E-challan Kolkata

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E-challan Kolkata

Kolkata is the city of joy, a city with a history of Tagore and Britishers. It is a place that is known for its grand Durga Puja celebrations, historic monuments and sweet delicacies. However, Kolkata is also known for its tight streets, heavy traffic and various unusual modes of transportation.

All these situations make it difficult for motorists to navigate on the roads and often lead to incidents like vehicle damage, accidents or fights among people. To counter this issue, the Kolkata Traffic Police introduced the system of Kolkata Traffic Police Challan. Through this system, traffic police can identify traffic violators and control accidents and other casualties on the road.

To know more about e-challan Kolkata, how it works and how you can avoid getting fined on the roads of Kolkata, read the article till the end.

What is E-Challan Kolkata?

E-challan Kolkata is a web system for checking and paying traffic challans online. The Kolkata Traffic Police created this system for the convenience of motorists. Through this system, the traffic police can issue challans and penalties online in case of any violation.

For motorists, the e-challan system works as a checkpoint; civilians can visit the e-challan website anytime to see if they have any fines or penalties.

From the website itself, they can make online challan payments before the due date. E-challan Kolkata has made it easier for traffic police to oversee any traffic violations in the city and charge penalties to punish the violators.

What Information is Present in Kolkata E-Challan?

Whenever you are issued an e-challan, always check every information mentioned in it to understand whether your challan is correct or not. Here are details an official e-challan must have:

Reason for Issuing E-Challan- The first and foremost detail mentioned in the challan is the reason for its issue. It entails the information regarding the type of traffic violation you did. For example, driving on one-way roads, parking in no parking zone, not carrying your driving licence, etc.

Vehicle Details- The second most important detail to check in the Kolkata traffic challan is your vehicle information. Check the registration number, driving licence plate number, vehicle model and colour to make sure that it is your challan.

Unique Identification Number- Every e-challan generated has its unique UIN (Unique Identification Number). The number is used to identify and check the challan status online.

Time & Location- The challan should have the information of your location and the time during which the traffic violation occurred. It helps both parties to identify when, where and how violations happened.

Challan Amount- The e-challan Kolkata mentions clearly the amount of fine that you need to pay.

Payment Instruction- Another essential piece of information that should be in the challan is payment instructions. The instructions will state how to make payment, due date and additional fine in case of delayed payment.

Contact Details- E challan Kolkata also entails the contact details of the concerned authority in case of any queries or assistance required.

How Does E-Challan Kolkata Work?

There is a specific set of steps that are followed to generate e challan for the traffic law offenders. Here is how the e-challan Kolkata works:

  • For issuing e-challans in Kolkata, the traffic police authorities use CCTV footage, which uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras to capture incidents. This ANPR system is connected with the state’s Parivahan portal; from there, all the information related to vehicle owners’ is extracted, and an instant e-challan is generated.

  • In case an e-challan is issued in your name, you will receive a notification text on your number, or you will get a copy from traffic police on the spot of violation.

  • The Kolkata Traffic Police has the machine to generate e-challan on the spot. The machine also sends a copy of the challan to the police server in case of future reference and keeping records.

  • It is instructed in the e-challan to pay the penalty amount within the due given. If you fail to do so, an additional penalty will be incurred.

How to Check Kolkata Traffic Challan Online?

Once an e:**challan is generated in your name, you are required to pay the fine. There are two ways to check the status of your e:**challan online before you make any payments; these are:

Status Check Via Parivahan Website

Status Check Via Kolkata Traffic Police Website

**E:Challan Status Check Via Parivahan Website

Follow these simple **Steps to check your E:**challan Kolkata status from the Parivahan website:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Parivahan.

Step 2: Once you land on the homepage of the website, go to the “Get Challan Details” tab.

Step 3: Now, you need to fill in your details like driving licence, vehicle and challan number.

Step 4: Once you fill in the details, enter the captcha given and submit.

Step 5: It will redirect you to the page displaying your e:**challan status information.

**E:Challan Status Check Via Kolkata Traffic Police Website

Here are the **Steps to check the status of your e:**challan from the Kolkata Traffic Police website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Kolkata Traffic Police.

Step 2: Fill in your necessary details like challan number, registration number and driving licence details.

Step 3: Submit the information after typing the captcha

Step 4: The page will display the details of the e:**challan status.

How to Perform Online Traffic Fine Payment Kolkata?

Once you have checked all the details in your e:**challan status, the next **Step will be to pay your penalty amount before the due date. The reason for giving a deadline for this payment is to hold people accountable for their actions, and if they fail to do so, the penalty amount keeps on increasing. There are three ways to make e challan payment Kolkata; these are:

:** Via Parivahan Website

:** Via Kolkata Traffic Police Website :** Via Paytm

**E:Challan Fine Payment Via Parivahan Website

Here are the **Steps to make e challan payment Kolkata through the Parivahan website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Parivahan.

Step 2: Once you are on the website homepage, click on the “Pay Online” tab.

Step 3: The tab will redirect you to the page where you need to fill in details for challan, vehicle or DL number.

