Traffic Fines in Nagpur

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Traffic Fines in Nagpur

The vehicles in Nagpur are increasing rapidly, and maintaining traffic regulations in the third-largest city of Maharashtra becomes a struggle with the problem of traffic violations. That is why heavy traffic fines in Nagpur for offenders were introduced to counter this problem and maintain traffic management in the city.

It will not only hold the offenders accountable for their actions but also make people aware of traffic rules in Nagpur. In the long term, following this penalty system helps reduce the number of road accidents and maintain proper traffic structure in the city's limited space.

Here you will get to know about essential traffic rules in Nagpur and the penalties levied for breaking them.

New Traffic Rules in Nagpur

Since the revised Motor Vehicles Act 2019 came into effect all over India, including Nagpur, hefty traffic fines have been levied on traffic offenders. This increase in price has not only widened the scope of the government’s income but also created awareness among the citizens regarding traffic rules in Nagpur.

The revision of the Vehicles Act also highlighted the importance of previously ignored traffic rules, like staying behind the zebra crossing, not parking at the entrance of public or private properties, etc. Let us know about more such traffic rules in detail.

New Four-Wheeler Traffic Rules in Nagpur

Wearing Seatbelts: Seatbelts are given for driver’s and passenger’s safety in a moving vehicle. Everyone in a car must wear seatbelts while driving, this ensures that you are protected from any injuries in case of any accidents.

Drive within Speed Limit: There is a set speed limit for every vehicle type. Four-wheeler drivers must follow their speed limit; driving in the limit ensures that you have control over your vehicle. It avoids any accidents or crashes because of lost control.

No Mobile Usage: Several times, it has been seen that people talk and scroll on their phones while driving. Doing so is not only against RTO rules in Nagpur but is extremely dangerous. Using a phone while driving can cause distraction, which means lost vehicle control, leading to accidents and injuries to the driver and other people.

No Drink and Drive: There is a strict drink-and-drive fine in Nagpur. Anyone who breaks this rule and drives under the influence of intoxicating substances is liable to pay these fines; moreover, under severe circumstances, the offender might also be imprisoned.

Do not Park in “No Parking”: Parking in any no-parking zone can lead to no parking fine in Nagpur. To avoid getting fines, always park your vehicle at an authorised parking space and multi-level parking lots.

Carry Your Documents: Traffic police officers have the right to stop and check vehicle owners' documents, and a failure to provide the documents can result in heavy fines. You must always carry your documents like a driving licence, registration certificate, and insurance documents with you while driving.

New Two-Wheeler Traffic Rules in Nagpur

Wear Helmets: Helmets are an important accessory for bike/scooter riders on the road. Wearing good quality helmets is mandatory for both the vehicle driver and pillion passengers. Ensure that you wear your helmet while driving/riding the vehicle to avoid a fine for not wearing a helmet in Nagpur and injuries in case of an accident.

Do not Overspeed: It is advised to bike drivers to avoid overspeeding and drive under their speed limit. Overspeeding can lead to losing control of the vehicle and cause accidents. Moreover, do not engage in any illegal racing or rash driving activities.

Avoid Tripling: Two-wheeler vehicles are made only for two riders, including the driver. So, avoid triple riding on the bike; doing so can lead to lost control over the vehicle, and you will also be penalised by traffic police.

Do not use Mobile: Using a mobile phone while driving a bike can cause distraction and lead to accidents. Avoid using mobile phones while driving and do not use headphones, too, as you might miss horn signals by other drivers. If caught using a mobile phone or headphones, you will be penalised.

Drive with Documents: Always carry your essential driving documents like your driving licence, vehicle registration certificate, bike insurance document and PUC certificate with you. Please do so to avoid a without licence fine in Nagpur by the RTO.

Updated Nagpur Traffic Fines List

Traffic Violation  Fine for First Offence (in ₹) Fine for Subsequent Offences (in ₹)
Driving without a valid licence ₹5000 Not applicable
Riding without a helmet by both driver & pillion   ₹500 & in addition to disqualification for the holding of a motor driving licence for 3 months. Not applicable
Driving without seatbelt ₹200 Not applicable
Driver unfit (Physically/Mentally) ₹1000 ₹2000
Driving without valid registration ₹2000 ₹5000
Driving without valid insurance  ₹2000 ₹4000
Using a mobile phone while driving  ₹1000 (2-3 wheeler vehicles) ₹2000 (LMV vehicles) ₹4000 (other vehicles) ₹10000 within 3 years of the first offence
Obstruction to driver /front seating ₹500 ₹1500
Driving without light after sunset ₹500 ₹1500
Racing /speed test violation ₹5000 ₹10000
Using tinted glasses /black film ₹500 ₹1500
Drunk and drive Non‐compoundable Non‐compoundable
Parking the vehicle alongside another parked  vehicle/double parking Non‐compoundable Non‐compoundable
Driving without valid insurance ₹2000 ₹4000

Imposing E-Challan in Nagpur

Nagpur faces several traffic issues every day; with limited road size and an increasing number of vehicles in the city, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on every offender. To assist traffic police, the system of e-challan was introduced.

With e-challan, no offender misses the eyes of law enforcement and is penalised for their traffic offence. E-challan is an electronic system of generating challan where the offender gets a message/email notification of challan on their registered mobile/email ID whenever they commit any offence.

It means any time you do not wear a helmet or park in a no-parking zone, then you will get your e-challan. Moreover, you need to pay your e-challan within 60 days from the date of its issuance. Failing to do so results in more severe consequences.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Nagpur

If you get traffic fines in Nagpur for traffic rules violations, there are two ways to pay it within 60 days. You can pay for your e-challan through both online and offline modes. Let us know the steps for both.

Online Method: Through Parivahan Website

Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: Enter your e-challan details using any of the options from challan number, vehicle number or driving licence number.

Step 3: Once done with details, fill in the given captcha on the screen and hit the “Get Detail” option.

Step 4: On the page displayed, check your challan details and amount.

Step 5: Select the mode of payment and proceed to pay. Once paid, note down the transaction ID for future reference.

Offline Methods for Challan Payment in Nagpur

Pay to Traffic Police Officer: You can pay your e-challan to any traffic police officer who has an e-challan machine with them. Find one such officer and provide them with your driving licence and challan details. Confirm the details and make payment via cash. Once paid, ask them for the payment receipt.

Visit traffic police headquarters: Visit your nearest RTO or visit traffic police headquarters with your driving licence and challan details. At the office, provide the concerned officer with your details and ask for your challan amount. Make the payment of your challan and ask for a payment receipt for future proof.

Importance of Motor Vehicle Insurance for Adhering to RTO Rules in Nagpur

It is mentioned earlier in the article that carrying your necessary documents is essential while driving. One of these documents is your car or bike insurance documents, and if you fail to present your motor insurance papers when asked to, you will be levied with a penalty.

However, the reason to get car or bike insurance is not just to avoid penalties but also to safeguard yourself from financial losses. The government has made it mandatory for every vehicle owner to buy at least a third-party four or two-wheeler insurance online or offline.

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I check my traffic fine online in India?

How can I check my traffic fine online in India?


You can check for your traffic fine from anywhere in India by visiting the official Parivahan Sewa website. On the website, provide your challan/driving licence/ vehicle number and get your penalty details.

What documents are required to pay your challan in Nagpur?


You need to have your driving licence, vehicle registration document and challan to pay your challan online.

Disclaimer: All the traffic fines and penalties amount given in this article are subject to change as per the latest government rules and regulations. Please verify them before proceeding with any payments.