NCB Protection Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance

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NCB Protection Cover in Two-wheeler Insurance

In the world of two-wheeler insurance in India, comprehensive insurance offers all-round coverage. Additionally, it allows you to enhance the coverage with add-ons further. One such rider option is the NCB protection add-on cover.

The No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection add-on is like a superhero for your wallet. It's a special feature that keeps your accumulated No Claim Bonus safe, preventing your insurance costs from going up after a claim.

This blog will break down the NCB Protection Rider in insurance for a two-wheeler, showing you how it encourages good riding habits and makes your insurance experience smoother. Join us as we explore how this rider changes the game. We will discuss NCB protection meaning, bike insurance NCB protection cover details, its benefits and more.

But before that, let us see what the NCB Protection rider protects - the No Claim Bonus in bike insurance.

What is No Claim Bonus in Bike Insurance

In bike insurance in India, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward given to policyholders for each claim-free year. It is a discount on the annual premium and acts as an incentive for safe and responsible riding.

If you are wondering what is no claim discount value, it is the percentage of premium reduced for the insured for every year with no claim. The bike NCB percentage can range from 20% to 45% for the first few years and go up to a whopping 50% discount on the premium for the 5th consecutive year.

Find the common discount in the premium table below.

Claim-Free Year Bike NCB Percentage
Year 1 0.2
Year 2 0.25
Year 3 0.35
Year 4 0.45
Year 5 and more 0.5

If a claim is made, the NCB resets to zero. This is where the bike insurance NCB protection add-on comes into the picture.

Policyholders can protect their accumulated NCB with an additional NCB Protection Rider, ensuring they retain the discount even after making a claim, promoting and rewarding consistent safe riding behaviour.

Now, let us look at the NCB protection meaning.

No Claim Bonus Protection in Bike Insurance

NCB or No Claim Bonus protection cover is an add-on rider option available with most bike insurance plans, except third-party bike insurance. It safeguards the policyholder's accumulated NCB in case of a claim.

With the NCB protection add-on cover, a policyholder can make a specified number of claims without losing the NCB benefit. It acts as a financial cushion, preventing a lapse in the accrued bonus even after filing a claim.

Bike insurance NCB protection encourages responsible driving and helps policyholders maintain their NCB discount, ensuring cost-effective coverage and incentivising safe behaviour on the road.

However, note that since it is an optional add-on to the bike insurance plan, NCB protection rider will entail additional premiums. The NCB Protection cover premium will depend on the individual insurance provider.

How Does No Claim Bonus Protection Cover Work?

In India, the NCB protection add-on cover is a feature offered in motor insurance policies, such as four-wheeler and two-wheeler insurance. It provides a financial safety net, allowing policyholders to maintain their No Claim Bonus even after making a certain number of claims, thus promoting responsible and cautious driving habits.

Here is how bike insurance NCB protection generally works:

Accumulating NCB: When policyholders do not make any claims during a policy year, they earn a No Claim Bonus. This bonus accumulates year after year and results in a discount on the premium during policy renewal.

Claim Without Losing NCB: With the NCB Protection add-on, policyholders can make a specific number of claims (usually one or two) during the policy term without losing their accumulated NCB. This means that even if a claim is made, the NCB discount remains intact at the time of renewal.

Premium Savings: By protecting the NCB, policyholders ensure that their premiums remain lower despite filing a claim. This makes the insurance coverage more cost-effective over the long term.

Incentive for Safe Driving: NCB Protection serves as an incentive for safe driving behaviour, as policyholders are motivated to avoid small claims that might otherwise lead to the loss of their accumulated bonus.

Terms and Conditions: It is crucial to review the terms and conditions of the NCB Protection add-on, as different insurance providers may have variations in the NCB protection cover premium, coverage and the number of claims allowed.

Top Benefits of NCB Protection Add-on Cover in Bike Insurance

Here are some of the top benefits of NCB Protection add-on cover:

Maintains NCB Discount: The primary benefit of NCB Protection is that it allows policyholders to maintain their earned No Claim Bonus even if they make a claim during the policy period. Without NCB Protection, a single claim can result in the loss of the accumulated NCB.

Cost Savings: By maintaining the NCB, policyholders can enjoy significant cost savings on their bike insurance premiums. The NCB discount increases with each claim-free year, and NCB Protection ensures that this discount is not lost due to a single claim.

Encourages Safe Driving: Knowing that making a claim won't affect the NCB encourages policyholders to drive more responsibly and take precautions to avoid accidents. This can contribute to safer roads and reduce the number of claims.

Long-Term Savings: NCB Protection can be particularly beneficial in the long run. Over several claim-free years, the NCB discount can accumulate, resulting in substantial savings on insurance premiums. NCB Protection helps to preserve these savings.

Ease of Claim Settlement: Policyholders with NCB Protection may feel more at ease when making a claim, as they know that it won't impact their NCB. This can lead to a smoother and less stressful claims process.

Transferable Benefits: In case the policyholder decides to switch insurance providers, the NCB Protection can often be transferred to the new policy. This ensures that the benefits of accumulated NCB are not lost during the transition.

Flexibility in Choosing Deductibles: NCB Protection provides policyholders with more flexibility in choosing deductibles or opting for voluntary excess without the fear of losing the NCB. This allows them to customise their policy based on their preferences and budget.

Attractive Renewal Premiums: Since NCB is a direct discount on the premium, having NCB Protection can result in more attractive renewal premiums. This can make bike insurance more affordable for responsible and claim-free policyholders.


The NCB protection cover is highly beneficial to the policyholders as they get to enjoy discounted premiums at the time of policy renewal despite filing a claim. Moreover, they also become responsible riders to avoid situations that can harm or damage their bike.

However, It is important to note that while bike insurance NCB protection provides significant benefits, it may come with certain conditions and limitations, such as a limit on the number of claims allowed during the policy term.

Policyholders should carefully review the terms and conditions of the two-wheeler insurance plan and NCB protection add-on cover offered by their insurance provider.

Additionally, since the NCB protection cover is an add-on, you need to be aware of the NCB protection cover premium. You can use a bike insurance calculator to determine your bike insurance premium and purchase the plan that fits well with your needs and budget.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is NCB protection cover available for a second-hand bike?

Is NCB protection cover available for a second-hand bike?


To get NCB protection cover for a second-hand bike, you need to speak to the insurer for an NCB retention certificate.

Can I retain my NCB cover even after filing a claim?


Some insurance providers allow you to file a set number of claims within one policy year to retain NCB protection cover. This limit is usually locked at 2 claims per year but can differ based on the chosen insurance provider. Once you pass this limit, the NCB protection cover is over.

What do I require to transfer my NCB cover from one insurer to another?


Suppose you wish to transfer your NCB cover from one insurer to another. In that case, you need to get the NCB transfer certificate from the existing insurer after submitting Forms 29 and 30 to the existing insurer. Once you do this, you will be able to transfer your NCB cover benefits to a new insurer.