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Honda Hness CB 350 Insurance

Honda, a Japanese manufacturer, has long been a dominant bike producer in India. However, with the Honda H'ness CB350, they have joined the retro genre market area. With a 348.36cc 4-stroke motor, rugged looks, and equipment like Honda Smartphone Voice Activation System, leather upholstery, warning lighting fixtures, and much more, this bike is a behemoth sold via Honda's upscale Big Wing shops. The H’ness is a preferred choice of a bike if you want speed and comfort, but you cannot use your bike if you do not have a Honda H'ness CB350 bike insurance.

Having the right bike insurance policy is like having a partner you can always count on. Life can be unpredictable at times, and no matter how careful you are, things may go wrong, especially when you are on the road. But having comprehensive insurance for 2-wheelers helps you rest easy knowing you will have reliable support. This is why it is always advised that you first find a reliable bike insurance policy when buying a bike. Buying insurance for your two-wheeler is easier than even today, as insurance providers offer bike insurance online. Also, remember that driving without a bike insurance policy is a punishable offence in India. So, before buying your H’ness, do not forget to buy the right Honda bike insurance online.

Tata AIG’s insurance for 2-wheelers may be the right choice for you if you are looking for a bike insurance policy that is customisable and affordable. You can choose what features you want and do not and create your plan. We also offer you a network of cashless garages, roadside assistance and the ability to buy your Honda bike insurance online. So what are you waiting for?

If Tata AIG is your insurance provider of choice, read on to know how you can buy Honda H'ness CB350 bike insurance, the H'ness CB350 insurance price and other important details.

Honda Bike Insurance Renewal/Buy Honda Bike Insurance via TATA AIG

If you have a bike insurance policy from any insurance provider, you need to be mindful of its renewal. If you notice that your insurance for 2-wheeler is reaching its expiry date, you must get it renewed in time. Not getting your Honda bike insurance renewed in time can leave you as a defaulter in the eyes of the law. If you initially had an insurance policy from a different insurance provider, you can shift to Tata AIG by getting your insurance for 2-wheeler renewed with Tata AIG. The steps for the renewal are simple and easy to follow. Further, if you buy a Honda H’ness CB 350 motorcycle and want to get your Honda bike insurance online, you can do so easily. The steps for both processes are enumerated below.

  • Browse our website and look under the heading "Bike Insurance."
  • Input your registration information and select Get Price to know your H'ness insurance price. If you wish to renew an existing policy with us, select the Renew button.
  • Fill the fields on the page with your details, your bike's specifications, and the H'ness CB 350 insurance policy's expiry date.
  • Select the Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your bike. The IDV is the existing market worth of your bike that will determine the bike insurance cost.
  • If you've never submitted a bike insurance claim, choose the No Claim Bonus discount.
  • The H'ness CB 350 insurance price should now appear on your monitor.
  • After confirming your payment, our team will send you your policy via email or Whatsapp.

The renewal or purchase of your Honda motorcycle insurance is now finished. When buying a policy, we recommend you compare the two-wheeler insurance policies we offer and the different customisations available.

H’ness Insurance Price - Your Premium Amount

If you wish to know what influences your H’ness CB 350 insurance price, a few factors are in play here.

1. The insured- The person buying the insurance plays a big role in determining the premium. Your driving record will be taken into consideration. If you are determined to be a cautious driver, you could receive a policy at lower insurance rates.

2. Security system- If you are investing in a security system including an anti-theft alarm, you could receive a discount on your premium.

3. Type of insurance- If you buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy, you will have higher premiums but greater coverage. Third-party insurance for 2-wheelers is cheaper but does not provide you with a holistic cover.

4. The kind of bike- If you have a bike renowned for its safety features, you could receive lower Honda bike insurance premium rates. Consequently, if you buy a sports bike, which can be less safe, your premiums could be higher. Also, bikes that have a higher cubic capacity have higher insurance rates.

5. IDV- The Insured Declared Value or IDV is the current market price of your bike. It determines the payout you receive in the event of total damage or theft.

Things Covered/Not Covered Under TATA AIG’s Honda Bike Insurance Policy

It's crucial to understand what your insurance provider includes and excludes in its policy statement to make an informed choice. Here is a breakdown of what is contained and what is excluded in our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance statement.

Things Covered Under TATA AIG’s Honda Insurance Things Not Covered Under TATA AIG’s Honda Insurance
Any harm rendered to the bike from explosions, self-ignition fires, lightning etc. Any harm caused when the bike was being used for commercial reasons. Also, if the damage results from adventure sports, racing, speed trials, etc.
Any degree of damage caused to the bike because of natural disasters, including cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc. Any damage to the insured vehicle when it is outside the confines of the geographical location mentioned in the policy (i.e., outside India).
Any losses incurred to the vehicle because of human acts of terrorism, vandalism, riots and more. Personal accident or own damage will not be covered if the person is under a third-party bike insurance policy.
Any loss incurred to the bike due to theft or irreparable harm caused by a robbery. Any loss caused by use over time and normal wear and tear, including mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
Any customisations you make to your policy will be considered when making an insurance claim. Any damage was caused to the bike because of a robbery in your residence, but the bike was not stolen.
Suppose any damage was incurred by the insured bike during transportation by airways, waterways, railways, etc. Any damage caused when the vehicle was used in areas prone to damage, such as a flood or landslide-prone area.
Personal injury coverage of up to ₹15 lakhs for the bike policyholder in the event of an accident. If the owner-driver passes away in the accident, the policyholder's nominee will get the sum insured. Any war-like situation in the country or an attack caused damage to the insured bike.
Damage to the insured bike due to a collision involving a third-party vehicle and harm to someone else's assets or injury to a third-party person resulting in death or impairment. Destruction or loss of the insured bike if the rider is intoxicated, if they were not using a helmet at the time of the collision or if not carrying a valid driver's license.

