Driving Licence Haryana

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Driving Licence Haryana

Haryana holds an important place in India’s history and culture and is considered to be the birthplace of Vedic civilization. Hence, it is popularly known as The Land of the Vedas. The state is home to the legendary Kurukshetra, where the Battle of Mahabharata was fought.

In Haryana, riding a bike without a driving licence is a punishable offence. You can be levied a penalty and might have to face legal action if you are repeatedly caught without a licence. The Haryana State Government issues driving licences to its residents after they pass driving tests.

On this page, we will talk about a driving licence in Haryana and share everything that you need to know about getting one.

Types of Driving Licence in Haryana

The Haryana Transport Department issues different types of driving licences based on different types of vehicles. Here are the details:

Gearless Motorcycles: Vehicles like mopeds and low-end scooters that do not have a gear

Geared Motorcycles: All other two-wheelers with gears

Light Motor Vehicles: Vehicles include private cars like sedans, hatchbacks, etc.

Transport Vehicles: All vehicles used for commercial purposes for goods or passengers

Road Rollers

Eligibility Criteria For Applying For Haryana Driving Licence

Here are the eligibility criteria for applying for driving licence in Haryana:

  • If you are applying for a vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 50cc, then you need to be at least 16 years old to apply for a licence

  • For any other private vehicle, you need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible to apply

  • For commercial vehicles, the minimum age limit is 20 years

  • You need to have a valid learner’s licence and be aware of traffic rules and road signs

  • Your learner’s licence should be at least 30 days old but not more than 180 days old

Documents Required For Applying For A Driving License In Haryana

When you apply for a driving licence, you will have to submit certain documents to help the authorities establish your identity. If you are uploading them online, then you will have to visit the RTO office to get them verified in person. Here is the list of documents for DL Haryana:

  • You can apply for a driving licence for the same category of vehicle for which you have a learner’s licence

  • Your learner’s licence should be more than 30 days but less than 180 days old

  • You will need to provide a government-issued document as proof of address and another document as proof of age

  • Passport-size photographs

  • A duly filled application form

Application For Driving License In Haryana

You can apply for a driving licence in Haryana offline and online. The first thing you need to do is get a learner’s licence. This is issued once you clear a basic test about road signs and traffic rules. This allows you to learn to drive and apply for a permanent licence. If you have the learner’s licence for at least 30 days, then you can apply for a permanent driving licence. However, you will have to clear a driving test to get the licence.

Driving Licence Apply Online Haryana

If you are planning to apply for an online driving licence in Haryana, then here are the steps:

  • Go to the official website of Parivahan Sewa. This is a centralised website launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to offer vehicle-related services across all states

  • On the homepage, you will find a section named “Licence Related Services”. Under this section, click the option “Drivers/Learners Licence.”

  • The next page will have a dropdown menu. Select “Haryana.”

  • The next page will list all the licence-related services offered. To apply for a driving licence, you need to consider these two options:

Learner’s Licence: It is mandatory to have a 30-day-old learner’s licence to apply for a permanent driving licence. If you don’t have one, then click the option “Apply for Learner Licence” on the services page.

Driving Licence: If you have a valid learner’s licence, then you can apply for a permanent driving licence by clicking the option “Apply for Driving Licence”.

After you choose, fill out the form carefully. Also, upload the documents requested by the platform.

Next, select the date and time at the RTO for your driving test.

Pay the fees and appear for the driving test.

**Offline Process for DL Haryana

  • Visit the nearest RTO office

  • Collect the application form for a driving licence

  • Fill out the form carefully to avoid any spelling mistakes or errors

  • Attach the requested documents

  • Choose a date and time for the driving test

  • Submit the form and documents and pay the application fees

  • Appear for the test on the selected date and time

Fees For Driving Licences In Haryana

Here is a list of fees for various licence-related services in Haryana:

Description Applicable fees (in ₹)
New Learner’s Licence 150
New Driving Licence 200
The Issue of an International Driving Permit 1000
Renewal of driving licence 200
The addition of another class of vehicle to the driving licence 500

Driving Test Procedure in Haryana

There are two broad aspects where you are tested before a driving licence is issued to you. The first is the basic understanding of road signs and traffic rules. If you are clear about this, then the RTO issues a learner’s licence. The validity of a learner’s licence is 180 days. You can apply for a permanent driving licence after a minimum of 30 days from the date of issue of the learner’s licence.

Once you have learnt how to drive, you can apply for a permanent licence. You will be asked to take another test. This will include your driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules.

There are two phases of the test

Phase 1 - Ground Test

Most RTOs in Haryana have a designated area with predefined tracks for a driving test. There are large shapes drawn on the ground and applicants are expected to trace the shapes with the wheels of their vehicles. For two-wheelers, the commonly used shapes are the number “8” and the alphabet “T”. This tells the examiner about your driving skills.

Phase 2 - Road Test

In some RTOs, the examiner might ask you to take care outside the designated area and onto the road. This is a test to see how you manage the pressure of driving through traffic. The examiner might quiz you on traffic rules and road signs to establish the fact that you are conversant with them.

