Traffic Fines in Mysore

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Traffic Fines in Mysore

The traffic authorities in Mysore have their own set of laws and guidelines that must be followed in order to keep everyone safe. Traffic fines are one of the tools used to keep the streets orderly. They are levied for infractions such as speeding and parking improperly.

Thankfully, residents of Mysore and all other Karnataka cities can exhale with relief. The new traffic fines have been modified for certain infractions, lightening the burden somewhat, particularly for two-wheeler riders.

In this post, we will cover all of the RTO rules in Mysore, as well as the fines linked with them. Continue reading!

New Traffic Rules in Mysore

Mysore recently introduced new traffic rules aiming at increasing road safety and boosting traffic flow around the city. These laws include stronger enforcement of speed limits, specific lanes for different types of vehicles, and stiffer penalties for traffic infractions.

The city has also implemented steps to promote the use of public transport and cycling, such as dedicated lanes and upgraded infrastructure. These initiatives are part of a larger effort to build a more sustainable and efficient transport system that prioritises the safety of all road users.

The Traffic Management Department also intends to take stricter action against infractions such as spitting tobacco on the road or in public places, driving without a valid motor insurance certificate, and so on.

New Four-Wheeler Traffic Rule in Mysore

Whenever operating a vehicle, including a four-wheeler, always buckle up. It is imperative that you buckle up because doing so can prevent serious injuries in the case of an accident. In Karnataka, breaking this regulation may result in seat belt fines.

  • Never exceed the posted speed limit. Driving at a fast rate of speed or with aggression can lead to tragic accidents. As a result, you should always adhere to a given road's speed restriction. Penalties for breaking this rule could be severe.

  • Never use a phone while operating a vehicle. It is among the main reasons for traffic accidents. Using a mobile while operating a vehicle can divert attention and result in collisions. In Mysore, breaking this law may result in fines for your car.

  • When driving, always keep your lane disciplined. Avoid making sudden lane changes and signals before doing so, and avoid driving in a zigzag style, as these practices can result in collisions. Breaking this law in Mysore may result in fines for your car.

New Two-Wheeler Traffic Rule in Mysore

In Mysore, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeled vehicle. In the event of an accident, it can protect your head from harm; there may be hefty fines for not wearing a helmet in Mysore, and it may also result in several charges.

  • Avoid riding your two-wheeler carelessly or aggressively. It may endanger the lives of you and other drivers. Additionally, there may be severe traffic fines for doing so.

  • Never take more than one passenger on a two-wheeled vehicle. Two-wheelers that are overloaded may cause accidents. In Mysore, breaking this rule may result in a traffic ticket.

  • Always carry the necessary paperwork, such as driver's licence and vehicle registration documents. If the authorities ask for certain documents during an inspection, you ought to be able to provide them. If the driver is without licence, a fine in mysore may be issued.

  • When operating a two-wheeler, never use a mobile phone or any other type of hand-held or hands-free device. It may divert attention and result in mishaps. Fines for breaking this rule may be applicable for vehicles.

Updated Mysore Traffic Fines List

Traffic violation Vehicle type Penalty (in ₹)
Riding or driving without a valid licence Two-wheeler/four-wheeler ₹1,000
Driving or riding recklessly Two-wheeler/four-wheeler ₹1,000
Driving without a valid DL Four-wheeler (LMV) ₹2,000
Driving without a valid DL Other vehicle ₹5,000
Riding without valid insurance Two-wheeler/three-wheeler ₹1,000
Drink and drive fine in Mysore All vehicle Court fine
Overspeeding Two-wheeler/three-wheeler/LMV ₹1,000
Overspeeding HGV/LGV/Other vehicle ₹2,000
Riding without a helmet (either as a rider or a passenger) Two-wheeler ₹500
Driving without a seatbelt Four-wheeler ₹500
Two-wheeler overloading (triple  riding) Two-wheeler ₹500
Using mobile while riding/driving All vehicles ₹1,000
Racing on public roads All vehicles ₹5,000
Riding or driving without a number plate All vehicles ₹500
Disregarding a traffic police officer's instructions All vehicles ₹2,000
No parking fine in Mysore All vehicles ₹1,000
Riding or driving in a physically and mentally unfit state All vehicles ₹1,000
Driving without a valid permit All vehicles Court fine
Riding/driving without a valid PUC All vehicles Court fine

Imposing E-Challan in Mysore

The implementation of E-challan in Mysore marks a significant improvement in traffic management efficiency. This computerised technology automates the detection and issuance of traffic penalties, simplifying enforcement procedures and minimising paperwork.

It is equipped with cameras and sensors that detect offences such as overspeeding and unauthorised parking and immediately generate digital notifications. Each e-challan has a payment deadline of 60 days. If you fail to pay your challan within this window, you may face harsh fines. The approach promotes transparency and accountability by keeping an audit trail available to authorities.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Mysore

There are two options for paying traffic penalties in Mysore. Let us talk about both of them in detail:

Online Method via Parivahan Portal

Step 1: Go to the official Parivahan e-challan website, which is created for online challan payments.

Step 2: Select the 'Check Challan Status' on the 'Check Online Services' tab.

Step 3: Enter the relevant information, including the challan number, vehicle number, or DL (Driver's Licence) number. Enter the right captcha code on the screen and then click 'Get Details'.

Step 4: After you incorporate your information, the website will display all of the essential e-challan information. If you have many pending e-challans, you may see them all.

Step 5: Choose an e-challan from the list of available options.

Step 6: Enter the payment information, including your desired method of payment, bank account or card information, and any other information required.

Step 7: Examine the payment information you submitted to make sure it is accurate. Verify the payment once you are satisfied that the information is accurate.

**Paying E-Challan through Offline Methods

Approach a traffic officer who has access to an e-challan device; you can give the officer your number plate number, the number from your challan, and any relevant information. You will then be sent a copy of the challan as evidence of payment after verification. After making the payment, ensure to get the receipt that the officer gave you.

Individuals can also pay the fee in cash in person at the Traffic Police Headquarters; there will be specified offices or counters at the headquarters where you can pay. It is important to have the identification and e-challan details on hand in case they need to be verified.

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Do traffic fines in Mysore impact my driving record?

Do traffic fines in Mysore impact my driving record?


Yes, traffic fines in Mysore can impact your driving record. Accumulating fines and violations can result in points being added to your driving licence, which may lead to licence suspension or other disciplinary actions. It is essential to address fines promptly to avoid negative consequences on your driving privileges

What should I do if I believe a traffic fine issued to me in Mysore is incorrect or unjust?


If you believe a traffic fine issued to you in Mysore is incorrect or unjust, you can contest the fine by following the designated procedure for filing complaints or appeals. This usually involves submitting relevant evidence or explanations to support your case.

Disclaimer: All the traffic fines and penalties given in this article are subject to change as per the latest government rules and regulations. Please verify them before proceeding with any payments.