Why Is It Important to Have a Honda Bike Insurance from TATA AIG?

  1. At Tata AIG, we encourage you to thoroughly research your options before settling on a bike insurance policy. You can also speak to our customer support team in case you need help choosing the right policy, whether it is a third-party cover, a standalone damage cover or comprehensive insurance.

  2. You never need to worry about the service you are receiving with us. Tata AIG has secured the loyalty of over 5 million customers nationwide and continues to prove itself worthy of that loyalty. Today, the name Tata itself is a moniker for reassurance and trust.

  3. Our customers appreciate the cashless services provided at our network garages as it allows them to get their bikes serviced or repaired without having to pay anything.

  4. Buying a Honda bike insurance with us is now easier than ever, as you can buy it online in a few easy steps.

  5. Our team of over 650 specialists across the country helps in making our claim process hassle-free. This dedicated team helped us achieve a 98% resolve rate for all our claims in 2020-21.

Overview: H’ness CB 350

The Honda H'ness CB350 is powered by a potent 348.36cc 4-stroke SI motor that produces 15.5kW of performance at 5500 rpm and 30 Nm of output at 3000 rpm. Complete LED head and rear lights, a semi-digital gauge cluster, and the much-anticipated Honda Mobile Voice Activation System are new appealing features. Although only available on the DLX PRO model, it aids in controlling calls, audio, and the usage of turn-by-turn GPS devices. It includes a conventional dual-channel ABS and caution light controls for enhanced safety.

Round headlights, a curving fuel container, leather suede seats, trimmed flanks, and a chrome-finished tailpipe complete the current style, which also includes metal wheels and blacked-out parts. The bike also comes with a slew of perks from the manufacturer, which include warranty protection, subscription gift, and roadside support for owners.

Honda H’ness CB 350 Prices and Variants

The Honda H’ness CB 350 comes in two prices and variants.

Variants New Delhi Ex-showroom Prices (may differ as per different cities)
Honda Hness CB350 DLX ₹1.86 Lakhs
Honda Hness CB350 DLX Pro ₹1.93 Lakhs

Unique Selling Points: H’ness CB 350 Features

The Honda H'ness is a retro-styled motorcycle with a modern spin. It has a 348.36cc single motor that delivers good power and a comfortable ride even at 100kmph. It boasts a slipper shift, traction control technology, danger light switch, and voice activation system, among other new features. The bike has excellent traction, and the ABS technology and danger light switches are useful for safety.

The Honda H'ness is a decent pick for its pricing category, with a classic retro design and efficiency. It is among the nicest in its category.

Some of its eye-catching features include-

  1. Motor inhibitor on the side stands
  2. Full LED headlights and indicators with ring-type winkers are included.
  3. Honda Switchable Torque Management
  4. Hazard Signal Switch
  5. Slip and Assist Clutches

Top 3 Rivals of H’ness CB 350

  1. Royal Enfield Classic 350,
  2. Jawa motorcycles
  3. Benelli Imperiale 400

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

1. If there is an accident, within how long should I make a claim?

1. If there is an accident, within how long should I make a claim?


Before filing an insurance claim, you must ensure you are entirely protected. The policy claim process is time-sensitive, so it's best to notify your provider within 24 hours. The insurance provider might, however, stretch the deadline in specific circumstances. In that instance, the policyholder must write a letter explaining the grounds for the deferral in the notice.

2. What is the difference between a third party and a comprehensive insurance policy?


A third-party bike insurance policy protects you against any third-party harm caused by your vehicle. Having at least a third-party cover is mandated by Indian law, and you are not supposed to be driving without it. Comprehensive insurance for 2-wheeler insurance contrarily covers both third-party obligations and your vehicle and person. It insures your bike from destruction, maintenance, collisions, natural or man-made calamities, robbery, and fire, among other things.

3. What is the online insurance claim process with Tata AIG?


At Tata AIG, we have a simple and quick cashless claims process that involves the following steps.

  1. Go to our website and click on the ‘Claims’ tab.

  2. Fill in your registered mobile number when asked and click ‘confirm’.

  3. Enter all the necessary information being asked for, such as a copy of the FIR filed by you, if applicable and the Honda bike insurance policy number.

  4. Submit the claim form once you have filled it.

  5. A Bike Insurance Surveyor will be sent to check on your bike. Cooperate with them at all times.

  6. Once we complete the verification and initiate the claim, you will hear from us.

During the claims process, if you need any assistance, feel free to contact our 24*7 support team.

Does a vehicle inspection take place before every claim?

No, inspection is not generally required before a claim unless in case of a delay between the insurance expiration date and the insurance renewal application. On the other hand, some insurance providers inspect the bike before resolving a claim. It depends on the situation and the provider.