Learning License in Haryana

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Learning License in Haryana

Obtaining a driver's licence is an important step for anyone who wants to take the wheel and navigate the roads responsibly. A learning licence is given to someone who wants to drive the vehicle in Haryana as an authorised driver. On the other hand, a person with a learning licence can pick up driving skills under the guidance of an experienced driver.

A Haryana learning licence online or offline is issued to an individual who has passed the learning test by the Regional transport office by taking all the rules and regulations into consideration.

Individuals interested in obtaining a learning licence in Haryana should complete the application process outlined below.

What is a Learner’s Licence?

A learner's licence is an authorised document that allows its holder to practise driving under the guidance of a driver with a permanent licence. It is intended to instil essential driving skills as well as knowledge of traffic rules and regulations as a precursor to the permanent driving licence. The learner's permit is only valid for six months and cannot be extended except in cases of illness.

Types of Learner Licence in Haryana

There are several types of learner's licence available in Haryana, so the applicant must provide information about the type of vehicle they will be driving with the learner's licence.

Before submitting the application form to the RTO, they must include the vehicle type. In Haryana, there are several types of learner's licence:

Non-geared motorcycle learner's permit.

Motorcycle learner's permit for geared motorcycles.

Learner's Permit for LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles).

Learner's permit for medium-duty vehicles.

Learner's Permit for MPVs (Medium Passenger Vehicles).

Learner's Permit for HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles).

Learner's Permit for Heavy Passenger Vehicles.

Invalid Carriage Learner's Permit.

Learner's Permit for Motor Vehicles of Specific Types.

Eligibility Criteria to Acquire Learner Licence From Haryana

Certain eligibility criteria has to be met before applying for a Learner’s Licence in Haryana. The following are the general requirements:

The minimum age to get a learner's permit for a non-geared motorcycle with an engine capacity of up to 50cc is 16 years. The applicant must also have parental or guardian consent in writing.

In Haryana, the minimum age for obtaining a learner's licence for a commercial vehicle is 20 years. To obtain a learner's licence for a commercial vehicle, the applicant must already have a permanent LMV driving licence.

In Haryana, the minimum age for obtaining a learner's licence for a Light Motor Vehicle is 18 years.

Anyone applying for a learner's permit must be familiar with Haryana traffic laws and regulations.

Documents Required for Learning Licence Haryana

Before you apply for learning licence Haryana, know that a number of documents must be produced and verified by the RTO. These documents verify the applicant's age, address, appearance, educational qualification, and other information. The following are the documents required for a learning licence in Haryana: Form-2 application

Medical Certificate Form 1-A

Self-declaration of physical fitness in Form-1


Aadhar card

Three passport-size photographs

Proof of address (any of the following)

Aadhar card


Voter’s ID

Ration card

CGHS card

Nationalised bank passbook

House tax mutation order

Water or electricity bill

Life insurance policy

Registered sale deed

Proof of age (any one of the following)

School leaving certificate

Birth certificate

Voter’s ID

How to Apply Online for a Learning Licence in Haryana

An application for a Haryana learning licence can be made online or at the RTO. The applicant can apply for a Haryana learning licence by using the online application process listed below: Procedure for online licence apply Haryana:

Head to the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for learning licence online apply Haryana.

Select online services and then online driving licence services.

Enter the state name.

Apply online by selecting a new learning licence.

Complete the form and submit it online.

Upload the necessary documents as well as

Make an appointment for the LL test.

Attend the test on the given date and time.

The applicant receives a learning licence after passing the test.

To get a driving licence download Haryana, applicants can easily get it online after passing their driving test

Note: If the candidate fails the learner's licence exam, he/she will be called to the RTO for a re-exam in 7 days.

How to Apply Offline for a Learning Licence in Haryana

Procedure to apply offline for a learning licence Haryana:

Go to the nearest RTO office.

Pick up the learning licence application form at the RTO or download it from the official website

Fill out the form and return it to the RTO with the necessary documents.

Make a reservation for the learning licence exam.

Pay the application fee

Visit the test location on the specified date and time.

To obtain a learning licence, you must pass the learning licence test.

Learning Licence Test in Haryana

The examination will be conducted by RTO officials at the Haryana Learning Licence Centre to assess applicants' knowledge of traffic laws and regulations. This comprehensive exam includes questions about traffic laws, safety regulations, and other related topics.

Under the supervision of RTO representatives, the written licensing evaluation takes place. In the event of an initial failure, candidates may retake the exam at a later date.

In contrast, successful completion of the written test results in the issuance of the learning licence, subject to the application and documentation submitted.

Fees for Acquiring a Learning Licence in Haryana

The following table lists the various fees that must be paid according to the category.

Category  Fee (₹)
Learner’s licence ₹200
Learner’s licence renewal ₹200
International driver’s licence ₹1,000
Driving licence fees ₹200
Driver’s licence test ₹300
Driver’s licence renewal ₹200
Renewal and issuance of driving school licences ₹10,000
Issue of renewed driver’s licence ₹200
Appeal fees against RTO ₹500
Issue of duplicate licence for driving schools ₹5,000

Importance of Motor Insurance in Haryana

While obtaining a learner’s licence is an important step towards becoming a responsible driver, it is also necessary to understand the importance of motor insurance, especially given the legal requirement in Haryana. The motor insurance policy will also help you meet the compliance and avoid an e challan Haryana.

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In Haryana, acquiring a Learner Licence is a structured process that lays the groundwork for responsible and safe driving. Aspiring drivers must approach this milestone with diligence and responsibility, from understanding the different types of learner licences to meeting eligibility criteria and navigating the application process.

Recognising the significance of motor insurance also adds another layer of security and compliance to the driving experience. By following the guidelines provided by the Haryana Transport Department, people can drive with confidence and a dedication to road safety.

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What is the validity of a learner’s licence in Haryana?

What is the validity of a learner’s licence in Haryana?


A learner's licence in Haryana is usually valid for six months. The licence holder is expected to learn and practise driving during this time before applying for a permanent driving licence.

What is the fee for a learner’s licence in Haryana?


A learner's licence in Haryana can cost different amounts depending on the kind of vehicle. For the most recent information on fees, it is advised to visit the Haryana Transport Department's official website or make an inquiry at the nearby RTO.

How many times can I retake the Haryana learner's licence exam if I don't pass it?


You can apply to retake the test the following week if you do not pass the Haryana learner's licence exam on your first try. The exam may be taken a maximum of three times. It is not possible to obtain a learner's licence if the test is not passed, not even after three attempts.