Driving Licence Ahmedabad

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Driving Licence Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, one of the major cities in Gujarat, India, has a distinctive traffic scenario shaped by its rapid urbanisation and economic growth. In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Ahmedabad, the significance of regulated transportation and vehicular management is comparatively higher.

A pivotal element in ensuring this regulation is the driving licence. This document legalises the act of driving and stands as a testament to the competency and understanding of a driver regarding road safety and traffic regulations.

A driving licence is an official document issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of states under the Motor Vehicles Act of India. It certifies that the holder is authorised and qualified to operate one or more types of motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and trucks, on public roads.

Beyond its primary function, a driving licence also acts as a valid form of personal identification and age verification. It is essential for vehicle insurance processes to ensure that drivers meet the necessary legal and safety standards.

This page serves as a comprehensive guide which covers more on the driving licence in Ahmedabad, its type and the process of applying for it.

Types of Driving Licence in Ahmedabad?

In Ahmedabad, as in other parts of India, driving licences are categorised based on the type of vehicle an individual is authorised to operate. These categories ensure that drivers are appropriately skilled for specific vehicle types. The main types of driving licences in Ahmedabad are:

Learner's Licence (LL): This provisional licence is issued to beginners and is valid for six months. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a permanent licence.

Permanent Driving Licence (DL): After the learner's period, individuals can apply for a permanent licence. This is further categorised as:

Two-Wheeler Licence: For motorcycles with or without gear.

Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) Licence: For cars and other small motor vehicles.

Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) Licence: For large vehicles like trucks and buses.

Commercial Driving Licence: Specifically for those who drive commercial vehicles like taxis, lorries, and buses. This licence requires additional expertise and clearances due to the higher level of responsibility.

International Driving Permit (IDP): This permit is issued to individuals who wish to drive outside India. It is valid for a specified period and requires the applicant to have a valid permanent DL.

Each of these licences is designed to ensure that the driver is capable and knowledgeable about the specific vehicle they are authorised to drive.

The process of obtaining these licences involves passing written and practical tests that assess the driver's understanding of traffic rules, road safety, and vehicle handling skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Driving Licence in Ahmedabad

To apply for a driving licence in Ahmedabad, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

Age Criteria:

At least 16 years old for gearless two-wheelers.

At least 18 years old for geared two-wheelers, cars, tractors, and other non-commercial vehicles.

At least 20 years old for commercial vehicles.

Educational Requirement:

Applicants for commercial vehicle licences need to have completed at least the 8th grade.

Driving Experience:

For commercial vehicles, applicants should have a minimum of one year’s experience driving light motor vehicles.

Learner’s Licence:

A learner's licence is required before applying for a permanent licence.

Traffic Knowledge:

Understanding traffic rules and regulations is necessary.

Health Standards:

Medical fitness is required, especially for commercial and transport vehicle licences.

Documents Required for Applying for a Driving Licence In Ahmedabad

It is essential to have the following documents while applying for a driving licence in Ahmedabad:

Proof of Age and Identity:


Electricity Bill

Voter ID Card

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Policy

Telephone Bill

Property Tax Receipt

Proof of Address:

Birth Certificate

School Leaving Certificate

PAN Card

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) Policy

Certificate Issued by a Civil Surgeon


Learner’s Licence: A copy of your valid learner’s licence is required.

Application Form: You must fill out and submit the appropriate application form for the type of driving licence you are applying for.

Medical Certificate: A medical certificate (Form 1A) may be required, particularly for applicants over 40 years and for all commercial licence applicants.

Driving School Certificate (If Applicable): If you have undergone training at a driving school, a certificate from the school is necessary.

Application for Driving License in Ahmedabad

An individual can select an online or offline process to apply for a DL in Ahmedabad. Let us have a detailed look at both of them:

Process for Driving Licence Online Apply: Ahmedabad

Here’s how you can submit a driving licence online application Ahmedabad:

Access the Portal: Visit the Sarathi Parivahan website, the official site for driving-related services.

Select the State: Choose 'Gujarat' to access specific forms and information for Ahmedabad.

Fill in the Application: Select 'New Driving License' and complete the application form with personal details and the type of vehicle licence required.

Upload Documents: Scan and upload necessary documents, including age and address proof, learner’s licence, and photographs.

Pay the Fee: The fee varies based on the licence type. Make the payment using the online gateway.

Book a Test Slot: Schedule a date and time for the driving test.

Attend the Driving Test: Appear at the designated RTO with all documents. Pass the test that assesses driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules.

Licence Issuance: After passing the test, the licence will be processed and sent to your address.

Process for Driving Licence Offline Apply: Ahmedabad

Visit the RTO: Go to the nearest Regional Transport Office in Ahmedabad.

