E-challan Chandigarh

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E-challan Chandigarh

Chandigarh, the vibrant capital of two well-developed states, Punjab and Haryana, is a city beautifully designed by the famous architect Le Corbusier.

From the lush greenery to the wide and well-maintained roads, Chandigarh as a city is one of the best cities to live in. As a model city, Chandigarh administration is also very particular about providing people with proper road networks to ease their commutes significantly.

Moreover, the road system in Chandigarh is designed keeping in mind the predicted traffic and required accessibility by the locals, and thus consists of several multi-lane and well-marked for hassle-free navigation.

The city is well-connected with all the major state and national highways to facilitate a smooth transportation system to the regions around.

Therefore, traffic authorities focus on strict monitoring of traffic violations to penalise guilty drivers and riders with an e-challan in Chandigarh to promote utmost road safety

What is an E-Challan Chandigarh?

Traffic violations reduce road safety and increase the number of accidents and fatalities in the city. To promote more accountability while driving or riding, the Chandigarh Traffic Police introduced the Chandigarh Traffic Police challan system to manage and monitor on-road traffic at all times.

An e-challan, or electric challan, is a digital fine system adopted by Chandigarh and many other cities in India to integrate technology into road safety for increased efficiency and better traffic management.

Only the Chandigarh traffic police are responsible for monitoring and issuing e-challans in the city for every category of traffic violations. All the e-challans are computer-generated, allowing an increase in the adoption of digitisation to cut down cash transactions and payments.

Moreover, with increased efficiency, e-challans also curb the scope of bribery to get out of challan payments on time, making it an integral part of overall traffic management and safety.

Details Available on a Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan

The primary goal of an e-challan is to update the vehicle owner about the traffic violation in detail for rectification and enquiry if required. The key details on an e-challan in Chandigarh include the following.

Vehicle Details - The e-challan contains all the information regarding the vehicle that caused the violation. This includes vehicle number, vehicle model, vehicle registration number, vehicle category, colour, etc.

Violation Description - Another category of information highlighted in the e-challan is violation details. This includes a description of the committed traffic violation, like triple-riding, skipping red light, drinking and driving, etc.

In addition, the location of the incident and the exact time and date when the violation occurred are also clearly mentioned in this document.

Challan Number and Fine Amount - Every challan has a unique number on it for identification and tracking purposes. Along with this, your e-challan also indicates the penalty payment you have incurred due to the committed violation.

Payment Information - To help you with the challan payment, a set of instructions is also provided on the challan document. It also has the due date clearly mentioned to ensure no unnecessary delays happen.

Contact Information - In case you complete a Chandigarh challan check and have queries or doubts regarding the issued e-challan, you can also find the contact details of the concerned authorities on it.

Challan Status - Another important point highlighted on an e-challan is the challan status. This clearly indicates whether the challan payment is completed or still due.

How Does Chandigarh Traffic Challan Work?

Through this systematic adoption of e-challans, the Chandigarh Traffic challan issuance and monitoring flexibility has increased. This is how it works.

Violation Detection: Multiple monitoring technological tools like CCTVs are employed on every road and street in Chandigarh. These devices automatically detect violations like traffic offences, red light jumps, etc. At present, there are over 2115 CCTV cameras in Chandigarh.

Generation of E-Challan: Once they identify a violation, the details regarding it are registered along with the vehicle details almost instantly. Then, based on these details, an e-challan is issued against the vehicle.

Updating the Vehicle Owner: After the e-challan is generated with all the information mentioned above, the vehicle owners receive a notification.

This is shared on the registered mobile number with the vehicle as an SMS, along with an email updating the same. This notification also comes with a clickable link to view a detailed explanation of your e-challan.

Payment of E-Challan: Upon getting the intimation of the e-challan, the vehicle owner needs to make the fine payment. Both online and offline methods are available for the same to provide vehicle owners with the convenience of making payments on time.

Ways to Check Challan Status in Chandigarh Online

**Using Chandigarh Traffic Police Website **

Go to the official website of Chandigarh Traffic Police.

