Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh

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Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh, like all Indian states, follows traffic rules and regulations as per the amended Motor Vehicles Act. Enforcing these traffic rules in Andhra Pradesh has not only brought about a uniform licensing system but also a detailed roadmap on the regulations for driving conduct.

The implication of RTO rules in Andhra Pradesh is overseen by the traffic police, ensuring safety and conduct while driving.

People, however, are only occasionally well informed about the details or repercussions of misdemeanours while driving. Hence, here are details regarding the traffic fines in Andhra Pradesh.

Updated Traffic Rules in Andhra Pradesh

The updated regulations have been made to tackle the concerning surge in road traffic across the state, focusing mainly on the urban regions to better maintain the conduct in heavily populated areas.

Here is a concise rundown of the revised traffic rules applicable to both four-wheeler and two-wheeler drivers in Andhra Pradesh:

Respect Speed Limits:

Excessive Speed is a leading factor in road accidents, posing a significant risk to drivers and passengers alike. When drivers exceed the speed limit, they are more likely to lose control of their vehicles and endanger everyone on the road.

Seat Belt Compliance:

Both drivers and passengers must wear seat belts while the vehicle is in motion. Wearing seatbelts is crucial for increasing the chances of survival in the event of a crash, particularly for children aged under 15.

Avoid Using the Phone while Driving:

Engaging in texting while driving diverts the driver's attention away from the road entirely. This significantly increases the risk of accidents and collisions, particularly in busy traffic areas.

**No Drinking and Driving: **

Driving a vehicle under the influence of intoxicating substances impairs the driver’s ability to comprehend road conditions, traffic and the proper driving conduct that is required.

This dangerous behaviour results in collisions and poses a significant threat not only to the driver and passengers but also to pedestrians and other road users in the vicinity.

Avoid Abruptly Switching Lanes:**

Abruptly changing lanes without using indicators and recklessly overtaking other vehicles can lead to collisions and disrupt the traffic flow. It is essential to change lanes only when necessary and always to use proper indicators to signal your intention to other drivers.

Carrying the Essential Paperwork:

If any traffic rules are violated or there are routine checkpoints on the road, traffic police may stop you for quick inspections. During such inspection, vehicle-related documents need to be presented on demand. It is advisable always to keep all documents handy to avoid additional fines.

Park Responsibly:

To avoid hefty fines, it is advisable to refrain from parking in ‘No Parking’ zones. Instead, make use of designated parking areas or paid parking spaces to prevent inconveniencing others and also ensure the safety of your vehicle.

**Avoid Triple Riding: **

Riding a bike with more than one pillion rider can result in the driver losing balance or one of the pillion riders falling off. This poses a significant threat, especially in fast-moving traffic, as a fall can have fatal consequences.

Compulsory Helmet Usage:

Both the main driver and the pillion rider are required to wear helmets to protect their heads. This measure can be crucial in saving lives during crashes.

Andhra Pradesh Traffic Fines List

Offence  Imprisonment / Fine 
Driving Without License Fine in Andhra Pradesh 3 Months/ ₹500 /Both 
Drink And Drive Fine in Andhra Pradesh First offence- 6 Months /₹2000/ Both Second or Subsequent offence Committed Within 3 Years of Previous Commission-  2 Years/₹3000/ Both 
Fine for Not Wearing Helmet in Andhra Pradesh First offence - ₹100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹300
No Parking Fine in Andhra Pradesh First offence - ₹500 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹1500
Driving a Vehicle Being Under-Aged 3 Months/ ₹500 /Both 
Owner or Person in Charge of a Vehicle Permitting an Unlicensed Person or an Under-Aged Person to Drive a Vehicle  3 Months/ ₹1000 /Both 
Driving a Vehicle at an Excessive Speed  First offence - ₹400 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹1000
Driving Dangerously  First offence - 6 Months /₹1000/ Both Second or Subsequent offence Committed Within 3 Years of Previous Commission-  2 Years/₹3000/ Both 
Driving When Mentally or First offence - ₹200
Physically Unfit to Drive, Abettor  Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹500
Driving an Uninsured Vehicle  3 Months/ ₹1000 /Both 
Driver’s Failure to Obey Traffic Signs  First offence - ₹100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹300
Driver of a Two Wheeler Motor Cycle Carrying More Than One Person in Addition to Himself And Only on a Properly Fixed Seat Behind the Driver’s Seat  First offence - ₹100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹300
Driver’s Failure to Submit the Vehicle for Testing Emission of Smoke Etc. First offence - ₹ 100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹ 300
Any Person in Charge of a Vehicle or a Trailer Abandoning or Permitting to Abandon, etc. First offence - ₹ 100
 in A Public Place  Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹ 300
Any Person in Charge of a Vehicle Carrying or Permitting to Carry Any Person on the Running Board etc. First offence - ₹ 100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹ 300
Any Person Travelling on the Running Board or the Top or the Bonnet of a Motor Vehicle. First offence - ₹ 100 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹ 300
Any Person Keeping a Disabled Vehicle in Any Public Place to Cause Impediment  to the Free Flow of Traffic  ₹ 50/- Per Hour + Towing Charges. 
Driver in a Public Place Failing to Produce His Licence to Any Police Officer in Uniform, On-Demand   ₹100
The Owner (or Driver or Person in Charge of) a Motor Vehicle, Failing to Produce the Certificate of Insurance of the Vehicle, On-Demand ₹100
The Owner (or Driver or Person in Charge of) a Motor Vehicle, Failing to Produce Certificate of Fitness of Vehicle, On-Demand ₹100
The Owner (or Driver or Person in Charge of) A Motor Vehicle, Failing To Produce Permit of Vehicle, On-Demand ₹100
Any Transport Vehicle Not Having Fitness Certificate  First offence - Up to ₹ 5000 But Not Less Than ₹ 2000 Second or Subsequent offence - Up To One Year, ₹ 10,000(But Not Less Than ₹ 5000/-) or Both
Any Motor Vehicle Not Having a Pollution Under Control Certificate   First offence - ₹ 1000 Second or Subsequent offence -  ₹ 2000

