Learning Licence in West Bengal

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Learning Licence in West Bengal

According to the recent Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, everybody in West Bengal who wishes to operate a vehicle must possess a driver's licence. However, a learner's licence is required before you may receive a driver's licence.

Fortunately, there are two ways to apply for a learning licence in West Bengal. There is an online and offline process in which the applicant fills out forms and attaches the necessary papers.

Before taking the LL test, you must ensure to pay the application charges. If the candidate passes the LL test, the RTO will provide the licence immediately at the RTO or via fast post to the address specified in the forms.

Continue reading to learn more about how to apply for an RTO learning licence West Bengal.

What is a Learner's Licence?

A learner's licence is known to be a provisional driving licence provided to people who are just learning to drive. It is legal authorisation for someone to practise driving with the supervision of an expert adult or driving instructor.

A learning licence West Bengal online is often earned by passing a written test that assesses the applicant's knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. This permit is an important stage in the process of obtaining a full driver's licence since it allows aspiring drivers to gain practical experience behind the wheel in a safe and supervised setting.

A learner's licence frequently comes with restrictions, such as the need to have a licenced adult present in the car during driving practice. It is a key instrument for promoting road safety and ensuring that new drivers acquire the requisite skills and information prior to acquiring a standard driver's licence.

Types of Learner’s Licence

Before obtaining a learner's licence in West Bengal, applicants must declare the sort of vehicle they plan to drive with the LL. There are several alternatives to pick from, which differ from vehicle to vehicle.

The following are the several types of learner's licence in West Bengal:

Learner's licence for non-geared motorcycles - This sort of learner's licence covers all non-geared motorcycles. This category includes mopeds, scooters, and other similar vehicles for driving.

Learner's licence for LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) - This form of learner's licence is provided to candidates who want to drive a light vehicle. This category includes vehicles such as bikes and automobiles.

Learner's Licence for Commercial Vehicles - Candidates who wish to operate big commercial vehicles can obtain this type of learner’s permit. This group of vehicle consists of trucks, lorries and trailers.

West Bengal Learner's Licence Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility conditions for a learner's licence in West Bengal vary depending on the type of vehicle chosen by the applicant. The criteria are as follows:

Anyone applying for a learner's licence must be familiar with West Bengal traffic rules and regulations.

  • The minimum age to receive a learner's licence for a LMV (Light medium vehicle) is 18 years.

  • The minimum age to receive a learner's licence for a non-geared motorcycle with an engine capacity of 50cc is 18 years.

  • Individuals who have held a permanent LMV driving licence for at least a year may apply for a commercial vehicle learner's licence.

  • The minimum age for obtaining a commercial vehicle learner's licence is 20 years.

Documents Required for LLR in West Bengal

When applying for a learner's licence in West Bengal, you must provide a variety of documents. These documents are critical for successfully submitting the forms. When applying online, the documents can be scanned and attached, whereas copies can be attached when applying offline at the RTO.

The following are the main documents required for a learning licence in West Bengal.

Filled out Form No. 2


Ration card


PAN card

Voter ID

Birth certificate

LIC policy

Correctly completed Medical Certificate Form 1 and Physical Fitness Certificate Form 1A.

3 Passport-sized photos.

Address proof (includes an Aadhaar card, a ration card, a voter ID, and an electricity or phone bill.)

How to Apply for a Learner’s Licence in West Bengal

Online Application Procedure

To apply learning licence in West Bengal online, follow the **Steps below

Step 1: Head to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Step 2: Click on the “Online Services” drop-down tab.

Step 3: Choose the “Driving Licence Related Services” tab.

Step 4: You will be led to a new page where you must select the state in which you intend to apply for the learner's licence.

Step 5: From the "Apply Online" drop-down, select "New Learners Licence".

Step 6: Ensure to carefully read the instructions before clicking "Continue".

Step 7: Enter the relevant information and click "Submit".

Step 8: Scan and attach all relevant paperwork.

