Traffic Fines in Odisha

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Traffic Fines in Odisha

In Odisha, adherence to traffic regulations is paramount to ensure road safety and efficient traffic management. Despite efforts to enforce regulations, instances of traffic violations persist, necessitating the imposition of fines by the authorities.

Understanding the various traffic fines and their implications is essential for motorists and commuters; it helps make sure that everyone drives safely and respects the rules, making the roads safer for everyone.

This page provides a clear and comprehensive overview of traffic rules in Odisha, outlining the corresponding penalties and the process of acceptable payment, thereby promoting awareness and compliance with traffic regulations.

New Traffic RTO Rules in Odisha

On a two-way road, remain on the left to allow overtaking by vehicles from your right.

  • When making a left turn, stay close to the left edge of the road.

  • Reduce your speed near junctions, intersections, pedestrian crossings, and corners.

  • Use hand signals when necessary, especially for slowing down, stopping, or turning right.

  • Prefer using direction indicators over hand signals.

  • Riders of two-wheelers must wear a helmet.

  • Avoid parking near road crossings, on hills, or pavements.

  • Ensure the vehicle's registration mark is always clear and visible.

  • Drive only in the allowed direction on one-way roads.

  • Do not overtake by crossing the yellow line that divides the road.

  • At road junctions, intersections, or pedestrian crossings, do not cross the stop line when stopping.

  • Only use the horn when necessary, and refrain from using it in silence zones.

  • Always adhere to directions from traffic police, road signs, and traffic signals.

  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

  • Avoid sudden braking unless it is for safety.

  • On mountainous or steep roads, give way to vehicles ascending.

  • Slow down in areas undergoing road repair.

  • Tractor and goods vehicle drivers should not transport passengers for hire or reward.

  • Ensure goods are secured safely on vehicles to prevent danger.

  • Limit passengers on two-wheelers to one pillion rider.

  • Reverse only as long as necessary.

  • Prioritise pedestrian safety, giving way when necessary.

  • Refrain from erratic, zig-zag driving, particularly on two-wheelers.

  • Do not overtake vehicles that have stopped at a pedestrian school crossing.

  • Yield to pedestrians when entering or exiting private properties, such as driveways.

Updated Odisha Traffic Fines List

S/No. Offence Category First Offence Penalty (₹) Subsequent Offence Penalty (₹)
1 General Offence 500 1500
2 Fine for not wearing helmet in Odisha 1000 1000
3 Travelling Without a Ticket 500 500
4 No parking fine in Odisha 500 500
5 Disobeying Orders from Authorities 2000 2000
6 Wilful Refusal to Provide Information 2000 2000
8 Driving without Licence fine in Odisha 5000 5000
9 Driving While Disqualified 10000 10000
10 Conductor Without a Valid Licence 10000 10000
11 Illegal Sale of Vehicle by Dealer/Manufacturer/Importer 100000 100000
12 Sale of Unauthorised Safety Components 100000 100000
13 Unauthorised Vehicle Modifications 5000 5000
14 Incorrect Issuance/Renewal of Vehicle Documents 5000 10000
15 Excessive Speeding (Light Motor Vehicles/2-Wheelers) 2000 2000
16 Excessive Speeding (Heavy/Medium Motor Vehicles) 4000 4000
17 Dangerous Driving 5000 10000
18 Running a Red Light 5000 10000
19 Ignoring a Stop Sign 5000 10000
20 Using a Mobile Phone While Driving 5000 10000
21 Overtaking in a No Overtaking Zone 5000 10000
22 Driving Against Traffic 5000 10000
23 Drink and drive fine in Odisha 10000 15000
24 Driving While Unfit 1000 2000
25 Racing and Speed Trials 5000 10000
26 Using a Vehicle in Unsafe Condition 1500 1500

Imposing E-Challan in Odisha

The e-challan system in Odisha utilises sophisticated technology to capture and record traffic violations. When a traffic rule is breached, the violator will be immediately issued an e-challan by the traffic police or shortly after a traffic violation occurs, either by a traffic police officer or automated surveillance cameras.