Imposing E-Challan in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has now started embracing the digital age by implementing a digital system to manage its traffic fines. Offenders now have the option to make online payments.

Utilising CCTV and speed cameras, the E-challan system is adept at capturing instances of traffic violations without the presence of a traffic official.

Failure to settle fines within the specified periods can result in the accumulation of late fines that will add up to financial penalties. Moreover, prolonged delay may also lead to the suspension of the offender’s or vehicle impoundment.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, there are multiple options available for settling traffic fines, primarily, online and offline. E-challan can be paid online using the official Parivahan website, through payment options like Paytm, and credit or debit cards.

To read more about E-challans in Andhra Pradesh, click here.

Paying Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh Online

Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan website site.

Step 2: Select the “Pay Online” option.

Step 3: Fill out the required “Challan Details”. A driver's licence or vehicle number can also be used if the e-challan number is not available.

Step 4: Fill up the captcha.

Step 5: Click on “Get Detail”.

Step 6: Once done, you will see a list of all the applicable e-challans to your vehicle.

Step 7: Select the challan for which you wish to make the payment.

Step 8: Select the preferred payment method and make the payment.

Step 9: Upon successful payment, you will receive a payment receipt and a unique transaction ID for future reference.

Opting to settle the challan online helps avoid the inconvenience of travelling to RTOs or police stations and standing in queues to pay the fines. It is a quick process that requires minimal time and is exceptionally convenient.

However, for those who prefer settling the fines offline, here is the process:

**Paying Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh Offline **

Step 1: First, visit your nearest RTO or traffic police station.

Step 2: Make sure to carry an original copy of your traffic challan or e-challan.

Step 3: Provide the officials with necessary information like your driver's licence details, personal details and vehicle registration number.

Step 4: Pay your penalty in cash or cheque depending on the option available.

Step 5: Collect the receipt and make sure to keep it safe for future reference.

Importance of Having the Right Motor Insurance Policy to Avoid Traffic Fines in Andhra Pradesh

Having valid motor insurance is essential when driving a vehicle, as it ensures compliance with traffic regulations in Andhra Pradesh. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, third-party coverage is mandatory for all motor vehicles.

When travelling through Andhra Pradesh, especially on a bike, it Is advisable to have a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Such two-wheeler insurance policies not only help protect your bike but also provide coverage for you in the event of unforeseen damages resulting from accidents or natural disasters like cyclones and storms.

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To Conclude

Having essential documents such as a valid insurance policy, fitness certificate and a valid driving licence is imperative when driving to avoid any possible penalties and ensure a safe ride. Also, abiding by traffic laws and regulations while maintaining good traffic conduct ensures not only our safety but also safeguards others on the roads.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I check my traffic fine online in India?

How can I check my traffic fine online in India?


You can check for your traffic fine from anywhere in India by visiting the official Parivahan Sewa website. On the website, provide your challan/driving licence/ vehicle number and get your penalty details.

What documents are required to pay your challan in Nagpur?


You need to have your driving licence, vehicle registration document and challan to pay your challan online.

Disclaimer: All the traffic fines and penalties amount given in this article are subject to change as per the latest government rules and regulations. Please verify them before proceeding with any payments.