Step 4: After filling captcha, hit “Get Detail”.

Step 5: Select the e:**challan(s) you want to pay and fill in your payment details and option.

Step 6: Once you make payment, download the invoice generated as proof of payment.

**E:Challan Fine Payment Via Kolkata Traffic Police Website

Below are the **Steps to follow to pay the e:**challan fine using the Kolkata Traffic Police website:

Step 1: Visit the Kolkata Traffic Police official website.

Step 2: After the homepage loads, click on “Make Online Payment”.

Step 3: This will redirect you to a page where you will fill in your chassis, vehicle and phone number with email ID.

Step 4: Once you fill in the details, the payment gateway will open. Here, select “Get OTP”.

Step 5: After submitting the OTP received on your registered phone number, click “Confirm”.

Step 6: It will redirect you to a page displaying your e:**challan details. Check the details and make the payment using a suitable mode.

**E:Challan Fine Payment Via Paytm

Follow the **Steps to make quick and easy e:**challan Kolkata payments through Paytm:

Step 1: Go to the Paytm application on your mobile.

Step 2: Click on the “Recharge and Bills” option.

Step 3: Now scroll down and find “Challan” and click it; after that, select your “Traffic Authority”.

Step 4: Here, you need to enter details asked, like challan and vehicle number.

Step 5: After filling in your details, click “Proceed” to check the payment amount.

Step 6: Select the payment method, debit/credit card or UPI and make the payment.

Where Can I Complete Kolkata Traffic Police Challan Offline?

If you, for any reason, cannot make the payment of the Kolkata traffic police complaint online, then there are offline ways, too.

These ways include visiting the nearest traffic police station or paying the due penalty amount to a traffic police officer. Let us understand how to do so:

Visit To Nearest Traffic Police Station

  • Pay your challan by visiting the nearest traffic police station with documents like driving licence, registration number and e-challan document.

  • Enquire and give the officer at the front desk your e-challan details. Now, make a cash payment of the challan and ask for the payment receipt.

Make Payment to Traffic Police Officer

  • You can pay your e-challan to any Traffic Police Office, just carry your documents like challan document, vehicle registration and driving licence with you. You can also make payment on the spot to the officer who generates your e-challan in cash.

  • Make sure to check your challan details and verify them. Ask the traffic officer to give you a receipt of the e-challan payment as proof for you.

Kolkata Traffic Challan Check- Fine Payment Status Pending/Failed Transaction

If you want to get information on the status of your e-challan penalty payment, then you can do so online. Here are the steps to follow to check pending or failed challan transaction status:

Step 1- Visit the official Parivahan website and go to the tab “Check Online Service”.

Step 2- After that, select the “Check Failed Transaction” or Check Pending Transaction” option.

Step 3- This will redirect to the page displaying the transaction status of the search challan.

Step 4- After checking the status, you can enquire and get assistance from the Grievance System regarding your Failed/Pending transaction.

What to Do if I Have Been Issued Wrong E-Challan in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, e-challan is generated by both traffic officers and CCTV cameras using the ANPR system, and both of them can make mistakes. Thus, resulting in generating wrong e-challans by the traffic police department. In case a wrong e-challan has been generated in your name, you can seek redressal from the traffic police department.

You can visit the official website of the Grievance System and file a complaint against the wrong e-challan. The department will look over your complaint and provide you with the appropriate solution. In most cases, the wrong e-challan is dismissed.

Rules & Regulations to Follow to Avoid Kolkata E-Challan

Now you know what e-challan is, how it works and how to pay a penalty for it. But wouldn’t it be better to avoid getting fined? It is known that the narrow roads and heavy traffic of Kolkata can be dangerous for motorists and anyone on the road, that is why certain rules and regulations are made to avoid any accidents.

Following these rules and regulations will not only safeguard your life but also help you avoid any kind of penalty. Here are some standard traffic rules and regulations to follow to avoid getting e-challan in Kolkata:

  • Do Not Use Phones While Driving

  • Wear Helmets/ Seatbelts While Driving

  • Do Not Overspeed

  • Obey the Traffic Signals

  • Remember Overtaking Rules

  • Always Drive on the Left

  • Use Correct Signals

Let us understand all the above stated rules and regulations in detail.

Do Not Use Phones While Driving- It is common sense not to use a mobile phone while driving. Using a mobile phone while driving can cause distractions that can lead to some severe injuries.

It is advised to keep your phone in silent/vibration mode while driving. If it is an urgent call, then pull over at the roadside and talk rather than talk while driving.

Wear Helmets/ Seatbelts While Driving- Helmets are the armour of motorists while they are driving on the road. Always wear good quality and ISI-certified helmets to protect yourself in case of any incident.

If you are driving a car, then it is advisable always to wear your seat belts; they save you from turbulence and injuries.

Do Not Overspeed- Speed limits for every vehicle are there for a reason; if you try to overspeed and do rash driving, it can have serious consequences. Overspeeding can cause you to lose control of the vehicle, difficulty in stopping the vehicle and in some cases, it can also lead to the totalling of the vehicle. That is why we advise you to drive within your vehicle speed limits.