Alternatively, for certain offences, automated traffic surveillance cameras capture the violation, and the system automatically generates an e-challan. This e-challan is then sent to the violator via SMS on their registered mobile number or, in some cases, through an email.

The e-challan contains details of the violation, including the time, date, and nature of the offence, along with the fine amount to be paid. This system not only speeds up the process of fine imposition but also reduces human errors and the potential for corruption.

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Odisha?

Paying traffic fines in Odisha can be done conveniently through both online and offline methods. Here is how you can settle your fines:

Online Method: Using the Parivahan Portal

Visit the Parivahan Portal: Browse the Parivahan Portal, which is the official website of traffic management.

Select the E-Challan Payment Option: Look for the option related to e-challan payments or traffic fines on the homepage and select it.

Enter Required Details: You will need to enter specific details such as your vehicle number or the challan/e-challan number. Ensure all details are accurate to proceed.

View Challan Details: Once you input the required information, your challan details, including the fine amount, will be displayed.

Make Payment: Choose your preferred payment method from the available options (like net banking or credit/debit card) and complete the payment process.

Confirmation: After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt. Save or print this receipt for future reference.

Paying E-Challan through Offline Mode

Visit the Designated Office: You can pay your traffic fine offline by visiting the nearest traffic police station or any designated government office handling traffic fine collections in Odisha.

Provide Necessary Documents: Present the challan notice you received or provide your vehicle number to the officer in charge so they can retrieve your challan details.

Payment: After verifying your challan details, you can pay the fine amount in cash or through any other payment method accepted by the office.

Receipt: Upon payment, ensure you receive a receipt acknowledging your payment. Keep this receipt safe for your records.

Importance of Having Valid Motor Insurance for Adhering to Traffic Rules in Odisha

In Odisha, possessing valid motor insurance, such as third-party bike insurance or car insurance, is not only a legal requirement but a fundamental aspect of responsible vehicle ownership. It ensures adherence to traffic regulations and offers financial protection against damages or injuries caused to third parties, as well as to the insured vehicle itself.

Buying a valid car or bike insurance policy with us at Tata AIG mitigates the financial risks associated with road mishaps, providing peace of mind to the rider. With the convenience of online transactions and the flexibility to add on a car or bike insurance driver, maintaining continuous coverage and compliance with traffic laws in Odisha has become more accessible.

While you buy a four or two-wheeler insurance plan, ensure to check the coverage details, terms and conditions as provided thereunder. It will aid in getting the most out of the provided facilities.


By following the prescribed guidelines and being mindful of the penalties associated with traffic violations, motorists and commuters can contribute to a safer road environment for everyone. It is essential to pay fines promptly and through the designated channels to avoid legal consequences and additional charges.

Moreover, staying informed about the updated traffic fines and the process of acceptable payment facilitates compliance with the law and promotes responsible driving practices. Remember, safe driving is not just a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility towards oneself and others on the road.

Let us strive to make our roads safer by respecting and obeying traffic rules at all times.

Disclaimer / TnC

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Are there any discounts available for early payment of traffic fines in Odisha?

Are there any discounts available for early payment of traffic fines in Odisha?


No, there are no discounts offered for early payment of traffic fines in Odisha. Fines must be paid in full within the stipulated time to avoid additional penalties.

What happens if I fail to pay a traffic fine in Odisha?


Failure to pay a traffic fine within the specified timeframe may lead to legal consequences, such as increased penalties, suspension of driving privileges, or issuance of a warrant.

Can I check if I have any pending traffic fines online in Odisha?


Yes, you can check for pending traffic fines online through the official Parivahan Portal by entering your vehicle number or challan details.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect e-challan in Odisha?


If you believe you have received an incorrect e-challan, you can contest it by submitting a complaint along with supporting evidence to the relevant traffic authorities for review.