Click on “Services” and select the “Check Your Pending Challan” option from the drop-down menu.

On the next web page, enter your challan number, vehicle number or driving licence number and then enter the given captcha code and click on “Get Detail”.

**Using Parivahan Portal **

Visit the Parivahan Sewa portal.

Click on “Online Services” and select the “e-challan” option from the bottom of the drop-down menu.

On the next screen, choose “Check Online Services” from the top bar and select the “Check Challan Status” option from the drop-down list.

Now, you need to enter the challan number, vehicle number or driving licence number and then enter the given captcha code and click on “Get Detail”.

**Using SMS Service **

To check your e-challan details from your mobile phone, you can send an SMS from your registered mobile number.

In the text body, write “CHDTRF” and add a space before entering your vehicle number.

Send this message to 7738-888-222 to receive the details of your e-challan instantly.

How to Complete Online Challan Payment in Chandigarh?

Using Chandigarh Traffic Police Website

Navigate to the Chandigarh Traffic Police official website for e-challan payment.

Select the “Online Payment Gateway” option from the bottom of the web page.

On the next page, enter your vehicle number, challan number, or driving licence number and the captcha code.

Click on “Get Detail” to proceed.

Now, cross-check all the details regarding the list of challans and other details, and then proceed to make the payment against the challan you wish to clear.

You can make the payment using any of the online payment methods available.

Once you make the payment, you will receive the confirmation for the same on your registered mobile number.

Using Parivahan Portal

Go to the Parivahan e-challan portal.

Select the “Pay Online” option from the top bar.

Enter the requested details with accurate information about your vehicle registration number, driving licence number, or challan number, whichever is available.

Enter the captcha code and click on “Get Detail”.

Select the challan(s) you wish to pay for from the list.

Make the final payment using any of the available payment options.

Using Paytm

Go to the Paytm app on your phone or visit the Paytm website.

Click on “More” and select the “Recharge and Pay Bills” option.

Select “Challan” from the options.

Then, choose Chandigarh’s Traffic Authority.

Enter your challan number, RC number, and driving licence number and then click on “Proceed”.

Your challan details will be displayed on the screen, verify them and then enter then enter the challan amount to make the payment.

Using Chandigarh E-Challan App

Download the Chandigarh E-Challan app on your mobile from the Google Play Store. (please note, this app is not available in the Apple app store yet)

Enter your details to sign up on the app.

Add your vehicle registration number next.

Select the “Get Challan Details” option.

Check for due challans and make the payment.

How to Pay Chandigarh Vahan Challan Offline?

Traffic Police Officer

Go to the nearest traffic police officer who has a challan machine. Provide the officer with your challan number and other details like driver's licence number, vehicle registration number, etc. Once the challan details are available with him, pay the fine amount in cash and collect the receipt.

**Chandigarh Police Headquarters

You can directly send the payment to the Chandigarh Police Headquarters. All you need to do is choose a payment mode from a demand draft, a cheque, or a pay order, and then courier it to PQXQ+7XH, near Kendriya Sadan, 9-D, Sector 9, Chandigarh, 160009.

Police Station

If you wish to make the payment in person, you can visit the Chandigarh Police Headquarters or the nearest police station and provide your challan details to make the payment on the spot.

Ways to Verify Receipt/ Payment Status of E-Challan Chandigarh

Receipt Verification

  • Go to the Vahan Citizen Services website.

  • Select the option “Verify Receipt” from the top bar.

  • Enter your registration number and the receipt number available with you on the next page.

  • Select “Verify” after entering the details.

Payment Status

  • Visit the official website of Vahan Citizen Services.

  • Select the option “Know Your Payment Transaction Status” from the top bar.

  • Choose the option from the top bar regarding information input.

  • Enter the requested information as per selection and click on “Search”.

  • Once done, you can view all the payments made against challans for reference.

Where to File Complaint for Wrong E-Challan in Chandigarh?

As e-challans are issued based on the violations recorded by technical monitoring tools function on top-level technology, at times, the challan can be issued incorrectly. In such cases, you can either contact the traffic police office helpline or file a complaint online.