Obey the Traffic Signals- All the traffic rules, like stopping at the red light, not driving on one-way roads, and speeding down at pedestrian crossings, are there for your safety. Follow these rules diligently, and you will not only keep yourself safe but others too.

Remember Overtaking Rules- There are some overtaking rules like blowing horns and flashing lights and never overtaking big vehicles like buses and goods trucks. Follow these rules, as one of the significant reasons for penalties and accidents is overtaking by motorists.

Always Drive on the Left- It is a rule in India for drivers to always drive on their left side; follow this rule while driving a motorbike or car. It will not only avoid any penalty but also give way to people on the road while maintaining everyone’s safety.

Use Correct Signals- While making turns, slowing down or merging in traffic, use the indicators of your motorcycle or car. These indicators will alert the other drivers of your actions, thus avoiding any mishaps. In case your indicator is not working, use hand signals and get your indicators repaired as soon as possible.

Validity of E-Challan Kolkata

The e-challans in Kolkata are issued with a deadline to pay for the penalty. The validity of your e-challan Kolkata is about 60 days from the date of issuance. In case you fail to make payments for the challan, more penalties will be imposed, and these two actions can be taken against you:

  • A traffic police officer can visit your registered home address with your challan and all the extra penalties.

  • In case of your unavailability at your registered address, a summon to court will be sent to you by the Traffic Police Department. Even your driving licence can get cancelled/suspended.

What are Kolkata Police E-Challan Fines & Penalties?

The Kolkata Traffic Police Department has specified a certain amount of fines or penalties for various traffic rules violations. Here is the comprehensive list of fines and penalties.

Traffic Violations  Penalty
Driving with No Seatbelt On 1st Offence- ₹100  2nd Offence- ₹300
Driving/Riding Without a Licence ₹500
Underage Driving ₹500
Disqualifying Others from getting a Driving Licence ₹500
Owner allowing Non-driving Licence owner to Drive ₹1000
Driving at Excessive Speeds ₹400 For Repetitive Violations – ₹1,000
Driving Unregistered vehicle ₹5,000 For Repetitive Violations- ₹10,000
Driving without a Certificate of Fitness ₹5,000 For Repetitive Violations- ₹10,000
Driving without a Car/ Bike Insurance Policy ₹400 For Repetitive Violations- ₹1000
Dangerous Driving 1st Offence-₹1000 2nd Offence- ₹2000
Driving under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol ₹2000
Using a Mobile Phone while Driving or Wearing Earphones ₹1000 For repetitive violations- ₹2000
Vehicle without Wiper ₹100 For repetitive violations- ₹300
A vehicle without a Horn ₹100 For repetitive violations- ₹300
Speeding in a Public Area ₹500

Document Requirement to Drive Without Being Fined in Kolkata

If you want to drive in Kolkata without getting fined by the Traffic Police, then it is advised to always carry these documents with you:

  • Driving Licence

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Motor Insurance Documents

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC)Certificate

  • Necessary Permits (for commercial use)

  • Let’s know what these documents are in detail:

Driving Licence- A driving licence is a document verifying your ability to drive; you should carry this document with you whenever you are driving in Kolkata.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)- The RC is a document that every vehicle owner needs to get after buying a new vehicle. It is a document showing that your vehicle is registered in the Kolkata RTO database.

Motor Insurance Documents- Every motorist needs to have their insurance for 2-wheeler policy and carry these documents with themselves while driving to avoid any penalties.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate- The PUC certificate is becoming mandatory to have for motorists. It is a certificate stating that your vehicle is emitting pollutants within the standards set for your vehicle type.

Necessary Permits (for commercial use)- If you are driving a vehicle used for commercial purposes like carrying goods and people, then you need to get additional permits along with the driving licence.

Why is Insurance Policy Important for Road Safety?

Having necessary documents like a driving licence, registration document, and insurance documents can help you avoid getting Kolkata Traffic Challan. While DL and RC documents save you from fines, your insurance policy papers can also save your life. Especially if you are driving a 2-wheeler.

That is why the Kolkata Traffic Police Department has made it mandatory for bike riders to have insurance for 2-wheelers. Having a good bike insurance policy helps you get easy claim settlement in case of incidents.

At Tata AIG, we also provide you benefits like cashless bike repair service at our network garages across the country and third-party damage cover in case of any accidents. You can learn more about our bike insurance policy while you compare two-wheeler insurance on our website and buy the best budget-friendly insurance for yourself.

Wrapping UP

The e-challan system in Kolkata has come as a relief for the traffic police; it allows them to regulate the number of traffic violations in the city while creating better awareness of traffic rules.

If you want to avoid getting e-challan, do follow all the rules and regulations listed on this page, and if by mistake you get penalised do pay your dues on time to avoid further actions.

Remember all these rules and regulations, challan system and various documentation are done only with the purpose of your safety. For further safety on the roads of Kolkata, you can buy a Tata AIG bike insurance policy online!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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