Traffic Fines in Bhubaneshwar

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Traffic Fines in Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneswar, also known as the “Temple City” of the country, is the capital city of Odisha. It is also one of the first few cities that decided to allocate ample resources towards the overall development of the region with appropriate modernisation to improve the standard of living.

Today, even though the city is still on the lookout for adopting technologies to become a more innovative city, the traffic control system present today is highly efficient.

Bhubaneswar features a strong network of roads, interconnecting the city well while promoting high safety standards for vehicles and the locals.

Additionally, the city is known for its effective traffic management system that includes well-marked lanes, well-maintained traffic signals and cameras for e-challan issuance, properly highlighted intersections and much more.

In this blog, we will discuss the different Bhubaneswar traffic police challan categories and their fines, along with new traffic rules and more.

Updated Bhubaneswar Traffic Rules

The traffic authorities of Bhubaneswar are very particular about maintaining road safety on the streets of the city. This involves not just the management of traffic but also the proper implementation of traffic rules.

Regardless of the vehicle category, the traffic rules and regulations are mandatory and require complete obedience to avoid facing financial penalties via numerous Odisha traffic challan slips.

Some of the most essential traffic rules for Bhubaneswar include the following:

Rules for Two-wheelers

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler. This is compulsory for both the rider and the pillion, and failure to do so can attract a without-helmet fine in Odisha.

  • Do not use mobile phones or any other distractions while riding two-wheelers to avoid accidents due to careless riding.

  • A two-wheeler is meant for only 2 people: the rider and the pillion. Therefore, no triple-riding is permitted as it poses a big danger to the safety of all involved.

  • While driving on the streets of Bhubaneswar or any other city of Odisha, every two-wheeler should avoid riding in a zig-zag manner on the road.

Rules for Four-Wheelers

  • Always wear a seatbelt when driving a four-wheeler.

  • No LMVs should carry goods for commercial purposes.

  • Only use the horn when necessary, and always avoid using the horn in no-honking or silent zones.

  • Do not overtake without proper indication, and on a two-way road, allow vehicles behind you to overtake from your right side.

Rules Common for Both 2 and 4-wheelers

  • Always carry vehicle registration certificate, vehicle fitness and pollution under control certificate, driving licence, and valid document of car or bike insurance policy at all times.

  • Never park your vehicle in no parking zones or on footpaths.

  • Always maintain proper distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead and behind you.

  • Follow the speed limits mentioned for different roads to avoid fines and accidents.

  • Drive/ride slowly when crossing areas and roads under construction.

List of Bhubaneswar Traffic Challan Fines

Traffic Violation  Fine for First Offence (in ₹) Fine for Subsequent Offences (in ₹)
Riding/ driving without a valid driving licence  ₹5000 ₹5000
Overspeeding (LMV) ₹2000 ₹2000
Overspeeding (HMV) ₹4000 ₹4000
Not wearing a seat belt ₹1000 ₹1000
Riding/driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance  ₹10,000 ₹15,000
Rash driving or riding or participating in on-road races ₹5000 ₹10,000
Road regulation violations  ₹1000 ₹1000
Riding/driving without a car or bike insurance policy  ₹2000 ₹4000
Not giving way to emergency vehicles ₹10,000 ₹10,000
Riding/ driving while using mobile phones  ₹5000 ₹10,000
Jumping red lights  ₹5000 ₹10,000
Triple-riding  ₹1000 ₹1000
Riding without a helmet ₹1000 ₹1000
Riding/driving even after disqualification  ₹10,000 ₹10,000
Overboarding passengers ₹200 for every passenger
Underage riding/driving  ₹25,000 ₹25,000
Committing offences by offering bribery   Double the fine amount based on offence or violation
Driving without permits ₹10,000 ₹10,000
Riding/ driving without valid registration  ₹5000 ₹10,000
Using vehicles for unauthorised activities without a valid licence or permit ₹1000-₹5000
Using public transport without a ticket  ₹500 ₹500
Disobeying orders of traffic authorities ₹2000 ₹2000

All About Odisha Traffic Challan

To encourage people to follow the Bhubaneswar traffic rules, the traffic authorities impose heavy fines and penalties for all riders and drivers via e-challans.

With the help of the e-challan system, issuing relevant challans with proper details is easier. Furthermore, it permits better monitoring of vehicles, traffic, and violations.

An e-challan in Odisha comes with a payment due date of 15 days from the date of issuance, allowing ample time for fine payments.

Here is how you can pay and check your Odisha traffic challan:

Online Methods: Using Parivahan Portal

  • Visit the official Parivahan portal.

  • On the homepage, choose the information you have readily available between challan number, driving licence number, and vehicle number.

  • Now, enter the chosen information correctly in the space provided below.

  • Once done, carefully enter the captcha code and click on the “Get Detail” option below it to proceed.

  • You can now view the pending challans for your vehicle. Select the one you wish to pay for and complete the payment using any of the available digital payment options.

  • Upon completion, download the receipt for future reference.

Offline Mode: Paying Traffic Challan in Odisha

  • You can make the payment directly through a traffic police officer carrying the e-challan swipe machine. Just provide your challan details and vehicle registration number and wait for them to confirm it to make the payment.

  • You can also visit the nearest traffic police station to your location. Just carry your vehicle documents, especially the RC and other challan documents, to make the payment offline.

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Check Challan Status in Odisha

  • Go to the Parivahan portal.

  • From the top bar, select the “Check Online Services” option and click on “Check Challan Status” from the drop-down menu.

  • On the screen, enter either your challan, driving licence, or vehicle number correctly.

  • Next, enter the captcha code and select “Get Detail”.

  • Now, you will be able to view the challan status on the screen.

Role of Insurance for 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler in Bhubaneswar

Whether it be a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, a rider or driver needs to carry a list of necessary vehicle-related documents at all times to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Other than a driving licence and vehicle registration certificate, insurance for a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler is also mandatory. If anyone is found without an insurance document or with an expired insurance policy, they need to pay a fine of ₹2000.

As per the government laws, only third-party insurance is mandatory. However, protecting your bike or car from unexpected damages and loss is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary financial burden.

For the same reason, Tata AIG offers both third-party and first-party bike insurance plans to give your vehicle sufficient financial protection. We also offer customisation flexibility with our first-party insurance plans to cater to specific needs effectively.

To make the right decision and choose the most appropriate plan, you can explore our website and compare different bike insurance plans using the bike insurance calculator.


Exploring the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar on the road is a great experience, provided you follow all the traffic rules thoroughly. Each of the Bhubaneswar traffic rules is devised to ensure maximum road safety.

This not only reduces the number of daily accidents but also ensures accountable driving and careful movements while on the road.

Therefore, drive safe and smart by respecting the road rules and regulations and paying your challan on time using online or offline modes.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What can I do if a wrong traffic challan is issued?


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How can I check my payment receipt for challans?


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