Email: helpdesk-echallan@gov.in , police-command@chd.gov.in , and pdsptrf-chd@nic.in

Phone: 0172-2787200, 0172-2679060, 0172-2921049, 0172-2921048, 0172-2637345, 0172-2637539

**How to Cancel a Wrong E-Challan Online? **

Visit the Grievance System website of Parivahan.

Enter all the requested details on the screen accurately. These details include vehicle details, challan details, etc.

Describe your issue in the space provided below.

Upload your challan copy.

Now click on “Submit” to file your complaint.

Once done, you can check your ticket status via the same steps.

If the challan was wrongly issued, you will not be required to pay the fine.

Necessary Traffic Rules and Regulations to Follow in Chandigarh

Understanding and adhering to the traffic rules and regulations in Chandigarh is necessary for personal safety and to avoid heavy fines. Repeated fines and penalties can impact the premium value of your vehicle insurance policy.

Some of the most important traffic rules in Chandigarh include the following.

Wear your seatbelt - The first important rule for all 4-wheeler drivers is wearing a seatbelt. This is not only for the driver but also for the passengers to ensure you are safe in unexpected traffic-led accidents.

Not wearing a seatbelt is not only important to avoid fines but also for personal safety, as jerks and brakes while driving can result in severe accidents to the body.

Do not ride without a helmet - For all two-wheelers, riding without a helmet is prohibited and will be penalised if caught. This rule is not just applicable for the rider but also for the passenger. One of the main reasons behind this is to protect the riders from serious head injuries.

Due to brakes and other sudden shifts while riding, the impact of the same exerts the entire body and, in some cases, causes the rider to fall down, hurting the head.

Do not drink and drive - Consuming alcohol or any other illegal substance while driving can result in unintentional accidents and also pose a big safety threat to pedestrians.

Alcohol consumption can lead to slower reflexes and poor navigation ability, so this offence is punishable by law and attracts a heavy fine.

Do not participate in speed racing - Participating in road races and speeding is harmful as it can hinder the driver’s control of the vehicle, resulting in accidents and other unfortunate incidents.

Following the mentioned speed limits on the roads and highways is important as weather and other aspects on the road might not be in your favour. If caught, you will be fined for overspeeding.

No use of mobile phones while riding/driving - Using mobile phones, tablets, or any other device while driving can be very distracting, shifting your focus from the road conditions and traffic. This can result in accidents, leaving the driver and locals to be severely injured.

Always carry important documents - As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, carrying necessary documents relating to the driver and vehicle is mandatory to be able to drive in Chandigarh.

Therefore, carrying a driving licence, a registration certificate, a fitness certificate, a PUC certificate, an insurance policy, and a permit, if applicable, is important to avoid fines.

Validity of Chandigarh Traffic Challan

For all challan holders, a 60-day period after the issuance date is permitted to make the challan payments. You can make the payment using different online and offline modes as per convenience.

Non-payment of an e-challan in Chandigarh can lead to the following consequences.

  • You might be requested to visit the nearest court for non-payment.

  • Your licence can be suspended if you fail to make the payment even after the court hearing or due to absenteeism from the court hearing.

  • A traffic police official can be sent to your residential address to collect the fine payment.

List of Traffic Fines and Penalties in Chandigarh

To ensure maximum safety on the roads of Chandigarh, the traffic police penalise everyone who conducts rule violations for a lesson towards responsible driving. Here is a detailed list of the different violations and the fine amount for your reference.

