Outstation Emergency Accident Cover

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Outstation Emergency Accident Cover

After a busy week's schedule, the next important planning that sets off is featuring a long drive on your two-wheeler over the weekend. While you push yourself for excitement and relaxation, unprecedented events can strike your emotional and financial balance when you are out of the station.

It is predominantly in the form of an accident that can affect your car or bike and leave you in a problematic state. While you might be aware of bike insurance that can secure you from expenses related to your vehicle repairs, outstation cover in bike insurance is an added rescue advantage.

Here is what it means and how you can benefit from it for your financial security.

What Is Outstation Emergency Add-On In Bike Insurance?

The outstation emergency add-on in a bike insurance policy is an add-on cover that offers assistance during an emergency when you meet with an accident or breakdown on your trip to an outstation.

The assistance is provided in the form of obtaining the right repair services to secure you and your vehicle during a roadside emergency. It will help cover the expenses related to the repair and reduce your financial burden.


The outstation cover in bike insurance can be purchased for 1 year or 3 years from the date of commencement of the bike insurance policy, based on the insurer's terms and conditions.


Parveen and Nisha planned for a weekend trip to an outstation on their bike. While they were travelling to different spots for sightseeing, they met with an accident that caused their bike to severe damage that they couldn't manage to repair.

They informed their bike insurance provider and raised a claim on the outstation cover add-on in bike insurance, opting for the cashless claim.

The insurance provider immediately arranged for services to get their vehicle moved to a garage for the necessary repairs and paid for the same.

Features And Conditions Applicable To Outstation Cover In Bike Insurance

Bike insurance add-ons have certain specific features and conditions that apply to their claim processes. It can differ for the individual insurance providers, and therefore, you need to be aware of the inclusions and exclusions.

Optional add-on cover - The outstation cover in bike insurance is available as an optional add-on cover. Therefore, it can be availed of at an additional premium.

Applicable types of bike insurance plan - The add-on can be purchased along with a stand-alone bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. It is not applicable to third-party bike insurance plans.

Applicable distance for the coverage The benefits for the accident emergency or bike breakdown assistance will be applicable if it takes place at least at a distance of 100 km away from your location.

**Applicable time required for the repairs **The claim under the outstation cover will be applicable only if it takes at least 12 hours to repair or fix it.

Impact on No Claim Bonus (NCB) - A claim made under the outstation cover will not affect the benefits applicable as the No Claim Bonus.

Limit of claims - The number of claims that can be registered under this emergency or breakdown cover in bike insurance can be limited. It is essential to know this limit to make use of the benefits when it is most required.

Claim Process For Outstation Cover In Bike Insurance

A claim for an emergency in an accident or bike breakdown service during outstation travel can be initiated in a few simple steps.

Inform your insurer- The first and most important step is to inform your bike insurance provider about the incident and your intention to avail of the outstation cover in bike insurance.

Vehicle inspection- Your insurance provider will send an official to inspect your vehicle, the causes of the damage, the extent of damage, and the repairs required.

**Provide the necessary documents and information - To complete your claim application and verify them, your insurance provider will ask for certain documents such as the following:

Claim application form

Copy of bike insurance policy

Copy of driving licence

FIR (First Information Report), if applicable

Other supporting documents necessitated by the concerned officials

Claim approval- Based on your application, after the verification of documents, your claim on the insurance for a 2-wheeler will be approved.

Repair process- Upon approval, based on the choice of your claim process, whether reimbursement claim or claimless claim, proceed with the repairs. For cashless claims, you can approach the insurer's network of garages, and the insurer will pay them directly and a garage of your choice for the reimbursement claims where the bill amount can later be reimbursed with the insurer.

Benefits Of Outstation Emergency Add-On In Bike Insurance

Financial protection - The outstation cover ensures financial protection when you are on the outskirts of your city to repair your bike damages.

Access to repair services - When you are held in a place where there is no access to repair services, your insurer can assist you in taking your vehicle to the garage for repairs at the right time.

Simple and hassle-free claim process - You can initiate a claim for the benefits using simple and hassle-free claim processes online or offline with a few documents.

Ensure a peaceful travel - When you are financially protected, you can ensure a peaceful travel to enjoy and make cherishable memories.


The outstation emergency add-on in bike insurance is a valuable inclusion if you are a frequent traveller to destinations away from your locality. It can ensure financial protection to secure and maintain your bike to the best standards during an emergency due to an accident or breakdown when you are left stranded on the road. It offers seamless access to repairs and can be availed through hassle-free claim processes!

Add-On Covers With Tata AIG

At Tata AIG, we offer a two-wheeler insurance plan with wide-ranging add-on cover options, ranging from Engine Secure, Roadside Assistance, and Zero Depreciation to Emergency Medical Expenses, Consumable Expenses, Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver, etc.

You can compare two-wheeler insurance plans and choose a suitable policy with the desired add-ons to enhance your coverage and benefit better.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the difference between roadside assistance and outstation cover bike insurance add-ons?

What is the difference between roadside assistance and outstation cover bike insurance add-ons?


Roadside assistance offers repair services such as jump-starting the battery, repairing a flat tyre, emergency towing, etc.; on the other hand, the outstation cover provides financial support to manage an emergency due to an accident or breakdown that happened 100 km outside your place of residence and takes more than 12 hours to repair.

How do you cover emergency expenses with bike insurance?


You can opt for the outstation cover in bike insurance to cover emergency expenses due to a breakdown or accident when you are on a long drive. It can help you take your bike to a garage for repair services and pay for the same based on seamless and hassle-free claim processes.