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A convenient way to register your claim & track your status.

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Print policy document and view renewal notice

Honda CB 650R Insurance

The Honda CB 650R is not for the faint-hearted. It packs a lot of power and is recommended for experienced riders or those who can handle nimble handling and a sporty riding position. This is a middle-weight sports bike that offers an excellent combination of style, power, and performance.

It is highly versatile and offers amazing control for manoeuvring city traffic while packing a punch on long rides. If you are looking to buy a motorcycle that fuses the practical needs of a two-wheeler with the joy of riding, then the Honda CB 650R is built for you.

In the event of an accident or theft, the cost of repairing or replacing the bike can be substantial, and comprehensive insurance can help alleviate the financial burden. Additionally, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance also offers third-party liability coverage.

In the event of an accident resulting in injury or death of a third party, the insurance policy can provide financial protection against any claims that may be made against the policyholder. This can include compensation for medical expenses, property damage, or legal fees. If you are planning to buy a Honda CB 650R, then ensure that you look for Honda CB 650R bike insurance from a reputed insurer.

Choosing the right bike insurer is crucial as it affects the coverage and financial protection in case of an accident or theft. A good insurer should offer adequate coverage, reasonable premium rates, quick and hassle-free claim process, and a solid reputation in the market.

By carefully evaluating different options, you can make an informed decision that best fits your needs and offers peace of mind while riding your bike.

Tata AIG has gained a reputation as a reliable name in bike insurance offering feature-rich plans with a high claim settlement ratio and 24x7 assistance. You can use the free online bike insurance calculator to compare plans and find the best protection for your bike.

Purchase or Renew Honda CB 650R Insurance Online with Tata AIG

A streamlined process reduces the time and effort needed to purchase or renew insurance for two-wheelers, allowing for quick and hassle-free transactions. Tata AIG offers an easy process to help you buy or renew Honda CB 650R bike insurance in no time.

Here is a quick look at the process:

  • Go to

  • Navigate to the Bike Insurance Page by clicking here or by scrolling to the top menu on the home page and clicking on All Products >> Bike Insurance

  • Enter the registration number of your Honda CB 650R and click on one of the following buttons:

  • Get Price: for buying a new Tata AIG Honda bike insurance policy for your CB 650R

  • Renew: to renew your existing Honda insurance policy

  • Enter personal details and provide information about your vehicle and insurance policy (for renewal)

  • Choose an IDV: The Insured Declared Value or IDV is the estimated market value of a bike. It is used to calculate the sum insured by the policy, which also determines the premium amount. If you choose a high IDV, then the sum insured is high, and the premium is high too. On the other hand, a low IDV will have a low sum insured and premium. Choose carefully.

  • Add-on covers: With a comprehensive Honda CB 650R insurance policy, you can customise the coverage by choosing add-on covers based on your requirements. However, remember that these covers are available for a cost and increase the overall premium of the policy. Hence, only choose the ones you need.

  • With all this information, we will make an offer that will include the terms of the coverage and the premium amount

  • If you agree with the terms and premium, pay the premium using one of the listed digital payment methods

  • Receive the soft copy of the policy documents via email

Honda CB 650R Insurance Cost – Your Premium Amount

When you request a quote for a bike insurance policy, we assess your profile and consider a range of factors to understand the risk exposure and calculate the premium accordingly. To ensure that you get the most cost-efficient policy for your needs, it is important to understand these factors so that you can add/remove features.

Here is a quick look at some common factors that impact the premium calculation of a bike insurance policy.

The type of bike you want to insure:** If your bike has high costs of repair or replacement of parts, then the premium of the insurance policy will be higher. Hence, we look at the make and model of the bike to estimate the premium amount. We also consider the age of the bike since older bikes get repaired at a lower cost and hence attract a lower premium.