Violations  Penalty 
Riding/Driving without a valid licence ₹5,000
Riding/Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance  ₹10,000 (6 months imprisonment)
Over speed challan in Chandigarh  LMV - ₹1000 (first offence) LMV - ₹2000 (second offence onwards) HPV - ₹2000 (first offence) HPV - ₹4000 (second offence onwards)
Riding/Driving while smoking ₹500 (first offence) ₹1000 (second offence onwards)
Driving with no seat-belt ₹1000
Riding without a helmet ₹1000
Riding/Driving without insurance  ₹2000 (first offence) ₹4000 (second offence onwards)
Rash Driving or Racing ₹5000 (first offence) ₹5000 (repeated offence)
Not following traffic signals  ₹500 (first offence) ₹1000 (repeated offence)
Using a Mobile Phone while Riding/Driving  ₹2000 (first offence) ₹10,000 (repeated offence)
Overloading passengers ₹200 per extra passenger
Riding/Driving after disqualification ₹10,000
Overloading of other vehicles ₹20,000
Not Giving Emergency vehicles way ₹10,000
Disobeying traffic authorities ₹1000 (first offence)   ₹1500 (repeated offence)
Riding/Driving with valid permits ₹10,000
Riding/Driving without RC or expired RC 2-wheelers ₹3000 and ₹5000 4-wheelers ₹5000 and ₹10,000
Riding/Driving without a valid or expired fitness certificate ₹5000 (first offence) ₹10,000 (repeated offence)
Wrong Parking ₹500 - ₹1000
Triple-riding on two-wheelers ₹1000
Violating Road Signs ₹500 - ₹1000
Unnecessary Use of Horns ₹1000 - 2000
Not paying Road Tax ₹500 - ₹1000
Driving with a learner’s licence without displaying “L” on the vehicle ₹500 - ₹1000

Mandatory Documents To Drive in Chandigarh

To ensure complete compliance with traffic rules and regulations, keeping all the mandatory documents handy at all times is very important. To help you with the same, here is a quick list of the important documents you need to carry.

Driving Licence - One of the most important documents to carry with you to drive or ride in Chandigarh is a valid driving licence. Driving without it can attract heavy penalties and other unforeseen situations.

Vehicle Registration Certificate - The registration certificate (RC) is like an identity proof of your vehicle issued by the RTO. Every vehicle needs to be registered before it is taken on the road.

Pollution Under Control Certificate - Emission levels harm the environment, and thus, getting a valid PUC certificate for your vehicle after a thorough inspection from the RTO is mandatory to take your vehicle on the streets.

Fitness Certificate - The well-being of a vehicle is monitored to grant a fitness certificate to ensure the vehicle is capable of driving on the road without any hazards. Carrying this certificate at all times is compulsory for every vehicle owner.

Insurance for a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler - For all vehicles, third-party insurance is mandated by law. Thus, every vehicle owner needs to purchase valid insurance to avoid fines and to protect their vehicle from loss or damage.

Permits - Commercial and passenger vehicles need different permits to complete their operations. Driving without it is not permitted, and thus, they need to get the right permit issued from the RTO.

Role of a Car or Bike Insurance Policy for Maximum Safety

As part of the Indian traffic rules, all vehicles on the road need to be registered, and all drivers need to have a list of compulsory documents to adhere to the specific laws in their region or city.

Chandigarh traffic police, post the implementation of the e-challan system, are very particular about the availability of these documents. They also conduct random checks to ensure the rules are being followed.

One of the most crucial documents is third-party insurance for a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler. Without this valid document, you can be penalised, and in some cases, licence suspension can also take place.

Moreover, an insurance policy protects the financial well-being of the car or bike owner in case of unforeseen circumstances. Tata AIG understands the need for affordable yet effective insurance plans for four and two-wheelers.

We offer a comprehensive car and bike insurance policy with ample customisation flexibility to allow you to choose the level of coverage you require. You can easily compare two-wheeler insurance plans online from our website.

Additionally, you can also complete your car or bike insurance renewal online in a few quick steps for maximum convenience and increased vehicle safety.


Everyone is shifting to digitisation in today’s time, and Chandigarh traffic police are implementing the same with the introduction of the e-challan system.

Participating and complying with the traffic rules and regulations of your city is not just better for the pedestrians on the roads but also for your and your vehicle’s well-being.

For utmost comfort, the online e-challan payment methods make it easier than ever before to make timely payments to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Pay your challans within 60 days and drive hassle-free to explore the city of Chandigarh.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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