RTO Odisha

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RTO Odisha

With over 50 lakh cars registered in the state and annual revenue of ₹910 crores (2014-2015), Odisha's road transport department takes a multidisciplinary approach. The transportation department is administered by a team of civil employees, vehicle engineers, police officers, statisticians, and judicial specialists.

The primary goal of Odisha's transport department is to maintain and enhance road management. The organisation also maintains high levels of openness in the administration of officials. Furthermore, the department is working to broaden the area of extra resource mobilisation in the road transportation sector.

The transport department is paving the way for a productive and effective management system in Odisha in order to create a user-friendly transport administration and to make mobility comfortable and safe for the people.

The Motor Vehicle Department of Odisha is part of the Orissa/Odisha Government's Commerce and Transport Department and is led by the Transport Commissioner. The government body is in charge of regulating transportation administration in every state of Odisha. To make things easier for the public residing in the region, 35 RTOs (Regional Transport Offices) and 3 ARTOs (Assistant Regional Transport Office) have been built in Odisha to better execute their obligations.

Here is the official website link: RTO Odisha

Odisha RTO Office List

Currently, there are 35 RTO offices located around the state of Odisha that are answerable for duties under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act as well as the Odisha Transport Department. The table below lists some of the Odisha RTO offices, along with their unique Odisha RTO code:

RTO Location RTO Code
Balasore OD-01
Bhubaneswar OD-02
Cuttack OD-05
Keonjhar OD-09
Angul OD-19
Bolangir OD-03
Kalahandi OD-08
Nuapada OD-26
Gajapati OD-20
Dhenkanal OD-06
Nabarangpur OD-24
Bhadrak OD-22
Jagatsinghpur OD-21
Mayurbhanj OD-11
Puri OD-13
Sambalpur OD-15
Rourkela OD-14
Sonepur OD-31
Jajpur OD-34

Odisha RTO: Vehicle Registration Charges

Listed below are the Odisha RTO vehicle registration charges:

Vehicle Type Registration Costs (in ₹)
Motorcycles and Scooters ₹60
Light Motor Vehicles ₹200 for private automobiles ₹300 for transport automobiles
Medium passenger and goods carrying automobiles ₹400
Heavy passengers and goods carrying automobiles 600
Imported vehicles ₹800
Imported motorbikes ₹200
Any other automobile not stated above ₹300

RTO Odisha: Functions

As previously stated, RTO offices are formed to handle all automobile and transportation-related duties within the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. To be more explicit, each Odisha RTO office will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Driving Licence Issuance: It is in charge of issuing licences to all vehicle owners. In addition to issuing licences, they are responsible for conducting driving tests, issuing a duplicate licence, and renewing licences.

  • ** Vehicle Registration**: One of the most important responsibilities of every RTO office is to maintain and administer the driver and vehicle database. It is completed throughout the automobile registration procedure. Before you may acquire your vehicle's licence plate, you must first register it with the proper Odisha RTO office.

  • Road Tax Collection: The Road Tax is a tax levied by the government on your vehicle. It is the RTO's obligation to collect it. The Road Tax is usually paid when registering a vehicle for the first time.

Environmental Concerns: The Odisha RTO is also responsible for environmental issues, according to the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. For example, the RTO examines the vehicle's emission regulations. Following that, it issues the PUC certificate to the automobile owner. Vehicle Inspection: The RTO Odisha is responsible for verifying that automobiles on the road adhere to the criteria established in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. They conduct frequent inspections for this purpose.

  • Road Safety: The RTO Odisha also plays an important role in this area by alerting everyone about the various road safety considerations that must be taken.

Odisha RTO Vehicle Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

To get your automobile permanently registered at RTO Odisha, you need to follow the steps jotted below:

  1. Get the RTO Application Form No. 20 from the Odisha RTO's official website. You can select either the Oriya or English version based on your preferences.

  2. Complete Application Form No. 20 and deliver it to the local RTO Odisha office together with the required documentation.

  • Your residential proof and valid identity
  • Two-Wheeler/Four-Wheeler Insurance certificate
  • Your bank statement from the previous six months
  • Tax clearance evidence
  • Pollution under Control certificate collected from a certified Government test facility
  • Temporary vehicle registration number
  1. The automobile will be inspected by a qualified inspector. This may not be necessary if the authorised dealer has previously performed the inspection.

  2. Following verification of the information, the RTO office assigns a unique vehicle registration number to your automobile. The RC (Registration Certificate) is mailed to your registered address via speed post. If you have a temporary registration number, you must get a permanent registration number prior to the expiration date of your temporary vehicle registration certificate.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Odisha: How to Do It?

Vehicle registration must be renewed after 15 years from the date of its first registration. When the RC (registration card) expires, you must renew within 60 days by submitting an application on Form No. 25.

Simply complete the following steps to renew an expired vehicle registration certificate:

  • Fill out the RTO Application Form No. 25 in your jurisdiction in order to renew your vehicle registration certificate.
  • Pay any outstanding taxes.
  • Pay the charge outlined in the 1989 Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

Aside from this, you will also require:

  • Pollution Certificate (PUC)
  • Fitness certificate
  • RC Book
  • PAN Card copy
  • Evidence of road tax payment
  • Two-wheeler/four-wheeler insurance certificate
  • Form No. 60 and 61 (pencil print)

The RTO inspector evaluates the automobile when the documentation is presented, and your local Odisha RTO office renews your vehicle registration certificate.

Vehicle Registration in Odisha: Documents Required

To register an automobile in Odisha, you must present the following documentation:

  • RTO Application Form No. 20
  • Sale Certificate (Form No. 21) issued by the vehicle dealer documenting the purchase
  • Roadworthiness Certificate (Form No. 22) issued by the automobile manufacturer
  • Application Form No. 22-A if the automobile is fabricated
  • Temporary vehicle registration
  • Vehicle's original invoice
  • Bike/Car insurance certificate
  • Address evidence
  • In the case of imported automobiles, custom bills are needed to be submitted
  • If the automobile was purchased from another state, the road tax receipt must be shown

Motor Insurance in Odisha

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Motor insurance is available from a variety of insurance carriers in Odisha. All that is required is to visit the insurer's website, go through the plans, compare them online, and purchase appropriately. Comparing insurance policies is usually suggested for insurance seekers since it helps them to make an educated selection.

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Disclaimer / TnC

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1. Are there any automobiles exempt from Odisha road tax?

1. Are there any automobiles exempt from Odisha road tax?


Every vehicle used for agricultural reasons and automobiles that are used by physically challenged people for transportation is free from road tax.

2. On which Saturday does the RTO Odisha remain closed?


On every second and fourth Saturday of each month, every Odisha RTO office is closed.

3. How can I obtain vehicle owner information from the RTO Odisha registration number?


With a simple text (SMS), you may now obtain vehicle information. All you have to do is:

  • Type VAHAN your RTO Odisha registration number.
  • Send it to 7738299899.

After that, you'll receive a text containing the vehicle owner information.