.

  • Clear LL Test and Choose DL Test Slot: Successfully clear the test to obtain your Learner's Licence. Choose a suitable slot for your DL test.

  • Apply and Pay Fees for DL: Apply for your DL, pay the applicable fees, and note the details.

  • Visit RTO for DL Test: Attend the DL test at the designated RTO on the selected date.

  • Biometrics and DL Dispatch: Upon passing the driving test, undergo biometrics. Following the completion of all necessary procedures, your DL will be dispatched to your registered address.

How to Apply For Other Licence-Related Services In Chhattisgarh?

In addition to applying for a driving licence in Chhattisgarh, you have the option to renew your driving licence, request a duplicate driving licence, and acquire an International Driving Permit.

Follow these steps for each service:

Visit the Official Parivahan Sewa Website: Navigate to the official website of Parivahan Sewa - Government Of India - Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways.

Access "Driving Licence-Related Services": Under the "Online Services" tab, locate and click on "Driving Licence-Related Services."

Choose State as 'Chhattisgarh': Select ‘Chhattisgarh’ as the state name to proceed with licence-related services specific to Chhattisgarh.

Select Desired Service: Choose among the available options: "Apply for Driving Licence," "Apply for DL Renewal," "Apply for Duplicate DL," and "Apply for International Driving Permit."

Complete Details and Upload Documents: Fill out the required details and upload the necessary documents for the selected service.

Book DL Test Slot and Pay Fees: If needed, book a slot for the DL test and make the payment of applicable fees.

Access "Appointment Slot" and "Fee Payments": Visit the homepage of Sarathi Parivahan and access the "Appointment" and "Fee Payments" tabs, respectively, for information on appointment slots and fee payments.

Things to Keep in Mind While You Track Chhattisgarh Driving Licence Check Online Or Offline

  • After completing your driving test, it typically takes around 30 days to receive your driving licence.

  • The RTO usually issues your driving licence within three weeks and delivers it to the address registered during the application process.

  • Given that rules at the RTO may change, it's advisable to check your licence status regularly to stay informed.

  • Pay attention to your driving licence's expiry date and submit a renewal application before it expires to ensure continuous legality.

  • Obtain a learner’s licence first before applying for a driving licence, as the latter cannot be obtained without the former.

  • In cases of damage, loss, theft, or tearing of your driving licence, you can apply for a duplicate driving licence.

  • If you possess a valid driving licence, consider applying for an international driving licence, allowing you to drive in almost any country.

Essential Facts About Driving Licence Status in India

  • A driving licence is valid for 20 years or until the applicant reaches 50 years of age, whichever comes earlier.

  • Expired licences are invalid, and driving with one is a punishable offence.

  • You can renew your licence within 6 months before it expires to avoid any inconvenience. The renewal process is usually completed within one month.

  • An expired licence can be renewed but confiscated during the process.

  • If your driving licence is stolen, lost, or damaged, you can apply for a duplicate one at the RTO. You can check the status online once all the required documents are submitted.

  • You can check your driving licence status online through the Parivahan website: https://parivahan.gov.in/.

  • You can also visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO), where you applied for the licence.

  • A learner's licence is required before applying for a driving licence.

  • Driving licences issued in India are valid across the country, and international driving permits can be obtained for driving abroad.

List of State Transport Offices in Chhattisgarh

RTO/DTO Name RTO Code Address Contact Number
RTO Raipur CG04 Rawabhata, Banjari Mandir, Bhanpuri, Raipur,(C.G.) 0771-2563155
DTO Dhamtari CG05 Collectorate office Dhamtari, Dhamtari, (C.G) 07722-238006
DTO Mahasamund CG06 Collectorate office Mahasamund, (C.G) 07723-224697
ARTO Durg CG07 Opposite 5 Building Jail Road Durg, Durg, (C.G) 0788-2324815
ARTO Rajnandgoan CG08 Stadium Campus, Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon, (C.G) 07744-223659
DTO Kabirdham CG09 Chhirpani Colony, Kabirdham, (C.G) 07741-233556
RTO Bilaspur CG10 Bus stand Parisar, Bilashpur, (C.G) 07752-402080
DTO Jajgir Champa CG11 Collectorate Office, Jangir_Champa Jangir-Champa, (C.G) 07752-402080
DTO Korba CG12 Old Collectorate office, Korba, (C.G) 07759-226640
DTO Raigarh CG13 Collectorate Building, Raigarh, (C.G) 07762-225026
DTO Jashpur CG14 Old Collectorate Building, Jashpur (C.G) 07763-220916
RTO Ambikapur CG15 Bus Stand Ambikapur,  Ambikapur, (C.G) 07774-220725
DTO Baikunthpur CG16 Collectorate Road, Chindand Baikunthpur(Koriya),  Baikunthpur, (C.G) 07836-296313
RTO Jagdalpur CG17 Opposite Distt. Court Jagdalpur, Jagdalpur, (C.G) 07782-222718
DTO Dantewada CG18 Collectorate Office Dantewada, Dantewada, (C.G) 07856-252653
DTO Kanker CG19 Collectorate Office of Kanker, Kanker, (C.G) 07868-241261
DTO Balodabazar CG22 Office of DTO Balodabazar, (C.G) NA
DTO Gariyaband CG23 Office of DTO Gariyaband, Gariyaband (C.G) NA
DTO Balod CG24 Office of DTO Balod, Balod, (C.G) NA
DTO Bemetara CG25 Office of DTO Bemetara, Bemetara, (C.G) NA
DTO Sukma CG26 Office of DTO Sukma, Sukma, (C.G) NA
DTO Kondagaon CG27 Office of DTO Kondagaon, Kondagoan, (C.G) NA
DTO Mungeli CG28 Office of DTO Mungeli, Mungeli, (C.G) NA
DTO Surajpur CG29 Office of DTO Surajpur, Surajpur,(C.G) NA
DTO Balarampur CG30 Collectorate Office of Balarampur, Balarampur, (C.G) NA

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Maintaining a valid driving licence isn't just about avoiding fines; it's about ensuring you are a responsible and compliant driver on Chhattisgarh's vibrant roads. You can stay informed and in control by utilising the online Parivahan portal and understanding the Chattisgarh licence status.

Remember, timely renewals, proactive status checks, and responsible driving are key to navigating the exciting journey of mobility in Chhattisgarh.

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Can I renew my driving licence online in Chhattisgarh?

Can I renew my driving licence online in Chhattisgarh?


Yes, you can renew your driving licence online through the Parivahan website. You will need to have your previous licence details, valid ID proof, and payment information ready.

What happens if I drive with an expired driving licence in Chhattisgarh?


Driving with an expired licence is a punishable offence and can result in fines and even confiscation of your vehicle. Make sure to renew your licence before it expires to avoid any legal complications.

How long does it take to renew my driving licence in Chhattisgarh?


The renewal process usually takes about one month. However, it can take longer, depending on the workload at the RTO.