Get the Form: Obtain the driving licence application form or download it from the Sarathi website.

Submit the Form: Fill out the form and submit it at the RTO, along with copies of the required documents.

Make Payment: Pay the applicable fee at the RTO, which depends on the licence type.

Book Your Test: Schedule your driving test through the RTO.

**Take the Driving Test:**Attend the test at the RTO on the scheduled date.

Receive the Licence: Once you pass the test, the driving licence will be processed and mailed to your address.

Both online and offline processes involve a driving test crucial for evaluating the applicant's driving skills and understanding of traffic regulations.

Fees for Driving Licences in Ahmedabad

Following is the comprehensive chart of fees for driving licences in Ahmedabad. This table outlines the fees for different services related to driving licences in a structured manner, making it easy to understand.

Sl. No. Purpose Fee (in ₹)
1 Issuance of Learning licence fees Ahmedabad 150
2 Learner's License Test Fee or Repeat Test Fee 50
3 Driving Competency Test Fee for Each Vehicle Class 300
4 Issuance of Driving License 200
5 Issuance of International Driving Permit 1000
6 Adding Another Vehicle Class to the Existing Driving License 500
7 Endorsement or Renewal for Transporting Hazardous Goods 1000
8 Renewal of Driving License 200
9 Late Renewal of Driving License (Post Grace Period) 300 + 1,000 per year of delay
10 Licence for Driving School/Instruction Establishment (Issue/Renewal) 10000
11 Duplicate Licence for Driving School/Instruction Establishment 5000
12 Appeal Against Licensing Authority's Decision 500
13 Change in Address or Other Details in Driving License 200

Driving Test Procedure in Ahmedabad

The driving test in Ahmedabad consists of two critical stages: a theoretical knowledge test and a practical driving test. Both stages are integral in evaluating your driving abilities and are described in detail below:

Phase 1 - Knowledge Test

An applicant can get an online appointment for a driving licence in Ahmedabad. An online test on the mobile application or an offline test of questions will be conducted to test the candidate's knowledge of Traffic signals, rules and all driving norms. One should have an idea of road signs to clear the test for a driving licence.

Phase 2 - Practical Test

The Practical Driving Test in Ahmedabad follows a structured procedure to evaluate an applicant's driving skills. This test requires the applicant to demonstrate their ability to handle a vehicle safely and in compliance with traffic laws. The critical elements of the test include:

Vehicle Control: The applicant must show proficiency in controlling the vehicle, including starting, stopping, steering, and manoeuvring.

Traffic Rules Compliance: Understanding and following of all traffic signals, signs, and road markings is assessed.

Manoeuvring Skills: Skills such as parallel parking, reversing, turning, and navigating through traffic are evaluated.

Safety Measures: Proper use of seat belt mirrors and adherence to speed limits are checked.

Response to Situations: The ability to react appropriately to road situations and the behaviour of other road users is observed.

The test is conducted under the supervision of a qualified RTO (Regional Transport Office) official, and passing it is essential to obtain a permanent driving licence.

Things to Remember

When attending the driver's licence test, ensure you meet these requirements:

Carry your valid learner's licence, complete application forms, and any other necessary documents.

Present your Test Slot Booking slip, including any new test slot if booked online or at any RTA (Regional Transport Authority) Office.

The primary reasons for failing the test are often a lack of confidence, insufficient driving skills, and inadequate knowledge of traffic signals, signs, and rules.

During the test, make sure not to stall the vehicle, as this can indicate a lack of proficiency in driving.

It is a common misconception that hiring an agent increases the chances of passing the test. This is not the case; passing the test depends solely on the candidate's skills and knowledge.

Application for Duplicate Driving Licence in Ahmedabad

Documents Requirement

For applying for a duplicate driving licence in Ahmedabad, you will need to gather the following documents:

Application form for a duplicate licence.

First Information Report (FIR) or Non-Cognisable (NC) Report in case of loss or theft of the original licence.

Challan clearance report from the traffic police, if applicable.

Self-attested copies of age and address proof documents.

Two recent passport-size photographs.

Process of Getting Duplicate Driving Licence

Obtain the Application Form: Collect the form for a duplicate licence from the nearest RTO or download it from the respective website.

File an FIR/NC Report: In case the original licence was lost or stolen, file an FIR or NC report at the nearest police station and obtain a copy of the same.

Challan Clearance: If required, get a challan clearance certificate from the traffic police.

Submit the Application: Complete the application form and submit it at the RTO office along with the required documents, including the FIR/NC report, challan clearance, and proof of age and address.

Photographs: Submit two recent passport-size photographs along with the application.

Pay the Fee: Pay the prescribed fee for issuing a duplicate driving licence.

