Learning Licence in Bangalore

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Learning Licence in Bangalore

A Learner's Licence (LL) acts as a precursor for a permanent driver's licence. In other words, anyone in Bangalore who wishes to drive on public roads must first apply for a learner's licence in Bangalore and then apply for a permanent one after having held it for at least a month.

Thankfully, applying for a learning licence in Bangalore is quite easy as it can be done both online and offline, according to your convenience. Read on to learn how you can apply for a learning licence in Bangalore.

What is a Learner's Licence?

A Bangalore learner's licence (LL) is a temporary driving permit that is valid for up to 6 months. A Bangalore RTO administers it after you pass a written test.

Moreover, if you hold an LL permit, you can only drive your vehicle under the supervision of a driving instructor or permanent DL holder. Your vehicle must also have a red L sticker at its front and rear, which must be visible from a distance.

Types of RTO Learning Licence in Bangalore

  • Two-wheelers with and without gear (scooters, bikes, etc.) with engine capacity equal to or above 50cc.

  • Transport and Commercial Vehicles (Taxis, buses, small goods-carrying vehicles and auto-rickshaws)

  • Four-wheelers (vans, cars, omnibus, etc.)

  • Heavy Goods Vehicle (road rollers and tractors)

  • Adapted Vehicles or Invalid Carriages.

  • Other Unlisted Motor Vehicle(s) of Specified Description(s)

Eligibility Criteria for Learner's Licence in Bangalore

For Private Vehicles: Anyone over 18 years of age can apply for a learner's licence in Bangalore. This applies to all vehicle classes/types.

For Two-Wheelers (Only Non-Geared): Anyone over 16 years of age. The bike must have an engine capacity under 50cc. You must also have written consent from your parents/legal guardians if you are under 18.

For Transport Vehicles: Anyone 20 years or above. You must have previously held a permanent DL for an LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) for at least 1 year. This 1-year rule, however, does not apply to e-rickshaws or e-carts.

Documents Required for Learning Licence in Bangalore

  • Learner's Licence Application Form 2

  • Age proof (Voter ID, birth certificate, etc.)

  • Recently taken passport-sized photograph

  • Address proof (passport, Bank Passbook, Aadhar, etc.)

Other Documents You May Need:

  • Medical Fitness Certificate/Form 1A – filled and signed by a medical professional (for transport motor vehicles)

  • A disability certificate, if available (for adapted vehicle drivers)

Useful Links:

  • Bangalore License Related Forms Download

  • Form 2

  • Form 1A

How to Apply for a Learning Licence in Bangalore?

Learning Licence Bangalore Online Application

  • Visit the Parivahan portal or the Karnataka Transport Department website. Click on Parivahan → Driving Licence-Related services.

  • Click on Apply for Learning Licence. Click Continue.

  • Select your category and select the ‘Applicant does not have a licence in India’ option. Click Submit.

  • Select Submit via Aadhar Authentication.

  • Enter your Aadhar number and the received OTP. Check all boxes and click Authenticate.

  • Fill out your online application form and scan and upload your supporting documents.

  • Pay your learning licence fees in Bangalore.

  • After this, you can take the online LL test.

  • After passing the test, you can download your learning licence in Bangalore from the website.

Useful Links:

  • Official Online Application Guide (by Karnataka Transport Department)

Apply for a Learning Licence in Bangalore Offline

  • Visit the Karnataka Transport Department website and download Application Form 2.

  • Fill out the form and sign it.

  • Visit your nearest Bangalore RTO with Form 2 and your supporting documents.

  • Once there, approach the front desk and enquire about applying for a learning licence in Bangalore.

  • Hand over your forms and pay the application fees. You will be allotted an appointment to take your LL test. Maintain your payment receipt. You will need it.

  • Visit the RTO on the allotted date with your application receipt.

After passing, the RTO will dispatch your LL permit via post to your address, or you can pick it up at the RTO.

Partial Offline Method for Learning Licence in Bangalore (For Those Without Aadhar)

  • Visit the Karnataka Transport Department website. Click Parivahan → Driving Licence services → Apply for LL → Continue.

  • Choose your category and then choose Submit Without Aadhaar Authentication.

  • Enter your mobile number and the received OTP → Click Authenticate.

  • Fill out your application form, scan and upload your documents and pay your learning licence fees in Bangalore.

  • Next, book an appointment at your nearest Bangalore RTO.

  • Go to the Appointments tab and click on LL Test Slot Booking to book your test appointment.

  • Attend your in-person test appointment with your payment receipt.

  • After passing, the RTO will dispatch your LL permit via post to your address. You can also opt to pick it up at the RTO.

Useful Links:

Sample LL Question Bank

Learning Licence Fees in Bangalore

Learning Licence (LL) Services  LLR Fees in Bangalore 
Issue of LLR permit ₹150
LL test fee and repeat test fee ₹50
Address change applications or changes in other details recorded in the driving licence ₹200

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All vehicle owners in Bangalore must hold a learner's permit for at least a month before they apply for a permanent DL. Thankfully, the online application process for a learning licence in Bangalore is quite easy.

All you need to do is fill out the application form, upload your documents, pass the LL test and then download your learning licence in Bangalore from the Parivahan website.


Is a practical driving test mandated to get a learning licence in Bangalore?

No, you only need to pass an online written test to get your learning licence in Bangalore. The practical driving test is only required for permanent driving licence applications.

You need a minimum of 60% to pass the LL test and get 3 chances to pass. If you fail 3 times, you will need to restart your LL application process.

Will my Bangalore LLR be valid throughout India?

Yes, your Bangalore LL permit and permanent driving licence will be valid throughout India on issuance. This applies to renewed licences as well.

Where can I find a doctor to fill out my Medical Fitness Certificate?

You can find an authorised medical professional to fill and sign Form 1A on the Karanataka Sarathi website.

Go to the Karnataka Transport Department → Click on Parivahan → Driving Licence-Related services → Find Doctor. Select your RTO office name and click submit to find a suitable doctor.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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