Once you clear the test, the RTO sends the licence RTO to your registered mailing address via speed post. If the same is not received by then, you can raise a query with the said RTO.

Application for Duplicate Driving Licence in Haryana

There are three scenarios under which the RTO issues a duplicate driving licence in Haryana:

1.The licence is damaged

2.It has been stolen

3.The licence has been misplaced by you

When your licence is lost or stolen, you need to file a complaint at your nearest police station. Since a driving licence is mandatory in India, you need to stop driving unless you receive the supplicate licence. You will have to submit a copy of the police complaint to the RTO.

Here are the steps the apply for a duplicate driving licence in Haryana:

  • You can apply for a duplicate driving licence in Haryana by visiting the Parivahan Sewa platform.

  • On the homepage, you will find a section named “Licence Related Services.”

  • Under this section, click the option “Other Services.”

  • Now, you will see a dropdown menu. Select “Haryana” from the dropdown

  • On the next page, you will get the complete list of licence-related services offered in Haryana.

  • Click “Apply for Duplicate DL.”

  • Enter your date of birth and driving licence number to help locate your records.

  • Complete the application form online and upload the requested documents.

  • Pay the fees for the issuance of a duplicate licence.

  • You can also apply for a duplicate driving licence offline. For this, you need to visit the nearest RTO. You will get a physical form that you will have to fill out and attach physical copies of your documents.

Renewal Of Driving Licence In Haryana

A driving licence in Haryana has a validity of 20 years. However, it is valid only until you are less than 50 years old. Once you turn 50, you are required to renew the licence. Here is an example to understand this:

You get a licence when you are 26 years old. When you turn 46, the licence will expire, and you will have to renew it. On the other hand, if you get a licence when you are 32, then it will expire when you turn 52 years old. As per the rule, when you turn 50, you must renew your driving licence. Hence, in such cases, the 20-year validity rule does not hold.

Here is a quick look at the documents needed and the renewal process for a driving licence in Haryana:

List of Documents

  • Driving Licence (original)

  • Proof of address like an Aadhar Card, Passport, and Voter’s ID Card

  • Proof of age like an Aadhar Card, Passport, and Birth Certificate

  • Passport-size photographs

Renewal Process

  • Go to www.parivahan.gov.in/parivahan.

  • On the homepage, click the option “Other Services” under the “Licence Related Services” section.

  • Choose Haryana from the dropdown menu.

  • Click “Apply for DL Renewal” on the next page, which has a list of all the licence-related services offered in Haryana.

  • Enter your driving licence number and date of birth.

  • Complete the application form and upload the documents as specified.

  • Pay the renewal fees.

You can also apply for a renewal of your passport offline. You can visit the nearest RTO, fill out a renewal form, submit it along with your documents, and pay the fee

Application For International Driving Permit In Haryana

If you want to drive a vehicle in a different country, then you need a special permit. In Haryana, the RTO issues an international driving permit after a careful assessment of your profile. To apply for an international permit, you need to have a driving licence issued in Haryana.

Documents needed

  • Application form for an international driving permit that is duly completed and signed.

  • Valid insurance papers

  • Driving licence

  • Copy of your passport and visa

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Medical Certificate

Here is the process to apply for an international driving permit (IDP) in Haryana:

  • Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa.

  • Look for the section “Licence Related Services” and click the option “Other Services.”

  • Choose “Haryana” from the dropdown menu.

  • Click the option “Apply for International Driving Permit.”

  • Fill out the application form and attach the requested documents.

  • Pay the fees.

You can also apply for an international permit offline by visiting the nearest RTO

Checking The Driving Licence Application Status Haryana

If you have cleared your driving test and are waiting for your licence to arrive by post, you have a way to track it. Here are the steps to find DL Status Haryana:

  • Go to www.parivahan.gov.in/parivahan.

  • Under the section “Licence Related Services”, click the option “Other Services.”

  • Select “Haryana” from the dropdown menu.

  • On the services page, click the option “Application Status” at the top-right-hand-corner.

  • Enter your application number and date of birth to get access at once.

Motor Insurance in Haryana

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What is the total fee for driving a licence in Haryana?

What is the total fee for driving a licence in Haryana?


The total cost associated with the issuance of a driving licence in Haryana is ₹200. If you don’t have a learner’s licence, then your total cost for a driving licence will include the cost of a learner’s licence, which is ₹150.

Q2. How long does it take to receive a driving licence in Haryana?


Once you have cleared the driving test, you can expect the driving licence to be delivered to your registered mailing address within 30 days. This can be longer for people living in highly remote areas.

Q3. How many types of driving licences are there in Haryana?


In Haryana, driving licences are issued based on the type of vehicle and its intended use. So, you have two types of licences for motorcycles – one for bikes without gears and the other for bikes with gears. Next, you have licences for light motor vehicles, transport vehicles, and other heavy vehicles.