Step 9: Pay the application fees with whatever online banking method you like.

Step 10: Select a time slot to take the learner's licence test.

Step 11: Take your driving test at the nearest RTO.

Step 12: Once cleared, the RTO will send the learner's licence to the registered address, or the applicant can download learning licence West Bengal Via the online portal

Useful Links:**

Parivahan Form Download

Application Form 2

Form 1A

Offline Application Procedure

To apply for a learning licence West Bengal offline, follow the Steps below:

Step 1: Go to your nearest RTO.

Step 2: Request the learner's licence application form and other necessary documents, or download and print them from the Parivahan Sewa Website.

Step 3: Complete the forms and attach the relevant papers.

Step 4: Submit the form together with the required documentation and passport-sized pictures.

Step 5: Pay the application cost.

Step 6: Select a time to take the learner's licence test.

Step 7: Go to the RTO on the specified date and take the test.

Step 8: If the application is successful, the RTO will provide the learner's licence to the registered address or to the applicant right away.

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Learning Licence Fees West Bengal: LLR Amount in West Bengal

Purpose  Amount
Issue of Learner Licence in form 3 for each class of vehicle ₹150
Learner’s licence test fee or repeat test fee, as the case may be ₹50
For test, or repeat test, as the case may be, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle) ₹300
Issue of a driving licence ₹200

Note: Drivers should keep in mind that fees may be subject to change, and it is advisable to verify the current rates before applying for a Learning Licence in West Bengal.

Booking a Slot for Learner’s Licence Test West Bengal

Step 1: Head to the Parivahan website to book your test day and time online.

Step 2: Choose the "Online Services" drop-down tab.

Step 3: Choose the "Driving Licence Related Services" tab.

Step 4: You will be led to a new page where you must select the state in which you want to apply for the learner's licence.

Step 5: Select the "Appointments (Slot Booking)" tab.

Step 6: Choose "Learner's Licence Test".

Step 7: Input your Application Number, DOB, and Verification Code.

Step 8: Click on "Submit".

Step 9: Review the data on the next page and choose your preferred time slot before clicking "Confirm to Book".

Step 10: Modify the dates and times as needed, then print the "Confirmation" page.

Test Procedure for Learning Licence in West Bengal

  • The applicant must choose a day and time to show up at the RTO for the learner's licence exam after successfully submitting the application and paying the required costs.

  • Although passing the test is not too difficult, there are a few important things you should consider before taking it.

  • The LL test assesses an applicant's understanding of traffic laws, signs, and safety precautions.

  • It is a written exam that can be completed online or in front of a motor vehicle inspector.

  • If the candidate fails the exam, they have the option to retake it the next day.

  • The candidate will receive the learner's licence right away if they pass the exam.

  • Following clearance, the applicant may only drive in the presence of an experienced driver and must display the "L" symbol on their car.

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Gaining a Learning Licence in West Bengal is an important step towards responsible and skilled driving. This approach not only guarantees that people grasp basic traffic rules and regulations but also promotes road safety.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in West Bengal took a comprehensive strategy, which, along with the user-friendly online application system, made the entire procedure more accessible and convenient for prospective drivers.

Remember, acquiring a Learning Licence is only the beginning of a lifelong adventure of learning and adapting on the road. Stay educated, drive responsibly, and work together to make West Bengal's roads safer and more pleasurable for everyone. Safe travels!

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is an online Learning Licence test available in West Bengal?

Is an online Learning Licence test available in West Bengal?


Yes, West Bengal provides the convenience of an online Learning Licence test. Aspiring drivers can take the test through the official online portal, making the process more accessible and efficient.

How long is a Learner Licence valid in West Bengal?


A Learner's Licence in West Bengal is typically valid for a period of six months. It is essential for learners to utilise this time to gain practical driving experience under the specified conditions before applying for a permanent driving licence. Renewal or extension options are available for those who require additional time to prepare for the final driving test.