Learning License in Lucknow

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Learning License in Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital and the largest city of Uttar Pradesh, is a multicultural city that flourished as a cultural and artistic hub and the seat of power for Nawabs in the 18th and 19th centuries. The city is known for its traffic congestion, one of the major challenges its residents and visitors face.

In such a scenario, the drivers in Lucknow must have a proper knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations and the skills and confidence to drive safely and responsibly. One of the prerequisites for driving is a driver’s licence. However, before you get a driving licence, you have to apply for a learning licence in Lucknow.

Let us know more about learning licence in Lucknow.

What is a Learner's Licence?

A learner’s licence is a provisional licence with a 6-month validity. After clearing a driving test, you can get it from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You can request a permanent driving licence after 30 days of obtaining a learner’s licence.

Also, if you have a learner’s licence, you must display a red ‘L’ on a white plate or card at the front and back of your vehicle. If you are learning to ride a two-wheeler, you can only have your driving instructor as a passenger.

Types of Learning Licence in Lucknow

You can apply for a learning licence in Lucknow for the following vehicle type.

Motorcycles with or without gear: These are two-wheeled vehicles that have engines of varying sizes, from less than 50cc to more than 50cc. They include bikes, scooters, mopeds, and others.

Transport or Commercial Vehicles: These vehicles carry passengers or goods for a fee. They include buses, taxis, goods carriers, and auto-rickshaws.

Light Motor Vehicles: These vehicles weigh less than 7500 kg and are used for personal or private purposes. They include cars, omnibus, vans, and others.

Heavy Goods Vehicle: These vehicles weigh over 12,000 kg and are used for heavy-duty work. They include tractors, road rollers, and others.

Invalid Carriages or Adapted Vehicles: These vehicles are specially designed or modified for people with disabilities or special needs. They include wheelchairs, scooters, and others.

Motor Vehicles of a Specified Description: These vehicles do not fit into any of the above categories and have some unique features or functions. They include amphibious cars, electric vehicles, and others.

Learning Licence in Lucknow: Eligibility Criteria

The learning licence age in Lucknow, along with other criteria, is as follows:

You must be at least 16 years old for a non-geared motorbike with an engine capacity of up to 50cc and at least 18 years old for a light motor vehicle.

If you are applying for a commercial vehicle learning licence, your age must be at least 20 years.

You must have passed the eighth grade or equivalent education.

You must know Lucknow's traffic rules and regulations.

Documents Required for Learning Licence in Lucknow

Keep the following documents handy for the hassle-free process:

Application in Form No.2

Medical Certificate in Form No. 1-A, and self-declaration of physical fitness in Form 1. If you are above 50 or applying for a commercial vehicle licence, you also need a medical certificate in Form 1A.

Passport photograph and signature for uploading while filling out the form

Fees as specified in rule-32

Proof of age and address as per rule. This can be an Aadhaar Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Ration Card, LIC Policy, etc.

Useful Links:

Parivahan Form Download

Application Form 2

How to Apply for a Learning Licence in Lucknow?

Learning Licence: Apply Online in Lucknow

Follow the following process for an online learning licence in Lucknow

Step 1: Log on to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Step 2: Click on "Application for New Learners Licence" from the "Learner's Licence" menu.

Step 3: Fill out the learner's licence application form and upload the required documents.

Step 4: Upload your picture and signature and pay the fee online.

Step 5: Reserve your slot for the learner's licence test online. You will get a receipt for the slot booking.

Step 6: Print out the application form, fee, and slot booking receipt. You will also need photocopies of your age and address proof certificates.

Step 7: Go to the RTO office on the scheduled date with the above documents for verification and biometric capturing.

Step 8: Attend the computerised learner's licence test. You can see the test result on the screen after completion. If you fail, you can reapply for the test after one week by paying the test fee again.

Step 9: If you pass, you can download a learning licence in Lucknow after the licensing authority approves it.

Procedure for Offline Learning Licence in Lucknow

Step 1: Visit the nearest RTO and collect the learner's licence application form. You can also download it online.

Step 2: Fill out the form with the required information, such as your personal details, vehicle type, and blood group.

Step 3: Attach the mandatory documents.

Step 4: Submit the required fee at the RTO counter.

Step 5: Get a slot for the licence test at the RTO. The test is conducted on a computer and consists of multiple-choice questions on traffic rules, road signs, and driving regulations.

Step 6: Clear the test on the slated date and time. To pass the test, you must score at least 12 out of 20 questions correctly.

Step 7: Following test clearance, get your learner's licence on the same day or within a week.

Learning Licence Fees in Lucknow

Learning Licence Services  Fees in Lucknow
For one class of vehicle ₹150
For both class vehicle ₹300
Test fee ₹50
Change in address or other necessary details ₹200

Importance of Motor Insurance in Lucknow

Motor insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company, where you pay a premium, and the insurer agrees to cover your losses in case of an accident, theft, or damage to your vehicle.

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However, if you drive without a valid motor insurance policy or are skipping on a two-wheeler insurance renewal, you are exposing yourself to many risks and penalties. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, driving without insurance is a punishable offence, which can attract a fine of Rs. 2000 and/or imprisonment for up to three months.

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If you want to drive a vehicle in Lucknow, you must get a learner's licence first and keep it for at least a month before applying for a regular driving licence.

Getting a learner's licence online in Lucknow is not complicated. You just have to fill and submit form 2, take and clear an MCQ exam, and then get your learner's permit.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Related Articles

How can I apply for a learner’s licence online in Lucknow?

How can I apply for a learner’s licence online in Lucknow?


You can apply for a learner’s licence online in Lucknow by visiting the Parivahan website and following the steps given there. You must fill in the application details, upload the required documents, pay the fee, and book a slot for the LL test.

What documents are required for a learner’s licence in Lucknow?


The documents required for a learner’s licence in Lucknow are: Application form No.2 Medical certificate in Form No. 1-A (if applicable) Passport photograph and signature Proof of age and address Fee receipt and slot booking receipt

What is the fee for a learner’s licence in Lucknow?


The fee for a learner’s licence in Lucknow is Rs. 200 for one vehicle class and Rs. 350 for two vehicle classes. The fee includes the test fee.

What is the age limit to obtain a learner’s licence in Lucknow?


The age limit to obtain a learner’s licence in Lucknow is as follows: 16 years for a motorcycle without gear (with parental consent) 18 years for a motorcycle with gear or a light motor vehicle 20 years for a transport vehicle

How can I prepare for the learner’s licence test in Lucknow?


You can prepare for the learner’s licence test in Lucknow by studying the traffic rules, signs, and signals. You can also take mock tests online or at the RTO office to familiarise yourself with the computerised test format.

How can I print my learner’s licence online in Lucknow?


You can print your learner’s licence online in Lucknow by logging in to the website and providing your application number and date of birth.