Verification Process: Once the application and documents are submitted, they will undergo a verification process.

Licence Issuance: After successful verification, the duplicate driving licence will be processed and issued to you.

Renewal of Driving Licence In Ahmedabad

The renewal of a driving licence in Ahmedabad should be considered when the current licence is close to expiring. Under the recent amendment to the CMV Act, we can renew a driver's licence one year before or one year after its expiration date.

Document Requirements

  • To renew a driving licence in Ahmedabad, the following documents are generally required:

  • Duly filled application form: The standard form for licence renewal, which can be obtained from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or downloaded from their official website.

  • Expired driving licence: The original licence that needs renewal.

  • Proof of age and identity: Documents like an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, or passport can be used.

  • Passport-size photographs: Typically, two recent photographs are needed.

  • Medical certificate: This is particularly necessary for drivers above a certain age or for those applying for heavy vehicle licences.

Process of Obtaining a Renewed Driving License

To renew a driving licence in Ahmedabad, you can visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or apply online.

Online Process of Applying for a Renewed Driving Licence

Here are the steps to get a driving licence renewal online Ahmedabad:

  • Visit the official Sarathi Parivahan website.

  • Click on “Driving Licence Related Services” and select your state.

  • Click on “Apply for DL Renewal”.

  • Read the instructions and click on “Continue”.

  • Enter your Driver's license number, Date of Birth, and Captcha. Click on the check box to confirm the terms of service and privacy policy.

  • Click on “Get DL details” and proceed with the renewal form

  • Fill in the required details and make the payment

  • Get the receipt and save it for your records.

Offline Process of Applying for a Renewed Driving License

Here are the steps for applying offline:

  • Visit the RTO nearest to your registered address.

  • Request the renewal application form or Form 9.

  • Fill out the form correctly.

  • Attach copies of your expired driving licence.

  • Submit the form and other required documents at the counter.

  • Pay the charges and get a receipt.

  • You can either collect the documents from the RTO or apply to get them by Post.

Issuance of Renewed License

An application for renewing a licence can be submitted one month before its expiration date. If the renewal request is delayed by more than five years following the expiry date, the applicant must complete the entire process required for obtaining a new licence.

Application for International Driving Permit in Ahmedabad

To apply for an International driving licence, the following requirements must be met:

Document Requirement

Following are the additional documents that are to be carried with a valid passport:

  • A current visa.

  • A copy of your travel ticket.

  • Your existing local permanent driving licence.

  • Five recent passport-sized photographs.

Process of Application

To obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) in Ahmedabad using the Parivahan online portal, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Parivahan website and select 'Online Services', then choose 'Driving Licence Related Services'.

  • In the dropdown menu, pick 'Ahmedabad' as your state and opt for 'Apply for International Driving Permit (IDP)'.

  • Click 'Continue', enter your Driving Licence (DL) Number and Date of Birth, and then select 'Get DL Details'.

  • On the DL Details page, select Govt. Driving Training School at a nearby place

  • Confirm your choice and choose 'Issue International Driving Permit (IDP)' to proceed.

  • Fill in the required details such as Birth Place, Birth Country, Passport Number, Passport Expiry Date, any past disqualifications for obtaining a DL, if you have been prohibited from driving in any country, your VISA Number, its expiry date, the country for which the VISA is issued, and the Class of Vehicle (COV) for which the IDP is applied.

  • Verify the details provided and submit your application.

  • The following step is to upload the necessary documents, including your Passport, VISA, Form 1A, and Driving License.

  • The fee for this process is ₹500. Make the payment for the application and then book an appointment slot.

  • Finally, go to the Govt. Driving Training School in Ahmedabad at the appointed time and date for the verification and approval process.

  • This detailed procedure ensures the provision of all essential information and documents for the successful issuance of an International Driving Permit.

Checking the Driving Licence Application Status Ahmedabad

To check the current status of a driving licence application in Ahmedabad, you can follow these steps:

Visit the Sarathi Parivahan Website: Go to the official Parivahan website. This is the primary portal for all driving licence-related services in India​​​​.

Select Your State: Once on the Sarathi website, you need to select the state where you have applied for the driver's licence, in this case, Gujarat​​​​.

Choose 'Application Status' Option: From the 'Apply Online' menu on the Sarathi portal, select the 'Application Status' option. This will allow you to track the current status of your driving licence application​​​​.

Enter Required Details: You will be prompted to enter your application number, date of birth, and a captcha code for verification purposes. Ensure that you enter these details correctly, as they are essential for retrieving the status of your application​​​​.

Submit and View Status: After entering the required information, click on 'Submit'. The next page will display the current status of your driving licence application.

This will let you know whether your application is still being processed, has been approved, or if any issues need to be addressed​​.

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