Coverage amount: When you start looking for a bike insurance policy, we display a list of IDVs and ask you to choose the one you need. The insured declared value (IDV) is the estimated market value of the bike. We use this value to determine the sum insured by the policy which in turn determines the premium amount.

Location: Some roads/highways are accident-prone. If you regularly drive through such areas, then the premium might be slightly higher since the risk of accidents is higher. Also, if you park your motorcycle in an area where bike thefts are frequent, then the premium will be higher too.

You can calculate the Honda CB 650R insurance price by simply using our quick, easy and free online bike insurance calculator.

Add-on Covers Available with Tata AIG Honda CB 650R Bike Insurance Policy

Here are the add-ons we offer with our comprehensive two-wheeler insurance:

  • Zero depreciation cover

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Roadside assistance cover

  • Consumables cover

  • Personal accident cover

  • Emergency medical cost cover

  • Additional third-party damage cover

Things Covered and Not Covered under Honda CB 650R Insurance

Here is a list of things covered and not covered under a Honda CB 650R bike insurance policy:

Things covered under Tata AIG Honda CB 650R Insurance Things not covered under Tata AIG Honda CB 650R Insurance
Third-Party Liability: This covers damages or losses incurred by a third party as a result of an accident involving your bike. Normal Wear and Tear: Damages or losses due to normal wear and tear, depreciation, or ageing of the bike are not covered.
Own Damage: This covers damages to your bike due to accidents, natural calamities, theft, fire, etc. Intentional Acts: Damages or losses caused by intentional acts, self-injury, or suicide are not covered.
Personal Accident Cover: This covers the medical expenses and accidental death of the policyholder while riding the insured bike. Driving Without a Valid License: Damages or losses incurred while riding the bike without a valid driving license are not covered.
Add-on covers: TATA AIG offers a wide range of add-on covers including:
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Key Replacement Cover
  • Pillion Passenger Cover
  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cove
  • Engine Protection Cover
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs: Damages or losses incurred while driving the bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not covered.
    Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Damages or losses due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of the bike, excluding those covered under the engine protection cover, are not covered.
    Nuclear Risks: Damages or losses due to nuclear war or radiation are not covered.
    War and Related Perils: Damages or losses due to war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military power are not covered.
    Use of the Bike for Illegal Purposes: Damages or losses incurred while using the bike for illegal purposes are not covered.

    Why Is It Important to Have a Honda CB 650R Insurance Plan from Tata AIG

    Complete Protection: Tata AIG Comprehensive Bike Insurance provides a wide range of coverage options, including third-party liability, own damage, personal accident cover, pillion passenger cover, and more, ensuring complete protection for your bike.

    Customisability: The policy offers a flexible coverage option, allowing policyholders to choose the coverage that best suits their needs and budget.

    Trust and Reliability: Tata AIG is a well-established insurance company with a strong reputation in the market, providing customers with reliable and trustworthy insurance solutions.

    Easy Claims Process: Tata AIG has a simple and hassle-free claims process, ensuring that policyholders receive prompt and efficient service in case of a claim.

    Strong Financial Position: Tata AIG has a strong financial position, providing customers with the assurance that their claims will be settled promptly and efficiently.

    Experienced and Skilled Team: Tata AIG has an experienced and skilled team of insurance professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with personalised and expert insurance solutions.

    Trusted Partner: Tata AIG has a long-standing partnership with the Tata Group, one of India's largest and most respected business conglomerates, adding to its credibility and reliability

    Overview: Honda CB 650R

    The Honda CB 650R is a versatile motorcycle offering powerful performance and a smooth ride. Here are some key features and specifications of the Honda CB 650R:

    Feature / Specification Details Benefits
    Engine 649 cc liquid-cooled, inline 4-cylinder engine Offers smooth and powerful acceleration
    Power 94 hp Makes it ideal for city and highway rides
    Torque 64 Nm Offers better maneuvering and easy overtaking
    Suspension Showa SFF-BP USD fork and rear shock Makes the bike stable in most road conditions
    Brakes Dual radial-mounted four-piston calipers with 310mm discs in the front and a single-piston caliper with a 240mm disc in the rear Offers maximum control over stopping the bike in any situation
    Tires 120/70ZR-17 front and 180/55ZR-17 rear Ensures maximum stability and optimum grip on the road
    Seat Height 32.7 inches Makes the ride comfortable by keeping the rider upright
    Weight 202 kg Ensures balance and stability of the bike
    Fuel Capacity 15.4 liters Helps avoid the need for frequent refueling
    LCD Display Digital instrument cluster Offers easy and quick monitoring of important information while riding
    Lights LED headlight, taillight, and turn signals Improves visibility and ensures clear signals to fellow-riders
    ABS Dual-Channel ABS Prevents the wheels from locking and ensures optimum brake performance in any condition

    Honda CB 650R Variants and Prices

    Variants Ex-showroom Price Delhi
    CB 650R STD Rs. 8.67 Lakh

    Unique Selling Points: Honda CB 650R Features

    Here are some unique selling points of the Honda CB 650R:

    Design: The bike has a unique design combining the classic café racer elements with the modern street-fighter style. This gives it a strong and masculine look.

    Power: The liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine ensures powerful performance and a memorable riding experience.

    Handling and Stability: The SFF-BP front forks ensure that you get excellent stability and handling. This helps you manage difficult road conditions and tacky corners.

    Exceptional braking performance: The bike has dual radial-mounted four-piston callipers in the front that ensures that you get optimum braking performance and control.

    Versatile: The bike has been designed to handle a range of riding styles and road conditions. It is ideal for city roads, rural rides, and cruising on the highways.

    Top 3 Rivals of Honda CB 650R

    Triumph Trident 660

    Aprilia Tuono 660

    Kawasaki Z650

    Disclaimer / TnC

    Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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    What is the benefit of buying bike insurance online?

    What is the benefit of buying bike insurance online?


    Buying your insurance online saves you a lot of time and effort, but what you may not know is that buying your insurance online also saves you money. You can get large discounts when you buy your insurance online.

    What is the fine for driving my bike without bike insurance?


    The fine for driving your bike without insurance as per the new rules is ₹2000 at the first instance and ₹4000 after that. You could even lose your licence or face imprisonment if you are a repeat offender.

    What is the easiest way to calculate my bike insurance premium?


    The easiest way to calculate your bike insurance premium is by using a bike insurance calculator. You will need to input the variables in question and click on ‘Get Price’. You will then be able to see an estimate of your insurance premium.

    How to go about making my bike insurance claim online?


    To claim your policy online,

    • Go to our website and select ‘Claims’. You will then be asked to fill in your mobile number and select ‘confirm’.

    • You will then have to fill in the details, like your personal information, registration details, FIR details, if applicable, policy number, etc. After you have filled these out, click ‘Submit’.

    • A surveyor will be sent from our end to check on your bike. After they check your bike for damages, it will go to a network garage for repairs.

    Your bike will be sent back to you post repairs, and you will not have to make any repairs for the same.

    Can I transfer my insurance policy to a new owner if I sell my Honda CB 650R?


    Yes, it is possible to transfer your insurance policy to the new owner if you sell your Honda CB 650R. Make sure that you talk to our support team and inform them about selling your bike and wanting to transfer the policy. You might be asked to submit some documents to effect the transfer.

    What should I do if my Honda CB 650R gets stolen?


    If your Honda CB 650R is stolen, then you should first file a report at your local police station. Next, you call our customer care numbers and inform us about the theft. Once you receive a report from the police that the bike is not traceable, you will be able to file a claim with us for reimbursement based on the terms of the policy.

    Q3. What is the mileage of the Honda CB 650R?


    The Honda CB 650R offers a mileage of around 20 km per litre.

    Disclaimer: All the bike prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.